Williams Sentenced in Fraud/Stolen Valor Case

| August 31, 2023

Christopher Williams

You may recall Mr. Christopher Williams – we wrote about him here, and here.

Well, it seems he has been sentenced after a guilty plea.

Henry County man sentenced after lying about military service and collecting thousands from fundraiser benefit

by Brad Vidmar

HENRY COUNTY — A Henry County man has been sentenced to probation and ordered to pay back money he collected after authorities say he portrayed himself as a veteran and received thousands of dollars from a benefit motorcycle ride in 2020.

In July 2022, Christopher Williams, 46, of Oxford Junction, was charged with second-degree fraudulent practice (a class D felony).

In May 2022, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a concerned citizen who reported a potential stolen valor situation involving a motorcycle ride that was held for Williams in Mount Pleasant in September 2020.

On Sept. 26, 2020, a charitable motorcycle ride was held to assist Williams with accruing medical bills. The ride was put on by a non-profit organization called Help to Our Vets, which offers assistance to veterans.

Williams alleged himself to be a veteran and was given approximately $4750 after the motorcycle ride, according to a criminal complaint.

The flyers on social media for the ride also indicated Williams was a veteran, the complaint states.

On May , 2022, the director of Thanks is Not Enough, another organization that offers services and assistance to veterans, contacted the Henry County Sheriff’s Office about possible fraud, according to the complaint.

Investigators say Williams was asking the organization for services, but when asked for verification of his military service, Williams could not provide it, which brought his veteran status into question, and initiated an investigation, the complaint states.

Police said several attempts were made to verify Williams’ veteran status, but no records of Williams being a member of the armed forces were found.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office also spoke with members of Williams’ family, who stated he either was not in the military or that they were unsure, court records show.

Williams also attempted to email investigators with proof of past military service, but the paperwork was “unreadable,” according to the complaint.

Investigators also spoke with the director of Henry County Veterans Affairs, who was unable to locate any records of Williams’ service, and with a local military recruiter who was also unable to verify Williams’ military service, the complaint states.

In August 2022, Willaims pleaded not guilty in the case.

But on May 23, Williams pled guilty to the charge.

On Monday, Eighth Judicial Court Judge John Wright sentenced Williams to five years of probation, a $1,145 fine (plus surcharges), credit for time serves, and ordered Williams to pay $4,750 in restitution to the Help Our Vets organization, which will be paid in minimum monthly installments of $750 starting in September until the amount is paid in full, according to court records.

Williams was represented by attorney DJ Arbabha.

“The Henry County Sheriff’s Office also spoke with members of Williams’ family, who stated he either was not in the military or that they were unsure, court records show.”

That’s gotta be bad when your own family doesn’t have your back.

“Williams also attempted to email investigators with proof of past military service, but the paperwork was “unreadable,” according to the complaint.”

Sounds like he borrowed a page out of Alaska Bob’s playbook.

Williams may get some points for wearing a pink strip club t-shirt for his mugshot, but that would only be style points.

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Forest Bondurant

Well, if you pray for rain you gotta deal with the mud.


Wouldn’t a strip club t shirt be irrefutable proof of his veteran status? Maybe receipts for a 10 year old mustang or camaro showing he still owes money after 3 years of paying.


No. Marrying a stripper you have known for three weeks would be a big yes.

Dennis - not chevy

Was it wrong of me when I mentioned to the Army vet that if one marries a stripper while in AIT she remains the boss even if he makes E-9?
He scoffed and stormed off, It was then I remembered he was a CWO-3.


comment image


Oh FFS. Motorcycles again.

Why is it that motorcycles always seem to be involved in this ridiculous Stolen Valor bullshit?

Any photos of this POSer assclown prancing around in a leather vest covered in POSer bling, a tiger stripe camo doo-rag, and a pair of dumbass-looking, white-framed, mirror-lens, wrap-around sunglasses? How about a service dog?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Last night right after leaving PT for my back, I passed by Publix and saw this guy walking in with the motorcycle vest and I remembered seeing him a coupl of times and once as I was leaving Publix, he was going in and I asked him what his MOS was since he had a big US Army patch on the back with all kinds of patches and he tells me that he was in Mil Intel, and Navy and some other stuff. I should have asked him if I could take a pic of the vest but didn’t think of it at the time. I’m always wearing my Navy or ARNG cap which is a dead giveaway if he sees that I’m legit.


A hat will be next on his list of military attire.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I kind of hate the fact I’m suspicious of all these veteran MC clubs these days…too many articles where half the guys with the vests on are full of lies and other half don’t seem to much care they ride with liars and pretend to be brothers/sisters in arms.

In the 70s when the public didn’t give a shit about people in the military (I maintain they still don’t care much but it’s more socially preferable to pretend while thanking the military personnel for their service) we didn’t have too many stolen valor assclowns…once veteran status became associated with the thanks of a grateful public after 9-11-2001 all of that changed and stolen valor jerkoffs started crawling out from every rock in the forest and cities…I almost prefer the days when the public didn’t care for my veteran status.


A veteran asking for help with medical bills. (Why isn’t he plugged into the VA)

Only probation and restitution. Seems he got easier than had I been the judge.


Speaking of getting plugged in… i just my got my VA hearing aids on Monday and they are INCREDIBLE!. So much better than any I have had, heretofore.

Very grateful these, they have really improved my life.


At least the judge set an amount this doucherocket has to pay monthly. Hopefully, after he misses the first or second payment, the judge will throw his worthless ass in the state prison for the remainder of his sentence.


Oh oh. Someone said “Alaska Bob”?

Has anyone heard from him in the last 3 years?
Or that female cohort that went along on the ride
(and the fundraising)?

BTW, What was her funny nickname again?

UPDATE: ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves’ “Restricted” FilesSteve Balm | October 11, 2019

Green Thumb

Surprised he was represented by DJ Arbabha and not Lori Benton.

Lori Benton represents most of All-Points Logistics employees.


A pink stripper pole shirt for a booking? This lying, thieving POS best be glad he didn’t get checked into the Gray Bar Hotel, else he’d be the one doing the stripping…and working poles.


You know how it be…
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