French Marines are suspected of beating rioters up

| July 9, 2023

A group of people wore hoods and masks. Under the auspices of being “anti-rioters,” these service members went out and tackled rioters in Lorient, a location of a French military base. The police were happy to receive their help but noticed that “the help” was being too rough on the rioters. A 25-year-old man, knowledgeable of this event, described this assistance as preventing France from continuing to burn.

From The Guardian:

The Forfusco navy unit based in Lorient has “opened an inquiry which is under way. Until the results are known, there will be no further comment,” the defence ministry said in a statement to the AFP news agency.

Lorient mayor, Fabrice Loher, told AFP he was unable to confirm what had happened, but said he had “seen people in masks. We thought they were rioters.”

“What is important to me is what the Forfusco says,” the mayor said, adding that he was worried about the impact of the incident on his town’s reputation.

Lorient prosecutor Stephane Kellenberger said on Wednesday that no investigation was under way in the absence of any legal complaint or “concrete or objective element” to justify it.

An unnamed police officer quoted by Le Telegramme at the weekend said officers initially let the “anti-rioters” intervene “because it was helping us” before they realised “they were going at it a bit too strongly”.

The paper quoted a witness saying the men described themselves as “patriots”.

The Guardian has additional information.

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“…he was worried about the impact of the incident on his town’s reputation.”

I think the reason for his “worry” is misplaced. The riots should be his primary worry.

These assistants were just conducting PT, and doing a damn fine job.


Awww…the poor widdle “mostly peaceful” protesters got roughed up a little too much when they decided to FA&FO in a town that has a bunch of Marines nearby. I would go check my field, but I know that it is barren and I have nothing to give for these “protesters”.


Less baton use and more live ammo utilization.

Since the cluster munitions are no longer a war crime (don’t think about it), how about they just….

many bomblets of peace.gif

I think I need a cigarette.


Towel? Gin & tonic?


And maybe a nap….


There is no more satisfying deep nap than a post cotial surrender to natural neurochemistry. No other drug can ever match it.


Ok, try coital, instead.


More cowbell.


Nobody was complaining eh? Sounds like a solution instead of a problem.

Old tanker

Anti rioters or village reputation? HHMMM. Does a burned out village even have a reputation?


If the rioters have a problem with some rough handling they should dial 1(800)GET-BENT or if the line is busy 1(800)EAT-SHIT.


For ’em:
comment image


We Good Americans learned back in the Glory Days of 2020 that when it’s for a just cause, peaceful protests are just that, peaceful. They may be a bit fiery, might injure or kill a few innocent civilians or cops, but it’s all in the name of [insert martyr name here]. George Floyd’s name has been memorialized, and no amount of property damage and personal harm committed in his name is as serious as the grievous crimes committed by Chauvin and his evil henchmen.

Paris deserves all it gets, and surrounding towns and villages should atone for the sins committed by the dirty cop that shot Nahel Merzouk. If they get erased in the process, so be it.

Okay, so bitter sarcasm aside, when will the nonsense stop? If these French Marines really took the law into their own hands, great! We spent months watching our own cities burn while police either stood back or were forced to retreat. Names like Chauvin incensed the public, while people like Rittenhouse were burned in effigy for daring to protect himself against violent and armed people committing multiple serious crimes. It seems that politicians and authorities are more interested in appeasing rioters, while the media fans the flames. In the end, it’s the law-abiding citizen and business owners who suffer the most from this continued chaos.


I’d like to think that we all have the spirit of the Rooftop Korean inside of us.

It’s time for the Frenchman to learn the power combo of chain-smoking and the windbreaker!

The rooftops started speaking korean.jpg
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I think people are getting fed up. In free states (those states where freedom is ensured because the 2A is less infringed) people are fighting back. We will probably have a record number of SD shootings this year in the US.

In the last year or so I’ve noticed a new trend. Police get in a gun fight and citizens with guns show up to support the police. In one of the events the officer even gave an unarmed man a pistol to join the fray (the man was unarmed because he was on his way to Canada). Most people are going to still not get involved but the ones who would run to the sound of the guns are now seem to be doing it with more regularity

Husband & Wife Fire Team Support Downed Officer (this channel covers many citizen involved shootings):

Cop Gives Gun to unknown bystander:

Neighbor mag dumps methed out neighbor after he shoots two deputies in the head. There is a longer version of this with more neighbors involved.


I saw the video with the State Trooper who gave the guy his backup gun. Close call for the Trooper, and the guy who stopped was a retired cop who was unarmed due to his trip to Canada. I also watched the one where the neighbor assisted the cop after his comrades were shot.

I’m not permitted to carry at work but have been flirting with who wins–corporate policy or departmental regulation–if I eventually volunteer for the local Sheriff’s Office. After all, if I’m an off-duty Deputy required to carry in my jurisdiction (not sure if that’s the policy down here, but a lot of agencies have a similar one), duly sworn in by the Sheriff we report our DENY 4473s to, hmmm…

Outside of work, I carry. I don’t venture too far most of the time, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have the tools available to assist anyone in need–cop, first responder, or civilian in a bad situation–as well as to defend my family and myself. I’m not Rambo, I could very well end up ambushed, outgunned, or simply unlucky, but it’s better than just falling in with the flock and relying on others.

