Richard Hollingsworth; VFW Post 735 valor thief commander

| May 22, 2018

More than two years ago, we wrote about Richard Hollingsworth a valor thief at Pocatello, Idaho’s VFW Post 735, who pinned a bunch of stuff on his skin tight uniform that he didn’t earn during his term of service in Vietnam;

I’ll forgive him wearing the Sergeant stripes. It’s probably pretty tough in this day and age to find sew-on Spec 5 rank, maybe not, I don’t know. But what I can’t forgive is the Combat Infantry Badge, the Blue Infantry Cord an Army Commendation Medal that aren’t in his records. There’s also the Army Achievement Medal, Overseas Ribbon and the Army Service Ribbon none of which existed until about ten years after he left the service.

Apparently, valor theft doesn’t mean much in Idaho, because they made him the post commander and he’s still wearing his bogus bling;

Some members of the post don’t like it, but apparently the majority are valor thief huggers.

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If he self-identifies as a war hero, who are we to judge him?

Spec4Proud Once

A DD-214 neglects to show TDY stations. So a veteran can say he or she was somewhere and truly was yet only on TDY.

Medals can be awarded post separation and a DD-214 or 215. Many veterans may neglect to have records updated.

Stole Valor Act is about people who “steal veteran related monetary benefits”.
This blog needs to act “right” versus act “vigilante”.


18 U.S. Code § 704 is the current “Stolen Valor Act”

The term you’re looking for is not “steal veteran related monetary benefits”. It’s
“Whoever, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds oneself out to be a recipient of a decoration or medal described in subsection (c)(2) or (d) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Subsection (d) just happens to mention the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

So, we got a guy here that while he did serve in Vietnam, he did not earn a CIB according to all available records.

And now he’s a Commander of a VFW post. There’s the “tangible benefit” part of the act.

Thanks for stopping by.


Spec4Proud Once seems to be making the same argument as the profoundly disconnected CSM97 makes on another thread…

Sockpuppet much? I am a bit curious if the IP address for this once proud Spec is very similar to a confused CSM?

Bets anyone?


You would win that bet, per Jonn on the linked comment section.


Yeah, I was slow on the trigger. I need to up my sockpuppet spotting game.

I am disappointed that this one seems to have given up so quickly though. One round on target, and one round careening madly through the wrong thread… it’s like he ain’t even trying! I mean, did I pop my popcorn for nothing?


(blaring at maximum volume over the TAH Headquarters 1MC)

Now hear this! Now hear this!

All hands on Team TAH face outboard and stand by to repel sockpuppets!




I love the smell of foo gas in the morning. That gasoline smell… It smells like… crispy sockpuppet.


Who the fuck are you to dictate how a blog does business, assclown? If you’re all asshurt over how RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH has brought shame to himself by engaging in STOLEN VALOR, then go cry a river somewhere else.



Old Trooper


The Stranger

*Runs across the field in Super Slo-Mo*
Peter Puffer
*Hits the deck and rolls right*

The Stranger

Man, that was exhausting!


Someone needs to run FOIA requests on every officer in that organization.

I never understood why some people feel the need to wear their uniforms long after they’ve left the service.


I wear mine for Veterans Day or Memorial Day as a formal way to show my reverence to the ceremony.
Most have earned the right to do so and it is authorized, in fact President Bush requested Veterans wear their medals or uniforms to normalize service to our fellow countrymen.
That being said, asshats like this guy make me want to take it all to the back yard and set it the f*** on fire so no one would perceive me a liar like this slug.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I had my whites duped and the new ones are polyester/cotton blend and just have two ribbons and the MM3 Crow that I earned. No less, no more and that’s the fact Jack. I wore it last Memorial Day for our clubhouse BBQ/Memorial service. I even remembered how to tie the infamous unauthorized double rolled neckerchief. Any of you old time Sailors out there remember the double roll?


A smartly rolled neckerchief was a thing of beauty and worth its weight in gold the morning of a personnel inspection. I can recall sailors paying several dollars just to rent one for the inspection or to have another sailor roll one for him. I’ve heard of old salts unrolling one and finding coins placed in them decades earlier. Oh, my, those were good times.


It’s not my cup of tea either and since I sport face fur I can’t wear the uniform correctly anyway. However, I would never begrudge another service-member from wearing their uniform or uniform items per established regulations and courtesies.


Yeah, grooming… My haircut is pushing the limits of AR 670-1 but being retired/separated does have benefits, you are your own Chain of Command/NCO support channel. As long as someone is respectfully wearing it, I can’t believe anyone could have issue.
Besides, the chance of being called back to receive NJP kinda leaves me giddy.


One time in five years. It was for a church memorial service by request.

When I got married forever ago I sucked the whole wedding party into wearing their finery even the retired ones. One 06 had been retired for 30 years was the only one who bowed out. He said he could not find a shoulder board but his belly had grown like a Bhudda.

Occasions of ceremony I think are fitting. So say the regs.

Mr. Pete

I sleep in mine.

Club Manager, USA ret.

Short version Bobo is because I am proud to wear my uniform for appropriate occasions and not ashamed of my service. When I retired in 78′, I gave my Army blues to another WO. When our daughter married the Dugway company commander in a military wedding in 97′, I purchased a set of dress blues. I then wore (wear) them on Memorial and Veterans Day, to our son’s NCO Academy graduation then retirement ceremony from the Air Force, to son-in law’s retirement ceremony from the Army,to change of command ceremonies at Pine Bluff Arsenal, and probably a military funeral or two. I also have a fresh haircut and continue to spit shine my low quarters. That is how I want to be remembered, as a squared away soldier not some shag ass hippy.


Mine is in a deployment locker in the basement. I wore those uniforms enough for a lifetime already.

I get why others might do so, but for me, the dress uniform was always nothing but a pain in the ass.


I self-identify as a 3-star Michelin chef.

Eat my crepes!


Yes, ma’am, gladly! 😉

A Proud Infidel®™️

I sometimes self identify as a Race Car Driver, but that doesn’t do shit for me if I get pulled over for speeding!


Aircrew and a bucket of Air Medals not enough for this guy?



I had a few COs and some senior NCOs when I served with in the early 80s that had seen combat flying Dustoff missions in ‘Nam. This dude is an embarrassment to me, I can only imagine how it makes guys like them feel.


combat aircrew mo fo, and gotta make up shit. so sad.


If you’re wondering why someone like this would be made Post Commander, I can shed some light on that:

In the military and in most civilian jobs, a commander, leader or supervisor is one who has the ability to order, direct, or otherwise require people do to certain specific things, under penalty of punishment (UCMJ in the military, suspension, termination or other sanction in the case of civilian employment.)

Of course, the commander, leader, or supervisor is also responsible to his own commander, leader or supervisor for getting the job done, so the authority vested in the leadership position is commensurate to the responsibility that he or she bears.

By contrast, in almost every “volunteer” organization like the VFW, AL, any hobby club or social club where people are free to come and go as they please, “leader” doesn’t mean a person with responsibility or authority (of which they have NONE) it usually just means “the person who does all the work that nobody else wants to do.”

So, if you have a bunch of slacker members who don’t want to do anything to support the organization or to organize any activities, and you have one person who stands up and says “I’ll do it!” then that person, by default, becomes the “leader.”

So to me, it’s VERY easy to understand why a poser, faker or embellisher is likely to become a post commander. After all, if the fellow members of the post are lazy enough to permit an obvious faker to remain in their ranks, they’re certainly lazy enough to let him become commander.

(As a side note, am I the only one who thinks it’s a little silly for the senior position of a VFW or AL post to be alled “commander?” To me, at least, “commander” is someone who has the authority to issue “commands.” If you can’t issue a “command”, can you really call yourself a “commander?” 😉 )

Buckeye Jim

Very well said. As most of us here can testify, those who say the most, probably did the least. For God’s sake, if you served honorably, no matter what you did, take pride in that. There are always those who did less, and those who did more.


From what I’ve seen with the VSO’s a lot of these shenanigans starts with a lack of respect and camaraderie. Every damn argument turns into a giant historical who-wronged-whom fight.
Personnel that actually have new ideas and want to do more then the monthly spaghetti dinner leave these VSOs.
Most people that stick around are REMFs and Reservists that need to feel complete or some bs.
Adapt or die VFW, AL, MCL, DAV, etc.


