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| September 15, 2023

A couple of alligators were having a conversation. Both were born at the same time and did the same things. However, one of them was a lot bigger than the other. The smaller one asked the bigger one how he got bigger. He answered that he ate politicians. The smaller one said that he did the same thing. The bigger alligator asked him how he went about doing it. The smaller alligator said that he hid under a politician’s car. When that politician came to his car, the alligator dragged him down and shook the crap out of him. The bigger alligator found the problem. He told the smaller alligator that if he kept shaking the crap out of the politicians, he would have nothing left but the suit and the suitcase. This is paraphrased from what I heard recently. Enjoy your weekend.

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FIRST!?? If so, that gives The Gun Bunny, The King of Battle, THE King of FIRST a Three (3) Pete of FIRST in a week. A WOT, HOT, & another WOT. BAM BAM BAM!!!

If not, then so be it. Off the net for a bit bit so if you want to Ride My See Saw, then take may place, have my seat, it’s for free! Key’s under the mat, code to the Class VI Stores Locker is 0U812. This number ‘spains what you can do. Pay attention to the back up singers…they are almost as HOT as OAM…to whom this tune is dedicated.



Congrats AGAIN to our favorite King Of Battle!

He Rules Once Again!





And my first ever WOT attempt…

Great job KoB.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Damn good j.o.b. for a 1st FIRST attempt, Lurkin. Only four (4) seconds apart. Maybe I shoulda given a fifteen (15) count today, ‘stead of a ten (10…what OAM is in my book) count. I’ve been off the net for the most part, having to keep a channel open for sit reps from my troops. Warning Orders were issued earlier and a deployment is underway toward Currahee Mountain Pass. King’s Mountain has been over run and Jug’s Tavern is being threatened. The Duty Driver is MIA and unless he has his Dog Tag jammed into his teeth when he shows up, he WILL find his name engraved on the DA Form 6 to be THAT guy…and not in a good way THAT guy. Grrrrr

Your consolation prize will be a Knighting of Brevet FIRST (or in Naughty cull terms…Frocked FIRST) during my absence. Consider yourself Frocked, Sir Knight of Brevet.

There is grilled Beast of Beef and Bird of Yard while you’re waiting.


KoB, appreciate the hospitality.


Appreciate the hospitality and vittles, KoB.


My pleasure, JALA, wanna/gotta take care of the Troops. When I returned from my TAD the FIRST (ht2 BFF(Breveted Frocked First)/moi) thing I did was a quick check on the WOT, just for shits and gigas (ht2 SFC D & CW). Warmed the cockles of my old Black Irish Heart to see the comment count was pert near 200 (insert The Hallelujah Chorus here). Just knowed it was a Glorious Celebration of my 3pete. Alas, no real mention of that, beyond CW’s note in another fine Trivia Comment and our very own (we have THE best) ninja’s HBHN Salute. So then I figured it was (THE best) ninja’s educational posts then the rotating (Channel Master Part # 9512) of my antenna to pick up the broadcast of Phony Updates (ht2 MD61). Without any further argument, I determined that the reason for so many visits to the WOT was the leaving of the Code to the Class VI Locker. Wasn’t an error in posting too fast, I’d do it again.

Commissioner Wretched

Son of a gun, the King of Battle is first again!!! Three peat indeed! For him, and for you, a trivia column is in order.

Why do revolving doors in buildings have regular doors right beside them?
By Commissioner Wretched

Well, I have gone and stepped into it once again.

It seems I made something of a boo-boo in last week’s column, regarding the word “gigayear.”

I said a gigayear is a trillion years, and it isn’t. It’s actually a billion years. A simple use of my normally-awesome Google-fu would have shown me that, but no … I have to go with my gut. Well, we can see where that leads, can’t we?

Thanks to my Kansas-based friend John for pointing out my mega-gaffe.

Maybe calling it a giga-gaffe would be more appropriate. Anyway, on to this week’s stuff!

Did you know …

… adhesive postage stamps were invented in 1837? A schoolmaster from England, Rowland Hill (1795-1879) devised the idea. He was rewarded with a knighthood from King William IV (1765-1837). (The king gave his “stamp” of approval to the idea.)

… all clownfish are born male? They can change their sex to female if they wish, but once done, it’s done – they cannot change back. (That doesn’t help me to understand why they’re called clownfish, though.)

Commissioner Wretched

… a popular television series focused on a state-wide police force that does not really exist? From 1968 to 1980, one of the most popular crime dramas on television was Hawaii Five-O, starring Jack Lord (1920-1998). The show, created by Leonard Freeman (1920-1974), was about a state police department in the Hawaiian Islands operated from the capital, Honolulu. In reality, however, Hawaii does not have a statewide police department or even a Department of Motor Vehicles. Each county (island) government operates its own. Additional trivia note: Lord was not the original choice for the lead character, Steve McGarrett. The role was first offered to actors Richard Boone (1917-1981), Gregory Peck (1916-2003), and Robert Brown (1926-2022) before Lord was selected. (Book ‘em, Danno.)

… schools in one European nation teach in three languages? In the tiny nation of Luxembourg, students in primary school are taught for the first few years in the country’s native tongue, Luxembourgish. About our equivalent of fifth grade, the lessons start being delivered in German. Then, in high school, all courses are taught in French. (A rather nifty skill to master!)

