UPDATE: ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves’ “Restricted” Files

| October 11, 2019

Dave Hardin was going to do an update on this but before it spills over into the Weekend Open Thread, I will do a starter post here for awareness and you may want to check back for a separate post from Dave on this subject.

The Peninsula Daily News has published a followup article about Robert Glaves.

Veteran’s background questioned

Apparently, the expression “SE Asia records restricted” is now a new term we can add to the list of unique expressions such as “injured in combat” and “Vietnam times.”

The Peninsula Daily News is still waiting for the DD-214 to come in the mail even though it was supposedly mailed from Alaska on 23 Sept 2019.


Glaves provided an electronic copy of his discharge paperwork, a DD Form 214, that said “SE Asia records restricted.”

Portions of the document — which the Peninsula Daily News cannot verify as authentic without his written consent — appeared distorted and many boxes were blurry. The last digit of the year he enlisted was illegible.

Glaves said he mailed a physical copy of the form to Port Angeles from Alaska on Sept. 23, but that document had not arrived as of Thursday.

An expert technician at the National Personnel Records Center who has seen Glaves’ DD-214 said in an email she has never seen any DD-214 that cites foreign service as “restricted.”

Alex Graham of Gig Harbor, a non-attorney practitioner who specializes in veterans disability law, said a box would be marked on a DD-214 to show that a veteran had been sent to Vietnam, so “there’s no reason to redact that he was in the Republic of Vietnam.”

“That particular note [“SE Asia records restricted”] wouldn’t be on a 214,” Graham said.

It appears that Bob took about a month to come up with a plan to give a glimpse of his DD-214 but not let anyone copy it or anyone outside the newspaper reporter and Pennies for Quarters to actually see it.

Bob brought his “A” game and this was the best he could do.

One thing I found interesting was that the Pennies for Quarters folks said they would not conclude their investigation until they receive Bob’s DD-214 in the mail.

So does that mean that if they never receive it, which is appearing more and more likely, that they will conclude that their investigation is either over or a stalemate?  Have they given Bob a deadline that they should expect to receive it?  If Bob did not allow the newspaper to have a copy, what makes them think they will get one?

Interesting choice of words.

I’m sure many would love to put this behind them but people deserve to know the truth and hold Bob and everyone that promoted his false story of Vietnam and Cambodia service accountable.

Look out for Dave Hardin’s post on this subject.  I’m sure he can add a lot of behind the curtain information since he was on the phone a lot with relevant players.


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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Please let us know when the other shoe drops.

    A bad, nearly illegible copy of the DD-214 is proof of nothing. Bob is lying and he knows it.

  2. ninja says:

    “He said his attorney has since advised him not to address any specifics.”

    He hired an Attorney to defend his Lies?

    Oh, wait. I forgot. OJ hired Attorneys. So did Ted Kennedy. And some “Whistleblowers” who reside in the Beltway.

    Bob Glaves needs to start working for Adam Schiff. Two peas in a pod. Or better yet, ask Elizabeth Warren if he can be her Running Mate.

    After all, Liars need to stick together.


    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      What’s next, is he gonna look to Elko NV for help?

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I don’t think the attorney’s job is to clear Bob’s name or they would have sued by now.

      No, it’s more likely the attorney’s job is to keep Bob out of jail.

      What about the donors? Are they going to get a refund?

      • Mason says:


        All those donors are going to be looking for their money back post haste. Which, since it’s questionable if he even went to DC, I’ll hedge a guess is already gone and spent. If he’s lucky, they’ll sue. If he’s not, this would be a pretty good theft by deception/swindle or fraud case. Just need a victim to file a police report.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Oooooooh, he in deeeeeeep doo-doo now!!!

    *Making nachos*

  4. JBUSMC says:

    Bob, just stop.. just stop!!! You’re only digging a deeper hole.

  5. ninja says:

    From the article:

    “Glaves, of Alaska, said he is suffering from cancer and kidney failure and that he has been undergoing chemotherapy.”

    That’s interesting. In July 2019, Bob Glaves said he quit Chemotherapy.

    So now he is back on Chemotherapy?

    If he is lying about his age (he said he was 63), lied about being a RANGER, lied about his Military Service, then could it be possible that he is also lying about having Terminal Cancer?

    He said in July 2019 that his Doctors said he had less than a year to live.

    Question since I never had Chemotherapy: Can someone undergoing Chemotherapy look as hefty as Bob does in those July 2019 pictures? Or can Chemotherapy put weight on a person, similiar to taking steriod medication for illnesses (side effect).

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ninja re your question on chemo; in a word… NO! as in nix nein hells to the naaaah. I haven’t had chemo but family members have… and friends. Weight, hair, stamina, mobility loss among other side effects. I’m sure that folks on here have more personal input on that.

