Tuberville’s Trauma- Memo Highlights the Horrors

| September 14, 2023

Deferred Retirements, Unemployed Spouses, Field Officers Working as Generals: Democrats’ Memo Details Effects of Tuberville Blocking Military Promotions

At least 25 three- and four-star officers were forced to delay retirements to ensure continuity of command due to a Republican senator’s months-long blockade against hundreds of military promotions, according to a new memo from Senate Democrats.

The memo released by Democrat lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday evening details personal stories of hardship and breaks down an array of effects stemming from Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s hold on confirming general and flag officer nominees. Tuberville, who opposes a Pentagon policy allowing troops leave time and travel expenses for abortions, is a member of the committee.

“Most of these officers have served for 30 or 40 years, mobilized for numerous combat deployments, and have missed countless birthdays, anniversaries, children’s births, sports games and music recitals,” the memo said, referring to service members who have put off retirement because their replacements can’t be confirmed.
The memo from Senate Democrats details several specific anecdotes of turmoil brought to military families.

Military spouses have to change jobs, moves can be a shit-show, schools are what they are and military life is darned inconvenient. These are simple facts well known to every military family, most of who are not drawing 0-8 pay to mitigate the pain. Also revealed in the memo subordinates can step up and continue the mission when needed, and how this is a burden.

Senator Turberville is unmoved by the turmoil he is causing and is maintaining his hold on the group promotion process. The individual vote he is attempting to force is now estimated to take 689 hours and 20 minutes to hear all the nominees. This figure is from a Congressional Research Service report released by Senate Democrats. The methodology used to at arrive at that number was not mentioned.

If the amplitude and pitch of the howls from Dems are indications, Tubby is doing just fine.

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I was embarrased by the survey the VFW sent out – carefully crafted questions looking like re-worked Democrat talking points. I closed the survey without answering and gave them a huge piece of my mind. The Dems could take care of the most “critical” (LOL) positions individually, or the DoD could fix their policy, and this would be over. The fact that the Dems won’t even schedule ONE vote for ONE nominee shows they don’t want a solution, they want campaign material. Just like all the other problems – welfare, SSA, VA, the border, crime, etc. – they don’t want to fix the problems because then they wouldn’t have issues to demagogue during the next campaign.


Never let a good crisis go to waste.

RGR 4-78

they don’t want to fix the problems because then they wouldn’t have issues to demagogue during the next campaign”

The eternal grift.

Green Thumb

Tubby had a an undefeated season in 2005!


Their replacements can’t be confirmed? So what! Have their XO, Assistant Deputy Commander or whatever the #2 is called today take over. That’s the whole point in having these assistant positions, so that if the boss gets killed in battle, the #2 takes over. That this isn’t happening is evidence how incompetent the military has become. When I was sent to Iraq and left my command, my XO stepped in and took over. Smooth transition, no worries because I spent the the past 3 years training her to do just that.

USMC Steve

It would appear that the Acting honcho for the Army is doing a great job. He sounds as if the woke crap and any unessential liberal training is out the window. I am for keeping him in there. You know anyone that the fake prez nominates will be a leftarded social justice warrior anyway.


That’s because you’re thinking militarily, not politically. You know, “Mission First”. You need to stop that if right now you want to advance further in your career!





Oh, wah wah! The Demonrats are butt hurt because (a) the Republicunts are playing by D rules and (b) they can’t get their hand picked toadies in the positions they want them in. The Flags are pissed cause it’s holding up their retirement to their new positions on the Boards of Directors for the MIC Companies. The ones awaiting confirmation are pissed because they are doing the work of higher but not getting the pay, perks, quarters/duty assignment that comes with the promotions. Screw ’em all, the pilgrims knew the job was dangerous when they took it. How many other Service Members, of lower rank, have stepped into the breach and continued the mission when it met the “exigences of the service”? The mark of a Good Commander is when he/she has trained their people well enough so that when one falls, someone else can step up. DaHell they gonna do when “Command and Control” is decimated to the point that Colonels are commanding Divisions, Majors are Commanding Brigades, and Captains are Commanding Regiments?

As my other buddy George said, so many years ago…I don’t need your Wah Wah! (music with lyrics that are so fitting)


There isn’t anything keeping them from retiring.