… a rallying cry used in the Third Reich was inspired by American college football? During the time of the Nazi government in Germany, the phrase “Sieg heil” (Hail victory) was used ad nauseum. The use of the phrase was devised by Ernst Hanfstaengl (1887-1975), at one time a top advisor to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). Hanfstaengl had been educated at Harvard University, and he was impressed by the camaraderie and excitement at Harvard’s football games. When he returned to Germany he wanted to simulate the same kind of excitement at rallies featuring speeches by Hitler, and devised the chanting of “Sieg heil!” as a way to create the same effect. (What if he’d used the Harvard fight song instead?)


I was a fan of the rebooted Hawaii 5-O as well as the original. They had a scene where McGarret (the new one) was talking to man seated behind him in an airport waiting area, neither could see the other’s face. The other man made the comment that he too was once in law enforcement. The camera panned around, and the actor was made up as the spitting image of the original McGarett. It was just a wee bit creepy.


When stationed at Hawaii (well, someone had to do it😉), we used to take Family and Friends to the Ilikai Hotel in downtown Honolulu so they could see it.

For those who never saw the original “Hawaii Five O” series, the Ilikai appears in the opening credits. Jack Lord is standing on the Ilikai penthouse balcony as the camera dramatically zooms in on him.


Cue original theme by The Ventures…
comment image


Fer the young’uns who can’t find it on Hulu…


Played that so many times in high school, I could probably do it right now.

Commissioner Wretched

… revolving doors on buildings are accompanied by regular doors for a reason? The reason is the 1942 fire at the Cocoanut Grove Supper Club in Boston. On the night of November 28, 1942, the popular nightclub was filled to more than twice its legal capacity when busboy Stanley Tomaszewski (1927-1994) lit a match to see enough to replace a light bulb. The busboy thought he’d extinguished the match, but within seconds draperies near the site of the bulb replacement were aflame, and before it was over 492 people lost their lives. One reason for the high death toll was the club’s revolving door, which was the main entrance – and was jammed with people trying to get out. In the aftermath of the fire, new codes were enacted nationwide requiring regular doors on either side of revolving doors.

… a proposed law requiring Congress to read the bills they vote on has been stuck in limbo since 2006? The “Read the Bills” act was proposed in Congress that year. It would require members of Congress to actually read any bills being proposed, rather than have staff members “summarize” the bill before voting. The idea is to prevent the quick passage of legislation that is sometimes thousands of pages long. The “Read the Bills” act bill has been stuck since its introduction; seems nobody wants to actually pass a bill requiring that bills be read by Congressmen. (Why, oh why am I not surprised?)

… an Oklahoma state representative once tried to legislate a lower divorce rate? Linda Larsen (born 1958) once proposed a law she felt would keep people from divorcing by requiring these conditions be met before a marriage license would be issued: neither party snores; at least one meal a week be prepared by the non-primary cook; toothpaste must be squeezed from the bottom of the tube; pantyhose cannot be left hanging in the shower; the toilet seat should be left down when not being used. (Sounds pretty reasonable to me.)

A Proud Infidel®™

“… a proposed law requiring Congress to read the bills they vote on has been stuck in limbo since 2006? The “Read the Bills” act was proposed in Congress that year.”

Sounds like par for the course up there in that Great Whorehouse on the Potomac River.


Rich men north of Richmond just hire it out.

Commissioner Wretched

… a French noblewoman once lost four million francs in half an hour of gambling? Madame de Montespan (1640-1707), a courtesan of King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715), lost the enormous sum during a game of cards. To her credit, though, she won it all back – and then some – later that evening. (You win some, you lose some.)

… words only make up seven percent of human communication? Tone of voice makes up 38%, and body language takes the other 55%. (So it’s true – it isn’t what you say so much as it is how you say it.)

Now … you know!


It’s all just for shits and gigas anyway.

Commissioner Wretched

I see what you did there …


I couldn’t help myself. My Irish wise-ass nature took over.


That will never stop being funny!



We have the DVD in case the Woke get their feelings hurt and want to ban one of our favorite movies…😉😎


MRS D always told me it was one of her dad’s favorite movies, but she’d never seen it. So, about 6 months ago, she saw it for the first time. Her reaction? “That movie explains so much about you both!” She laughed her ass off.



Our Office Mates and the ninja family exchange quotes from “Blazing Saddles”, “Young Frankenstein” and “Beetlejuice”.

And we are all not White…😉😎


Add “Zorro the Gay Blade”




The woke need to realize that if that movie insults anyone, it’s white people. Exposes and makes fun of every prejudice and bigoted view.


Amen on everything you wrote…👍👍

A Proud Infidel®™

DEATH TO political correctness!


An acquaintance who worked on “Finding Nemo” once told me they’re called Clownfish because they look like they’re wearing a clown’s wig as they swim through anemone.

Always seemed a bit contrived, to me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I was catching up the other earlier posts, and saw that I had a minute or two.
Early posting, ya done me wrong!
Soooooo…..third? Fourth?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A proper response to this diktat would require a little set up and willing disobedience to certain laws. The po-po, Border Patrol, & other “authoritah” would have to agree to look the other way while this is enacted.
FedGov wants illegals released? Suuuure. Right into the arms of conservative citizens, who will whisk the illegals away, to….where? Release back across the border, southwards? Most likely. By motor vehicle? Nah. Plane? Nah. Oh, but it’s airborne, all right.