      This mofo is getting what he wanted and now deserves…in spades! His level of attention whoring just went sky high. Embrace the suck Bobbie Boi. If you were/are sick any sympathy you may have deserved is completely negated by the lies you have rocked.

      Rot in hell as Satan devours your worthless soul. Robert “Alaska Bob” Glaves Jr. Another Google hit for you…Bitch!

      • ninja says:


        Can someone’s Facial Hair be affected by Chemotherapy?

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          yes, and from what I understand/have seen, it will affect the hair all thru the body. I’m sure our medicos here can correct me and or add to this with way yonder more info. It damn sure affects the weight.

          • Slow Joe says:

            I am not a doctor. I am too smart for that, but my extensive experience at watching pictures tells me that Alaska Bob is wearing a fake beard to camouflage his burn wounds and rash acquired from Orange agent and marijuana butts while deployed to the Nam of the Viet.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          I also say DAMN SKIPPY YES, my Mom battled Breast Cancer some years ago, one does NOT keep their hair while undergoing Chemotherapy.

        • NHSparky says:

          My father passed from lung cancer.

          He lost ALL hair. Period. And that included nasal hair, if you can believe that.

          If this guy has cancer, I’m stage 4 at least.

      • SFC D says:

        Fatbob is the healthiest looking terminal cancer patient I’ve ever seen. I had majorly reduced hair growth on my entire body after just 1 Lupron injection, full blown chemo pretty much chemically strips all your hair.

      • Wilted Willy says:

        Hey Pal, I have had chemo 9 times with 5 different kinds of drugs. It is a real party! If you love to barf, have the shits lose weight, lose your hair, then yes, I’m sure I would ride my Harley across the fucking country! You lying ass cocksucker!!
        I really hope you rot in hell along with my pos brother! You two are really birds of a feather!!!

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      There is something wrong with the claim that he got cancer from Agent Orange while in Vietnam.

      They quickly backed away from that narrative and said it was due to chemical exposure while in Vietnam that may or may not be related to Agent Orange.

      Maybe he does have cancer, but I doubt it was from exposure to chemicals in Vietnam.

      One would have to have been in Vietnam.

      I suspect there is something about an Agent Orange registry or some kind of chemical exposure registry for Vietnam. They have done studies, you know. I’ll bet Bobbie’s name isn’t associated with chemical exposure in Vietnam because he’s have to show proof he WAS in Vietnam.

      • ninja says:

        “Maybe he does have cancer…”

        But is it Terminal Cancer or Cancer that can be treated?

        In other words, if he IS telling the truth about having Cancer, could he also be embellishing his illness?

        • JacktheJarhead says:

          It also said he is 63. That means he was born in 1956. Which means he would have been 18 in 1974. So, going with that, he would have to go to Basic, then spciality school and then get orders to Vietnam. Slight problem, even if we start in say January of 1974, that means he would not have gotten to Vietnam until LATE 1974 at the earliest. Plus at that time we had advisers only there. Why would they send a E-1 or E-2 to be an adviser or even just an admin puke. Does not compute. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

          • ninja says:


            Ole Bob was born in 1958.

            From the article:

            “He said he was 63 years old, but court records obtained by the Peninsula Daily News show that Glaves is 61 years old. Records show that Glaves was 17 years old when he joined the Army — after the end of the Vietnam War.”

            • rgr769 says:

              According to multiple documents online, Baloney Bob was born in April, 1958. Thus he was about exactly 17 when the Vietnam war ended with the North’s conquest of the South on April 20, 1975.

              • Ex-PH2 says:

                rgr769er, that was April 30th!! Typo!!! Typo!!!

                Go get some coffee and curl up with it, man!

                • rgr769 says:

                  Yes, you are correct. I misremembered it was the 30th. In any event, our boy was still a Junior in high school, as he is depicted in the 1974-75 school yearbook. Moreover, Baloney Bob was a freshman (ninth grader) in the first quarter of 1973 when all combat operations by U.S. forces in Vietnam ceased, pursuant to the Paris (Fake) Peace deal with the commies.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        “I suspect there is something about an Agent Orange registry or some kind of chemical exposure registry for Vietnam”

        There is. I’m on it. Bob is not.
        Bob never heard of it until now.

    • Hack Stone says:

      They did not accurately quote him. The doctor told him that he less than a year to live with the lie of serving in Viet Of The Nam/Cam Of The Bodia before it got all over the internet and he was exposed as a lying sack of shit.

    • Tommer says:

      If he’s 63 he is too young to have been in Vietnam.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Oh, he’s younger than 63. He was born in 1958, which makes him 61!

