Biden tries to close “Gun Show Loophole”

| September 1, 2023

The Biden administration says it is trying to close the “gun show loophole”. You know – you go to a gun show, either you are carrying a gun with a ‘sale’ sign or someone else is, someone else sees the gun and thinks “Yeah, I like that”, they chat, money and ownership changes  hands, everyone is happy. BUT YOU DIDN’T LET THE GOVERNMENT OKAY THE PRIVATE SALE!! Therefore it is a loophole, and must be closed – otherwise you might be doing something they can’t control, hence don’t approve.

People who sell firearms online, at gun shows or other places outside brick-and-mortar stores would be required to be licensed and run background checks on the buyers before the sales under the rule proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  AP

“It is past time to ensure that anyone who sells firearms for profits is required to be licensed and that their sales of firearms are subject to a Brady Background Check,” said Kris Brown, Brady’s president.

Under the new rule unveiled by the Justice Department, some private sellers may no longer fall within the background check exception, with the department saying the guidance “identifies examples of conduct that would, in certain circumstances, be presumed to qualify as engaging in the business of dealing in firearms and thus to require a federal firearms license,” which would mean the seller must run background checks ahead of sales. CNN

Everything I read says that essentially, ATF wants anyone selling guns “for profit” to be regarded as a dealer. Of curse, this ignores that guns increase in value, and the gun you bought at full retail a few years ago probably is worth as much, or even more, than you paid for it. Collector’s items? Even worse. So almost anyone selling a gun, even privately, has to run a background check as a dealer. Two little things: you have to be a dealer in order to run the background check. And the other, the check isn’t bad for those who are trained to do and have a 4473 right in front of them. Untrained amateurs? It ain’t easy, and even experienced people make mistakes. It’s similar to those long-ago days when computer programs had to be compiled on punch cards and then run. One keystroke error and your program was dead, dead, dead till you found the error. (Yeah, I know that dates me. I work on ’50s and ’60s cars, too.)

So we will have a lot more dealers, right? Au contraire, mon ami…not everyone wants to be a dealer. Costs money, there are restrictions, and notably, your entire personal collection gets regarded as commercial sales material and registered.  (Wait a minute here…) And then there is the flip side of the coin – even under the OIbama administration, ATF never shut down more than 81 gun dealers in a year for things like paperwork errors, stolen inventory, etc…the Biden folks closed down over 120 last year.   Off the Press

Investigators conducted just over 7,000 inspections in 2022, compared to more than 13,000 in 2019. Still, they revoked more licenses in the past fiscal year than in any year since 2008.  The Trace

They claim to be shutting down ‘rogue’ gun shops, and in fairness, there are a few who will sell to ANYONE. ATF and the FBI come to mind, don’t they? But most of the places being shut down are because of things like paperwork errors… you can see the pattern: require more background checks, limit the number of folks who can do those checks, and it makes it harder to acquire a gun of any description.

Someone please help me out: What other personal property ‘thing’ can you think of which requires governmental approval before you can sell it?    (Bueller? Bueller?)

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Slow Joe

The rich people north of Richmond want total control. It seems Oliver Anthony was right.


The law would exempt crack head bagmen that sleep with brother’s widow and have a pedo for a dad from prosecution.


I intend to ignore them as a matter of principle and to comply with a Law greater than any crafted by man.


When I sell a gun I always put it on consignment through a local pawn shop. They do a good job of taking pictures and posting it on their website. It will sit in the store rent free until it sells.

Criminals aren’t normally going to buy a gun in a private party sale but they may try to meet up with you with the intent of robbing you under the guise of buying a gun. This happens quite a bit. Rather than dealing with the risk and potential fallout of shooting several armed robbers it’s easier to let the store sell it.