Not the greatest video (the current cameras are high-def) but this is from the station I worked at. I’m sure the catapult could launch the other direction just as easily.


fookin edit button grrrrrr


What Fox isn’t telling you is that this particular catapult tossed a 50lb bale about 50 yards. Onto the roof of a ranchhouse. Where it ended up in the livingroom.


So a 100 lb person would be tossed about 25 yards? Or would the extra weight carry Said person farther.

Where are the math whizzes when you need one. Or 2.


It hangs on the border fence, so we really don’t need a lot of distance, but more distance would be a hell of a lot more fun!


I don’t have the ballistics coefficient of a flailing human, so it would likely be better to ordie-tape down all the flapping parts.


Yeah, one would think the less flailing would be better streamlined, hence travel further.

Maybe we can do a myth busters type show to find out.


Release them to Delaware, DC or that beach Joe likes to go to, Rehoboth (spelling?)

Beaches are tourist destinations, and since these “migrants” have traveled so far they may as well gett the full tour.

A Proud Infidel®™

I say send another batch or twelve to Martha’s Vineyard as well as Malibu and other enclaves of rich liberals, hell, let’s put Beverly hills on the delivery list while we’re at it, ditto Oakland CA!


Drop them off as the tourist season ends at Martha’s vineyard. Look at all the houses that won’t sit empty over the winter.

Seriously, they would have an abundance of lodging available.

I also hear the Obama are looking for a chef. I know they found one, but he is unavailable for comment.


Happy weekend!



That. Was. Bad….

So bad that we are stealing it…







Discovered… wink wink, nudge nudge.

Dave Hardin


Dennis - not chevy

Words mean things, and as everyone who’s been in the military for more than 2 heartbeats knows, so do abbreviations. We all know TAC, SAC, MOS, NEC, AFSC, etc. Sometimes abbreviations stand for jobs, positions, titles, e.g. stan eval, NCOIC, CC, etc.

There’s one person whose title I wouldn’t want to have, the Architect of the Capital: AOC.


Air(head) Operations Center?



Wow, do I remember watching this as the last “show” on television before TV stations signed off with the Indian Test Message at Midnight.

We Are Showing Our Age…

“Remembering The Days When TV Turned Off At Midnight”


“Baby Boomer Memories of Test Patterns and Old TV Sets”


24440 (1).png

It’s 10 o’clock parents, do you know where your children are?”


Yep…Remember that one as well…😉

A Proud Infidel®™

Yup, that came on after the sign-off and the playing of our National Anthem.


thebesig wrote:

“Back in the day when being a remote control was among our duties.”


To be honest with you, thebesig, we did not even have a remote control.

We only had 3 Channels…and when we wanted to change it, we had to get up out of our chairs or couch and walk to the TV set..and turn the dial on the TV set to change channels..😉😎


We had 4. NBC, CBS, PBS, and if the atmospheric conditions were right, ABC. Sort of.


The very first show we saw on Color TV was “Johnny Quest” about 1964.

We lived on an Army Base. All of us were NCO Brats…and all we could afford was a Black and White TV with rabbit ears with the channels ABC/NBC and CBS.

One of our playmates’ Dad was getting promoted to E7/SFC. The Dad bought the very first color TV in our neighborhood…and invited all the kids over to watch that Johnny Quest show.

My first encounter with “Hadji”…😉😎

Thank You for sharing, SFC D, API, thebesig and Sam.


Not Johnny Quest! That’s racist!



Hack Stone

Poppa Stone always said “If you’ve gotta kid, then you have remote control. You also have someone to cut your lawn. And rake your leaves. And shovel your driveway.”


Yeah. When I moved out of my parent’s house, dad promptly bought a TV with a remote. And a riding lawn mower. And a snow blower. And a hydraulic log splitter.


My parents had central air installed. And a roto tiller attachment to go behind the bigger riding mower than we had growing up. We had over an acre of yard, and a push mower would require a couple of days to get job done.


And, for some of us, we also had to move the antenna because our stations were far enough apart that the picture went to shit if you didn’t move it.


I think I might have a 1970’s vintage Radio Shack antenna rotator somewhere.




How many of Y’All have heard the expression “Death By PowerPoint”…let alone experience it?


Well, it seems the Creator of PowerPoint passed away on 1 September at the age of 76.

Rest In Peace, Sir.

Your creation brought out the best in all of us.


“PowerPoint Creator, Unwitting Pioneer Of Military Lethality, Dies”


“Dennis Robert Austin, one of most significant — and unintentional — contributors to fury-fueled lethality in military history, passed away Sept. 1 at his home in Los Altos, California, family members announced. He was 76.”

“As the principal software developer of PowerPoint when it debuted in 1987, Austin intended the platform to facilitate improved presentations that would simultaneously put an end to the tediousness of overhead projectors.”

“And while the Pittsburgh native’s mission was indeed a success, the software soon took on a painfully banal role in workplace environments, one that pits employee against boss, student against teacher, and perhaps most pronounced, junior service member against officer.”

“Out were impassioned round-table discussions. In their place, bullet points, pie charts, bar graphs and histograms, each touted alongside wearisome concepts like “synergy” and “readiness” by vanilla superiors possessing as much gusto as an end table.”




