Zinnerman – The Hits Just Keep Right on Comin’

| August 5, 2023

We wrote about Zinnerman here, and he has since been removed from his post at the Montford Point Marines Association.

Now, they’ve discovered that a top official vouched for Zinnerman saying Zinnerman distinguished himself in combat in Iraq – but later it was determined Zinnerman was never there.

The official – Lt General Walter Gaskin – was confronted and to his credit admitted to writing the letter. It seems he visited a unit that was not his own and talked to a SgtMaj he hadn’t met before. When Zinnerman spoke to Gaskin years later, Gaskin assumed he was the same SgtMaj. Gaskin seems like an honest man, but he squirmed a bit when confronted. If anything, he did not confirm things before endorsing Zinnerman based on Zinnerman’s word.

But now, Gaskin is in the news due to the letter he wrote for Zinnerman.

Stolen Valor | North Carolina military leader vouched for discredited veteran
By Akilah Davis WTVD | Friday, August 4, 2023

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — The ABC11 I-Team has discovered that North Carolina Secretary of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Lt. General Walter Gaskin wrote a letter of recommendation vouching for a former Montford Point Marines Association member who’s been thrown out of the group for claiming military honors he didn’t earn.

There’s been a major shakeup at the national nonprofit the Montford Point Marine Association. Our sister station KGO originally reported three organization officials were caught exaggerating their own military records and awards, according to military records obtained by KGO.

Billy Ray Zinnerman was the Western Region Public Relations Officer and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. Our sister station, KGO found he was kicked out of the group for faking a decades-long military career. He claimed to have a 25 year military career in which he earned medals for being injured in combat and Desert Storm.

The ABC11 I-Team has learned the North Carolina Secretary of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Lt. General Walter Gaskin wrote a recommendation letter for Zinnerman last year when he ran for city council in Maricopa, Arizona.

In the letter written by Gaskin, he stated he witnessed “first-hand” Zinnerman’s “superior performance, bravery and dedication to duty while in combat in Desert Storm/Desert Shield in Iraq and the Liberation of Kuwait.”

When asked, Zinnerman said “no comment”, but also denied any wrongdoing.

Reminds me of the Tasmanian devil cartoon…

… you can’t get too close to it while it’s spinning or you get drawn into the vortex.

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Maybe he meant SgtMaj Vines the daywalker of the Pendleton chow hall.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

I’m pretty sure I have an entire subset of PTSD devoted to SgtMaj Vines.

If you wanted a good laugh, you’d go hang out out of sight at SOI and watch him knife-hand any car that looked like it was going a little too fast


Don’t know how Gaskin could vouch for Zinnerman when he wasn’t in the Gulf War either. He was in Oklahoma getting a Master’s Degree in Mental Masturbation (Public Administration) when DS/DS kicked off.

But herein lies the quandary. Do I go ahead and list Gaskin in with the rest of the Marine posers (who, BTW, have taken a substantial lead in the championship run for FY23 Stolen Valor Vultures) or do I let him slide? After all, Gaskin is a three-time NDSM recipient.
Need some feedback. Thanks

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Claw Daddy…The Bigger they are…The Bigger they should fall. The Brotherhood…weeps.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Three-time NDSM recipient, I’m glad that my duped dress whites aren’t hanging up in front of the PC where my NDSM can see and now the Brotherhood weeps as Gun Bunny says.


Sadly, it seems the General may have put the “brotherhood” before the Brotherhood when doing his due diligence..


As Phony Enablers go…
LTG Gaskin made himself 1 of the biggest, even if by accident.

That 1 letter gave Phony Zinny a green light to a life of grift.

Good news,
he confessed his mistake,
instead of the worse choices…. that others have made.
He didn’t claim the letter isn’t his.
He didn’t continue to defend Phony Zinny.

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Daisy Cutter

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Noohhh! You don’t say?

Sergeant Major Charles Cook, Marine, You don

Al Sharpton, the bastion of truth in our time, probably called and asked him to write it.


Classic Taz,
going back over 60 years,
the days of vintage highest quality Looney Tunes.


Awesome stuff. thanks MD


Watch the 4:17 TV news story video in the article link.
Gaskin is argumentative.
And at the end,
the anchor reports that Zinnerman “denied all wrongdoing”

Phony Zinny went crickets on the Book of the Fake,
yet the Stolen Valor phony pony pics,
including 1 with glorious title, remain up.



Easier, here it is, now on the Tube of You.
4:25. Enjoy.

[Stolen Valor |
North Carolina military leader vouched for discredited veteran]

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“I remember seeing an African-American Gunnery Sergeant when I was there…”

They all look alike, don’t they?


What, Gunnery Sergeants?


Why, what else could I possibly mean ?
*bats eyelashes and smirks*


Ol’ Poe so wanted to use that line but figured he’d get put in timeout… 😜 


So I lived in the original barracks in the 80’s and went through the obstacle courses to get to suds and duds, does that make me a Montfort point original marine. Can I sit on the board?

Prior Service

How does one create a 25 year career in the military out of thin air? I don’t mean the sleazy liar part, but how do you keep all that volume of lies straight? How does nobody ask “say, didn’t you work at Lowe’s?” How to generate that many false stories for every grade and duty station? Asking for a friend who regrets not joining in his youth.


Stolen valor meets stolen credibility. Made for each other.


We’re still waiting on the vouch letter from Gen. Michael Flynn
for Phony Purple Hearts Phony Bronze Star Thomas Cole.

That was the stall tactic in 2021, to buy time,
that Cole and his bud would be MEETING Flynn in 2 months,
so Flynn can vouch that he SAW
the injured shot in the chest Cole in Grenada.
Tick, tick, tick, tick, crickets.

Cole STILL has the fraud custom PH / ARBRN license plate.
Cole now sports a Bronze Star / Heroism black ball cap
on his adult Boy Scout uniform in 2023.

Thomas Cole – Phony Urgent Fury Commando
IAS | October 29, 2021


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Just goes to show you anybody can be duped…remember AJ Dicken? He duped doctors and other rich people, so, there u go.


Is this the same Dicken?
The age matches up.
And this Dicken is 30 miles
from where the known AJ Dicken was cuffed.

If so, phonying through his late 50s,
keeled over at age 62.



That’s him. No more phony pony for AJ.

James Brown

Yeah, when I originally exposed this, we confronted Gaskin, or attempted to, he would “no comment” us, we knew his letter was either forged, signed without review, or just another outright fabrication like much of the evidence we had presented. When we couldn’t get a response from Gaskin, we turned it over to ABC News with all of our evidence, and they did a great job forcing him to respond to the letter he wrote. There will be more coming. In the interview, he told ABC 11 that he was in Kuwait to “check on the troops”, but we don’t believe that to be true – plus his letter didn’t say Kuwait, it said Iraq and Combat. There is more coming.

Specialist-Four, Drifty

I’m through editing your comments- last chance to get with the program. Start using a board name.


This guy lives in my small town. I just recently found out my (soon to be ex) husband has also committed the terrible act of Stolen Valor. I am just sick about it. 😭