Happy Birthday Coast Guard

| August 5, 2023

Day at the Office

Happy Birthday Puddle Pirates!

For the last 233 years, the men and women of the Coast Guard have been diligently safeguarding coasts and waterways at home and abroad.

In 1790, Congress commissioned the Revenue Cutter Service, a fleet of 10 sailing vessels that patrolled America’s coastline to enforce tariffs and protect the young nation’s revenue.

In 1878, the United States Life-Saving Service was founded to provide humanitarian and life-saving efforts for shipwrecked mariners and passengers.

On January 28, 1915, President Woodrow Wilson merged these two agencies, and the United Stated Coast Guard was formed. It has contributed to our national security ever since.

The Coast Guard has proudly participated in every major conflict our nation has faced, and they continue to patrol the waterways, keeping our citizens and seafarers safe.

Today, they perform missions supporting the homeland, including securing America’s ports, waterways, and coasts; maritime law enforcement; and defense readiness.

On an international level, the Coast Guard supports search and rescue, environmental protection, and marine safety operations.

Tip of the hat to Daisy Cutter for the gentle reminder.

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An extra ration of grog tonight!

And first!


USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281), somewhere off Greenland. Summer of 1981, when Eggs was a young “Deck Ape”.


Guess a photo would help


Happy Birthday, Coast Guard! Thanks for keeping our shores and those of our allies, safe.


Happy Birthday, Puddle Pirates. Keep a weather eye out for Hairycanes, idjits, and drug runners. Think I’ll have me an ice cream sammich in celebration. Gives me cookies AND ice cream. The ones in the freezerator are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Too hot to bake y’all a cake.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Happy Birthday Coasties, and too bad Don Winslow isn’t around to celebrate the 233 years.

AW1 Rod

Happy Birthday to the Brown Water Navy!

Prepare to abandon ship, and wade ashore!