I’ll second that. I joined my local AL before I retired from the V.A. While at the V.A. I was heavily involved in benefits and claims; I’m also a retired Army SGM. You would think that maybe I could be handy around there, right? I offered to help where ever I could, but they were interested in getting my dues so they could keep the Legion hall and bar open. After a few months of the same old “where are we going to get more money?” meetings I stopped going. Never a peep from this legion asking why, just a letter once a year from the national office asking me to pay my dues.


I’m about to bow out of my post for the same reason


I have been a member of Lincoln, IL Post1756 for a loooong time. For years, it was just a place for blowhards to drink on the cheap. I never went in the doors then.

About 4 years ago a retired Navy Chief took the reigns and started to work the job right. Now the Post has about 6 active members and the bar gone and that spaced leased to a businessman who runs a dive bar in it.

The VFW cannot survive unless it cleans up the filth and starts becoming involved in the community some way. The AL back there runs a youth baseball program, fronts several charities, partners with other civic orgs and is visibly present at every local event volunteering or supporting.

I don’t about others, but I can drink at home. If I am going to devote my time to a fraternal org, I want my time to better my community or help my brothers and sisters in arms. What I don’t need is a dead head club of jack offs lying to each other about their awards or deeds.


About four years ago, I had received mailers from the AL, AmVets and the VFW, all within a two week period. I decided to send the leaders of each of those organization a letter asking them what their organization was doing about holding those members who engaged in Stolen Valor accountable (I used links from TAH and other SV websites as examples). I also asked them to stop contacting me about joining their organization until they had a written policy that specifically dealt with this issue.

I never received a reply from any of them… and the mailers have stopped.

I remember in my youth seeing the VFW and AL sponsor so many activities in the community, here in my AO, they only seem to come out for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day events.

Jus Bill

Exactly! Which is why I continue to stay far away from the organizations like that.


And VSO’s wonder why they’re withering on the vine. Shitbags like this guy aren’t helping.

My local VFW Post has been on the verge of closing for years, and looks like it will happen in the next few months.


For which I’m grateful for you.

But how many AL/VFW posts have we seen that have BLATANT (worse than this shitstain) phonies who do fuck all to police themselves?

I am at least mildly relieved my posts did a hell of a job vetting my record, but that’s tempered by the fact far too many simply turn a blind eye, or worse, hand them the fucking keys.

And then the national orgs wonder why new membership is sucking hind tit.

Or worse, not kicking the shit to the curb, ala the “VFW PAC” from a few years ago.


VSOs are not without criticism, but the only thing worse than VSOs is not having any. They do a lot of good work behind the scenes. They write the letters and log the miles to provide a body and a voice for all of us veterans.


That may be true, but as of right now, much of their ability to influence comes as a result of the esteem and respect that they still have.

And that esteem and respect is exactly what they are risking when they turn a blind eye to the fakers, embellishers, and other embarrassments in their ranks.

A reputation is something that is hard earned and once it is lost, very difficult to recover. That’s the dangerous game that the VFW and AL are playing.

Right now the VSO’s are trading their credibility for numbers and warm bodies. That works for them in the short term but it’s a ticking time bomb that’s going to blow up at some future date.

It may not be soon, but at some point, if new blood doesn’t start infusing these organizations, they’re going to fade into irrelevance either because their numbers have dropped so low that they’re not worth listening to, or because so many fakers and embellishers in their ranks have been exposed that they become a laughingstock with zero political clout.

And they’re not going to attract that new blood until and unless they become organizations worthy of joining.




I will second that entire post.


Richard Maylon Hollingsworth will most likely add the Soldier’s Medal to his tightly fit Class A uniform.

When ask how he received it, his answer will probably be “My dog, Von Striker, saved me from my house fire and I am wearing it to honor him. And could VFW Post 735, my ENABLERS (send them some Love!), start a Go Fund Me page so I can repair the $25,000 damage to my home started by a wood burning chimney…” 🙄


am not sure if anyone reads it, but they have a VFW bulletin board that you can leave your comments on 😉 go get em TAH troops! maybe voices from around the web will help them correct the errors of their ways. Also, ain’t there a law about that false CIB he is flashing?


Bypassed the post, sent an email to national in KC


just got this after i sent national a note;

INFO Today at 2:04 PM
To: sgtfon
CC:Thomas Black, Adjutant/Quartermaster ID


Thank you for contacting VFW National Headquarters. We are forwarding your comments and concern to the Department of Idaho VFW for their attention.


Zach Schwenk
Associate Director, Administrative Operations
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
406 W 34th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
p:816.968.1132 f:816.968.1149

—–Original Message—–
From: sgtfon
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 11:55 AM
Subject: Contact Us Submission

Subject: Contact Us

Reason: General Information

Comments: Hello,
i am writing about The Veterans of Foreign Wars Pocatello Post 735, Post Commander, Richard Hollingsworth. for over 2 years now he has been known to falsely wear medals and badges that he never earned and nothing has been done at the state level. i am writing to see if there is anything that can be done at to censure the post or revoke their charter if he is not removed from the position he now holds as well as the post itself. He does a disservice to the VFW community and insults those of us who have earned things like the CIB, both living and dead. SPC 5 Hollingsworth had perfectly good service, even for some legs like me outstanding service with 25 + air medals under his belt which he stepped all over by lying about what he actually did. the documents are here at this link to read for yourself.

thank you,


Angel Luis

So they will forward it to the same VFW that has put him back in the postion as the VFW Commander, makes sense


here is Mr. Thomas Black e-mail, he is the Adjutant/Quartermaster for the state. maybe send him a note too


Left them a little token of our appreciation.

E-6 type, 1 ea

Dude was a helicopter crew chief in Vietnam. Why all of the add-ons? When I did my rack for my class-A’s, I went straight off of my DD-214. I know I’m missing at least an ARCOM, but since it wasn’t on the 214, it didn’t go on the uniform either. (I could get my 214 amended, but for one ARCOM, it’s probably not even worth the hassle.)

Not sure why this concept is so hard for people to understand, but apparently it’s rampant.


Another case of an unnecessary embellisher, looking at the earlier FOI writeup. I don’t know what Army criteria for strike/flight numerals on the Air Medal were for VN in the late 1960s, but if it’s anything like USMC aircrews at the time he spent a lot of hours in the air over Indian Country out there. Not a damn thing to be ashamed of and need to embellish with CIB, etc.


Gee Whiz…in an 8 July 2016 TAH update on Richard Maylon Hollingsworth, Jonn commented:

“We were assured that he had made a deal with the state VFW department that he wouldn’t wear any of the phony things that he had claimed – that he’d stick to his Specialist Five rank and stop wearing the Combat Infantryman Badge, along with the Infantry cord and the blue backing on his branch brass.”

These two comments from 3/17 Air Cav and Claw on that blog is STILL a classic (and API added in about DAB being the refueler😉:

3/17 Air Cav says:
July 9, 2016 at 12:39 am
Claw……it’s the “dream team” straight from Vietnam! Hollingsworth enlisted pilot, Killam crewchief/ gunner, Visconti supply/doorgunner. We just need one more phony to round out the flight crew.

Claw says:
July 9, 2016 at 12:43 am
3/17, that’s easy.

Left Low Ball Jimmy Walls, the Spec4 parts man pilot.


Not only just a straight-up violator of the Stolen Valor Act by wearing a CIB, but according to the current Area VFW District Commander, Richard Maylon Hollingsworth will become the NEXT District Commander at the upcoming convention being held July 1st, 2018.

The old adage of Fuck Up and Move Up still holds true.

3/17 Air Cav

Claw…….Hollingsworth must have self esteem issues. Why in the hell would a guy with crew wings and 25 Air Medals play dress up?

Everyone wants that CIB. They just don’t want to do all that infantry shit!

John Seabee

3/17… Look closely at his AM. He has a 35″ on his ribbon. 10 of his air medals must be for flights of fancy.


I noticed that and was going to say something too. Freaking 25 air medals isn’t enough? Sheesh. He tacked a V on the full medal he’s got pinned to the flap.

Oh, and he’s an expert with the bayonet.


Yes, seems everyone wants one. Except, some of us that have one would have preferred not to do all that “infantry shit” in the Viet of the Nam, if we had a choice in the matter. Sleeping in a hole in the ground you dug with your E-tool every night in the jungle wasn’t fun.