        • rgr769 says:

          He is lying and saying he is two years older than he actually is because he stupidly thinks that makes him old enough to claim service the Viet of the Nam. As for service in the Cam of the Bodia, he would have been 12 years old when U.S. infantry combat troops were there. So yes, being two years older doesn’t help him. But remember math is hard, especially for a ‘tard.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Looking back over the years, and the (old) phonies:

      1 – Dead Stolen Valor phonies
      are still Stolen Valor phonies (in eternity).
      2 – Dead Stolen Valor phonies
      are still dead.

      What a waste of legacies, some of them (formerly) worthy of respect.

      • The Stranger says:

        Regarding your comment about legacies, Pappy Boyington once said something along the line of “Show me a hero, and I’ll show you a bum.” A legacy is the result of a lifetime of actions, good and bad. I remember we featured a legit war hero who went REALLY bad, arson and murder bad, as I recall. Another pArTiCuLaR individual that we’ve featured on these pages took honorable service and went down the path of phoniness, alcoholism, and bitterness instead; I’m assuming he’s one of the ones you’re referring to, but there are others. They do, however, serve a purpose, that of the bad example. I have enjoyed my time in the military, still ongoing, and I’ve achieved some successes, but I also know that it’s only a part of the story. Honestly, I see my legacy as my family and faithfully fulfilling my duties as a husband and father. OK, enough of the deep thoughts, back to scouring the threads so I can throw down some quips and one-liners!

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      Okay, so IF Bob Glaves DID quit doing Chemo in July, then all that hair sure grew back fast!

    • OWB says:

      No idea what the variables might be, but someone near and dear to me did indeed GAIN weight during chemo. They shot him full of some sort of steroid concoction. While he did shed most of his body hair, he never lost the appetite. Ate good and also didn’t experience the pain so many others report. (When the hospice nurse asked for them when he died, she had to verify that he had no pain meds – he just didn’t need them.)

      Common? Not among my friends and relatives. But it does happen. Saw it with my own eyes.

      In Bob’s case, it isn’t likely. At all.

      Also pretty much impossible to believe that someone with a kidney issue could stay on a bike for any length of time. Unless totally spaced out on drugs.

  6. ninja says:

    “During a recorded interview on KONP’s Todd Ortloff Show, Glaves made the same claim when asked about his service.”

    Reposting the Interview with Kelly and Bob. You can hear it at this link:


    Wonder how Todd Ortloff or KONP Radio feel now about Ole Bob.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Alaska Bob “A Pile of Bullshit” Glaves is a true Poof King.

  8. Charles says:

    I’m sure “Kelly” — self-described “friend of Bob’s” and motorcycle buddy — has the undistorted version of his DD-214 with all the blocks unblurred and a clear rendering of the “last digit” of the year he enlisted.

    She will be along shortly, either here or on Military Phonies …


    … where she was a frequent commenter until she suddenly entered radio silence.

    Waiting, waiting …

    • Green Thumb says:

      Kelly could be a he…..

      I really doubt Fatbob here cares one way or another…

      • 26Limabeans says:

        In the one photo I saw she was wearing either a
        a colorful long sleeve shirt or her arms
        were all tats. Maybe her real name is Deb.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Kelly jumped ship a few weeks back when she realized that her defense of the indefensible would probably negatively impact her career.

      If Climate Change kicks in and things get too hot for Alaska Bob in the 49th State, he can always pack his saddle bags and head down to Elko Nevada. Word on the street is they have a great support network for those who believed that they were in combat.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Hack Stone should realize that the bitter cold of the early winter storm that hit MOntana and Wyoming also sent bitter cold air down Elko way. They are probably worse off than Alaska right now – IF he’s even up there in AK, which I somehow doubt.

  9. Andy11M says:

    oh boy, can we add “forging official documents” or what ever the correct legal term is to the list of stupidity of Alaska Bobblehead?

    • Hondo says:

      I believe it’s called “forging, counterfeiting, or falsely altering a certificate of discharge from the military or naval service of the United States”. It’s a specific Federal crime under 18 USC 498, though apparently not a felony. Here’s the text of the statute:

      Whoever forges, counterfeits, or falsely alters any certificate of discharge from the military or naval service of the United States, or uses, unlawfully possesses or exhibits any such certificate, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or falsely altered, shall be fined under this title [1] or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

      Note that the statute covers more than the act of forging/altering/counterfeiting a DD214. It also covers knowingly possessing, using, or displaying a forged/counterfeited/altered DD214.

      For what it’s worth: redacting information from a copy of a DD214 doesn’t IMO appear to qualify as altering a document; one can argue that you’re providing a partial copy instead. But adding additional information to a DD214 – say, text that didn’t exist originally, like “SE Asia records restricted” or similar idiotic BS – sure as hell seems to qualify as “falsely altering”.

      • Cacti35 says:

        A fucking shame that the feds are weak when it comes to prosecuting these lying bastards!

