Ben and Jerry’s New Flavor- Virtue Signal Schadenfreude

| July 10, 2023

Ben and Jerry’s Salutes America!

Vermont Native American chief says Ben & Jerry’s headquarters on ‘stolen’ land

The ice cream maker caused a firestorm with a July 4 tweet that America was founded on ‘stolen land’

By Louis Casiano FOXBusiness

An indigenous Native American chief in Vermont said he would be open to talking with ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s about taking back the land under its headquarters.

Don Stevens — chief of the Nulhegan Band of The Coosuk Abenaki Nation — told the New York Post that he “looks forward to any kind of correspondence with the brand to see how they can better benefit indigenous people,” noting that the company’s South Burlington, Vermont, headquarters is on Western Abenaki land.

“If you look at the [Abenaki] traditional way of being, we are place-based people,” Stevens told the Post. “Before recognized tribes in the state, we were the ones who were in this place.”

The remarks came days after the ice cream maker said in a July 4 tweet that America should return “stolen indigenous land.”

“This 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the U.S. exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it,” the ice cream maker tweeted.

The company said that while July 4 festivities like fireworks, parades and barbecues are entertaining, they “distract” from the fact America was settled on stolen land. In a news release, it said the U.S. should commit to returning the land by starting with giving Mount Rushmore to the Lakota peoples along with a petition.

Fox News

Almost a week and no reply from Ben & Jerry about their turn-over to the Abenaki Nation. Wonder what the problem could be?

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AT1 ret

Wait, no, really the big blue blow job frozen milk company said some stupid leftest shit. Also levis are antigun, San Fran is a shithole. Also the Easter Bunny is fake.


All true what you say, but I take exception to your assertion that the Easter bunny is fake.


I endorse this response regarding Easter Bunny.

— Harvey

John Seabee

Easter Bunny has failed to complete his mission


Next… either this or “Pedo Crunch”:
comment image

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I want to hear Bernie Sanders and Elizibeth Warrens view on
the matter before voicing my opinion.


Bernie’s third house is lakefront, so it was stollen from somebody.


That takes the cake…




Native Americans/Indians lived in constant state of war with nations/tribes just like everywhere else in the world. With the exception of the last part of the 20th Century, all advances in mankind were furthered through conflict, conquest and trade. 


Get off my lawn.


You dang kids!

Green Thumb

Their product sucks more than Phil Monkress on a Saturday night.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

A bunch of dipshits who feel guilty about shit they never did want to give away their land to someone who was never part of the shit the first party never did to show the world how morally superior they are when compared to the rest of us…..

Why am I not surprised?

RGR 4-78

I don’t really think that BJ’s want to give away their property as much as they expect (in true communist fashion) all of the rest of us to give up ours.


Molon Labe.

I’d freakin’ LOVE to see a column of B&J’s themed MBTs and APCs, all done up in rainbow, moving to contact.

“The twinkletoes are coming! The twinkletoes are coming!” –Paul ‘Chad’ Revere IX

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Yes they do love some ruling elite status, always for themselves and their ilk….they never seem to read the history books that explain how it usually goes for the capitalists in those regime changes…the “blood soaked stolen lands” usually end up with a few more stains after the takeover.

USMC Steve

No, they want EVERYONE ELSE to give away THEIR land. Libtards are always set apart from the dictatum they put out to everyone else. They think they are special.


BJ has been the king of virtue signalling for decades. This isn’t at all new.

Forest Bondurant

Ben (Cohen) and Jerry’s (Greenfield) favorite ice cream is c*ck flavor.


with nuts


Vermont history time, the real surviving Abenaki tribe moved to Canada a long time ago. Don and his gang claimed to the real when the governor wanted a photo shoot with “real Vermont Indians”. The tribal chiefs and bosses have told them to knock it off,
Makes Eliabeth Warren proud.


That is the best Warren has looked in a decade, did she also something with her hair?


That is gizzard hair from a moose.


Unilever stock dropped/lost 2.5 billion with this

RGR 4-78

The investors abandoning the sinking woke ship before they lose a bundle.

Roh Dog
“He who panics first panics best”.


Somebody is making a fortune going short and pushing these narratives.


This is a fantastic point! Add to that many managed pension or hedge funds aren’t as nimble, so getting away from shitshows like this is almost impossible.

