Flag Promotions Threatened!

| August 14, 2023

Charles Q. Brown Jr.

650 Military Promotions Threatened as Senator Shows No Signs of Relenting

Military.com | By Konstantin Toropin and Rebecca Kheel

About 650 general and flag officer promotions could be delayed this year by a legislative hold on Capitol Hill imposed by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., over military abortion policies, according to the Pentagon.

Tuberville’s hold could not only hold up the promotions of rank and position — the vast majority of the 852 total officers at those ranks — but is also threatening recent major nominations for a new Joint Chiefs chairman and Marine Corps commandant, as well as the growing list of other key replacements.

The potential backlog is causing increasing concern inside the Pentagon, as Tuberville refuses to back down in his opposition to the military providing leave for women to have civilian abortion care. Without those confirmations, a senior defense official told Military.com that the vast majority of the military’s general and flag officer positions “could be vacant at a time when our military is expected to defend the nation.”


Dire warnings from an unnamed DOD bureaucrat, surprise. The actual impact is now Tier Two sycophants will chair the several branches instead of Tier One. While having no real effect to the military’s condition it is an affront to Joe’s Handlers. To the authors’ credit mention is made of the normal ascension process some call the chain of command.

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It would suck to be one of those officers to have risen to that rank, but I find it hard to feel too bad. Billets will still be filled and they will get retroactive pay, I’m sure.

As for Tuberville, I support what he is doing in principle. The problem is that the dems would rather see the whole system burn down (and many would like that anyway) rather than see their precious right to kill babies be threatened. I’m not sure if there will be much pressure here to make a deal other than from the right trying to get Tuberville to stop the protest so they stop hurting their Dem colleague’s feelings.

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The D-rats would rather burn everything to the ground just so they can rule over the ashes.


One down, two up? Or is it two down, one up? I can’t recall.

Anyway, it’s crazy what bureaucrats believe will affect readiness:

Delayed promotion of 850-some “team players” = threat to nation’s defense.

Tranny worship = force multiplier.


I was thinking two down, one up. No billet will go unfilled. Keep firing, Tuberville.


Since we have waaay yonder less troops joining up, maybe this is a good time to see if we can get by with waaaay yonder less Flag/GOs. And in the next, upcoming shooting war, are we gonna run out of expendable ordnance or expendable bodies FIRST (ht2 R-D)? I notice there is never a question if Kongress Klowne Kritters are gonna get paid…or their full benefits.

Sorry, not sorry, it is my belief that the murder of a baby for convenience sake should be the murderer’s responsibility and not the taxpayer’s. It takes two (2) people (or one (1) person with a turkey baster and a donated specimen) to conceive a child. Take personal responsibility for your actions.


Too many cheifs, not enough indians. I think until that issue of no Indians gets resolved, they’re probably stuck where they’re at.

Or they could retire until the numbers balance out.


I hope the affected Army officers will consider using AER so they can make ends meet.


No, we need BGs to make coffee for the MGs doing the real work that the LTGs will give credit for to the GENs. All in hopes of that next nominative rank. MG is the last permanent rank for a reason. It’s arguably the last useful one; once you make LTG you’re firmly in the political sphere these days.

I used to joke about it taking more than two stars to impress me. Having served on McNair, I was used to seeing the JFHQ-NCR/USAMDW CG regularly, and I have at least three coins from various MDW CGs. When the USAREC CG visited in 2011 or so, the Station Commander had us GI the station. I might still have a nice guidon from a Recruiting Station that was broken into six smaller ones. Anyway, the SC (female) inspected everywhere except the male latrine, where I had a disco ball hanging above the toilet and a cardboard standee of an E5 in scrubs and gloves facing it. The CG was amused. Turns out he was as human as the rest of us. I got his coin as well.

The fact that I served under some good GOs doesn’t negate the fact that there are too many, though. We could easily expand the Army if we fired the woke mob wearing GO/FO rank and put their pay towards recruiting efforts and better conditions for junior enlisted and officers.


What’s the lowest officer rank that makes coffee at the pentagon? I would imagine any officer not at the pentagon is busy doing their job, whether right or wrong.


Go Coach!!

Skivvy Stacker

Tommy Tube has to quit the fucking GRAND STANDING. That’s all this is anymore.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…. when our military is expected to defend the nation.”

ROFLOL!!! Defend it from what? Misgendering? Improper pronouns? Pregnant (M to F) trannies?
The military is being wasted on “foreign expeditions” that have no bearing on the safety, security, and interests of the US.
Meanwhile, they’re NOT being allowed to do (part of) their proper job to defend the country from “enemies foreign and domestic”. Such as (IMNSHO) being placed at the US-Mexican border, facing south, with simple RoE, “REPEL ALL INVADERS”.