        • Hondo says:

          Yes, it is a shame. A few individuals sporting faked/altered DD214s (like a certain recent CA Congressional candidate for starters) very publicly prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to both max fines and imprisonmen – with the result widely publicized – might do wonders in curbing the current fake/altered DD214 problem.

  10. ninja says:

    From the article:

    “Pennies for Quarters President Matthew Rainwater also saw the copy of Glaves’ DD-214 and said the Pennies for Quarters board would discuss it soon.”

    “Rainwater said he wants to wait for the mailed document to arrive before the board makes a decision.”

    “The board will have to make a decision,” Rainwater said.”

    Guess who is on that Board.

    Her name is Kelly (Go to the link and scroll down to find her name. She does not have a picture or Bio):


    She’s been Buddies with Ole Bob all these years and she can’t provide Pennies For Quarters Bob’s “DD214”?

    Asking For A Friend.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Mmmmm, the plot thickens…

      Some Nachos, anyone? Popcorn?

    • Bim says:

      I have a email from their president (also a Vet) where he says they did not have anything to do with this and no money from P4Q was contributed. They are only tangentially related because Kelly recently joined their board after this went down.

      He also says that they are waiting to get their own copies of his records, because Kelly’s future is dependant on the accuracy of what she and Boob claimed.

      • ninja says:


        Pennies for Quarters may have not contibuted to Bob’s Bike Ride based on his bogus story, BUT THEY were the recipients of $$$ raised thru Kelly’s FACEBOOK page based on Bob’s bogus story (See portion of the newspaper article below).

        It is wee bit similiar to someone robbing a bank, then giving that money to a Non-Profit Group or a church.

        Those funds raised for Pennies to Quarters were based on a lie.

        The President of Pennies to Quarters feels comfortable about that? And he’s a Veteran?

        “They are raising funds for Pennies for Quarters, a Port Angeles nonprofit whose goal is to build a community of tiny homes for Clallam County’s veterans who are experiencing homelessness.”

        “Cook is the newest board member for the group, which has purchased 7.5 acres of land on Devanny Lane just west of Port Angeles off Airport Road.”

        “Bob and I are both incredibly private people,” Cook said. “The only reason that Bob has allowed his story to be shared with other people was for the sole purpose of raising money for Pennies for Quarters.”

        “Matthew Rainwater, president of the Pennies for Quarters board, said he was humbled and honored to have Glaves and Cook fundraise for Pennies for Quarters.”


        • Ex-PH2 says:

          I have a question about this homelessness thing, ninja. I know there may be some vets who are having difficulty, but the VA FHCCs are set up to handle this by providing services to walk-in homeless vets. (I don’t know if all of them have this yet, but the local one does.)

          So is this P4Q guy, who is a vet unaware of that? And if so, why?

          I’m beginning to wonder just what does go on in the minds of these people, that’s all.

          • marinedad61 says:

            I work with fundraising for homeless veterans in my area.
            There are lots of avenues for veterans in trouble.

            But, there are also gaps in all the systems in place, not only by the VA, but also by counties, churches, and other agencies.
            Examples – drugs, alcohol, arrest, warrants, missing appointments, failing to complete tasks like job hunting, not being homeless long enough, and more.

            Many walk ins to the VA are turned away, for a variety of reasons.
            So everyone knows, it’s not a catchall to get all the homeless veterans off the street.
            It should be, but it isn’t.

            7th Annual Homeless Veterans Awareness Campaign.
            Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
            30 hours outdoors on November 8-9, 2019.
            Over $100k raised since 2010.


        • rgr769 says:

          My take on these so-called “homeless vets:” Many of them either never served, or if they did, most didn’t even make the vaunted Gunga Dan Line (110 days on AD). This homeless vets thing is just another scam for professional fundraisers and those who live off them. If you are a bum who claims to be “homeless” you have an easy excuse why you don’t have a legit looking DD-214–“I lost it” or “my ex-wife has all my papers and won’t give them to me.” 50,000 homeless veterans is about as real as military service decades ago causing 22 supposed veterans to off themselves every day. If I decide to suicide myself it won’t be TAH’s fault or that I served in the Viet of the Nam 48 years ago. It might have something to do with what is happening in my life a little more recently. Just sayin.

    • Charles says:

      Kelly Cook
      Board Member

      Information to be posted soon.


      That is what you see if you go to the link
      cited above:


      Guess her information will be posted “soon,”
      as “soon” as Bob’s DD-214 shows up.

  11. 26Limabeans says:

    “Alex Graham of Gig Harbor, a non-attorney practitioner who specializes in veterans disability law, said a box would be marked on a DD-214 to show that a veteran had been sent to Vietnam, so “there’s no reason to redact that he was in the Republic of Vietnam.”

    I ain’t got no box on mine.
    VN SERVICE is spelled out with the dates.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ain’t got no box on either of mine, either, Beans.

      Just ‘place of discharge’.

