Yevgeny Prigozhin’s PMC Wagner ‘march’ to Moscow: A potential repeat of history

| June 24, 2023

Yevgeny Prigozhin, during an interview, where he contradicted Moscow’s justification for war. (Associated Press)

Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner’s taking control of Russian territory appears to repeat Russian history. Two major examples involve Russia’s involvement in World War I, and then the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. The first involvement contributed to the events that would result in the revolution that would lead to a communist government. The Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan contributed to the events that would lead to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Could the Russian Federation disintegrate? It’s possible. Could there be a regime change in Moscow? That too is possible. Moscow could also manage to leverage their stretched-out military to end Prigozhin and Wagner. The last thing that Moscow needs is for certain groups to see that they are militarily impotent.

This wasn’t an “overnight” decision. Friction had been flaring through this year, with Prigozhin’s calling the Ministry of Defense out for starving PMC Wagner of needed rounds and supplies. When Wagner pulled back from Bakhmut, after turning their positions over to the regular Russian Army, a PMC Wagner unit came under attack from Russian artillery. The recent move to take territory in Russia came at the heels of the Russian military’s again attacking Wagner on the ground.

When Prigozhin provided an interview, calling for people to rise up against the current regime in Moscow, he was partly leveraging his understanding of Russian history. He was also leveraging his understanding of the psychographics of the Russian people… There are claims that he runs a troll farm.

In this interview, he contradicted government and media propaganda related to the Ukraine War. It was not about NATO. There was no pending attack by Ukraine and/or NATO back in February, 2022. There was no threat to the Russian Federation. Certain officials in Moscow needed their glory, and were willing to throw thousands of Russians to their deaths to achieve their objectives. The Russian government shut down parts of the internet in that area in the aftermath of this interview. We posted about this same thing here, where a Retired Russian officer countered Moscow’s arguments before they launched their invasion.

From The Guardian:

In an explosive 30-minute video posted on his Telegram channel, Prigozhin dismissed Moscow’s claims that Kyiv was planning to launch an offensive on the Russian-controlled territories in eastern Ukraine in February 2022.

“There was nothing extraordinary happening on the eve of February 24,” Prigozhin said.

“The ministry of defence is trying to deceive the public and the president and spin the story that there was insane levels of aggression from the Ukrainian side and that they were going to attack us together with the whole Nato block,” the Wagner head said.

Shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine, Putin claimed Moscow’s invasion had thwarted Ukraine’s own plans for “a massive attack on the Donbas, and then on the Crimea”.

Prigozhin also said Russia’s leadership could have avoided the war by negotiating with Ukraine’s president, Volodomyr Zelenskiy.

“When Zelenskiy became president, he was ready for agreements. All that needed to be done was to get off Mount Olympus and negotiate with him,” he said.

Prigozhin has been arguing with top military officials for months, blaming the minister of defence, Sergei Shoigu, for battlefield failures.

However, his latest tirade appeared to be a new escalation, as the warlord directly contradicted Putin’s rationale for the invasion, implying it was based on lies in what amounts to the harshest criticism by any prominent Russian war figure of the decision to attack Ukraine.

“What was the war for? The war needed for Shoigu to receive a hero star … The oligarchic clan that rules Russia needed the war,” he said.

“The mentally ill scumbags decided: ‘It’s OK, we’ll throw in a few thousand more Russian men as cannon fodder. They’ll die under artillery fire, but we’ll get what we want,'” Prigozhin continued.

The Guardian has additional information here. The YouTube channel, Reporting from Ukraine, provides details on this event:

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FIRST thing this Glory seeking wanna be war hero needs to do is study a history book…or 3. Napoleon tried and failed, Adolph tried and failed…BIGLY…and here locally, John Brown took a handful of followers to start an uprising and he failed. And those are just a few examples.

Somehow I just don’t see this dude having much more success than those guys had. Again…25K troops? Good luck with that.

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He’s looking to history. He’s only looking to October 1917.


Another event that happened 1917, in May, was the mutiny of the French Army. Despite that, the French managed to successfully prosecute the war to victory. The French mutiny lasted significantly longer and involved more troops than this abortive Russian mutiny.


Sh*t’s still going on, however… elite Wagner dudes trying to seize Russkie nukes for leverage:


“…possibly aiming to seize the facility.”

You did see the word “possibly“, right?

Rumor, gossip, and uninformed speculation.

USMC Steve

I think based upon Wagner group performance thus far, that using the word elites is pretty generous regarding their training and capabilities.


More stuff about why Putin let Prigozhin walk and whether he’ll “whack” him later:

USMC Steve

Some significant differences. The others who tried to take over Russia were foreigners, and at this point a lot of people in Russia want Putin gone over this war of aggression/war crime he started. Look at the levels of resistance put up by the Russian military to this march to Moscow too. Not all that vigorous, but the Russian military is pretty much crap at that.


The current Administration may just get the Russia regime change it desires. Because the regime change the same players orchestrated in Libya was such a resounding success.


Alright, tinfoil hat. Next you’ll be repeating that GQP talking point about slave markets in Libya and how Facebook allows bidding to take place on their platform!

You’re position sound raysis n’ massageonistic

/s off, see below


I know that you comment is somewhat in jest, even though true.

The sad part is going to be all the American Flag draped coffins to make it happen. But, the important people don’t worry about that minor problem.