3/17 Air Cav

rgr69…….I remember when I left the Bush I had my CIB and more importantly, my ass was intact! When I started flying I thought I’d gone to heaven!


I know what you are saying. I had a few people in my rifle companies get door gunner gigs or a slot with an aero rifle platoon. They told us there was nothing sweeter than getting a hot and a cot every night, even after flying all day. Ah, the joys of hot marginal food in a mess hall instead of C-rats.


Some also insist on wearing the Blue Infantry Cord or Green Tabs, which I could have sworn you do not wear after you leave the Army. Or you do not wear them period if you were not Infantry or in a Leadership position.Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


I stopped wearing both when in the reserve components (19th SFGA & a Psyop Co.), but wore them both on AD. Stopped wearing the Blue Rope of Doom because I was in an SF unit, stopped wearing the green leadership tabs because I was an Area Specialist Officer and Asst. S-3 (air) in the 19th Group HQ, instead of being an ODA commmander. People who never wore them on AD or in a reserve component infantry unit and were never in an infantry leadership position should never wear them. They are POSing. I suspect even a REMF can wear the green leader tabs if he is in a leadership slot in a REMF unit. If one is the section leader of the mess kit repair section, I think the tabs are authorized. The AR-670 experts here will know for sure.


Well, I may stand corrected about the blue cord. According to the 2009 Edition of the Army Officer’s Guide (which someone gave me for what reason I know not): “Officers and enlisted personnel of the Infantry who have been awarded the combat infantry badge or the expert infantry badge … may wear the Infantry shoulder cord of infantry blue.” So, it appears one could still wear the cord even though no longer assigned to an infantry unit.


Thank you, rgr769.

When I researched AR 670-1, it makes sense about who is authorized to wear the Blue Shoulder Cord (Infantry, CIB, EIB). I still think IMHO an Infantry Soldier can only wear the Cord when they are assigned to an Infantry Unit. After one leaves the Army, whether retired or ETS, one is no longer with an Infantry unit, thus no longer authorized to wear the cord. I read the Cord is not “permanent” just as one may wear Unit Awards on the left side of their Class A/Blues, etc. when one is WITH that unit, but when they depart from that unit, the Unit awards come off, unless their unit was awarded a Unit award when the Soldier was with that unit (did I make your head hurt).

It is disturbing to see those who insist on wearing the Blue Cord who were never Infantry,such as Richard Maylon Hollingsworth or other individuals.

The same with the Green Tabs. Green Tabs are not permanent and only worn WHEN in Leadership position. After a Soldier finshes their Leadership position, then the Tabs come off, not to be worn after leaving the Army. Seen that abused as well.

Thank You again-and if I wrote in error, anyone please correct me.

It just ticks me off about those individuals who want to dress up as Infantry (CIB, Blue Cord, Blue Disks) but did not earn the Infantry MOS. It is if they are ASHAMED of their TRUE MOS.

And I’m sure Hollingsworth still has his SP5 Patch that he could wear, but it is if he and others are ASHAMED of that Rank and insist on wearing SGT Stripes and calling themselves SGT instead of Spec 5 or Specialist.🤔


Since the Specialist-5 ran was discontinued, I believe all SP5s were converted to SGT.

Is that then a correct thing for him to wear?

Hmm. I am going on memory here, but if I recall the “wear of uniform by vet” rule in the regs, you either wear the uniform correct as of the time of discharge, or correct to current regulations.

If he spends the money on current blues, I think he would have to wear SGT, since SP5 is gone.

And dude, buy something that -fits-. I suggest going a size baggy versus snug.


The bottom line is he is a POSer. He never earned a CIB, the Blue Rope of Doom, or most of the other bling he is wearing. He was a helicopter mechanic and crew chief in aviation transportation units. He likely was never authorized leadership tabs because the only person he was ever in charge of was his own ass. He needs all the derision he deserves.



I am just making sure I am throwing the rock at the right window.

And I was genuinely curious about the which stripes to wear thing.


He was an E-5, so if there is no Spec 5 anymore, I guess he can claim those stripes. Except they imply he was an NCO and he wasn’t. Since he is clearly wearing the greens from his days on AD, I imagine he removed his spec 5 insignia and sewed on the buck SGT stripes. It’s not like one can’t find every patch worn back in the day on Ebay. My problem is his fakery of claiming to have been a combat infantry NCO, when he got at least 2 hots and a cot every day he was in the Viet of the Nam, not to mention the showers, clean clothes, and almost cold beer.


Records indicate he got out in thec1970s, before SP5 rank was elimiated.
Again, bet he still has tgeSP5 sew-on for his uniform. Have not esearched Ebay, but bet one can buy SP5 sewons. That was his Rank when he got out, not SGT. Just as he is nt authorized to wear some bling thst came into exidtence long after he lefy the Army, the same shoud apply for his rank on his Class A Uniform.still thnk he and others who do that feel they are on a “higher”level if they wore stripes instead of the SP Rank. This Dude, as other Dudes just as hi all must have some sort of insecurity or HIDING something that they have to glorify themselves by wearing unauthorized CIBs, Blue Cords and awards/medals they never earned. Whih makes me wonder if this insecure individuals want to be Infsntry so much, why didn’t they volunteer to do that initiaaly? Hollingsworth isnot the only BSer who is pulling this stunt.


Good Heavens! All those spelling errors in my last comment. Will never use Google Voice again on my Smarphone.🤔


Thanks all for the feedback.


Five separate sellers of sew-on Vietnam-Era Class A Spec5 stripes on E-Bay.

Best deal I could find for a pair was $5.25 + $1.25 S&H w/guaranteed three day shipping time.

Easy-Peasy to get ahold of and I’m betting one of the ladies from the Post Auxiliary would even sew them on for free.


The blue cord is worn by infantrymen regardless of assignment as long as they hold the MOS.

So a soldier assigned to a non-infantry unit still wears the cord.

As far as I know, retirement does not change that as you retire in your MOS.


Para 19-30.a.(5) of AR 670-1 (25 May 2017) specifies when the Infantry cord is to be worn. My reading of that para indicates that Jonn is generally correct. Here’s the text of the para:

5) When worn.

(a) During the period of assignment to an infantry regiment, brigade, separate infantry battalion, infantry company (including the headquarters and headquarters company of an infantry division), infantry platoon, or infantry TDA unit. In addition, infantry personnel assigned to infantry sections or squads within units other than infantry units may wear the cord when authorized by battalion or higher-level commanders.
(b) During the period assigned for duty as an Army recruiter or advisor, ROTC instructor, or member of the staff and faculty of the United States Military Academy, as long as the individual retains an infantry PMOS or specialty.
(c) During the period of assignment at brigade or lower-level basic training or advanced individual training units, or in OSUT infantry units, as long as individual retains an infantry PMOS or specialty.
(d) Infantry OSUT and Infantry Officer Basic Course graduates may wear the cord en route to their initial follow-on infantry assignment.
(e) Soldiers en route from an assignment where wear of the shoulder cord was authorized are permitted to wear the shoulder cord if they are pending reassignment to another organization authorized wear of the cord, or when assigned to a separation point for discharge purposes.

E4 Mafia For Life.

Looks like he has 12 rungs on his qualification badge. So he probably qualified as Master Driver, Master Bater, Expert Bayonet, Mortar, Blunderbuss, Nun-chucks, Scythe, Floor Buffer, Ladle, Bow Staff, Shillelagh and 9 Iron.


Hey, 2 T’s on that Expert Bayonett Badge. (Thank you, former mayoral candidate of Lubbock, Texas.

2/17 Air Cav

Ha! I knew he was lacking. There’s no Archery Badge.


DAMN! I want one of them there blunderbuss qualification bars! 😉

That would be great for hosing the boarder off the back deck of a tank.

A Proud Infidel®™


Angel Luis

Okay I think my email is messed up so let me try here. The gentleman stated above he sent an email to National which they will forward to the local VFW, so in essence they are going to forward it to the same organization that did nothing the first time. Maybe if enough of us send them messages maybe something will be done

Angel Luis

I also give a thumbs up to sites like this, that expose these phonies that lie about their service. If it was not for sites like this that actually pull up their service records these posers would get away with their stories. Is this guy on FB? or maybe their local news would love to hear about this idiot


Angel…local media outlets, thanks to your suggestions, HAVE been alerted by email with copies of this entire post.