      • rgr769 says:

        I have the box. It has a place for a check of yes/no for Indochina or Korea service; and in the space of the box is typed “VIETNAM” and the inclusive dates of my fifteen months service there in country. I would love to see Bob’s DD-214.

        • rgr769 says:

          I should also point out that my ending active duty DD-214 was generated and dated about one and one half years before Baloney Bob enlisted in October of 1975 instead of doing his senior year of high school.

    • akpual says:

      Mine too.

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Concur. My DD-214s list in the REMARKS Block (18) // Service in Iraq (or Afghanistan) yyyymmdd to yyyymmdd //

      And Block 12 RECORD OF SERVICE item f FOREIGN SERVICE lists the year(s) month(s) days(s)

      However, none of my DD-214s are stamped with “SW Asia records restricted.”

      • Ret_25X says:

        My 214 is the same…

        but….because most Americans not only have never served, but don’t even know anyone who has ever served; it easy to pull the ole “records restricted” BS.

  12. Terry Sheehan says:

    Robert Glaves is doing for the Fairbanks/Sterling Alaska area what Les Brown did for Elko Nevada.

    Quite an accomplishment when you think about it.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Difference is, an entire organization
      (the Elko POW*MIA)
      chose to circle the wagons and stand behind their phony,
      and (like Kelly) make false statements and claims of verification
      of Les Brown’s papers and DD-214.

      Alaska Bob’s circle of wagons is wagon (singular),
      and that wagon is off the dusty trail now.

      Laura Adams (Elko POW*MIA), are you getting all of this?

  13. ninja says:

    “Portions of the document — which the Peninsula Daily News cannot verify as authentic without his written consent — appeared distorted and many boxes were blurry. The last digit of the year he enlisted was illegible.”

    How convenient.

    And I can imagine if Ole Bob faxed his “DD214” to PDN, to Pennies to Quarters, to Kelly, that the faxed “DD214” will be messed up as well.

    Ole Bob has the capability of sending his “DD214” via Snail Mail to PDN, Pennies to Quarters and Kelly with a Tracking Number to trace the whereabouts of his “DD214”. He has the capability of providing those Folks that Tracking Number so they can trace it.

    But he’s not going to do it.

    The other thing is I have yet to see anyone (other than MP and TAH) explain his Yearbook pictures.

    What a slap to the face for those Boots On The Ground Vietnam Veterans who live in Port Angeles, Washington.

    In fact, what a slap to the face for ALL Vietnam Veterans, even Vietnam Era Veterans.

    Ole Bob is NOT even a Vietnam Era Veteran.

    Robert Elgin Glaves, Jr. is one sick, twisted Narcissist Individual that only cares about himself.

  14. Tanker135 says:

    I don’t like any of his lies and nonsense. As an Alaskan, I really don’t like that he drags the name of my home into it all. A place where most people pride themselves on being independent, honest, and willing to help others in need rather than putting themselves first.

    He’s a military phony, and an Alaska phony too. Hey Bob, just stay down there. We don’t want people like you here.

  15. Daisy Cutter says:

    REMINDER: The organizations and individuals that were duped by Bob’s fake Vietnam/Cambodia story:

    * Blue Knights Chapter VIII (@blueknights.org – provided a full Honor Guard escort for Bob)
    * American Legion Riders (leg of escort)
    * Peninsula Daily News (initial news story)
    * McGrath Hawkeye Harley-Davidson (modified Bob’s bike for free)
    * Pennies for Quarters (promoted Bob’s story and accepted donations)
    * Citizens of Port Angeles
    * Donors to the Wall Before I Die / Pennies for Quarters effort based on Bob’s story
    * FOX 5 DC (www.fox5dc.com)
    * Others…

    From Kelly’s post on the Wall Before I Die Facebook page (now removed):

    “We got back on the road and the feeling that I got when we rolled into DC and the echo of the sirens and motorcycle engines against the buildings and I saw the Washington Monument peeking from above the buildings and knew we were close to The Wall looking in my rear view mirror watching Bob riding wondering what Bob was thinking at that moment.”

    He was probably thinking about how gullible people are.

    DONATIONS: By the way, I don’t buy the story that Pennies for Quarters is saying all donations did not go to Bob. If a child is on a commercial about Children’s Hospital and they are soliciting donations, then it turns out that one particular child is not actually sick — to quickly spin that and say donors were not specifically donating to that child is a little bit sleight of hand IMHO, but there you have it. Pennies for Quarters should at least offer to give back all donations from people unfairly influenced by Bob’s fake story. It is only the right thing to do. I have no issue with Pennies for Quarters as an organization, but their reaction to all this leaves a lot to be desired.

    • greg says:

      Excellent Daisy Cutter, excellent!

      I have a query in to the Blue Knights to see if they have any photos of that 180 mi motorcade and photos at The Wall.