“Mandatory trainings highlighted by indecipherable graphics and no fewer than 232,000 narrator-issued “behooves” and “daggons” have, for decades now, taken a sledgehammer to troop morale. In fact, the software became so disliked among some military circles that retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis declared at a 2010 conference, in true Mattis-ian candor, that it “makes us stupid.”

“Of course, Austin had no way of knowing that his creation, once in the hands of the acronym-loving, head-exploding graphics enthusiasts dwelling in the Defense Department’s ivory tower, would be dragged through the mud and into the very fires of Mount Doom.”

“And yet, a prominent silver lining does exist. After all, one way to ensure the preservation of the world’s finest fighting force is to keep troops perpetually seething. And few things are capable of accelerating an E-3 toward hypertension faster than a three-hour PowerPoint presentation on motor pool maintenance or — *deep inhale* — the “Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management System,” or IDATLLCMS (probably).”

“By crafting a fury capable of fueling the destruction of even the most indomitable enemy, Austin may very well have inadvertently made himself into one of the greatest sponsors of military lethality the U.S. has ever known.”

“For that, we salute.”

“Rest in Power(Point). Next slide.”

24424 (1).jpeg


A Proud Infidel®™

I heard that the creator if autocorrect has also passed away, may he Restaurant In Pieces.



Dave Hardin

Few things suck the life out of me like enduring a Power Point via Zoom.


Two bad things that increase the misery level exponentially when combined.


Now THAT, good Sir, is a GOOD one!!


jeff LPH 3 63-66

I used a slide projector to show NFPA fire fighting in 1978 or so when I was the company training officer teaching basics in the Volunteer FD I was in. the projector was loaded on the round top of the projector with the squqre slides like the Lewis machinegun magazine. I don’t remember how to spell carasell which is the wrong spelling.


Jeff, we remember those slide projectors.

Also, the Overhead Projector.

With layouts…and grease pencils.

And mimograph machines.

Here is one overhead projector for sale:



Aaaah, the lovely aroma of copies fresh from the ditto machine!


And when the rack of slides were dropped and spilled, never to be put back in the right order or orientation.


Carousel according to my helpful text mind reader predictor thingy.

I got as far as car before the word showed up. Of course, I hade to spell out work because it suggested worn, work, wow, would etc.


Woulda just copied it off the box, still own one and maybe 15 carousels.


PowerPoint WAS an improvement.

We simply applied it wrong.


The presentation became more important than the information.


Absolutely. In Iraq in ‘06, during the “money as a weapons system” concept, I created a PowerPoint briefing consisting of how to build a trebuchet to launch sacks of money (complete with the Hamburgler-style dollar signs) into the towns with large insurgent presence. At least that way we might kill a few bad guys on delivery.

I happened to brief this on April first, which is probably why I didn’t get in trouble, but it was originally planned for March a week prior and I didn’t change a thing.


For those who remember the classic Beatle song “Get Back” (“Jo-Jo Was A Man Who Thought He Was A Loner”), let us please introduce you to the parody song “Get Up and Go” performed by The Rutles.

2 minutes.

Bet that song will stay in your head all day… 😆 


From 1987:

George Harrison and Ringo Starr performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

Back Up Drummer is Phil Collins. Back Up Guitarist is Eric Clapton. Back Up Keyboards is Elton John.

Pretty Good!


Looked kinda like Jeff Lynne in that group too.



You are so right!

How did we miss him considering we have all of ELO’s albums?

We must have “Turn To Stone”!

Thank You!



I always thought that “While my guitar gently weeps” was some of George Harrison’s finest guitar work. Then I learn it was Eric Clapton. I thought “Layla” was Clayton’s best guitar work. Nope, that’s Duane Allman. I give up.


Check out Prince performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” along with Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison…



And we also have Carlos Santana with a different spin on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”…😉😎



Dynamite Comes In Small Packages… 😉  😎 

“4-Foot-7-Inch Marine Says Peers In Boot Camp ‘Kind Of Looked Up To’ Him”


“A 4-Foot-7-Inch man completed Marine Boot Camp in September, possibly making him the shortest U.S. service member ever.”

“PFC Nathaniel Laprade graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, on Sept. 1, as the Marine chosen to carry the guidon representing his entire series”

“As a teen, Laprade joined his high school’s Army JROTC program. But he said he was pulled toward the Marine Corps because it offered the “snap precision” his program instructor, retired Army 1st Sgt. Thomas Gent, instilled in his students.
“One day in the cafeteria there was a Marine recruiter standing there and his uniform was perfect, no flaws no nothing,” Laprade said. “You just felt something, stood there, strong and disciplined, a solid statue of determination of honor, courage and commitment.”

“A year later, when Laprade was set to graduate, he was one of the first students the recruiter approached. The recruiter told Laprade his name was the first that was pulled from his system “because he saw something in me,” the private first class recounted.”

“At boot camp, Laprade was part of Hotel Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion. He said his peers treated him with respect and even were motivated by his own motivation — a cycle that further motivated him.”

“I think they kind of looked up to me in a way,” Laprade said. “I had one recruit, now a Marine, who told me that I was his motivation.”

“Many of the obstacles in the obstacle courses were taller than Laprade. But his drill instructors saw him make his way over them ‘with little to no trouble’.Laprade just had to push himself to jump a little higher.”