AND! Many broad index funds (like those found in retirement funds offered as part of a 401k-type plan) are required to purchase shares to rebalance ratios of shares-held per the prospectus. Any one of you could be holding one of these brands’ stock and not even:
1) know it
B) have a choice!

Ain’t Wall Street fucking awesome!! /s

Last edited 4 months ago by Roh-Dog

Butt & Jerkoff’s hates us because they hate themselves. It is a moral rot that consumes them, so to cope with this everyone is made to suffer.

If a company could have borderline personality disorder…

364 days a year I’d happily absorb their misanthropic myopia arrows glancing off my reverential armor.

But on the day dedicated to celebrate and reflex upon the birth of the greatest Declaration of Independence the world has ever seen. Period…. Really?

It has been probably 4 years since the last time I purchased their products, suspending my dollars much because this pathological desire to signal faux virtue(s).

I swear it will be 4 lifetimes before I give these mother fuckers another dime.

This is my pledge, this is my word. I shall falter not.

Congrats Ben & Jerry’s, you fucking played yourselves!

RGR 4-78

For half the price I can get locally manufactured, and the product is just as good if not better.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I never ate Blow Job Err I mean b&j ice cream so when NY had the last major blackout back in 200??? I left brinks and drove back to Long Beach with all the traffic lights and lamps out and met my Volly Fire truck at the main intersection and helped with the aux lighting from our rig. The gas station on the corner was without juice and the freezer was un thawing the frozen products so the gas station guy comes up to the rig with like two cartons of melting b&j ice cream and one of the guys hands me an ice cream and I shit canned it right away.


I seldom as in almost never buy this brand because of these assholes and the high price. I do know farmers who ship their milk to B&J and if these two nit wits would keep their cock holsters shut the farmers who ship to them would be a whole lot better off. I like to buy local and do but not from this outfit.

Maine Highlander

“Ben and Jerry’s suppliers using child labor despite ‘progressive’ values.” NY Post article 28 Feb 2023

I haven’t patronized BJs in 15 years and never again will.


Their new ice cream flavors. Virtue Signaling Vanilla and
Batshit Banana.


They couldn’t even be bothered to cancel vanilla even with Saint Floyd’s untimely passing due to drug intoxication and {checks notes} “white supremacy”.


B&J cluster o fuck.png

The tribe should occupy the headquarters as First Americans did for Wounded Knee.


Never bought none of these two stank azz commie hippies product…never will.

News flash for you, dipsh^ts Benji & Jeri. Every piece of dirt on the Earth was owned by someone else at some point in time. And now it is owned by ever who is squatting on it. That’s just the way it is…and has always been. Even “Lo, the poor Indian (Alexander Pope 1733)” stole the land that they were on when the Europeans (and other peoples) came to the Western Hemisphere and “stole” the land from them. The “Sacred Black Hills” belonged to someone else before the Lakota Tribes homesteaded there in the 1700s. I, in no way condone how the Natives were treated by the “invaders”. Full disclosure…My GGGrand Pappies married Muscogee (Creek) Native girls and the only reason they weren’t sent west is ’cause both GGG Pappies were members of the Militia during the “Red Stick Wars” and were Yeoman Farmers during the “Great Removal”. Their sons and grandsons lost their small farms during Reconstruction to Carpetbaggers and taxes.


Local store brand is better and cheaper.

If only those leftoid dipshits put all that effort into better ice cream…


Aboriginal Americans killed and enslaved each other the same as has been happening in Africa for centuries. All the talk about the “Noble American Indian” is utter horseshit. Think about this. For more than 300 years from the time of the Spanish to the Americans, they watched wheeled carts and wagons go by. Did they ever say, “Hey great idea, let’s stop dragging all our shit on two poles behind a horse?” Hell no. Anytime they came across wagons, stolen or abandoned, they used them for firewood. Had it not been for American expansion they would still be slaughtering each other and dragging shit behind a horse on two poles. IMHO


In defense of my supposed people (dad claims 1/16th, so… maybe?) wheels, just like fuel gauges and rates of descent, are hard to master.

Also, if a blue hair freak walked around with their nose in the air, telling everyone that they’re raysis insurrectionist, that individual would be bludgeoned to death.