      As stated elsewhere in comments, Kelly Cook is on the board of Pennies for Quarters.

      She is the only Board Member without a posted photograph.

      I must question the fact that Pennies for Quarters is kinda dragging their heels about this revelation in view of the fact that their own Mission Statement says they require a DD214 from those they assist, and Kelly being on the Board had such a difficult time producing Bob Glaves’ DD214 – even though he wasn’t the beneficiary of their services, their name was prominently associated with this Wall Before I Die event.

      • Daisy Cutter says:

        They used Bob’s story as LEVERAGE to solicit donations.

        To now claim an apples and oranges excuse is dishonest, IMHO.

        It is easy to do your own internal investigation and declare yourself not at fault.

        To Pennies for Quarters – when this story broke on MP/TAH/VG, your Board Member Kelly Cook criticized these organizations and claimed they got their facts wrong and even tossed out claims of unethical journalism among other things. They are cleaning up YOUR mess. If you want to help someone clean up your mess, grab a broom but at the very least put a muzzle on your Board Member until they know all the facts.

        By the way – as someone pointed out – how come it is so hard to obtain a DD-214 when your very own board member has one in her possession?

        The following was posted on Friday 20 Sept 2019:

        Glaves - Rebuttal

    • ninja says:

      Ole Bob is also featured in the October 2019 Edition of the American Motorcyclist Magazine:


      “To the American Legion Riders of Port Angeles, Wash., who took a 63-year-old Alaskan trucker to Washington, D.C., to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The trucker, Bob Glaves, has been diagnosed with several types of cancer.”

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “…post on the Wall Before I Die Facebook page (now removed):”

      Oh, NOW it’s been removed, huh? Well, that makes it even more interesting.

      This puddle of quicksand just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it?

    • Green Thumb says:

      Fat Bob was probably thinking how to scam some free hotels and food.

    • ArmyATC says:

      And there’s still no proof that Bob actually rode to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The only pics of the event show him in what has been determined to be the Badlands of South Dakota. I would think that such a momentous occasion would have elicited at least a few pics of Bob at the Wall. But no. It appears he made it no further than Sturgis. That would appear to make Kelly, a board member of “Pennies for Quarters,” a willing accomplice.

      • marinedad61 says:

        It’s generally accepted (by many of us) that
        “Wall (South Dakota) Before I Die”
        only got as far as Wall Drug,
        with a side trip to the Badlands,
        and ended in a backtrack to STURGIS,
        just in time for Alaska Bob
        and his Emotional Support Harley… to party!

      • Hack Stone says:

        He got as far as Bethesda Maryland, when he saw a mailbox without a door, and figured that must be some type of memorial.

        • Green Thumb says:

          Actually looking at the picture at the top, I wonder what he is packing.

          Probably some more free shit that he scammed. Or maybe a box of dildos. Who knows?

      • Green Thumb says:

        He probably drank up the money at some roadside bar.

  16. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    I’d like to see what type face he used to type “SE Asia records restricted” on his “DD214”, and compare that the blurred parts.

  17. ninja says:

    Robert Elgin Glaves, Jr of Sterling, Alaska (located about 10 miles from Fort Richardson).

    Lester Kent Brown of Elko, Nevada.

    What a Bunch of Losers.

  18. Claw says:

    I wanna see Baloney Bob’s unrestricted MACV Form 333.

    I’ll wait……

  19. Dave Hardin says:

    Ut Oh …

    Appears Bobby has betrayed the trust of those who believed in him and were defending him.

    Seems there are some who frown upon forged gubbermint documents.

    If you leave a shit stain everywhere you go … its not hard to track your history.


    • Blake Morgan says:

      Good one!

      Because he is snowed in the sled dogs and leather bindings are now being used as a source of food.

      He’s down to only a few dogs… which are now looking at him and licking their lips.

      The DD-214 is at risk of being used as fuel for a fire to provide much needed warmth. He already had to lop off a few toes due to frostbite.

      Everything’s hanging by a thread at this point.

  21. My practice is almost strictly Vietnam Vets-mostly LRRPs, SFs and even some AirAm folks . Virtually every one of them (excluding the spooks) has a BS w/ a V, air medal w/V or a Silver Star. I’ve seen more 214s than I can count. I’ve never seen a contemporary 214 with any notes announcing service in SE Asia was redacted. Besides, it would say SEA or RVN, not “SE Asia”. I did two tours over there and bugged out 5/1972. Outside of air strikes on the HCM trail or TICs up in Laos for the Hmongs/Vang Pao, we were not playing GI Joe in Cambodia. File this one in the Secret Squirrel circular file.