Good For Him!

short marine.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

That Young Warrior done blazed his own path!

A Proud Infidel®™

I MEANT TO edit that comment to “That Young ‘Newly Minted’ Warrior done blazed his own path!” but some damned software (likely outdated Red Hat stuff bought from the ass-end of a worn-out Jaguar) told me that I was posting too damned fast when I-done-tried to edit thet-thar post!!!


Your US Military History lesson for the day:

“America’s Forgotten WW2 Paratroopers – The 555th Triple Nickels”

6 Minutes Well Worth Watching.


“The story of the US Army’s first all-black parachute infantry unit, the 555th Triple Nickels and their secret 1945 mission in the Western United States.”


Had To Post This… 😄  😆  😉  😎 

“Six (6) Personality Types That Always Need To Have The Last Word…Do You Belong To A Personality Type Who Needs To Win Every Debate?”


“Have you ever met someone who has a problem with letting things go? Whether it’s a conversation about which sneakers are the comfiest or a whole debate about if the moon landing was faked or not, some people just need to be right.”

“Certain Myers-Briggs personality types with specific personality traits may be more inclined to argue.
Some people argue just to hear themselves talk. When they get bored, they may even go on the lookout for a juicy conversation to jump into. Other people do it because they feel like their opinion is more important than yours. This comes from a sense of over-importance, and can lead to an egomaniac personality.”

“Regardless of why they do it, the most argumentative Myers-Briggs types just can’t help themselves.”

“A lot of us don’t have the great debate trait in us, hate getting into arguments, and prefer to push things to the side or agree to disagree. If you’re one of these people, it can be difficult to find a way to avoid people like this.”

“If you want to avoid debates everywhere you go, these Myers-Briggs types won’t let you out of an argument until they’ve decided it’s done.”

“6 Most Argumentative Myers-Briggs Types:”
1. ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception)
2. INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment)
3. ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment)
4. ENTP (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perception)
5. ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment)
6. ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception)

myers brig.jpg

1. ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception)“The Campaigner”
ENFP types don’t mind pushing the boundaries a little bit when they get into a quarrel. They’re the type to argue with you just because they’re bored, but if you’re someone who’s close to them, you should be in the clear.
Starting arguments that could hurt their important relationships isn’t exactly up their alley. They will talk to you like you’re a student, so get ready to get schooled.

2. INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment)​​“The Architect”

This is someone who will never shy away from a good debate. They love to be extremely well versed in things they’re interested in, so if you catch yourself in an argument with an INTJ, be prepared for it to be a long one.
While they will be open to what you have to say, they won’t walk away until they feel like they’ve taught you something or influenced your opinion.

3. ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment)​​“The Commander”
If you don’t like being made feel like you’re stupid, or spoken to in a condescending manner, avoid these people at all cost. They’re another group who will just argue for the sake of it, and if they even sense that you might say something wrong, they’ll grill you for it.An argument with someone who is an ENTJ could definitely end in tears.

4. ENTP (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perception)“The Debater”
Another personality type who loves to bicker, ENTPs have fun seeing how far they can go in an argument before the other person breaks.Not all is lost in this situation, though. Oftentimes, after they’ve had the last word, they will sit back and think about everything that was said and hang on to anything they may have learned.


Interesting, Ninja. I recall my first test result was ENTJ. 15 – 20 years later I was an INTP.


Thank You for the feedback, JustALurkinAround..

We remember those tests very well!

We also remember the US Army teaching us courses of the type of “animal” we were based on personality or leadership tests.

Yep. We still think as Soldiers we were used for science tests, experimental tests, social tests, etc…especially when it came to vaccines (Anthrax, COVID)..


Hindsight being what it is, I’m surprised I was ever an E. I’ve always been kind of shy until there is some sort of discussion that caught my ear. So I am definitely an I and not an E.

I’m glad I went from a J to a P. I do observe more and say less – at least initially.

I view the M-B test as something interesting to take but don’t put much stock into it. It is fun though.


I wonder if there’s been a study on how the anonymity of the internet has impacted this.

For example, I enjoy a healthy debate. When the debate turns unhealthy, such as when someone assumes they’re the smartest man in the room and focuses on making it an argument rather than a forum, I enjoy seeing how many buttons can be pushed.

Yet, more often than not, Myers-Briggs assesses me as either INFP or INTP.


Discussing anything with someone who’s convinced they’re infallible always deteriorates quickly.


Monkeys gotta dance.


All boils down to what the midpoint is as I recall – if you score 49 on the scale you’re an I, 51 on another day you’re an E. Something like that. I was almost dead center on everything except I/E, on which I was like 90% E. Probably explains my shy retiring nature, eh…


I’ve never looked at the breakdown that closely, but I’m pretty sure I’m overwhelmingly on the E side of the scale.


I* side of the scale. Posting too fast to edit, it seems.

A Proud Infidel®™

Thirty-some and I Award myself Honorary First once again, I blame the outdated Red Hat Software bought somewhere out of the back of a worn-out old Jaguar, that and the latest damn Windows update.


Epstein did not kill himself.
Another UP YOURS to the FBI goobs monitoring me and others.


Latest accursed Windows update also updated the system BIOS causing the scanning software to malfunction causing me to spend more than an hour trying to get AB Son’s paperwork into pdf form to send to the VA.