Idaho State Journal:

Television station 6 KPVI:

Angel Luis

He is on FB under Rich Hollingsworth, maybe i should send him a friend request and see what crap he has on there


Do you have a link? I can’t seem to find him?

2/17 Air Cav

“Vetran NeEdS UnaforM That FiTS. Pleaze HelP!!!!


Channeling sLuRpeR41?


For a guy who’s vacuum packed into a uniform like that, he’s impressively full of hot air.


When one of those buttons pop off, someone could get hurt.


Dude looks like a swollen haggis that was left puffing and wheezing in the hot sun…he is going to blow



Page is locked down but you can still give it a one star review!


c’mon, AAM, ARCOM, blue rope… the CIB is the only law breaker. He only stole a little Valor. Kind of like being a little bit pregnant.


Am guessing they are still his Enablers.

Since KPVI and the Idaho State Journal did a story about Richard Maylon Hollingsworth and his dog, perhaps they may want to do a Memorial Day story on both him and VFW 735, i.e. a story about his lies and embellishments to his local community.🤔

Angel Luis

But their Facebook page VFW Post 735 is up


Richard Maylon Hollingsworth should explain the Army Commendaton Medal on his Ribbon Rack, considering he never was awarded one.

Another Acanthonus Armatus.

William Fuzi

They only have his records until 1971, but his records state he served until 1974 in the reserves. Where are the records of his reserve service? Does anyone know what he did in his last four years as a reservist?


The Reserve Service referenced is only when your name/SSN is kept in a data bank until the six or eight year universal training obligation is up and an actual discharge certificate is issued.

People always confuse that with doing actual part time Reserve duty (one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer) with a hometown unit.

He did nothing as a “Reservist” except occupy Fort Living Room and get fatter.


My contract in 1968 was for six years.
Three active duty and three in a file cabinet somewhere. Discharge papers did not arrive until after file cabinet duty. File cabinet duty is easy peasy. No pay, no medals but the glory remains. Yeah, I did six years!


On 27APR72 I was transferred to the USAR under the “Phasedown Release Program – Expanded”. I remained there (I believe it was called, “IRR” (Individual Ready Reserve?) until 04MAY75, when I enlisted in the CA-ARNG. I did not receive my discharge until ~21 1/2 years after enlisting in the Guard; 26 total years after my initial enlistment in the Army.


Ya know, the ARCOM is my highest award.
Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal not withstanding but not for actually doing a good job worthy of merit.
This shitbag is stomping on my “real” service with his phony ARCOM. How in the actual fuck can anyone belong to that post?


I joined the VFW as a “Member-at-Large” for the political support.


I quit when they had Clinton speak at the national convention for “political support”.


Glad to know someone else still has a good memory. Why don’t they just start some kind of an auxiliary and name it the VFWE….Veterans of Foreign War Embellishers?

Green Thumb

Just another old, gnarly shitbag.


Tried the MCL, not bad, but a lot of drama, and the chapter actually checked members out which kept the riff-raff at bay. Since I was the Veteran Services Officer for the town I got involved in the local Legion post BIG, BIG MISTAKE – they wanted new blood, younger vets to take over running the post and fund raising. They got what they wanted for a year, I was elected commander (what a NIGHTMARE), sr. Vice was an DS vet, Jr. Vice was OIF/Afg. vet. the World War II guys were impossible to deal with, everything turned into World War III with them worst thing was when we asked about discharges, who had custody of them and where were they secured. By the end of the year all the younger vets left; the post is now circling the drain again as the guys who drove out the new blood are dying off, I’m not willing to go back


What, no Battle of Hoth Service Medal or Endor Ribbon?


No but he has an air medal from that time over Macho Grande.


He was the only one who got over Macho Grande.

Angel Luis

So apparently he started flying when he was an E3 right from the horse’s mouth himself


As I served over there and rode in those aircraft, I doubt it. He was an aviation mechanic apprentice. Except for when he was a crew chief on a Huey, he likely spent most of his time back at base, wrenching on aircraft. Those helos didn’t pull their own maintenance. Most rotor-wing aircraft needed over five hours of maintenance for every hour they flew. Since he is a valor thief, I would like to see the records that support 25 air medals. I was allowed to keep my own records of the flights that supported my three air medals.


“see the records that support 25 air medals.”

I was kind of wondering about that myself. Actually the FOIA supports 26 AM’s altogether as the medal itself counted as the first one w/25 additional in that time period before the rules changed 25/30 years later.

Utilizing that supposed formula of 25 Flight Hours or 25 Combat Assaults, those 26 AM’s work out to be around 650 hours of flight time.

But if someone (Admin?/smile) were to request the supporting documentation, I’m thinking the request would have to be submitted using a signed SF-180 and lots of luck getting Stolen Valor Thief Richard Maylon Hollingsworth to sign one of those.

But just on the off chance that they could be requested (by Admin?/smile) on a regular old FOIA, the following DA Forms would need to be asked for:

DA Form 3513 Individual Flight Records Folder

DA Form 759 (Part I) Individual Flight Record and Certificate

DA Form 759-1 (Part II) Continuation Page(s) to Individual Flight Record and Certificate


I am unsure about the first one not being counted on the ribbon device. In my form 66 Officer Qualification Record, it states “AirMedal 3d Awd.” It and the 2nd award are supported by reference to division level general orders. Therefore, his form 20 should show a general order for the 25th or 26th award.


His department Commander claims he (the department Commander) started flying helos when he was just an E-2.
See, bullshit does run downhill.

John Dannunzio

Now how would you know this? Were you at their monthly meeting in April? Or did Eva relay this info to you? It’s to bad everyone on this site is too chicken to use their real names on this site as you know you would be slapped with a slander and defamation of character law suit.



Ladies and Gentlemen:

I present to you, Mr. John Dannunzio, the Quartermaster of VFW Post 735:

By the way, John Dannunzio, FYI, there ARE folks on TAH that use their real name (read what you wrote “It’s to bad EVERYONE on this site is too chicken to use their real names on this site”). That proves you (John Dannunzio) do not pay attention to detail. Which means you (John Dannunzio) have not paid attention to Richard Hollingsworth’s false claims.

In looking at your picture on your Linkedin page, am guessing you were Army based on the awards you are wearing. If I am correct, recommend you research AR 670-1 and compare SP5, (NOT SGT!) Richard Hollingsworth’s awards to his military records.

So sad that you, John Dannunzio, are one of Richard Hollingsworth’s Enablers. And if I am a chicken because I use a screen name, then Richard Hollingsworth is a chicken for hiding behind you, John Dannunzio, to cover his falsehoods.

You, John Dannunzio, and Richard Hollingsworth should be ashamed of yourselves,especially being members of the VFW. Since I am a Lifetime Member of the VFW, maybe it is time for me to contact the National Headquarters and ask them about your VFW Post and SP5 Richard Hollingsworth.

Also, John Dannunzio, recommend you read “The Legal Stuff” at the bottom of the TAH page. You came to the wrong place with your childish threats.

2/17 Air Cav

Whoa on that hiding behind screen names bullshit. There are many good reasons for using them, none of which is explained by cowardice. Perhaps you have heard of the Federalist Papers. Take a look at the published names of those who wrote those argumentative pieces. I suppose those men were cowards. Or look up some great writers who used pseudonyms, as soon as you look up what that word means. Mark Twain was a coward, right? There are assholes who, in response to someone speaking his mind here or elsewhere, will seek the speaker out and concoct many a lie about him. You would know that to be true if you visited here often. Or how about Miss Daisy, one Moerk, who likes to troll posts from AD people and report them to the Pentagon if something they write is, to her, offensive. So, pack that cowardice crap into your pipe, John Dannunzio, and have a good smoke.


You are talking to more than a few life members of the VFW who participate around here. You are misrepresenting us and the VFW.

It appears that Mr. Hollingsworth would have qualified for membership in the VFW without the embellishments. Why is he lying about his service? Do you think lying is OK?

Meanwhile, don’t know who Eva is and do not care. All I care abut is the simple fact that Richard Hollingsworth has misrepresented his military service, has apparently gained from those misrepresentations, and should be held to account for those lies by the VFW. If you refuse to do that at the post level, I have no doubt the there are enough of us scattered around the country/world to see that somebody somewhere in the VFW organization will get it done.

This isn’t our first rodeo.


