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| September 17, 2023

Mosin Nagant

Ohio murder suspect breaks into Georgia home, meets family man with firearm
Michael James Brooks II will be charged with burglary, home invasion, theft and murder when he is released from medical care, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office said

By Chris Pandolfo Fox News
An Ohio man wanted for the murder of a 77-year-old woman was shot by a man defending his family during a home invasion on Thursday, according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael James Brooks II, of Columbus, Ohio, was hospitalized Friday for injuries sustained during the home invasion. When he is released from medical care, he will face charges for burglary, home invasion and theft by receiving in Georgia and murder charges in Ohio, police said.

Investigators said Brooks has an extensive criminal history. He is wanted in connection with the fatal stabbing of Emily Foster, which occurred on September 9, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio, and also for the carjacking of a red Ford F-150 truck in Kettering, Ohio, which was later found outside the burglarized home in Georgia.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) deputies responded to a burglary call at the home just before 2 a.m. on Thursday. A security alarm at the home also alerted police to a potential intruder.

Deputies were less than three minutes away.

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One couldn’t ask for better police response, yet they were still minutes away. BZ to the homeowner stopping a very bad dude.

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The Pirates Cove

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Damned Amish getting frisky again.
I’m glad he’s back in po-po custody, albeit with a couple of extra holes in him, and a little bit lighter due to loss of liquids.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What’s Russian for “Sister Golden Hair”?
She could definitely keep ME warm on a cold Siberian winter’s night.
Oh, and the AK looks like a keeper, too.
Gotta have something to keep the other hungry wolves away from the door.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Too bad the homeowner didn’t finish the perp off and saved the state a lot of moola $hmoola on board and bedding in the joint lockup


Ahhh…the Mosin-Nagant. To think of the service that design has seen over the past 132 years. From being the first modern smokeless bolt-action used by Tsarist Russia against Japan and then into WWI, to becoming a symbol of the Red Army in the 1940s, the Mosin-Nagant could tell quite the story if a firearm design were able to speak. These are still popping up on battlefields the world over and were a good standby for Victor Charlie if a more modern Chinese Type 56 SKS or AK, or something like a MAT49 or M1 Carbine were unavailable.

I’ve had numerous M-N rifles and carbines. I’ve yet to procure an M1938, but I’ve owned at least four M1944 carbines, including a prized Polish Factory 11 one (supposedly one of the best examples of Mosin-Nagant production). I paid as little as $20 for one and bought an arsenal new one at Knob Creek in 2004 for $40, later selling it for double that. If only we could still get them for under $100. I’ve got a stripped (meaning, the finish is completely gone) M91/30 and a Finnish M28 Civil Guard rifle, as well as what was my oldest gun, an M1891 made in 1903. Now I’ve got the Winchester M1892, which is a full 129 years old.

Those who collect Mosins and delve into the worlds of various markings will find that the service life of many extended far beyond what Nicholas II could have conceived of the “Three Line Rifle’s” fate. It’s not uncommon to find a hex receiver with Imperial markings, stamped “SA” denoting Finnish capture and usage, and further markings showing later Soviet and/or German usage.


As an aside, it’s a shame that surplus rifles have been mostly priced out of the range of a lot of people. When I turned 18 I started collecting these little pieces of history. Most of mine are Russian/Soviet, German, Czech, or British. I have my Dad’s M1917 Eddystone, and the Inland M1 Carbine I bought from work a few months back, but I think that’s the extent of my US surplus collection. Eventually, maybe a Garand will be added, perhaps an M1903, and an M1A would be nice to own (sine M14s will never go on the surplus market due to the NFA, GCA, and FOPA).


Mr. Brooks is not the FIRST (*grin*) murderous trash from hell Ohioan to invade homes in Georgia. This time it worked out a little better for our side.

Farm Girl trade her M/N for an AK? I like her “accessories”.