Blast it all to Hades.

A Proud Infidel®™

This past year i had a Software Update to my iPhone that KO’ed my damned SIM Card!


Please do not forget…

17 September 1787.

“On This Day, The Constitution Was Signed In Philadelphia.”


“On September 17, 1787, a group of men gathered in a closed meeting room to sign the greatest vision of human freedom in history, the U.S. Constitution. And it was Benjamin Franklin who made the motion to sign the document in his last great speech.”

We The People

we the people.jpg

“Fort Cavazos (Hood) Commander Drops Sexual Misconduct Charge Against Colonel”

” A former Fort Cavazos brigade commander will no longer face a sexual misconduct charge in a court-martial for allegations that he groped and kissed the wife of another officer.”

“COL Jon Meredith still faces two counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer and has a court-martial scheduled for Sept. 25 at Fort Cavazos”

“Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, commander of III Armored Corps and Fort Cavazos, made the decision Monday to withdraw two counts of the charge abusive sexual contact, which was filed against Meredith earlier this year.”

“The decision was based on an assessment of multiple factors including a careful consideration of the current evidence, the interests of justice, input from the alleged victim, and preservation of good order and discipline,”

Meredith, 47, is accused of going to the home of the victim, who is the civilian wife of an Army officer, on July 23, 2022, while the woman’s daughter and another person were present.”

“Meredith knew the woman’s husband was away at a field training exercise and “did wrongfully grope [the woman’s] inner thigh and crotch, kiss her repeatedly on the mouth, and tell her he wanted to ‘[expletive] her,’”


Fort Cavazos (Hood) Commander Drops Sexual Misconduct Charge Against Colonel”


” A former Fort Cavazos brigade commander will no longer face a sexual misconduct charge in a court-martial for allegations that he groped and kissed the wife of another officer.”

“COL Jon Meredith still faces two counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer and has a court-martial scheduled for Sept. 25 at Fort Cavazos”

“Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, commander of III Armored Corps and Fort Cavazos, made the decision Monday to withdraw two counts of the charge abusive sexual contact, which was filed against Meredith earlier this year.”

“The decision was based on an assessment of multiple factors including a careful consideration of the current evidence, the interests of justice, input from the alleged victim, and preservation of good order and discipline,”
Meredith, 47, is accused of going to the home of the victim, who is the civilian wife of an Army officer, on July 23, 2022, while the woman’s daughter and another person were present.”

“Meredith knew the woman’s husband was away at a field training exercise and “did wrongfully grope [the woman’s] inner thigh and crotch, kiss her repeatedly on the mouth, and tell her he wanted to ‘[expletive] her,’”


Here We Go Again.

Am waiting for three posts to be approved on WOT.

Wonder Why… 😉  😎 

Dave Hardin

Links, links, links… too many links you get put in the corner… and I am a bit slow today.


Yes, Sir!


Naw…you ain’t slow…

*Brushing cobwebs off of shoulder*

You Is A Crayon Eater, I Mean A MARINE!


No shit, there I was, sitting in the Idaho Falls Army recruiting office, 1986. Marine recruiter steps in to get a cup of coffee, apparently theirs was inop. Gunny looks at me and says “son, you don’t wanna be a Soldier. C’mon next door, let’s talk. SFC Foster says “you can’t have him, he’s overqualified to be a Marine”. Gunny says “What’re you talking about, Foster?” Foster says “ He knows who his parents are”. I thought I was gonna witness my first inter-service brawl.


Sounds like all former veterans I worked with when talking about others respective branches.

A joke I liked to tell as I was air force, so never acquired the taste for crayons.

4 branches of the military are present and a question was asked what would you do if you found a scorpion in your tent…
Navy guy said he would kill it and toss it out
Army guy said he would crush it dead
Marine said he would crush it, kill it and use its stinger for a tooth pick
When they asked the air force guy, he replied first thing he was going to do was call down to the front desk and ask why there was a tent in his room.

A Proud Infidel®™

The Armed Forces of the United States even tell time differently. While Civilians say “3:00PM” the US Army says “1500 Hours” while in the Navy some bell rings X amount of times after some Sailor polishes and paints another part of the vessel, in the US Air Force some O6 walks up to some E3 sitting in a comfortable Office Chair and asks “Bill, do you know what time it is?” to which the Airman replies, “Yeah Ron, Mickey’s big hand is on the twelve and his little hand is on the three!”, and in the USMC someone yells “GRUNT!*, *GRUNT!*, *GRUNT!*, FUCK, KILL, OORAH!!!”


Exactly. Former air force too?


If the first impression is that they can’t operate a coffee maker….


Ok, I did not look at it that way… good point!

A Proud Infidel®™

I was given a “You’re posting too fast” note when trying to edit a comment, is there outdated Red Hat Software being used somewhere?


I get that when posting from my phone, but never from my laptop.
I’m guessing some kind of interface interference.
I’m kept busy trying to debug my home computers, so trying to help our favorite Curator of The (Former) Soviet is out of my AO for the nonce.


“Sergeant Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Fatal Shooting Still in Army 4 Months Later”

“A sergeant who was sentenced in May to 25 years in prison for fatally shooting a Black Lives Matter protester in Texas is still in the Army.”