His “lawer” should help him differentiate libel vs. slander, then explain to him what defamation of character means.

….or not; I know it’s always fun to watch when it happens here.

Irving Percival Finkelstein

Bring it, fuckface.


SO, what have you done to question RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH about his service, and his awards? Sounds like you’ve done not a fucking thing except elect him to be your post commander.

Keep on enabling him and others that have lied about their service or awards earned… this blog rarely takes down info on people like RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH.


John Dannunzio, Quartermaster for VFW Post 735 in Idaho thinks by deleting his Linkedin Account (Coward), he has disappeared.

His picture is still on Google Image. Picture shows him wearing awards, perhaps Army awards, i.e. ARCOM, AAM as well as the GCM.

Don’t think he realizes that if he follows through with his “lawsuit”, that it will bring to light SP5 Richard Hollingsworth true Military records.

What an embarrassment for VFW Post 735 members who are NOT enabling Richard Hollingsworth’s narcissitic behavior.


“too chicken to use their real names”

Could be anyone. Maybe someone you know. Or knows you. God knows there are plenty of Leo types here that have good reason to cloak.
Sock puppets notwithstanding.

Ex-PH2 - photolab tech and proud of it

It appears that Dannunnzio approves of people who engage in fabricating stories about what they did and where and how much, when in fact, the self-aggrandizer is just making stuff up to look good.
I fail to understand why anyone who had good service finds it necessary to puff himself off as something he is not.
But since Mr. Dannunzio is flapping his yap, obviously to protect his butt buddy’s hurt feewings, he just may have embellishments of his own that he’s been throwing around.
Birds of a feather – that sort of thing. So my response to Mr. Dannunnzio is plain and simple: Jam it, fella.

John Dannunzio

My original comment was made towards a comment made about Idaho’s VFW department commander, not Hollingsworth you morons.

As for Hollingsworth, he stood before a board for over 2 hrs discussing his record. Had his DD-214 amended and hasn’t owned a uniform in years.

As for me who cares about linked in? I thought my account had been closed months before. As if you looked at it you would have seen nothing.

You have my name, go ahead and pull a FOIA request on me. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

It’s ironic however that your slamming of Hollingsworth all started when he put an end to the criminal activity that the American legion was getting away with at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building. The illegal selling of alcohol without a license and gaming without abiding by the idaho gameing commission rules. Sounds like it is all payback to me.

2/17 Air Cav

Let me illustrate something for you, Johnny. A fellow says to another, “Mike, Pete, and Sam walked into the store, but only he bought something.” The listener asks, “Which one?” and the tale teller says, “Pete, you moron!”

Put another way, Johnny, the only moron is you. We’re not mind readers. And save that Linked-In bullshit while you’re at it. The account may have been dormant, but your posting here prompted you to disable it. Remember, we’re not the morons. As for the FOIA request, no one gives a shit unless you, too, are stealing valor. Lastly, there is no irony in what you wrote in your last few lines. You really should consult a dictionary before you use big words.


Dannunzio, you and your colleagues are the ones who appear to have swallowed this guy’s claims – claims which are contradicted by his official military records on file in archival storage – hook, line, and sinker. Based on that display of “exemplary mental capacity”, I hardly think you have room to call anyone else a moron.

FWIW: DD214s are not modified via an amendment/alteration to the basic document. They are changed by issuance of a separate document entirely: a DD215. If Hollingsworth showed you anything except a DD215 purporting to “amend his DD214”, you’ve been had a second time.


From John Dannumzio:

“As for Hollingsworth, he stood before a board for over 2 hrs discussing his record. Had his DD-214 amended and hasn’t owned a uniform in years.”

Well, John Dannunzio, please enlighten us. What Board? Love your choice of words that SP5 Richard Hollingsworth had his DD214 “amended.” Really? If that is the case, then perhaps SP5 Richard Hollingsworth can provide the TAH Admin a copy of his “Amended” DD214…not you, but him.

And your Linkedin Account that you thought was closed months before? Now that is strange, because less than 24 hours, it was up and running…and coincidently, after your account was posted on TAH, it went *POOF*..(do you really think I fell for your lie, John Dannunzio)..

Thank you for the compliment for addressing us as “Morons”…you made my day.

John Dannunzio

Using one word, “amend” is quicker than writing a book on the 215 process. All linked in had was my picture. You want my picture? Just go to the post Facebook page.
As for the continued bickering, I’m done. I actually have a life I need to get back to. You all have fun with your nonstop slathering


Bet he’s really not “done”. He’ll be lurking and huddling with Hollingsworth for the way ahead.


sj: 👌👌👍👍👏👏😊

As I shared, probably there is some Codependency going on between John Dannunzio and SP5 Richard Hollingswoth. 😉


Your Linkedin had not only your picture, but this:

“Pocatello, Idaho · Retired at IBEW Local 449. Construction.”

And it disappesred right after it was posted on TAH.

“Amend” and “DD215” have the same number of letters, yet you chose to use the word “Amend”, which makes me wonder if you had any clue as to what a DD215 is.

You have not answered my question: What Board?

Not interested in your picture, your Facebook or your Military service. More interested in you enabling SP5 Richard Hollingsworth poor behavior.

And if you have a life, then strongly suggest you quit letting SP5 Richard Hollingsworth hide behind you and let him defend himself. After all, VFW Post 735 elected him as Commander, so he is supposed to lead his enabling sheep, not follow them. Unless there is Codepentdency going on between you both.


Gee, Another Pat – what are you slathering, and what are you slathering it with? Are you slathering an ear of corn with butter? A bagel with cream cheese? Ribs with BBQ sauce? C’mon, you can tell us! (smile)

Dannunzio: if you’re going to try and insult someone it’s best to use words correctly when making the insult. Otherwise, all you do is make yourself look like an ignorant fool.

In context, I’m pretty sure the word you really meant was “blathering” – NOT “slathering”.



And now you are making me hungry…time to fire up the grill!

Me thinks Dannunzio has been reading too many mystery/crime novels..oh, I forgot…Dannunzio’s got a life..😉

I feel sorry for those VFW 735 members who are not Hollingsworth Sheeple. Unless they have found a new VFW Post to interact with.


Sounds like there has been some real shady stuff going on in Pocatello with both the AL(“illegal alcohol sales”) and VFW (Stolen Valor). I’m guessing you sat on your hands and let it ride… until others spoke up, then you and Richard decided to “do something”.

I’ve been to Pocatello a few times – always thought it was a nice little town. But, it looks like it has the typical small town “good old boy” bullshit going on that many places do.


A 2 hour board… sounds like a 2 hour bull shit session at the bar with “Rick, gotta stop strutting your shit out there, you’re making us look bad” talk.

If you had the balls or anything resembling integrity, you would have dropped his ass like a hot rock from any position of leadership in the VFW. But, you posts actions make it look like you don’t give a fuck about the reputation of your post of the VFW as a whole.


John Dannunzio,

No one “stands” before a board of corrections and you know that.

This also makes you an idiot for trotting out such a stupid lie.

Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that you and your buddy might be running a scam.

Every faker story is nothing but the rancid cherry on the shit sundae. I am fully expecting that upon investigation, it will be found that this post has “irregularities” in other areas and that the fakers and enablers are part of the story.

Sad to say it, but we have seen it so often before.

So before you run your mouth around here again, think your word through.

Angel Luis

So I am assuming you sir, were also present at that board meeting he was at for over 2 hours, and I am also assuming that you helped type up the letter from the VFW where Richard M Hollingsworth admitted he was wearing stuff that were not in his records and said he removed them. And than you go on to say he hasn’t owned a uniform in years, that’s odd when TAH first did a write up on him, Richard M Hollingsworth was seen in the following 4th of July parade wearing his dress greens again with the same stuff he said he removed and is not on his records, like the cord, the CIB, the blue disks, the extra ribbons, so what exactly do you mean he hasn’t owned a uniform in years. And trying to slander the AL’s name does not take away from what he has done or the extra crap he threw on his uniform. It’s ironic that you say he stood before a board showing his amended DD-214, which we all know should be a DD-215, can you answer this, why is he showing you and those that enable him records, why doesn’t he show these so called valid records to someone that can make a difference like maybe the webmaster of this page, oh that’s right because if he sent those so called records to them than they would be able to verify that those so called records are nothing more, but more bullshit. Please don’t go on a rant on here about how he showed records, better yet why don’t you have him jump on here himself and show these so called records on here. I see nothing on his records to say otherwise about that blue cord, the CIB, blue disks, and the extra ribbons on his uniform. I see no 11B training or being awarded the 11B MOS.

