Disgruntled Group Protest Plea Deal in Stolen Valor Case

| June 8, 2023

You may recall that we wrote about this guy – Chris Williams – here at TAH:

Yet Another Stolen Valor Scam

Well, ol’ Chris is fessin’ up but there are many folks none too happy about the plea deal he struck.

Disgruntled group protests plea agreement in case of ‘Stolen Valor’
Defendant Chris Williams expected to plead guilty

AnnaMarie Ward | Jun. 5, 2023 12:23 pm, Updated: Jun. 6, 2023 8:15 am

MT. PLEASANT — A small group gathered outside Henry County Courthouse on the morning of Monday, June 5, to express their frustrations and raise awareness concerning an anticipated guilty plea bargain to be accepted by the county attorney in a case of Stolen Valor later that afternoon.

In July 2022, Henry County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for the arrest of Christopher Williams, 47, of Oxford Junction, for Fraudulent Practice in the Second Degree for impersonating a veteran and accepting donations from a benefit organized by Help to Our Vets.

Help to Our Vets is a nonprofit organization in Mt. Pleasant which raises money to help local veterans in need. Some of those that associated with the organization stood outside the courthouse.

“Well, this fella [Williams] has been hanging around the veterans for years,” Help to Our Vets Gary Ruth said. “He played the part. He wore a vest that said he was a vet and everything. Then he popped up and said he found out he had cancer, so he asked us if we would do a benefit for him.”

“We did a benefit for him and raised $5,000,” Ruth said. “After he got the money, a couple of months later, he took off to Texas. His aunt and uncle called me and told me he’s never been a veteran and he’s never had cancer.”

“Our great county attorney wants to do a plea bargain with him so he gets five years probation,” Ruth said with dissatisfaction. “If they found him guilty in a jury trial, he could get up to 10 years and massive fines. A slap on the wrist is what I call the five-year probation.”

Still don’t have a reliable photo of Chris Williams.

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“Paging Hannover Fiste to the courtesy comm-panel. Hannover Fiste…”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

IIRC, “Heavy Metal”?


Wonder how many grifters are out there thinking; “I need to get me one of those veteran vests so that people just give me thousands of dollars.”

Daisy Cutter

“They’re coming for our vests.” – Les Brown –

Daisy Cutter

The motorcycle-ride-to-help-a-veteran-in-need must have been inspired by ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves.

I wonder if Alaska Bob is still alive and well?


Alaska Bob is probably still trying to get out of “Kelly’s Canyon”.

Christopher Williams, like Alaska Bob and other Valor Thieves, is just one more despicable POS.


A canyon rescue that’s more challenging
than rescuing someone off of Mt. Everest.

Canyon skeletons exist.. and there may soon be 1 more.


Think there’s something fishy about Kelly’s Canyon. Doubt if there’s been a refreshing Summer’s Eve breeze thru lately.


(From Star Wars)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Alaska Bob is probably still trying to get out of “Kelly’s Canyon”.”

Didn’t he strap a 10 ft 2×4 across his ass before entering?
 😂  😂  😂 


I think Kelly’s Canyon is a dead end, as I heard it is a box canyon.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I thought that Bob is still stuck in an Alaskan snow bank with Sgt Preston of the Yukon sled holding Bob’s DD214 and awaiting rescue after releasing his dog King to go for help. Hopefuly they have enough boxes of Quaker Oats cereal to get them through the ordeal.

Green Thumb

More than likely Alaska Bob is holed up in some road side bar drinking up the collection donation money….


Daisy Cutter,
A quick deployment of the FU of Google….
No obituaries on any variation of Robert Elgin Glaves (Jr.).

Alaska Bob is almost 4 years into his terminal cancer.
Apparently, his kidneys are holding up, too. (see story)



Alaska Bob was supposed to be dying from “failing kidneys” that were supposed to kill him before his unspecified “cancer.” I bet that donation financed cross-country ride on a heavily vibrating Harley would have really added to the longevity of his diseased kidneys. According to Ninja’s research, it looks like his claimed terminal illnesses were about as real as his claimed fake military service.

Daisy Cutter

Somewhere along the Iditarod Trail there’s a drinking den with Alaska Bob’s framed DD-214 hanging behind the bar.

At the end of the trail is a newspaper reporter still waiting to see it.

Green Thumb

The photo of Chris Williams is probably hanging in the hallway at All-Points Logistics.

Give them a call and see if they will make a copy for you.


Ladies and Gents:

Meet Christopher Williams.

Sentencing date is August 2023.

chris williams iowa.jpg

Looks as if he depicted himself as a Marine.

He is also wearing a Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc (B.A.C.A.) patch.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

BACA don’t take kindly to posers.
Considering that we know that SV is the Rancid Cherry atop the Shit Sundae, one has to wonder if that includes pedo and child abuse in any/all ways, shapes and forms? He’d best watch his back, and slink home before dark. That is, if he isn’t shanked in prison.

Green Thumb

He looks like he was the one abused.


The fundraiser that was held for Chris Williams in September 2020.

The goal was $2500.

Looks as if only $340 was raised.

Chris Williams depicted himself as a Marine using the name “Devil Dog.”

chris williams fund raiseer 2020.jpg

We stand correct.

Help To Our Vets raised $4500 for Chris and his family.

chris williams fund raiser money.jpg

This is how they helped that Phony.

They even did auctions.

help to our vets for phony chris williams.jpg
Daisy Cutter

So, he faked being a Marine. Did he fake his illness as well?

Or does he have the type of cancer Alaska Bob has – and it will go into remission after the funds are raised and distributed?



His name is Christopher Merle Williams.

Born 20 September 1976.

From an Iowa Court Record.

christopher merle williams.jpg

He has numerous records in the Iowa Court System ranging from speeding, driving without a license, not wearing seat belt, etc etc.


Seems like he has jammed up the Iowa court system like the inherwebz has jammed up your email machine, ninja. Rcvd your test thru the **********@outlook addy and replied. Sent you another evening last. You’re transmitting but not receiving comms. Have the Comm Dogs lost that loving feeling?

Sent you another ping from my fruit fone *****iCloud addy to your *****@cox.net.


She’s lost it, Goose. COMSEC mismatch on the distant end.


‘pears like her receiver is on ice, man.


Speaking of liars….

comment image


Biden is that scrappy bluegill that just won’t stay off your bass lure.