I did sell a gun at a gun show once. In preparation for the AWB in 1993 I bought a Tec-9 pistol and several 32 round magazines and a barrel extension. To be that young and dumb again. It was one of the worst guns I ever purchased. To begin with the Brady Campaign had written an article saying how you could stick a piece of plastic behind the trigger and it would convert to full auto. This was lies. It’s accuracy at 25 yards was measured in hours of angle with volleyball sized groups. It was only designed to shoot 115gr bullets. With a blowback design it would never jam but the cyclic mass of the bolt ensured the reset to point of aim took at least 15 minutes. And the trigger? Well what can you say about a plastic trigger with 3″ of creep and reset that went into next week? Price on the whole wonder gun kit ?$279 total. It was perfect.

After the ban dropped I took it to the next gun show and sold it for cash for three times what a paid for it to man wandering the floor who figured the prices would keep climbing. I didn’t even have a sign out and was approached by several people who asked what was in the case. I held out for triple cuz I knew what I had…. dreams for the next sucker to come along.

If I had been smart I would have bought one of the cases of Lee-Enfield Rifles @$99 each instead of just the single rifle I did buy. I figured with the funky 303 cartridge they wouldn’t catch on, boy was I wrong about that.


But no gun shows in over 15 years. They are pretty lame with everyone selling the same stuff. Aggressive resellers run through when the doors open and buy anything cheap or interesting. Gun shows used to be a good family tradition and have turned into something boring.


Flea Markets with FFLs.


Went to 2 gun shows in Fayetteville while I was stationed at Fort Bragg last year.
Over priced trash firearms for the most part.
Some guy was selling $50,000 NVGs which I’m pretty sure was out of the price range of 99.97% of the customers there.
Somebody was selling an FN FAL that they had rattle can painted in Rhodesian brush camo for $3500 🙄

Veritas Omnia Vincit

We live amongst a nation of cowards these days and their second amendment protections frighten them. This is by design of our government, those who are frightened are more easily controlled and the ultimate aim of all government becomes control of the populace.

Every great society comes apart because of fear and compliance with an ever tightening government control…

Civil obedience ruins all great nations…dissent is never the problem, meek compliance is the common denominator. The people “who just follow orders” are always the downfall of great nations.

Our nation was not founded to be a nation of compliant peasants, but I fear we’ve lost the notion of a dangerous freedom being preferable to a peaceful servitude…

The next 20 years if I live to see them will be most telling.


People who are aware of their surroundings and have acknowledged that life is full of risks. Some risks are manageable and worth taking, and those that realize this can live a fullfilled life with great joy and happiness. Those that cannot are doomed to be forever asking why they can’t be happy and enjoy what others have.


Let’s defund the police and let things sort themselves out naturally.


If we do that, some neighborhoods/cities/states will get awfully smelly in a week or so, unless we wait til January or February.


Well the question then becomes…what about for loss?!!!
If I am required to do all these things it is a burden that I must bare and value, including my time which is very valuable. If I don’t pass these things on to the consumer (aka buyer) than I am seling at a loss, and accordingly would not be required to submit to government oversight of my transaction.

The only other thing I can think of that requires government oversight to transfer is property (i.e. real estate). You can exchange monies and sign over the deed, but it all than has to be “registered” with the county to be official. For which you pay a fee!

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Pedo Joe once again doing the bidding of his Masters, pushing for more Government control over everyone they can.


Punk mother f kers.

The Founders’ blood still runs these veins! My greatest fear and my greatest joy, a day in the future where tyranny becomes so profound a massive culling of pampered fools becomes necessary, from full trees and lampposts the offenders’ leftovers shade the sidewalks.

I shall bask in your shade, freely and content, admiring the spectacle with glee.

Until that day Gentlemen, understand this very well:

starship oopers afraid.gif

What about just giving guns away? No money exchanged.
No profit or taxes involved. I’m just a nice guy that wants to see
my fellow law abiding citizen well armed as is his right.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

One of my neighbors who was a former LEO up in Yonkers NY passed away and the Colt .25 pocket pistol he took off a perp and kept for many years was given to me by his Daughter who tells me that Pop said to give it to me When I pass on. He left his duty gun to his partner who also lived in Fl. Took the gun apart down to parade rest leaving one part in the gun which was impossible to remove and gave it a good cleaning and the frame a touchup with Brownells Oxpho Blue. Took it to the range and fired 1 or two rounds through it and cleaned it one more time and vacumme packed it into storage. Bought a Colt .38 Det. Special and a Star .380 both in great shape from my upstairs neighbor for 100 bucks apiece.