NR Pax

If you think you have enough evidence for slander or defamation of character, get a lawyer and bring it to court. Easy enough to get real names of people who post here if you have a case.


Sure as shit glad I popped smoke out of this VFW Post when I did three years ago.


PrevMed: If you were once a member of VFW Post 735 in Idaho, can you share any knowledge of SP5 Richard Hollingsworth and why you left 3 years ago? Thank You.

Angel Luis

Well it looks like it’s time for the facts to come out and set the record straight, because it’s out there


When I first transferred into this Chapter, it was a few months after I got back from Iraq and moved to Pocatello. Richard was the first one I met as I found the Memorial Building to talk to someone about transferring my membership. He was wearing civilian attire, and he seemed pleasant enough. Not long after that, I was invited to assist in a Military Funeral Rites ceremony for someone that had passed. He was in his uniform. Glory be how he wore that bling with pride and shine. He wore his uniform for most funerals. After a spell of meetings, and funerals, having spoken with him and asking about his service and listening to him talk of his service, there were some plot holes and actions that started to bug me. I remember one funeral he was talking about his pilot days in uniform, while wearing Enlisted attire with Infantry stuff all over it. I asked him why he doesn’t wear his pilot uniform and he kind of just brushed it off as “I don’t like to wear that stuff.” I had started to take notice of his ribbon rack, trying to decipher what he was wearing. That’s when I noticed his ribbon they give to flight crews…can’t remember the name of it right now…and I started to wonder why he had that and Infantry bling on him. I asked him about that, and he said he started off as Infantry and went back to the states to get his flight training and went back to Vietnam as a flyer. Plausible, I thought, but still I had leariness in my mind. Again, I always ended up with my eyes drawn to his chest salad, but I could never get a clear view nor picture of it because he was always moving around. Besides this, there was always his extremely crass comments he would make about women. While I have a sarcastic and crass sense of humor, there were comments that he made that made me even wonder why he was never in trouble. This, coupled with the fact that… Read more »


Prev Med: Thank you for the information about VFW Post 735 in Idaho and SP5 Richard Hollingsworth wearing the Infantry brass /cords and being a pilot. Looks as if he is ashamed of his MOS and what he did in Viet of the Nam based on his lies and embellishments.


Thanks for the additional info, PrevMed.

As a VFW Life Member, I would ask that you not give up on the organization based upon your experience with this post. It is in general a very good organization, as is the AL. Posts vary a lot. Please look around until you find one that suits you better than this one did.

For instance, I drive by at least 3 posts to get to mine. The additional distance keeps me from being as active as I would like to be, but I know that my time there is always well spent and worth the trouble of getting there. The big difference is that the post members are glad to see me when I show up, and call me when something comes up that they know I would want to participate in.

And yes, my post requires proof of eligibility, keeps copies of our -214’s etc on file, and checks out awards. We trust but verify even though most of the guys grew up together.


Unfortunately, the next nearest VFW is in Soda Springs and that is a rather long drive.


And don’t even bother with the post here in Idaho Falls. Not too long after moving here from Wyoming I went to one of the meeting just to see what they were like.

Couldn’t even get the Post Commander or the Adjutant to even shake my hand and when I got a cup of coffee from the urn, judging by the looks I got, you would have thought I was killing puppies or stealing lollipops.

To say Post 1246 of Idaho Falls is cliquish is an understatement.


I may have to go just to grab some coffee to purposefully piss them off


Sadly, that is too often true. But, don’t forget that you can also be a Member at Large, belong to no post at all. You still get the magazine, any other perks, and can drop into any post anywhere.


That’s what I am now.( Life Member at Large)

Used to enjoy the magazine, but even it is going downhill these days. Too many feel good stories the last year or so.


How does one become a Member at Large? Never heard of this?


Looks like Hollingsworth is a Member at Large. Too damned large to wear the same uniform he apparently wore when he was younger. B T W OWB, does membership in a single A L chapter allow one to visit any other chapter in any other city? Wanted to know for the obvious personal reason. In not, rather than renew when expected, would I change to a Life Member at Large with the National office?


Sorry I missed this earlier.

Start here:

Not at all sure how one converts a previous post membership into an At Large status. But I am sure we can figure it out. My state head is a member of my post. Will give him a call later today.

My limited experience with this is only in the VFW, but would think it likely that the AL has a similar process.

It is my understanding that all the service orgs allow all other members of that org to visit their posts. Some are just more welcoming than others.


Will watch for your reply. Obviously my membership is still with a post in a different state, otherwise I’d ask myself. Much obliged.


Not to worry. I ran on a Life Member card showing membership in an out of state post for over 25 years with no ill effects.


We’re playing the telephone tag game so no answer yet. Meanwhile, you might get an answer faster by using this link:


So once again we have a situation where somebody somewhere accuses those of us simply wishing for a legitimate veteran with what appears to be a perfectly honorable military record to quit embellishing that record of ridiculous things. There is no need for it. Claiming accolades you have not earned diminishes your own service.

Calling people names who are only asking for honesty is childish at best. That, John, makes the VFW look stupid, and those of us who have worked hard in the VFW to serve other vets resent those who tarnish our image.

This is not about the AL (another fine organization), family members, social media, or shortcut words to use instead of official military language when referring to military documents. This is about a guy embellishing his military service and the need many of us have to see that it is stopped. Has it stopped? Can you, John, provide information to that end? If not, then please move along. If you are not part of the solution to this mess your post put itself in, then you are part of the mess itelf.


Well said, OWB..Well said.

Thank You.


Going to have to disagree with both of you. First off, the comments on this story do not represent an attack on any VFW post or the A L
in general. No, it’s a case of many of us resenting a liar misrepresenting himself, when all who came back from any war in a body bag or missing limbs not having the belief that they can spin it to gain support. THAT is the serviceman who earned the right to tell his story in order to get elected to a leadership role..but with the absolute truth made in claims to the public. People who elect the make believe heroes normally anticipate the stories of imaginable valor to be a true reflection of one’s character. The profanity used in many comments again represents the level of disgust people with integrity view liars who create false stories for personal gain. So where do you draw the line with the cavalier story tellers? If a little lie is acceptable, why not go for the big one…the M O H?
As for Jonn, he has given Hollingsworth the opportunity to prove himself other than being a liar. I hardly believe Jonn or anyone else on this site are not “part of the solution” to an individual’s personal lack of integrity. Records don’t lie, liars do. Personally I don’t have a dog in this fight other than to say Hollingsworth’s lack of honorable and truthful stories represent an insult to so many who have give FAR more, but do not embellish for personal gain. Yep, I’ll be the first to admit my level of the four letter Dictionary of Filthy Communication comes to an extreme every so often. It does so in reflection to the lack of integrity one has demonstrated…and I make no apologies for it.


Our Jonn has nothing to do with my comment to John the enabler. Your comment seems to generally be in agreement with what both AnotherPat and I have said, except for the Jonn part.

So, what was your beef again?? 😉


My beef is Angus while one might wonder if yours is the type sold out of freezer trucks. Of course apparently that would be just fine for you. All the con artists who sell and deceive people with that so-called absolutely delicious meat are merely embellishing.



Being quite capable of writing something which can be easily misunderstood, I’ll spell this out a bit more carefully:

My beef was with the enabler JOHN DANNUNSIO, who came here throwing around stupid accusations at all of us in defense of the clown RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH. RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH apparently qualified for membership in the VFW without the embellishments he seems to feel he needed. Whether JOHN DANNUNSIO, was previously frozen, I have no idea, although that would explain a few things. If RICHARD HOLLINGWORTH possessed the attributes necessary for leading a post was up to the voting membership. Lying about his military service certainly would seem to disqualify him for same, at least it would at my post.

I don’t like liars. At all. But, yes, some lies are worse than others, but I don’t like any of them. Especially ones like this which are so completely unnecessary. JOHN DANNUNZIO is now part of the problem for not holding RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH accountable for his lies. They should have been addressed at the post. If they were, at least some of us would like to know about it. If not, we would like for others in the VFW to properly address the situation.