    • GDContractor says:

      Good comment;however, you might find it advantageous to remain anonymous and not unnecessarily post your PII. This site, at one time, was routinely scanned by vexatious litigants, resulting in many frivolous lawsuits against commenters here.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      Indeed. Bob apparently screwed up his DD-214 forgery because he didn’t know what it was supposed to look like with RVN service. TAH has had a lot of legit DD-214s float past over the years, and they usually include one or all of the following:

      Awards will usually list at least a National Defense Service Medal, a Vietnam Service Medal, and a Vietnam Campaign Medal.

      A listing for some variant of Vietnam under “Assignments and Geographical Locations” on the DD-214 first page.

      The additional assignments page will provide more fine grain detail about which unit somebody was with in RVN and a listing for MOS. There isn’t normally specific location detail except for maybe an APO address, but given unit, APO, and a date range, it’s not hard to figure out where a unit was located based on available unit records.

      A couple of other flags on the assignments page are almost always an “Enroute to” entry and a “Return to CONUS” entry.

      As far as I’m aware, there has never been a documented case on TAH of somebody actually going to Vietnam and having it “Sealed by Order of the President” or whatever. Things didn’t work that way. The Army, in its infinite wisdom, would usually call a unit something else if it didn’t want to reveal a specific function. The MAC-V “Studies and Observations Group” is one example. The Army Security Agency referring to its units as “Radio Research” is another.

      For what it’s worth, here’s a link to the original Sad Bob post with an NPRC-supplied copy of his DD-214 just in case you haven’t seen it.


      • rgr769 says:

        There is no “assignments” page on a DD-214, which for the Vietnam era is a one page document. The assignments block you see on FOIA’s is a screen shot of that portion of the enlisted personnel record, which is a multi-section folded document called a DA form 20. It was the permanent record for enlisted personnel during this pre-computer age.

        • Perry Gaskill says:

          Thanks for the clarification.

          • rgr769 says:

            I should also add that the FOIA one page doc from the NPRC is an abstract of the person’s DA Form 20 for Vietnam era Army vets except for Army officers, who have a DA Form 66 instead of the Form 20. Since the information is transposed from the official document, there occasionally are clerical errors by the NPRC. However, in the case of the assignments portion of the form, they merely take a screenshot of it because it has no PII. They do the same for the education portion of the form, which in Bob’s case, shows he completed Jungle Warfare School but later flunked out of Ranger School during the Benning phase.

    • ninja says:

      G. Alexander Graham:

      Am speculating that you are the same Alex Graham mentioned in the PDN article.

      Thank You for sharing your input.

  22. Terry Sheehan says:

    Ol’ Bob never did say what the names were of his buddies that died in Vietnam.

    You know, the names he went to visit that were recorded on the Wall.

    Come to think of it, he never said what unit he was with in Vietnam. His lawyer surely would not object to him providing clarity on these two issues.

    Having said that – what’s the name of your lawyer Bob? Maybe he’ll answer some questions that he is telling you not to.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Butplug Bob was attached to the “Two-Hole Rangers”.

      • Terry Sheehan says:

        Two-Hole Rangers Motto: “Never Leave Your Buddy’s Behind”

        • Green Thumb says:

          And the sad thing is knowing that “Buttplug” Bob probably did leave his buddy’s behind after stealing his wallet.

          I mean, after all, he needed funds to roll up to Alaska to become “Alaska” Bob.

  23. Keepin' It Real says:

    Bob should consider going to this year’s Chili Feed in Elko Nevada.

    Last year’s theme was about how to raise money. This year’s theme will be about how to survive as an event once exposed.

    Bob could get a few ideas from the professionals that have pioneered the idea of how to ride around on bikes and get others to pay for it.

  24. Daisy Cutter says:

    The article states:

    “Glaves said he mailed a physical copy of the form to Port Angeles from Alaska on Sept. 23, but that document had not arrived as of Thursday.”

    So, if Bob mailed it what’s the problem with Kelly letting the newspaper have a copy of the one she has?

    It just saves time and God knows that the US Postal Service is notorious for losing DD-214s.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      The post office discovered the classified
      nature of the documents via a routine scan
      and are holding them until DoD responds.
      Bob should have hand carried them.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      He didn’t mail it.

      Compulsive liar is trying to cover his tracks.

  25. NHSparky says:

    Hmmm…not a lawyer, just gonna play one on the Innerwebz.

    So if a “charity” solicits donations for a party they know or suspect to be fraudulent and are not forthcoming about said fraud is proven, would they then be guilty of fraud, conspiracy, perjury (if an IRS or state-registered charity), or some combination of all of the above?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • rgr769 says:

      In answer to your query, from a for realz lawyer, it is unlikely anyone will sue (civilly) for fraud because their damages (their contribution) are too low to justify a suit. I would imagine the contributions for Bob’s fiasco range from $10 to $100. No lawyer files suit over $100 let alone $10. No attorney is going to sue over such an amount, unless he thinks he can turn it into a class action case with hundreds or thousands of class members. In Bob’s case, it seems unlikely that even 100 people made contributions. As far a criminal liability goes, the amounts are also too small to get a DA excited about prosecuting anyone. Finally, the charity will assert they had no idea Bob was a phony pony. So, if Bob financially benefitted from this fraud, he will likely get away with it.