Wonder how many back ground checks the F & F Company did?

Just another aspect in control of People, We The.


Molon Labe


IIRC, they were all obvious straw purchases. Gun shops were directed to complete the transactions. Background checks were completed, but… weapons were then illegally transferred. What could go wrong?


No need to ban gun shows or tighten restrictions because gun shows have been disappearing on their own. People are really tired of Nazi / WW2 memorabilia and crazies trying to recruit for their causes. Haven’t been to a gun show since they got taken over by Infowars and Oath Keepers militia wannabes recruiting people to March on DC / recruit for Clive Bundy / harass border crossers. Would not want to be within a mile of any West Coast gun show.


So the enemy of your enemy is your {checks notes} enemy?



Gun show loophole is a red herring but people won’t fight it because no one cares about gun shows anymore.
My point is that Anti-gunners call it the gun show loophole to keep people from getting riled up. If people knew that this gun show loophole was really about shutting down private sales, they would probably be against it.


I’m not sure, I don’t claim to speak for everyone, but it’s pretty common knowledge around most parts that shutting down private sales is the intent. Frankly, I wouldn’t sell a gun to anyone I didn’t know without a background check. $15 that can save you a ton of grief. That’s just me, your mileage may vary.


What? I sold all my guns to some guy named “Noneya Bidness” the day before the new rules went into effect.

Sorry, no paperwork. It’s a shame really, if I’d have done it a day later I’d have had to run a background check and file a 4473 and all that.

Just bad timing really.


Hm. I’m not on the left coast, but the gun shows here on the Eastern Seaboard region of Virginia seem to be doing just fine. I work a table at a goodly number of them recruiting for my shooting club so I’m pretty familiar with them.

The main thing I’ve noticed over the past decade or so is how diverse they’ve become. It’s not just a bunch of fat middle aged white guys (like me) any more. It’s a hodgepodge of all sorts of people of all races and both sexes attending. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Don’t know what you guys are doing wrong over there in the land of fruits and nuts.


Trends here are:
1) Most pistol ranges are packed with women and young gamers. Can’t find a lane on a weekend or on ladies night unless you show up early.
2) Rifles mostly get shot at 15 yard indoors ranges and rifle ranges are closing down.
3) Public outdoor rifle ranges are closing due to fire danger.
4) Few bolt actions at stores as no one rifle hunts. Store racks are pistols, .22s, levers, and tactical looking stuff.
5) Hunting is now either a club activity for shotgun or bow only for most game.
The future of gun culture in California and Nevada (and probably Oregon) is women’s self defense and gamers who want to rent video game guns at pistol ranges.


Looks like after a record high number of hunting licenses California issued in 2020 and 2021 the numbers dropped in 2022 to closer to normal levels or about 7% of the population.


The entire reason the fictional gun show loophole exists is because back when they passed the laws establishing such a thing as a “federal firearms license” they still at least gave lip service to the Constitution, separation of powers and individual property rights.

The “gun show loophole” is actually recognition that the Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government to regulate the intrastate sale of private property between private citizens.

Therefore, they exempted people who are not in the business of selling firearms from the provisions of the law…as they recognized they were required to in order for the law to be constitutional, even under the ridiculously broad definition the courts have given to “interstate commerce”.

Now it seems minor considerations like “The Constitution” and “individual rights” are no obstruction to the statists who’s sole purpose in life is to control all the things.

Skivvy Stacker

I have yet to figure out where the “Gun Show Loop Hole” happens to exist.
I’ve never seen it.
No matter how many gun shows I’ve gone to there has never ONCE been a gun purchase done without a background check and full government paperwork bullshit folderall and diddlydingingdon right in front of me via phone, Personal Computer, or Magic Eight Ball backbroun’ fuckin’ check.
And if ya wanna argue with me about it….well, You can just fuckin’ have a fuckin’ fuck or…..whatever…

Sorry….I just have strong political feelins’