Deputy SecDef Watches the Unknown

| September 2, 2023

Secretary Kathleen Hicks

Hicks takes direct oversight of Pentagon’s UAP office; new reporting website to be launched

In separate discussions over the last week, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks and a Pentagon spokesperson briefed DefenseScoop on the near-term vision for the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.


Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks recently moved to personally oversee the Pentagon’s unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) investigation team formally known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, DefenseScoop has exclusively learned. And a new website will soon be launched where incidents can be reported.

Hicks now holds regular meetings with AARO’s inaugural director, Sean Kirkpatrick — who she’s also repositioned to report directly to her.

The Pentagon’s second-in-charge took action late last month, partly to help speed up AARO’s development and launch of a congressionally mandated public website where the organization will be expected to disclose its unclassified work and findings and offer a secure mechanism via which users can submit their own reports of possible UAP observances.

Defense Scoop

There’s an All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office? Here I thought that the Defense Acquisition University was the ultimate DOD self-licking ice cream cone.

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Am I the only one amazed and confused the way people are responding? After decades of “the truth is out there” and accusations of government coverups, the government de facto admits UFO’s are real. And no one seems to care?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s obvious that when the UFOS flew over the white house pursued by jet fighters back in 1952, most of these washington/military peeps weren’t even born. I remember my parents talking about the incident and when I was talking to my Cousin Mel who lived in dc back when it wasn’t like it is today, he told me that he and his friends were walking to school and one flew over them not making a sound.


A signficant portion of the population already believes that Biden is an alien.


Since no sane person believes the Brandon admin, what better time to lie via truth-telling?


That office is just two doors down from the office of funny walks and conjuring services.




I miss monte python. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be the same anymore, like the current SNL.


Oh, they’re no fun anymore….


And now it is time for the penguin on your television set to explode.

Skivvy Stacker

I object to all this sex on the telly…I mean, I keep fallin’ off


Sigh. Most TVs nowadays would challenge amourous mice.

I knew I was old the first time I heard “WTF do rabbit ears have to do with TV?”


As a solid late Gen-Xer, I have the advantage of remembering while also being mostly in tune with today’s tech. That damned washer I just got notifies me via app every time a load is completed, and I rather enjoy ordering lunch for pickup instead of venturing forth to stand in line and have human interaction. Rabbit ears and the circular UHF antenna were constantly getting moved and occasionally rigged with foil or coat hangers years ago. Now, it’s the phone or Surface Pro connected to Wi-Fi and constantly playing YouTube.

As for SNL, I remember when a pre-killer Alec Baldwin and his then-wife Kim Basinger were on the show. Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and all the other classic crew were still on. I have to admit, I tried watching the earlier seasons with Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd and such, but I must just be too young to enjoy those the way I did the shows I watched in the early ’90s. I think I’ve seen a clip or two from the 2000s or 2010s, and the show’s gone so far downhill I have zero desire to watch even the old stuff.


So, why not have a senior Navy or Air Force pilot lead this? Why a no nothing, do nothing with no flight experience? I understand those are both self-explanatory and foolish questions. I sometimes forget that we have a government of Affirmative Action with an ‘anybody can be anything on any given day policy’.


One to add to the long list of worthless govt agencies that need to be erased, never to be seen again.

Or move the agency to area 51, where they would be better able to study said phenomenon.

Dept of Agriculture… move to a central location in say Kansas.

BLM… Utah.

Fema.. somewhere centrally located to the country.

You get the idea. Those employees who complain about moving away from DC, they would be the first to go.


It’s the same reason why so many Congress Critters have residences in and around DC. In this day and age of jet passenger service and Airbnb, is there any reason for someone like AOC to spend well over $24k a year out of her $174k salary to live in DC, as opposed to actually residing near her constituents?

But no, the power center is in DC. Most federal agencies have their HQs there due to this, and nearly every politician and senior bureaucrat at the federal level has to have some claim to living within or near the Beltway.


Great. Now I have the “UFO” theme music stuck in my ear….

Commissioner Wretched

Here, let me help you with that earworm …

MSG Eric

I’ll sleep better at night knowing a deputy defense secretary is getting paid 6-figures to oversee this.


They shoulda given that job to Dana Scully.


Or me. 6 figures a year to say “We’re looking into it” or “It’s an on going investigation and there will be no comment on the matter until the investigation is concluded”.

When asked how long that will take, I will obviously have no comment.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch for my long planned vacation. I leave you in the capable hands Joe biden. I hear him coming up the stairs now.


Nope, that was him falling back up those stairs. Ol’ Joe will be there in a few minutes.

RGR 4-78

I am confident she will be as effective as Pothole Pete Bootygig, our stupendous Trans Sec.


Read it twice. Still don’t know what the hell im looking at!


So she will be leading a New “Office of Cover-ups and Lies”? Got it. Is Hunter Biden going to be a board member?

And the National Defense University is the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone.

Slow Joe

Oh pleez.
If UFOs come from another planet, I have a bridge to sell you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
The lights in the sky are misunderstood natural phenomena. I have seen a bunch of UFO. They are all perfectly explainable.

I find it funny how as technology gets better, UFOs move farther away from the cameras, so the pictures and videos are always fuzzy.

Every UFO video is in the LIZ, low information zone, at the edge of the effective range of our optics and recording equipment. You never get a closed up of a UFO, because it would be identified and we would see that it was just a misidentified drone or aircraft, or some natural phenomenon like plancton reflection.

I find it interesting how people here who follow stolen valor does not understand that people lie, all the time, for a variety of reasons, but they lie. We can get a DD214 and unmask a lier about stolen valor, but do you unmask someone lying about UFOs?

Commissioner Wretched

What a lot of folks don’t get is … UFO means “unidentified flying object.” It does not mean “alien visitor from another planet.”
A UFO is simply something in the sky that the viewer can’t identify. It could probably very easily be identified by someone else, though … which makes it an IFO.
I’m just sayin’.

RGR 4-78

natural phenomenon”

Swamp gas reflecting the light from Uranus.


DAU is the “ultimate DOD self-licking ice cream cone”? Take it back! But in all seriousness, I did a lot of their online courses. I never did manage to get anything on campus, despite them being located on Belvoir, centrally located between my office and the 300-area compound our HQ and most other PMs were on. Guess my lack of ACQ experience and pending retirement made me unworthy.

I find it extremely convenient that all this UFO stuff is coming to light as we ramp up towards election season, with an unprecedented first President to ever be indicted, much less twice-impeached, seemingly the front-runner despite being wholly unpopular with certain people (see aforementioned indictments and impeachments). One might think it’s a means of distraction, or maybe even gaslighting.

There are many phenomena that we can’t understand or explain, and while I won’t discount the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere, I think we have plenty of issues we need to focus on that more directly affect us. You know, like who’s going to be in office in January 2025, how we’re going to ensure our great-grandchildren grow up in a nation as good as or better than that which we’ve known across our collective generations and lifespans, and even–gasp–how we’ll keep our Constitutional Rights and ensure those same great-grandchildren (and their descendants) know our nation as one of laws, with inalienable rights and the freedom to vote in, or out, the leaders we want. Right now, it’s all about UFOs, trans-agendas, and other stuff that just seems a bit less important than what our 45th and possible 47th President of the United States is going through. It’s not even about Trump, it’s about the precedent being established that will become the political and judicial norm in the future.

Until I get to relive the theater experience of Independence Day in real life, I’ll sit on the sidelines and maybe look up once or twice.