Sounds like a redeemable culture to me!

Last edited 4 months ago by Roh-Dog

Your example of the wagon is a little dumb.

Native Americans would no more have been able to use, repair or maintain a wagon any more than a Model A Ford. It was very difficult to buy things as they had no money, they had no blacksmiths, wheelwrights or carpenters. They had no teamsters or training to drive a wagon. Their horses had no training either and were completely unsuitable for hauling wagons. They had no way of even learning those trades or training their horses. Even if all that wasn’t a problem, where would they use the wagons? There were no suitable roads or trails through the Indian nations. They Didn’t have the resources to build any roads, and if there was a road it would have just been an invitation for “settlers” to move in and to steal their land.

A found wagon would be of no use except for firewood.


And yet, they easily mastered using captured guns. And some tribes were quite adept at agriculture, long before contact.

You perhaps did not intend to come across as ignorant.

My smart kinfolk assimilated. The willfully ignorant chose …. poorly.


Guns are a lot easier by comparison. Also a lot more useful to groups of nomadic hunter/gatherers. After the invasion of Europeans, even tribes that weren’t nomadic before ended up being so.

While pre-Columbian natives did indeed have agriculture it was much more labor intensive due to the lack of land animals. It is estimated that they spent 90% of their time acquiring food even with highly developed NM agrarian societies.


But yet most of the road system in America is from Indian trails. They used the escaped horses of the Spaniards to rule the plains but could not make a simple wheel. The south americans built pyramids smithed gold and did a myriad of things. The wheel was beyond them. Until the six shooter the natives had an advantage in a fire fight, but they were tohard headed to advance from a couple of poles. The pre Colombians built floating gardens in Mexico. Mined gold and other precious metals in a land rich in copper and other minerals. Please do not make them sound stupid, they just did not want to advance to what was happening till it was to late. They chose not to advance until the gun. They were not a stupid people, just obtuse.


People who are starving do not build massive cities. They are on feed me mode. It is proven the people who built the pyramids0 were well funded craftsmen. They did kill thousands of people to make it rain but they did not build anything, just bled on it..


The South Americans tried to make or rain. Call Al Gore he could have saved them


Indians at Little Bighorn were better armed than Custer’s men (Winchester ’73s versus Springfirld trapdoor carbines) beside outnumbering them.

USMC Steve

So they were wandering prehistoric drifters then.

Move into a place, mess it up until it was unliveable and then move somewhere else and repeat ad infinitum.

Very admirable.


The original homeless… 🙄 

Last edited 4 months ago by Poetrooper

Kind of like being a seagull manager. Fly in, make noise, shit all over everything and then leave.


Whaaaat? No Interstate highways?


F’em! I’ve always been a Blue Bell fan anyways!


Yeah, I’ve always thought Blue Bell, Tillamook, and Hagen Das always made way better ice cream anyways.




Having recently discovered Tillamook, and already knowing about blue bell brand, I agree with you.

If you have not tried either, I encourage all to do so.

Tillamook brand is creamy greatness. Mmmmmmmm.


Tillamook is very good. Baskin Robbins is also better than the rump-riders’ brand.


In st louis, there is a Baskin Robbins next door to a Ted Drew’s frozen custard stand. There is always a line at Ted Drew’s. Not so much at Baskin-Robbins.

Ted Drew’s is a local icon. Good treats. But Baskin-Robbins does have good ice cream.


Fuk you them
Stoped eating this shit a longtime ago


I might have tried some way back when, but it wasn’t good enough for me to overlook the politics I somehow knew they had, even before knowing much of anything. All I really remember is Cherry Garcia… when Jerry Garcia died, I was a snot-nosed teen working at McDonald’s and we had a dreadlocked hippie girl. I made some kind of corny joke about the Grateful Dead being dead and she burst out in tears. Now, I remember that, and always noticing the Cherry Garcia on store shelves. Funny how our minds work.

I can go for some Blue Bell, Breyer’s, or Turkey Hill ice cream. Heck, I might have to make a pit stop on the way home…

A Proud Infidel®™

Foot, mouth, CHOMP-CHOMP-CHOMP!!!

Never have and never will eat Bum & Jerkoff’s stuff!

Last edited 4 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™