Admittedly, I still need to get my permit. I have my now-worthless Virginia CHP and the Louisiana one is free for Vets, with training waivered. The instructor that teaches the course at my work offers it for free to employees, though, so I may sit in one weekend regardless. It’s been over 20 years since my Virginia course and nearly that since the much more in-depth Kentucky CCW course. I was also talking to the instructor about getting my NRA Pistol and perhaps Rifle Instructor certification. Not an NRA member, but I just joined GOA and FPC and have been a USCCA member for about a year.

As a Vet, I have Constitutional Carry, but that was worthless during a recent trip out-of-state. So, I guess I’ll get my permit for reciprocity reasons and be able to carry throughout the South…


LEOSA covers Reserve Officers IF they have arrest powers. IOTH arrest powers in most states the officer has to be certified. Many agencies with reserve officers have a path to certification for their reserve officers. Usually it involves attending a “weekend” academy at their agency regular academy in an unpaid status and this can be quite lengthy.

In my state certification takes 560 hours which works out to every other weekend for about a year, which is a huge commitment. Most agencies won’t even let you try it until you have been a reserve for a few years. The advantage though is that you can be employed on a part time basis (get paid) and patrol without supervision as you then have arrest powers or you can just take a job at an agency somewhere once you are certified. Micro agencies really only care that you have certification and are willing to put your life on the line for McDonald’s wages of $16/hr.

If you have powers of arrest and you are in good standing you can carry nationwide regardless of state and local laws (suck it DC). Currently LEOSA doesn’t allow you to carry in prohibited places outside of your state or jurisdiction (varies by state). This can vary a lot depending upon where you are. Areas such as schools, arenas, Federal Court House etc. but also, maybe bars. There are other limitations such as you have to be sober and have proper credentials etc.

Some states, sometimes, arrest out of state officers anyway (looking at you NY/NJ) but they always lose in court or drop the charges. It’s an annoyance to discourage you from visiting their state. Either way you will be in the right.

ETA – In my state if you are retired military your CCP is free. It is no longer required here, but if you go out of state you might need one.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Yes, regardless if your State has Constitutional Carry, a CCP is a great investment IMO. Take my case for instance, there is now Constitutional carry where I live, but having a CCP from my State allows me to carry in 36 others, I heartily recommend getting one!


That first video, seeing average joes and janes come out to assist is just about the most beauteous thing I’ve seen in a hot minute!

Tourniquet! Have one, or better two!!


“ being too rough on the rioters”!!

Didn’t the French previously cut off heads? Seems like getting “roughed up” isn’t too bad!

Prior Service

“Ha ha. Francois, it looks like you have fallen down on zee knuckles again.”
”Oui, mon sergeant.”


Boy… I wonder what they would have said to Napoleon when he subdued the rioters back in his day with a “whiff of grapeshot”.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like the “peaceful protests” in deep-blue locales, I’m sure the rioters are mostly immature little maggots being “useful idiots” to their herders and handlers, thus for those “getting roughed up”, the only sympathy I have for them is what one will find in a dictionary somewhere between “shit” and “syphilis”. If I were to ever meet up with any of those who roughed up a rioting maggot, I would only wish for said meeting to occur where Adult Beverages were sold so they could enjoy a round on me!


Forfusco naval unit should conclude their investigation and let the mayor and prosecutor know that no evidence pointed to wrong doing by French military, and that no further investigation nor assistance will be provided in any legal pursuits.

Anna Puma

Be nie but they probably have a bunch of Lindsay Grahams for JAG-offs.


Unfortunately, you are probably correct.

Anna Puma

France needs to declare a curfew and tell the Gendarmes and the public it will be weapons free after that time each and every night until the rioters stop and/or are dead.

It is far past the time to worry about hurt feelings.


It’s past time to show them what really hurts besides their feelings.


You really only need to shoot a couple of them, draw some blood, and put fear back where it belongs. .22 is ideal for behind the ear, into the skull and towards the brain stem… where it won’t matter too much 😉

Sling shots are good, air powered pellets, just enough to convince them of the error of their ways.

Otherwise, I really like flamethrowers but they really stir things up. It’s amazing what you can do with batteries.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Paint ball guns, with freshly and fully charged air tanks


> French Marines are suspected of beating rioters up.

I fail to see the problem.




I’m too old to go mano a mano willingly with a rioter.
I’d have to go Mossy or Thuddy-thuddy to help them see the error of their ways.


The French establishment’s main interest is controlling French natives while they are being displaced. The rioters embarrass the government because they point out that the whole diversity is our strength thing is an obvious lie, but when push comes to shove the milking of the natives in a colonialist system is what is important and in that the rioters and the government are on the same side.