Nobody asked for you, Jarhead, or anyone else to apologize for your use of the language. My point to JOHN DANNUNZIO was simply that my objection, and if I am reading things correctly that of most of the rest of the crew around here, is the lies perpetrated by RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH. That is all.


‘Nuff said, now I understand where I was wrong in interpretation of your earlier post. My sincere apology. No excuse for my rant. rather a wrongful display of going all in on the attack. Thank you for the clarification.




One final thought with all this. If anyone sees Richard Hollingsworth selling meat out of a truck, expect it to look like frozen Baby Ruth candy bars once opened.
As Another Pat responded to your earlier post, WELL SAID.

Angel Luis

So I’m curious, looking at Richard M Hollingsworths photos on his right side he is wearing the Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, (yellow ribbon with 3 red stripes) which was first awarded to an advisory group in 1955??? Also on photos from something called Farm Bureau when he is turned to the left he is wearing the 4th US Army shoulder patch (red with white clover leaf). Wish I could post the photo here. I dont see him being part of that unit anywhere on his records? Anyone know the history of that unit


“Anyone know the history of that unit”

From 1957 until it (4th Army) consolidated with the 5th Army in July 1971, the 4th Army was headquartered at Ft Sam Houston.

Hollingsworth’s last assignment (prior to ETS) to the 507th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) there at Ft Sam fell under the 4th Army and that would have been the unit patch to wear on all uniforms.

Angel Luis

Thanks for the clarification Claw, so that explains the patch, but his Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation still makes me wonder since that was awarded to an advisory group in 1955


John Dannunzio gets all his information from Spec-5 Hollingsworth so, it must be true.


They must know who I am. I took a look at the pics on their web page, and all pics of me (and there was at least 5) have been purged. Oh well.

Angel Luis

but if you look on their webpage right under the Officers listing, there is Richard M Hollingsworth with his Sgt stripes and blue cord in his greens

Angel Luis

and now that particular photo i mentioned above is no longer on their page but they still have him in their gallery section in his greens wearing his bling


New videos posted to the Post 735 Book of the Face page. Most notable are those posted by Senior Vice Commander Maj Ret, Army Nurse Corps, Gulf War Veteran. For those without Book of the Face capability, she says:

“Our plane landed out in the desert, we were being shot at, we could see the tracers and things in the air, so as soon as they got us and all of our equipment off, they left. And that’s when we discovered that we weren’t anywhere near to where we were supposed to be.”

Hmmm, I wasn’t there for the Gulf War, but has anyone out there heard anything about a bunch of Army Nurses being dumped off in the middle of nowhere/somewhere close to BumFuck during the 100 hours of the ground shooting war?


Green Thumb

Must be something in the water at Post 735.


Must be, cause I thought the Air Force had every square inch of that place GPS’ed down to Kill Boxes and if a Army Combat Support Hospital was going to be forward deployed using C-130’s during the shooting portion of the war and were supposed to go to grid square ABCD, then how in the Hell did they land and offload in grid square WXYZ?

At least she didn’t say they had to be rappelled in or ladder dropped into a hot LZ from a Huey or a Blackhawk.


Souds like that post is AFU… and someone needs to be cleaning house with a fire hose.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like high pressure (10,000+ PSI) hydro blasting and a couple of vacuum trucks!

2/17 Air Cav

API. That’s what was used to wedge him into those Class As.


That is one hell of a frightening war story. Sorta sounds like the one told by the Terror of Tuzla about her combat landing under fire in Bosnia. Someone shoulda put the Maj in for a BSM w/ V device and a retroactive CAB.


Claw: Totally, utterly BS from that (Ret) Army Corps Nurse. Alternate HRC Bosnia reality world. She is the Gulf War version of Jan Spann.

Which makes me now wonder if that person really served in the US Army…and if they did, if they really were deployed and I am not speaking of Idaho to Fort Sam Houston or Idaho to NTC..😉

You know they are reading this…


“Gulf War version of Jan Spann”

An especially riveting story to match.
I certainly hope JAN SPANN is following every mention of her name and fame.
Thanks for invoking her legend anew.

A Proud Infidel®™

“I certainly hope JAN SPANN is following every mention of her name and fame.”

HEY Jan Spann, may the Power of Google be with you, THE INTERNET IS FOREVER!!!


“Idaho to NTC”

Yeah, I’m guessing the hump from Calico to the Dust Bowl would be a bitch if your plane missed Bicycle Lake./smile


Oh, that is interesting.

We has some USAF nurses with us for a while during DS/DS/DS. They were pretty amazing. Medivac types.

Given that mine was a C-130 “base” and carried a lot of stuff around for the Army, seems like we would have heard of this tale. Yeah, our C-130’s landed in all sorts of conditions in all sorts of places. Getting this lost isn’t one of the things we heard about.

Now, all that said, just because I didn’t hear about it/don’t remember it doesn’t mean an event did not occur. However, we did know pretty much everything that was going on in theater mainly because we took it there.

It shouldn’t be all that difficult for someone to discover just how many female Army nurses were there even if we can never truly verify that war story. It wouldn’t be outside the realm of the imagination for her story to be based upon USAF medivac nurse experiences. They did get into some harrowing stuff briefly.


Her video vocal story on the plane incident:

Ok…based on research, I now believe she did serve in the Army Nurse Corps and deployed in support of Desert Storm/ Desert Shield. It’s just her story sounds fishy.

And you are welcome, 26Limabeans about Jan Spann.😊


No alarm bells from that video. Depends upon where she was assigned. What she describes did happen, but was she there when it did?

Fuzzy memory and was never intimately involved with such things, so definitely defer to the medical folks around here, but the impression I got was that the Army nurses were at fixed locations, didn’t move around much. It was the USAF medivac nurses who were on the aircraft potentially going into harms way. And did. Briefly.


That video caught me from a different perspective. She’s talking in the first minute about landing in the desert on a plane and immediately follows with mention of bombs falling through their tents, as well as tracers. Then claims, “You just had to learn how to avoid them.” My first impression was, “Were they flying tents?” The entire discussion by her seems vague and ambivalent to a certain degree. Considering her appearance on the Richard Hollingsworth show, that alone leaves me with some questions, possibly even doubt. My gut tells me before this is over someone who knew her personally will validate or refute her claims.


In no way am I supporting her or defending any bad actions on her part. Please read my previous comment as only a response to that particular vid, certainly not her history which comes off as pretty much unsupportable from my own experience. I am equivocating slightly due to an incomplete memory of events I knew about only tangentially.


Bottom line is we both give her the benefit of doubt until we hear different. “Trust but verify” will sooner or later make an appearance on T A H and resolve the matter once & for all.

Humbrol D

Okay, so let me see if I get this right after watching Ms Grace Jacobson’s videos on the VFW FB page.

Plane landed in desert and once the plane dropped them off and unloaded their equipment it wasn’t until after they left that they realized they had been dropped off in the wrong area.

As the plane landed they were being shot at and could see tracer rounds and things in the air. She also mentions that their were bombs that fell through the tents and when they fell you just had to avoid them, I am assuming that all the bombs that fell through the tents were the kind that never exploded since she says you just had to avoid them as they fell

Also just curious so the plane landed and they had time to unload all their equipment while being fired at and than the plane left them there. So in all that time that the plane had landed and while unloading equipment no one at that time realized they landed in the wrong spot???


Yep, she seems to want us to believe exactly that. While bits and pieces of her story are believable, and some parts actually sound sort of like things that really did happen, as a whole they are not. Gonna stick my neck out and say that it just didn’t happen.

Other USAF folks can back me up that there are glaring errors in her story that simply would not have happened that way. I am not going to itemize them and in the process train posers how to invent a better lie. Besides, some of it may lean toward operational security of the classified variety.


Found some interesting information about Grace Jacobson reference her flight into Saudi during Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

I found her mentioned in one of the stories on this link. You have to scroll down and go to “Deanna Nelson”:

It looks as if she was at Fort Carson with the 328th General Hospital and while at Carson, volunteered to deploy with the 144th Evac Hospital from Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you read the other stories in the link, the contributors who were with the 144th stated they flew into Saudi at night, stealth, at the King K Airport in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. At night. Quietly. Which is exactly the way the Air Force flew us in a combat environment. Blackout conditions.

And in reading the stories, they flew in before the 100 hours.

Her story sure sounds like HRC’s and Brian Williams story. Doubt the Air Force got lost. Am betting this is pure Drama Queen embellishment to the max to make herself look “cool” as in “Look at me!”