      • NHSparky says:

        Ah yes, the, “We won’t prosecute cause it’s not sexy enough to use at election time.”

        I think several folks here have dealt with that issue.

  26. Terry Sheehan says:

    We NEED that DD-214 to go in the TAH Hall of Shame.

  27. billo says:

    Every few months or so, I drop by this blog just to see what’s going on. I am constantly amazed by these stories. What I don’t understand is what big benefits these guys get that folk like me don’t get.

    I was active duty Army for 8 years and DoD civilian for another four. As a forensic pathologist with training in image processing and analysis, I was assigned to the basement of a building at Walter Reed (and later at an Annex in Rockville, MD), where I did little else than do image analysis of sensor data that had forensic pathologic implications (e.g. surveillance of executions, torture, operational fatalities, tracking bad actors, etc). The Army bought me my own personal mini-supercomputer, and, with the exception of a very few times I had to go to locations where I had to acquire information for myself (with an escort of folk who made sure I was safe), I hardly ever saw sunlight — much less any “action” or combat. I’m proud of what I did, in a professional sense, and I like to think I saved some lives and helped to take some bad actors down. But, really, my biggest health risk was sleep deprivation.

    But… I still get my 10% discount at Home Depot, people still say “Thank you for your service” when they see my USAA credit card, I still get to stand up when folk do recognition stuff on Veteran’s Day, and the vets I work with who did real combat are happy to say “all service is service.” **Nobody** has ever said to me “You weren’t a real soldier.”

    Sure, the Seals and Rangers and such get bragging rights that I don’t have, but, really, I turned 64 a couple of days ago, and bragging isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. And, frankly, *I* am quite happy not to have the arthritis, broken backs, and PTSD that my friends have. Every retired Seal and Ranger I know has horrible arthritic issues — it’s worse than being a football player.

    What I don’t get is what benefits these people who play these games are getting that I don’t get. Civilians don’t really have a clue, and I’ve never met a combat vet who denigrated my service. I’ve got the best of both worlds. What do these guys get that I don’t get?

    • rgr769 says:

      They get adulation and admiration they don’t deserve from those that never served. And sometimes they also get money they don’t deserve. Many of them file fraudulent VA claims and are collecting disability for PTSD they don’t have.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It’s all about WEWE and PIA, rgr769.

      Weak Egos Want Exoneration.

      They have no WEWE without Publicly Intense Adulation.

  28. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    NO lawer threats?
    NO sockpuppets?
    NO offers of a visit?

    Old “Alaska Bob” Gleaves has turned out to be some really weak sauce.

    • Hack Stone says:

      When was the last time that we saw a real effort of a “death threat” posted to the blog? Hack really misses the level of effort exerted by the classic posers. These current posers need to step up their game if they want to make the Hall Of Fame alongside such stars as Daniel Bernath, Frank Visconi and Dullass.

      • Green Thumb says:

        And don’t forget the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his legion of weak ass and ineffective losers (think Paul-mer (of the Ballsack)) that he used to attempt to silence those asking questions about his highly dubious Native American and Law Enforcement Officer claims as well as his bogus Navy SEAL claims.

        Not to mention all of the taxpayer-funded money he made off of those claims….

  29. Slow Joe says:

    I thhink Alaska Bob is th real deal and he has seen a lot of cumbat, hand to hand, and has tsuken out many bud guys,

    Alaska Bob is a tru heron and phought four our freakdoms.

  30. ninja says:

    The PDN news article featured here can be found on their FACEBOOK page if anyone cares to leave comments on the updated story on Ole Bob:


  31. xyzzy says:

    Nice assless chaps, fatty. There are plenty of gay leather bars in DC; would that be the real reason why you want to visit?

  32. Dustoff says:

    All I’ve got to say is that he bears a striking resemblance to “Yukon Cornelius” of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer fame..

  33. Honor and Courage says:

    Wow couldn’t read all the comments! Its a felony to alter official Documents! Bob needs to fess up! He could have done great thing without lying about his service! What a fat head!

  34. Chocklblock says:

    Ah Bob, if you are so ill, why are you riding a motorcycle to DC?

    And who the hell buys that “records are restricted” or “secret medals” crap anyway?

    It’s like he saw those direct to cable movies as a to-do list!

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone is quite familiar with restricted records. If his older brother caught him playing his Pink Floyd LP’s, he would beat his ass. That all changed after Hack came back from boot camp.

  35. Sandman says:

    Anything new on Alaska Bobby boy?? Did the fabled DD-214 ever arrive by squirrel mail?