“Daniel Perry fatally shot Garrett Foster during an Austin protest in July 2020. The law firm representing Perry told Military.com it is aiming to keep him in the Army pending a military separation board decision or a pardon from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.”

“Sgt. Perry’s current duty status is in civilian confinement and is pending separation from the Army,” Bryce Dubee, a service spokesperson, told Military.com on Thursday, adding that Perry is not getting paid by the military and his status in the Army is administrative.”

daniel perry.jpg

I thought Abbot was going to commute/pardon that ASAP. Someone’s not gotten the paperwork through correctly, I guess.


Correct me if I’m wrong.

Isn’t accepting a pardon akin to admitting guilt? If so, were I SGT Perry, I’d never accept a pardon.

The man is a hero.


I don’t think it is, from a legal standpoint, but yeah, it kinda is. I’m no legal scholar though.


Cannot be pardoned for a crime you didn’t commit, can you?


Can one of the non-barracks-type lawyers weigh in on this?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Well, I’ll see you later Alligator.


“3 Top Navy SEAL Training Program Officers Face Discipline over Death of Kyle Mullen”

“The Naval Special Warfare Command that oversees the Navy SEAL BUD/S training program intends to take disciplinary action against three top officers who were in leadership roles during the death of a SEAL trainee last year”

“A Navy official confirmed to Military.com that Capt. Brian Drechsler, Capt. Bradley Geary and Cmdr. Erik Ramey were notified that the service intends to take them to admiral’s mast — a nonjudicial form of punishment — over their roles in the death.”

“SEAL candidate Kyle Mullen, 24, died of acute pneumonia shortly after completing the first, brutal portion of SEAL training known as “Hell Week” on Feb. 4, 2022. At the time, Drechsler was the Naval Special Warfare Center’s commanding officer, Geary was in charge of the Basic Training Command, and Ramey was the command’s top medical official.”

“The three officers had all previously received nonpunitive letters of reprimand over the incident. While the letters themselves carry no punishment, they typically render an officer unpromotable.”


Having trouble falling asleep?

Do you miss some of those cheesy info commercials that were shown on your TV late at night or wee hours of the morning?

Never Fear!

Here is the FAMOUS “The Greatest Vitamin In The World”

28 Minutes Of Pure Enjoyment…and Laughter…

 😆  😉  😎 

Sadly, some folks fell for Don Lapre’s Pyamid Scheme…


Don’t Forget!


Age Is Just A Number….

A Proud Infidel®™









Sad but true


FWIW, occasionally college students come into the instrument store looking for vinyl records.
Interestingly enough.
One young lady looking for some Moody Blues stuff.


“Nights In White Satin” featured in the album “Days Of Future Past”..


Good to hear young folks are looking for vinyl records!

A Proud Infidel®™

“Days of Future passed” was the first Moody Blues album I ever bought!


Someone raised her right!


Did the Moody Blues ever find that lost chord?


My personal favorite


You never know what your going to find taking a piss break on the side of I-10


Good Heavens!


F. Steven Spainhouer on Twitter: “If the sight of a high velocity impact round of ammunition laying next to the lifeless corpse struck by other rounds at a shopping mall doesn’t bother you, then there’s something seriously wrong with your thinking.”


Just how far off I-10 were you?


I’ll message you location
There is probably more in this location
It’s a heavily used AF training area and
Is one state over from us


That’s considered a concealed weapon one state over!


I do a lot of GIS work and in the past have found spent and un-spent aircraft flares
And a lot of backpacks from the future farm workers of America LMAO !!!!
and the normal shit you find ianywhere near the border 😡

A Proud Infidel®™

What, GI Candy Corn?


And you never know what your going to bump into walking the dog


A Second Good Heavens!


You can lick, just don’t bite.


Jill Biden singing the classic Beatle/George Harrison song “I Need You”:



We still think that is Jill Biden singing in the above linked video…

Others tell us something different, i.e. she and Alice Cooper are look alikes…😉😎



Alice has far better taste, he’d never wear those upholstery dresses.


Downward slide:
comment image



download (15).jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

The use of gallows would be MUCH MORE Environmentally Friendly!


“I’m Gary Gilmore, and I approve this message.”


Y’all have a great weekend.


Alligator logic? That’s kind of like how shrimp think and they are delicious. Same with crawfish… and I eat them, whole, suck the head, eat some corn, swill it down with beer and life is good.


Today, 15 September 2023, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.


Never Forget.

Bring Them All Home.


What’s up all you dick smokers?

Checking in terribly late but checking in nonetheless, I completely forgot it was Friday and weekend open thread.

I’m really preoccupied with trying to get the last of a fiscal year inventory done at work and I’m getting crickets from a bunch of people.
It’s the first one coming out of the pandemic and I’m pretty confident it’s going to be a complete cluster fuck, meaning we’re not gonna get near 100% accountability which I’ve done with my other projects prior to all of this for about seven or eight years in a row but I don’t have the same team and I’ll have the same people and I have the same property so not much I can do but the best I can do.
Other than that, I just filed a supplemental with the VA after 11 months we’ll see how that goes.
I did go to the MVA yesterday for the first time in a couple of years, I made an appointment online after trying to renew my license but I needed to go in and get an optical test done because outside groups would charge me $129.
When I got to the MVA building, the parking lot was half empty. When I got inside the building was half empty.
I checked my phone and they let me check in online early then I immediately got my number called walked over to the desk got my license renewed did my vision test and was out in 10 minutes, 10 minutes before my appointment was even scheduled to start.
***Shocked***?would be an understatement based on any and all previous experiences at the MVA. Everything is apparently by appointment only now. 😳😍
Oh well everybody carry-on, and enjoy your weekend. Smooches to everybody.🖕


I had to go to our MVA, and like you was shocked at how quickly I got through. 10-15 minutes before the appointment time.
Not complaining.