She also illustrated a book about the 144th Evac Hospital and its Desert Storm/ Desert Shield experience.

She reminds me of the Virginia Governor, Ralph Northrum…and I’m still sticking with my nickname for her…The Gulf Version of Jan Spann.

Gee whiz..what in the world did Hollingsworth and Jacobson huff in Idaho/Utah for both of them to embellish/lie about their Military service? Or is it “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better..”🎵🎶


here she is in her greens, how long did she serve and no good conduct medal?

Humbrol D

how long did this Jacobson serve? Here she is in uniform and she was never awarded a good conduct medal


Comment #200 – Hollingsworth makes it to the Big Show (again)

MAJ (Ret) Jacobson, Medical Nurse Corps, appointed as an Officer who never served as a Enlisted person, would never be awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal.

Good Cookies are for enlisted dog faces, not ossifers./smile


WTF? Suddenly it’s beginning to look like poser Hollingsworth is the Chapter Ronald McDonald POSER likewise. Go to the Humbrol D link provided above and click on it. Up comes pictures of the Chapter, and there it is. Some idiot dressed up like Ronald can’t get his act together. FYI, Ronald McDonald has orange hair, NOT the yellow hair this POSER has. So now we find out there are at least two posers in that Chapter. Betcha the McDonald poser has some fake Big Mac ribbons and medals on his clown outfit. Probably has the Hollingsworth routine down, and claims he was in mortal combat with the Dairy Queen years back. Gityershit together you phony McDonald POSER. What’s next? Somebody gonna show up as Santa Clause with a purple pony tail and fake ass medals for Elf combat?

Humbrol D

also looking at the photos where it shows these guys in uniform, the air force, Richard M Hollingsworth, and another army seargeant and there is a Marine there. Why are these guys wearing a yellow cord on their uniforms? I may be wrong but I thought when you wore the uniform after you were out for funerals, or special occasions, or honor guard events, you are suppose to wear the uniform exactly the way you wore it in the service. I know some honor guards that wear the honor guard uniforms wear black cords for funerals, and i think the yellow one is for honor guard events, but i believe for the military dress uniform that is a no go, it should and is suppose to be worn the same way you wore it while in the service. i don’t recall black and yellow cords being worn on the uniforms


The yellow cord is apparently some VFW uniform accoutrement. One cannot be “special” without a rope for the dope.


The “current” uniform is authorized for wear at funerals etc.
Problem with that is SP5 stripes which are no longer used.
Richard Hollinsworth is an expert on this particular point. He is also a Stolen Valor Shitbag.

Humbrol D

how ironic, on their vfw post 735 gallery section, 4th row from the bottom on the far right there is Richard M Hollingsworth along with 3 other service members standing behind a group of boy scouts. You set such an example for these boys and it looks like you forgot your blue disc on your cap, i see the discs on your labels


She was apparently an officer in the Army Nurse Corps. Army officers don’t get the Good Cookie (GCM), only enlisted are eligible. Supposedly, officers are assumed to always engage in good conduct, despite the fact that recent events prove otherwise.


OK, took the time and read all the stories. Short synopsis is:

144th Evac stayed snuggled up to the big airport in Riyahd the whole time it was there.

The only thing the doctors and nurses were concerned with was where the enlisted detail to drag their duffel bags around for them was.

The 144th treated one, I say again, one battle casualty during it’s deployment.

Gas passers who went to and stayed in Germany during DS/DS were all awarded the Combat Medical Badge.

The above review is submitted for humor purposes only.


New pictures from the VFW Convention held in Jackpot, NV posted up on Post 735’s Book of the Face.

Not officially announced yet, but it looks like Stolen Valor Act (CIB wearing) Violator Richard Hollingsworth was elected the new District 7 Commander.

Which probably means that here shortly, the Senior Vice Commander “We landed in the wrong grid square while under fire” Grace Jacobson of Post 735 will become it’s new Post Commander.

Discussions —–??


Fraud always needs a compliant and supporting environment to thrive.

VFW Post 735 provides both to the fakers.

Post 735 is able to do this because the state level of the VFW supports it.

The state level supports it because the national level doesn’t seem to care.

That leads to some statements of conjecture that I am sure can be or will be proven.

First, this can only mean that fakers exist at all levels of VFW.

Second, the leadership of the VFW must know about it and tacitly approve.

Last, the VFW will have no intention of correcting the problem.

The VFW is a financial dumpster fire waiting to happen, and Embellishmentgate may be the match.

A Proud Infidel®™

HAS Richard Hollingsworth made any statements whatsoever AS TO the validity of his current claims?
Will Richard Hollingsworth come forward and be honest for a change or will Richard Hollingsworth keep up his con games?
Does Richard Hollingsworth even have a door on his mailbox?

“Not officially announced yet, but it looks like Stolen Valor Act (CIB wearing) Violator Richard Hollingsworth was elected the new District 7 Commander.” (Hat tip to Claw), So JUST HOW tolerant of Stolen Valor is the VFW, especially with SV Offenders like Richard Hollingsworth?

How much more will we see of Richard Hollingsworth and his Stolen Valor Con games?
It still appears that Richard Hollingsworth is completely unrepentant of his Stolen Valor and continues his asshattery to the detriment of the VFW and other VSO’s.
Richard Hollingsworth is going like he is hell-bent on being a Dutch Rudder Gang Prospect (He’s already well past the Wannabe stage!)
It appears that Richard Hollingsworth will continue his Stolen Valor Con Games in a Bernathian fashion sans any remorse or conscience.
I hope and wish for THE POWER OF GOOGLE®™ to remain with Richard Hollingsworth because THE INTERNET IS FOREVER,Richard Hollingsworth!


Update for those who may not have seen it over on the WOT:

Stolen Valor Act Violator Richard Maylon Hollingsworth has been elected as the new Idaho District 7 Commander (in essence promoted from Company Grade to Field Grade) at the latest VFW Convention.

Green Thumb


What the fuck is up with Idaho?


Hollingsworth response: I da ho, plain and simple. Gityousum while I’m still hot.


Ossomeone needs to flush the shitter that is VFW Post 735 – and it needs to be done from the national level.

I’ve been to Pocatello a couple of times – the assclowns at the VFW are not a true representation of the people that live their.


“Needs to be done from the national level.”

My view is that won’t happen. Hollingsworth was sworn in as the new Idaho District 7 Commander by the VFW National Commander-In-Chief himself this past Wednesday, even though the National Headquarters had been notified of his Shit-Baggery.

Hollingsworth gets promoted, which means the Senior Vice Commander (Gulf War Jan Spann) will probably slide on into being the Post 735 Commander. She of “We landed under fire” and performed battlefield triage (on one casualty) while camped out in Rihayd right next to the flight line.

And protecting both of them is the Post Adjutant/Quartermaster who refers to all of us here on TAH as morons and pulled the lawer card right off the bat when he came to TAH to Sockpuppet.

That’s the Command Group of VFW Post 735 in a nutshell.


Once upon a time I thought about joining the VFW, but it appears so many chapters are full of POSers, I’m glad I didn’t. I get to hear enough fake war stories just from the random strangers I meet.


Reading all these comments gives me plenty of reasons to avoid the VFW. Just shaking my head over it. I think anyone here could one-up their phony-baloney war stories without batting an eye.


Really hate to see all the negativity aimed at the VFW. Not that it isn’t well deserved, of course. But would also point out that there are plenty of posts out there that are not havens for posers. Mine, for instance. Unfortunately, those just don’t get the publicity.

Those of us within the VFW need to step up. There are lots of ways to clean up this mess. The rules are already there which preclude posers from joining. We need to make sure that they are enforced across the board.

For instance, why shouldn’t state and national officers sign an SF180 for verification of their eligibility prior to taking office?

Humbrol D

So it looks as if John Dannuizo is saying TAH spreads hate and discontent:

VFW post 735 but of course, TAH. The national authority on hate and discontent! I need a lot of salt to read their stuff. Like most websites these days


Unfortunately, the Memorial building took the post down to quell some of the drama. The new VFW Post will push on even though Post 735 called and wrote their state Commander and blatantly lied, trying to stop the new Post from forming. I guess their fragile egos and, the future of their Post is in such peril, that they will stoop at little to nothing to protect their stolen valor hero.