Besides, the military (all branches) has gotten too too top heavy with flag and fleet orificers. And too many (most? all?) of them couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, much less win battles and wars against our enemies (enemas), foreign and domestic.
So I’m all for Sen Tuberville holding up and delaying the promotions.

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And last I’ve checked, the War Department has to the Militia issued not; bayonet, ball, cap, powder, cartridge box, or musket; nor a single cannon to be found.

How will We protect this land of Liberty and Her people when the renegers of Oath vie for favor, accoutrements and their title, forsaking their basic responsibilities, to the detriment of us all?

Contempt to fill the oceans, several times over, courses thru these veins.

be the revolution.jpeg

How will We protect this land of Liberty and Her people…”

By being Prepared!

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If the Brits had followed Charlie Daniels advice…



Not really feeling any pity for the fags flags.

Especially when the enlisted aren’t getting fed properly, the system is Blue Falcon-ing the current and former Troops, etc. etc. etc.

One thing I do admire – whether one agrees with the Good Senator or not – is his commitment to his principles and not backing down from the fight.

Slow Joe

Do we really need that many General Officers?
They are numerous, but good for little.



OIP (32).jpg

I am far more concerned with the lack of cooks at Ft Hood than I am about the lack of stars on shoulders. The military cannot support elective abortion in any way, shape, or form. No permissive TDY, no travel pay, no convalescent leave. It’s elective, that means not medically necessary. That means you pay for it and use your own leave.


Recently saw part (couldn’t watch it all) of a video made by some transitioning AF person. It (I forget which way it was transitioning) said it was going to Austin, TX, TDY to get tested & examined for its prospective surgeries, all paid for by us of course. And all necessary, “line of duty” medical treatments, of course.


San Antonio, at Lackland, not Austin. But Austin does figure large in the alternate-sex lexicon… plus anyone who can’t even keep their own sex decided probably shouldn’t be trusted on geography, either.


Tailhook caused every officer promotion in the Navy and Marines to be blocked. And no one cared.


Schumer can end this at any time by reverting to “one at at a time” votes. PITA but works.

Only the easy batch-process is blocked.

Oh, wait. We were not supposed to know that.


The positions will never be “vacant”, though they could do away with more than a few commands. See US Army Accessions Command (2002-2011): USAREC fell under them when I was on that duty, and they were billeted a LTG as commander. It doesn’t seem like things were the worse for wear when USAAC was shut down and its subordinate commands now report directly to TRADOC.

As for the abortion policies, I feel much the same as I do about transition therapy and surgery. Make adult choices and live with them. If those choices interfere with your ability to perform your duty, then chapter paperwork should be initiated. If you get pregnant and want to abort the child, use your own leave and pay for it. If you’re not feeling like your biological self to the extent where it affects your well-being, use Behavioral Health on your way out the door.

Now, I feel differently about victims of SA. Given the large (but not disproportionate compared to the civilian world) number of victimizations, I think that having the opportunity to make a choice is very good. That said, there is a reason why so many females tend to get pregnant just before deployment: keep that sweet paycheck and allowances while staying in the rear for the duration of the deployment. How many more will be tempted to do so now, knowing that they aren’t necessarily committing to raising a child or incurring significant costs? I can see it now, given the screaming for late-term abortions by some: 50% of females in the unit get pregnant in the weeks prior to a 9-month deployment; of those, 80% decide to have the baby aborted just in time to avoid risking getting pushed forward to the AO. The 20% that have their child learn and are now doting mothers who know what to do the next time…have another kid or simply join the 80%. True Baby Killers…


Looking for a 🎻 to play after Lloyd Austin and many of the same impending Flag/GOs threats to the lower ranks of discharge for not injecting themselves with an experimental vaccine.


Smallest violin:

Smallest Violin.jpg

He isn’t making any friends that is for sure. Curious why, with all the other issues out there, he picked this hill to die on? Not that it is a bad issue, but they will figure out a way so this doesn’t happen in the future.


IMHO, this is an issue that the Kongress Klowne Kritters AND the Military needs to start concerning themselves with.

comment image?ve=1&tl=1


In Texas, 50,000 is a “nice country place”.


On some level, the current hill is always worth dying on.

At what point is the line drawn, and how much ground does one give to backtrack to it?


Well, Roll-Tide!!!!! 😆😆😆


Who does this Tuberville guy think he is? It’s like he thinks civilians should control the military or something.


Considering we now have more 4 star GOFOs than we did at the end of WWII, I’m not seeing a down side to Tuberville’s actions.

As a little side project while working at FORSCOM recently, I started compiling a list of ALL GOFO and their billets. All the information publicly available.

I’m still trying to figure out why we have a Space Force (Go Go Guardians!!) AND a SPACECOM. Seems redundant. But I guess we NEED another 4 star billet for a deserving Army GO 🙄


Anyone need a P-38?


Bush League replying to myself, but I’m drinking beer celebrating the 45th day of my DD-214 while listening to Zappa’s Joe’s Garage.