My thoughts exactly. What’s keeping these people from retiring. Are they saying “if I could get one more star, bar, oak leaf cluster, I could retire on the extra $100 a month “?

Or does the rank equal higher pay for some K street think tank, weapons system provider, or any other high paying civilian job military connected company.

Someone here posted what the flag/general officer ratio to enlisted is, if I remember correctly. According to that list, there should be quite a few less awaiting promotion than what’s currently waiting.


the memo said, referring to service members who have put off retirement because their replacements can’t be confirmed.”


And those who did not agree with the practice were told they could “Frock Off”


In the Army, you can only be frocked if you are awaiting promotion (on the list) serving in the position but haven’t been promoted yet. The Army did bring back brevit, where you can serve in a position of higher authority and not only wear but get paid for it as well (this has to be approved by congress though). You revert back when you leave the position.
My office is currently dealing with this option as our region of the world no longer gets 100% filled and certain positions don’t have backfills.


These asshats make me want to go plant a new field of fucks, just so I can withhold the fruits of my labor.


“Most of these officers have served for 30 or 40 years, mobilized for numerous combat deployments, and have missed countless birthdays, anniversaries, children’s births, sports games and music recitals…”

Those officers were far better compensated and treated than most of us lowly E-grade pukes. Have to push off retirement? For how long? What’s another three months after you’ve served 37 years?

I was always taught that you should be able to take the job of someone two levels above you. As a PV2 my Squad Leader ensured that I was a capable Team Leader and an acceptable Squad Leader. The scene from We Were Soldiers, where LTC Moore declares the leadership dead wasn’t just a movie gimmick. Having served under three Major Generals in two distinctly different commands, I can tell you that the Chief of Staff CoS, Assistant Commander, or even the Deputy Commander can run things in the MGs absence. The Deputy is usually a civilian, so there’s only so much he can do, but that’s where the Assistant or even CoS come in. At Big Army level, you have the Director of the Army Staff, an LTG. Having sat in on many meetings with him as point man for MDW during the National Capital Region’s “Housing Crisis”, I’m sure he can step up to help out at the CSA level if needed.

I missed most of my children’s key formative moments over just 21 years. When my father passed, I was fortunate to get two weeks to handle both the funeral and emptying the property he was renting. When my grandmother passed, I got three days to leave Fort Benning, drive to Maryland, and come back, only to find my 1SG had put me on CQ the day after my pass and on Staff Duty two days after that. We serve without expectation that anyone besides ourselves care about our family or personal lives. If it took 3-4 decades for these bedazzled star-wearing princes, or the Colonels who’ve hung on hoping to see stars, to figure it out, it sucks for them.


This is my sad face. Can you tell? Better call a wah-mbulance!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dear Too Top Heavy Military,
Well, I think we all know the rest.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’ve seen that before.
It’s a classic, and always appropriate.
Thank you.


Kindly disregard the above link. Still, the fun starts at 1:24


Have not seen this one before and am forwarding on.


I’m looking for my “Oh, poor baby” response and it just ain’t there.
Play political games and win political prizes, Puzzle Palace People. This Blue Falcon has come back to screw you.

RGR 4-78

Stick it to em Terminator Tommy.

Green Thumb

War Eagle!


An undefeated season in the SEC isn’t the same as anywhere else.

A Proud Infidel®™

Meanwhile we have Enlisted Troops living in substandard quarters, barracks with black mold and other malfunctions, shit food in the Chow Halls as well as those being shut down, Family Housing that wouldn’t be accepted as Public Housing among other things, BUT the POOR pampered perfumed princes on high get to howl that they aren’t getting promoted to where they’ll have more lavish perks and job offers from Defense Contractors following retirement!

Anna Puma

To those putting off retirement…. welcome to the world of Stop Loss.

Now suck it up, take up the ruck, and hike ten more miles.


Change your socks. Drink water. Take Motrin.

Prior Service

As someone who doesn’t defend GOs and has no problems with their present circumstances, I do need to point out this article is about a Dem Memo that is crying “on behalf of” the GOs for their own (DEM) political purposes—not the GOs themselves crying. The real problem is the Dems are trying to get sympathy for circumstances all military experience but they themselves don’t care about for any rank.


“personal stories of hardship”

I would ask to borrow a phuck to give from someone here, but I am guessing everyone here is fresh out.


I’ve got a few, but I’m holding them close. Very poor crop this year.