Anti-LGBTQ fallout

| July 10, 2023

Military Times seems concerned that the services aren’t tracking how many LGBTQetc transfer requests have been received.

In early 2022, state laws targeting LGBTQ+ communities began to spread across the U.S., leading the military services to offer resources for families seeking support and even relocations to escape discrimination.

They seem to feel the Air Force tracks these requests best.

The Department of the Air Force — which also oversees the Space Force — told on Thursday that 15 relocations have been granted under “exceptions to policy (ETP) for members experiencing a range of racial- and LGBTQ+-related discrimination” since 2021.

OK, I am a cynic – we’re talking less than 1% of the general population pool, divided by the proportion of them who actually enlist, AND feel so strongly that local laws ‘harm’ them some way that they have to relocate – and come up with 15 cases in almost two years. But wait – there’s more! Note this also includes a ‘range of racial’ issues. Taking just blacks, we move up to what, 15% of the populace, a pool which we know does enlist, and which in some areas is indeed likely to really run into racial issues  So in truth the AF is relocating what, one or two families annually?

For some services like the Army, Marine Corps and Navy, their discrimination-based relocation options are not heavily advertised and the branches are relying on old, existing policies to accommodate troops who have grown concerned that new state laws could lead to harm for their families.

The Army told that, under its compassionate action program, it had received 1,443 requests so far for fiscal 2023; 2,267 requests in 2022; and 2,459 in 2021.

In that three-year period, nearly 500 of those requests have been rejected. But compassionate actions cover a wide range of reasons, from pregnant soldiers switching bases during their third trimester or a soldier wanting to escape sexual harassment.

Jennifer Dane, an LGBTQ+ advocate and an Air Force veteran who was one of the last to be investigated under the Pentagon’s old “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, told that the lack of specific data that shows whether service members and their families are experiencing widespread discrimination is concerning.

“There’s no transparency,” Dane said. “There just needs to be more transparency across all branches.”

Military Times

I know, I’m a right-leaning old fart who looks at the numbers. But this sure seems to me to be involve a very tiny portion of the military populace when you screen out all the other problems cited.

Could it be that (gasp) most service members just don’t give a damn who the hell these people sleep with – pretty much as they always have (or haven’t, to be grammatically correct)?



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Think its the best way to get a free PCS to a better base?


“I need to be stationed in Hawaii because reasons”

Although if I got stuck at Fort Polk, Fort Irwin, Fort Drum or 29 Palms, I might claim to be part of the Rainbow Mafia to get out of there

Jay Huyck

Clearly, you are not familiar with the pride of the Ozarks, Ft Leonard Wood; Hose insertion point for a world-wide enema.


I have been to El Paso. If I were stationed there I just might consider transitioning.


“relocations to escape discrimination”

Another way to escape deployment to a not so friendly theater?
If you’re queer stay in the rear?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

You mean like the transgenders who will be undeployable because of their constant need for prescriptions among other issues? Sounds like the current administration is trying to offer free rides to as many freaks as possible.


Wonder how many of those relocations from the Air Force were people looking to leave Minot?


How can their ‘B’ in LGBTQ/Alphabet Mafia stand for Bisexual? ‘Bi’ means two and they say there are more than 2 genders. Shows the flaw in their “logic” errr lunacy.
They are NOT discriminated against. Name ONE right they don’t have. The Commissar’s people are the MOST privileged group in this country. If a grown man in a van offers kids candy, he’s justifiably drawn and quartered. If a man twerking in a feather boa has kids put dollar bills in his G-string that’s somehow stunning & brave.
Laws against children having healthy organs removed, sterilization, and being preyed upon by pedophiles is what a civilized society does. If one of those people was in my command and asked for a transfer, I’d stay don’t the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. Who needs that mentality infecting a command. Good fucking riddance to them.


Military Times editors are happy little apparatchiks for the woke DOD.


The Times family began turning left back in the 70’s at the same time liberals were infiltrating Newsweek, Time and other national news publications. The sorry bastards have been fully and eagerly complicit in the leftist takeover of our military for decades.

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FFS!…or to quote Charlie Brown…Good Grief! The primary mission of the Military IS NOT a social experiment. It is to prepare to defend the country from an enemy whose stated purpose is to either destroy us or subjugate us. The enemy is not going to give a damn about your preferred pronoun, gender, or your “feelings”. Get over yourself and do the job, where ever you’re sent, that you signed up for.


FYI, Charlie Brown is the new CJCS (Milley’s replacement).
And he’s all in on the diversity bus



Trannies that require a life times’ worth of medication, the occasional expensive surgical series, the light duty and undeployability that would come with those surgeries, and the mental health problems that are obvious to all unbiased observers – COME RIGHT ON IN!!


Not that we need bed-wetters, either.

pookysgirl, WC wife

If one of the reasons Pooky got kicked out was because he was on lithium, why do these nutjobs with all their experimental and off-label drug use get to be recruited *and* stay in?

Prior Service

Could I use this to get away from my boss if he was fruity?


I guess I don’t understand where the LGBTQ+++ community constantly feel discriminated against, all the time, everywhere and about everything. I don’t live that lifestyle, don’t get it, don’t want it, BUT, if it’s what you want to do, GO FOR IT!!! It seems like if you don’t kiss that community’s ass, don’t tell them how great they are, etc, etc, you have discriminated against them. I’m lost!


In some places, you might go to prison. The Michigan House of Representatives passed HB 4474, which gives the state the opportunity to put you in the slammer for up to 5 years and/or fine you $10K for “misgendering” someone. It would seem the idea of free speech only applies to dems these days at least here in the Mitten State. The Michigan Senate is also controlled by the dems and our wonderful governor, Gretch Whitler, has promised to sign the mess if it hits her desk. Never mind that pesky First Amendment.


I guess my problem (that I’m terrible with vocalizing) is that I say -“go do you”- you don’t have to MAKE me approve and accept it!

BTW- soon to be in your AO- Camp Grayling.


Also- my magic 8-ball says that there is a SCOUS case in the future!


Ah, yes! The ol’ “Go west, young zim/zer!”.

You have Shermaned across this land, not to just be contented holed up in festering sores up and down of what was ‘our last frontier’: San Fran, Portland, Seattle, LA; turning what was good into a sideshow freak show carnival fun house gangbang with furries.

You shitstains complain about contrived grievances, multiplied by your need to have others pay for your snowflakédness, have ruined more Freedom than all the locusts in all of history have destroyed grains of seed.

And now you have the UNCHECKED TEMERITY to call a varied people, that want NOTHING from you, ‘foreign’ and ‘disgusting’, and “have grown concerned that new state laws could lead to harm for [your] families”?


Go back to whence you came. I ain’t leaving and I ain’t paying.

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You eloquently stated my feelings that I have a hard time getting out. Do you, and leave the rest of us alone!