Kevin McCarthy orders Joe Biden impeachment inquiry

| September 14, 2023

Kevin McCarthy initiated a process intended to lead to an impeachment inquiry regarding Joe Biden. The inquiry will focus on Joe Biden’s family business dealings with foreign organizations, personnel, etc., as well as the possible connection between Joe Biden and how Hunter Biden’s tax crimes investigation was handled. A White House memorandum was generated offering some recommendations on what to cover. The memorandum drew criticism.

From The Hill

It also leaves him open to cries of hypocrisy: McCarthy criticized former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for kicking off an impeachment inquiry of former President Trump in the same manner in 2019. Pelosi announced an inquiry Sept. 24, but the House did not vote on the matter until Oct. 31.

Asked Tuesday whether he was being hypocritical, McCarthy referred back to Pelosi: “I’m not, because she changed the precedent.”

“I warned her not to do it that way in the process. And that’s what she did; that’s what we did,” McCarthy said.

There are advantages to the strategy for McCarthy.

Moving forward on an inquiry without a vote allows swift action on a priority for conservatives who have been pressuring the House Speaker. McCarthy’s decision also protects moderates — particularly those who represent districts President Biden won in 2020 — from having to take a tough vote.

But nothing that McCarthy said Tuesday prevents the House from moving forward on an impeachment inquiry vote in the future, which is still a possibility, GOP aides told The Hill.

“The precedent allows the Speaker to call up an impeachment inquiry. Speaker McCarthy’s announcement this morning constitutes the formal opening of an impeachment inquiry but importantly does not preclude a vote from occurring in the future,” a senior House aide said.

“This phase of an impeachment inquiry provides an opportunity for the House to formally outline the scope of its investigation, provides notice to the accused and time for further conversations with members,” the aide said.

The impeachment inquiry into Biden centers on his family’s foreign business dealings and whether a tax crimes investigation into his son, Hunter Biden, was improperly slow-walked.

The Hill provides additional information here and here. Fox News and AP also provide details on this story.

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You’ll notice that CNN got the memo from the White House to attack those doing the impeachment and then went ahead and then did as they were told. I wonder who else followed the ministry of truth?





Not a one of them addresses the charges on its merits. They’ve completely given up any pretext of objectivity and are not openly 🦜 the Whitehouse as they are ordered to do so.

Me? I’m glad to see it’s out in the open.


Me? I’m glad to see it’s out in the open.” Yeah, 5Guy, me too, tho it has been known for decades, by those that are paying attention, sniffy, creepy, lying, joe has been a POS all of his life…and gotten away with it.

Nothing will come of this but virtue signaling posturing by the usual suspects. The Sewer Shyster Creatures protect their own, as they always do/have. Only reason the demonrats will do anything is when they are told to by their handlers. Getting rid of Brib’em would allow the (s)election of “Big Mike” and the “fundamental changing of the face of America” will continue, unabated and at full speed. Watch

A Proud Infidel®™

Which is the bigger whorehouse, DC or the mainstream media?




That is what I like about Jeopardy you can give your answer in the form of a question.


Same whorehouse, different floors.


Same whorehouse, different whores?

Dennis - not chevy

In the words of Buford T Justice, “When you raid the whorehouse, arrest the piano player too”


I applaud the theater.


Writers strike and all that, the show must go on.


It’s going to be a great show, entertainment without substance. Biden, Inc. will walk away without shame or guilt, just as dirty and crooked as they come. Can’t even count on the IRS to pull an Al Capone. The only thing this impeachment inquiry will do is increase the scrutiny on Trump. Indictments to follow.


And waste millions of dollars in taxpayer money.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for seeing the Biden Syndicate fined and jailed. I just have zero faith in the system. We’re all gonna pay for this show, with zero gain outside of entertainment value. I hope I’m wrong.


Hunter’s indicted (on the felony gun charge, at least, with more likely) now:

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m not holding my breath, we’ve already seen what a whorehouse our so-called justice System has been turned into.


I’m thinking there’ll be a pardon.


Three felony counts: One for the false statement on the 4473 form, one for purchasing the gun, and one for being a druggie in possession of a gun.


Normally, these would be hard to prove, but given the fact that he went on national television and wrote a book detailing his drug use, it’s kind of a self-admission of guilt.

We get Denies and self-Prohibits all the time. If someone answers honestly, they’re usually prevented from buying a gun. Sometimes the Deny is just a mistake on NICS’ part. A lot of times a Prohibit is a mistake on the customer’s part. Regardless, a certain amount of time has to pass and/or certain things must be done between the potential transferee and the ATF/FBI.

Given the fact that Daddy is such a proponent for being tough on gun crime, you would think that Hunter would be looking at the maximum possible sentence if convicted. If it were you or I I’d say when convicted, but we know how this is likely to play out.

Funny, we got a trade-in just today with a remnant of Joe’s ’94 AWB. An HK USP with a “LE/Government Use Only” magazine. I might pick it up for under $600 in a month or so. We also got some kind of asinine Commiefornia “gun safe” in: GOSAFE – Revolutionary Mobile Firearm Security – GOSAFE™ Now ( Okay idea, I guess, but the non-functioning lock is $80 and for $100 you can get a functioning magazine “safe” with a whopping 10-rd. capacity for your Glock 17. Those are gonna sell like hotcakes in the South!


Forget the book, there’s a ton of photographic evidence. He is literally smoking crack with a gun in his hand.


And, while he’s charged with buying a revolver while using dope, that was with an auto… so he’s done this sh*t more than once.


But will he get the same treatment as you or I if we were in the same boat?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Daisy Cutter

I agree with those that made the assessment that nothing will come of this. Just like the Mueller and Durham investigations. Millions of dollars – but the upside is that it cost us taxpayers this amount of money and time just to get a little shred of truth about how our government is run. Does it change anything? No, but much of it confirms our suspicions about corruptness.


More bad news for Democrats… NASA says we ain’t found aliens yet:


The bitch actually said it with a straight face…

comment image?resize=525%2C398&ssl=1

A Proud Infidel®™

A typical DC Sewer Creature.


Fuck Chuck!!!!


Every thing Cucky Schemer says in front of a camera is invariably a lie.

RGR 4-78

Super Chucks superpower is inexhaustible hypocrisy.


Well, he is a politician so he has it down pat.


Jus’ sayin’…

comment image?w=910&dpr=1&q=75


Well,,,I guess we’ll see what happens!!

My money is – NOT A DAMN THING!!!

Old tanker

Won’t make any difference until the repubs get a super majority. Between the dems who will never vote to convict and the rinos who won’t man up there won’t be a conviction.

Forest Bondurant

My bet is the Republicans are going to f@ck this up, and Biden will get away with it.