For those with an artistic bent in their firearms, the photos here are well worth drooling over – so cover your keyboards friends and neighbors!


Long shot, but does anyone here have the answer?
Unconfirmed rumors in my back yard
are now gaining national steam.
Repeat — Unconfirmed.

BONUS – He’s no longer in Ephrata, PA,
and now only 2 miles away.

Now on Drudge Report.[A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why]

Lazar DrudgeReport.jpg

Still can’t edit at VG.
>>> [You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.]


This is a big issue.


The secret squirrel court case of the DC cop macer?
Or the inability to edit these comments?


I was directly referring to the editing thing.

That doesn’t mean the secret squirrel case isn’t, but it doesn’t directly affect me so I don’t care. I’m like a German in 1932.


22 hours later… STILL on Drudge Report.
AP story now echoed on many other TV, newspaper, and news websites, from NBC to Washington Times to NewsMax.

BONUS – Social media is busy on this story,
with NEW conspiracy theory rumors are taking off
(unconfirmed, of course),
including the big 1 now spreading, that he is/was a FED.

You can’t make this sh_t up.
But someone else out there sure is trying.

Lazar DrudgeReport 22 hours later.jpg
Hack Stone

Hack Stone checking in from an undisclosed location called H Mart in Vienna. This time next week Hack Stone will be flying over the Atlantic on his way to the UK to promote the Y3K software to the Ministry of Defence. While in the UK, he will see if he can pick up a driver’s side door for a 1980’s vintage Jaguar. Those right turns take a toll on Psaul when he falls out.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is at the Costco store s South Alexandria (Mt. Vernon), and some Middle Eastern looking guy and his teenaged son just passed Hack pushing a cart with what looks to be 50 gallons of milk. They say if you see something, say something. Should Hack Stone call Homeland Security or The American Dairy Council?


Maybe they are feeding their young dates, er.. I mean, young goats.




Phony Alert. Phony Alert.

Air Force and Marine veterans…
What do YOU think? Is this bio possible?

VFW Post 735 (Pocatello, Idaho) on FaceBook
December 31, 2022

Kelly Woods share his military experiences at Post 735’s regular December meeting.
In 1987, while waiting for an entrance date for the US Marine Corps, Kelly Woods accepted a special duty assignment for and joined the US Air Force. He attended basic training at Lackland AFB and then attended the M-60 specialist course and the Tactical and Evasive Drive course. He was then sent to Fort Dix to ABGD Army Infantry training where he became a Distinguished Honor Graduate.
Kelly then became a member of the “Elite Guard” detail for General Cassidy, MAC Commander and Joint Chiefs Staff, at Scott AFB, Illinois.
During the Panama Invasion, he was able to observe the progress in real time while in the CAC (Crisis Action Center) as General Cassidy with other Generals monitored and instructed movement.
Kelly was involved in Volant Scorpion joint operation in Arkansas and was recognized for exceptional performance.
In 1989, he was assigned to RAF Chicksands (one of six F9 listening/spying antennas) with the 7274 Security Police Squadron where he had the opportunity to train with the 22nd Regiment HMR Army Special Air Service involving covert ops for Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Kelly’s health began a downward spiral but remained under the local medical facility for two years.


In 1991, he attend the NCO Academy as well as the EST. He became trainer for the base armory and Restricted Area Response teams and was recognized as response team scores improved significantly.
Kelly participated in Creek Defender in Baumholder, Germany and in 1991, he was given orders to the 6950th Security Police Squadron, Fairchild AFB, Washington, nuclear storage area. He was then sent to Madigan Army Hospital, Washington, as his medical condition became more severe and was retired in 1993 with full benefits.
He then worked for the State of Idaho Department of Corrections for 4 years until further medical conditions required his complete retirement.
(end paste)

Again, is this even possible?
Another hint – Check Gen. Cassidy and his years and locations of service.

Thanks in advance for any feedback / replies.

2023 09 17 KW Pocatello VFW.jpg

Pocatello again? C’mon Blackfoot, catch up!


You are referring to VFW Post 9443,
and their near miss of almost installing Phony Green Beret
Tim / Bob / Rob Evans as post commander?

Hollingsworth had his sticky fingers on this, too.
As District Commander!
And it’s recent.

Tim or Bob Evans – Not a Green Beret, Not a Maker of SausageSteve Balm | June 14, 2023



Steve Balm,
The run on of SausageSteve is unintentional.
And I can’t edit it.


Well, looky here.
Just 10 days before the above.
December 21, 2022.

Side by side,
Kelly Woods and Richard Hollingsworth.
Both in VFW Post 735 Pocatello, Idaho.

Richard Hollingsworth; VFW Post 735 valor thief commander Jonn Lilyea | May 22, 2018


VFW Post 735 2022 12 21 Hollingsworth Woods.jpg