Boomer’s Sunday

| September 3, 2023

Thanks again to our kind contributors. Can’t do this without y’all.



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The one about cropping pictures is undoubtedly


Well played

Laughing Wolf

As always, good job and thanks for starting my day with a smile.


And we now know where Roh-Dog has been the last few days…and why his house is so clean.


Busier than a buck rabbit in a carrot field full of does with a couple of viagra in’m and an equally bad case of the munchies.

I’ll try to be around this upcoming week, but the only thing I can guarantee for sure: Joe ‘ill fuck somethin up.


Meme the second: “the only scary thing about this firearm…”

If certain politicians and self-proclaimed activists have their way, we’ll be headed down that river, with neither motor nor paddles. I begin another day of our tax free Second Amendment weekend before long. Unlike any other nation in the world, we have vast numbers of legally owned firearms in the hands of private citizens.

We have a lot of guns, and only the most brainwashed or ignorant among us would think that giving up legal ownership would do anything to make us safer. The motive for a lot of autocrats–be they in one of the three branches of federal government, a judge or prosecutor, or the chief LEO of a jurisdiction–is to criminalize possession of certain arms. The AR-15 is the beginning. It’s symbolic of the “evil assault weapon”. Next will be anything with a capacity over 3 rounds. That’s all you need for hunting, according to law and/or ordinances in a lot of areas. Then, we’ll be required to register our single-shot small bore rifles and keep them secured at the hunting club. Next, that chief LEO will need 72 hours’ notice and must sign a memorandum releasing your firearm to you to shoot on premises under the supervision of the Deputy you’re paying with your tax dollars.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole, but all of the above to say this: we have what we have due to our freedom to own and carry guns. If that right is infringed further than it already is, or outright revoked, only criminals will have guns. My record’s clean, but I’m willing to smudge it if needed to maintain ownership over personal property that my ancestors were around to see added to the Bill of Rights nearly 232 years ago.


Oh, and poorly worded last sentence. I have nothing of my ancestors’, though it would be nice to have a matchlock, wheellock, or flintlock from mid-17th Century Virginia. I get the feeling that those who preceded me were gun owners, and I have both my father’s and father-in-law’s guns, with those I haven’t already passed to my own son going to him and one of my daughters. Gun ownership is a tradition in this country, and passing any legislation to restrict or ban more guns only serves to defang the law-abiding citizen. When the bans come, I suspect that the number of uncaught felons will multiply by the thousands.


Or the bodies will start piling up.



I plan to and want to live into old age, eventually succumbing to whatever takes me, but most of us here lived by the gun after enlisting and/or commissioning into the Armed Forces of the United States, and I suspect many of us would begrudgingly die by the gun, especially if facing a tyrannical government hellbent on revoking our liberties.

Blame weak prosecutors, lenient judges, misguided politicians, or whomever you want, but our country has a definite “gun problem”, though it’s not what the media wants us to believe. The problem lies in the fact that the criminal element has ready access to firearms, including those that we’re told are sentient devices of mass destruction. We, The People, who stay armed to ensure our freedom and security, are touted as the “bad guys”, even while persons known to local and federal authorities and possibles risks are permitted to amass firearms and other weapons before shooting up our kids in what should be safe havens. Law enforcement stands down (see Parkland and Uvalde) and the media plays up why we need to ban firearms.

Criminals are, well, criminals… I’m not lawyer, but the title kind of says it all. Illegal possession of a firearm is a crime. If I have intent to commit a crime, am I worried about being in possession of a firearm? No, I want to defend myself and project force if/when needed. As a law-abiding citizen who spent two decades in uniform, I want the ability to legally arm myself and carry to protect not just me, but my wife and kids, along with other loved ones and even the odd defenseless stranger.

Slow Joe

fm2176, I never read long posts. My attention span is limited. However, I usually agree with your short posts, so I probably agree with this one too.


Thanks, I tend to be verbose in my comments. 😀

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Another Sunday of great toons.

Skivvy Stacker

Galactic war has been hard on Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.
It apparently hasn’t been all that kind to R2-D2 either.


Fame went to his CPU.

r2d2 meth.png



comment image


That ain’t just the democrats. I’ve lived long enough to see several cycles of power shifts. Republicans are just as power hungry, and certainly more inept.


comment image


^^ this^^

Slow Joe

I don’t know. The economy certainly runs better under the Republitards.
Besides, Republitards are always exposed by the media if they do something wrong, while the Drats get overhead cover from the media.
Therefore, I vote Republitard all the way, because I know at least we will find out when they fuck up.


I get that, lesser of two evils I suppose.


Just for the heck of it… “Rock the Casbah” in Arabic:


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Gotta truck in need of a deep cleaning and wash/wax tomorrow, tomatoes to can, compost to rotate, trees to fell, etcetc.

Delayed adulting for far too long and now the catch up swung’round….

At least there’s beer in the fridge and bourbon in the cabinet!

Slow Joe

Hahaha the last one is so true…


Save the best for last!