AW1 Rod

“The mentally ill scumbags decided: ‘It’s OK, we’ll throw in a few thousand more Russian men as cannon fodder. They’ll die under artillery fire, but we’ll get what we want.’”

Harsh, but probably accurate.


Sounds a lot like somebody around here. Maybe do a bed check real quick.


We are definitely living in interesting times.

Call me cynical but this is happening at a time when Pedo Joe is under fire for corruption and in the end could give him a win on foreign policy.


The corruption allegation are stupid.

Political corruption is essentially legalized in the US. Only idiots mange to be criminally corrupt.

The best indicator for corruption is how much A politician leverages their office to accumulate personal wealth. Pretty much all the big names in both parties have leveraged their office to make millions of dollars beyond what you would expect from the salary.

Despite decades in politics Biden was always one of the least wealthy Senators. He was not particularly wealthy after his time as VP.., and there is no evidence he has profited off the presidency.

His shitbag son has.

But if you all were upset about nepotism and corrupt sweetheart deals for the children of politicians you would think you would be upset about the Trump kids and the 2 billion dollar debt bailout for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.


Nobody ever said he was any good at being corrupt. Amateurs steal millions, professionals like the Clinton steal billions.

USMC Steve

The old boy isn’t good at anything. Except nap. I heard he can nap with the best of them.


Well, “ The best indicator for corruption is how much A politician leverages their office to accumulate personal wealth. Pretty much all the big names in both parties have leveraged their office to make millions of dollars beyond what you would expect from the salary.”

You said it! There you go!


Well shit for brains I know our government is corrupt I don’t need a commie facist such as yourself to tell me it exists.

As far a Jared and Ivanka, did the government bail them out or did private entities do it.

Just because Biden is the least wealthy doesn’t mean he isn’t corrupt, he just may not as good as say the Clintons are at it.

But now that you mention it yes the Bidens are corrupt. They have been getting away with it thanks to the corrupt FBI and DOJ running cover for him.

Thanks to AG Garland, Hunter gets a sweatheart deal that would that many others have gone to jail for. Wesly Snipes spent three years in prison for tax evasion . Gee Wesly is black and Hunter is white. Sounds like RAAAAAACISM to me.

Last edited 5 months ago by STSC(SW/SS)



Personally, I gave up worrying about corruption in politics sometime during the first Clinton administration. As you say, it is certainly bipartisan, and the American people seem unbothered by it, so who am I to argue with vox populi (aka vox dei).


Sounds like somebody has an inch deep reading of Russian history. A little more in depth reading would have the the leader disappeared( PMC Wagner,) Nuclear Explosions in Ukraine, Germany, and Poland. Then we’d see what happens next. NATO countries would drop out like the chicken shits they are, and the only thing left would be “negotiations.” Meanwhile Russia would drop censorship so hard on it’s population, it would make China look like California. That cold hard winter everyone talks about? That’s from the Steppes, all the way to Mongolia, for the last 1000 years. Those folks are so tough they drink radiator coolant for “relaxation.” Every time I see some wannabe historian with a neomodern take on that group of people, it stuns me that anyone would pay attention to them. Classical history is the only way to look at a Cossack, or a Mongol, or a any member of the Steppes population.


Yep. There was a very good reason that the Cossacks were used as shock troops and the term “Mongol Hordes” came about. And if anybody opens up some canned sunshine, on either side, welp…it won’t stop with just one.

Not a fan boi of any of these wanna be despots. Real easy to sit back in your climate controlled bunker and send boys (and girls) off to be slaughtered. News flash for them. In the battle between fortification and warhead…warhead will win, eventually…every.damn.time.

Damn fools will burn the whole place down just so they can rule over the ashes.


“I predicted that the U.S. would be fighting wars in Central America and in the Middle East.”

Gee, that was a tough one.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris totally engineered this and congratulations are certainly in order when Russia collapses.

/somebody had to say it 🤣🖕💩🤡


These posts of Ukrainian troops sitting around eating popcorn while watching broadcasts about what is happening in Russia are the best thing I have seen today.


That would be the dumbest thing ever if true. Now is the opportunity to destroy the Russian army wholesale.


Exactly. Perfect time to hit them. The Russian regulars on the ground in Ukraine are more likely now than ever to just walk away.


No, the perfect time is when the coup leads to weakening of the Russian front lines.

The main effort was already waiting to launch as soon as their prob My efforts found a weakness.

With the coup those weaknesses will emerge soon. But until they do you let the fear and uncertainty spread among the Russian troops as the say the Putin regime collapse.


It appears the coup is already over comrade. There is still a chance for a generous commission If your loyalty can be ensured.

Last edited 5 months ago by 5JC

I think there is an old saw about counting chickens prematurely. Add in a little wishful thinking and Voila!, instant idiot.


Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

The counter offensive was already ongoing. Though their main effort has not initiated as they probe for weaknesses.

The Russian front is now on the brink of collapsing.
Give the information about the coup time to spread among Russian troops. Uncertainty and fear to set in.

Then exploit the weaknesses as Russian lines waiver as they see no reason to die for a war that Russia can no linger win.

And since they have a timetable for a pending main effort offensive they probably don’t need to accelerate it much. It was already waiting for clear points of weakness on the Russian front.


Somebody isn’t keeping up with current events. You were doing so good this morning.

A Proud Infidel®™

So far, he’s at least zero for at least a few dozen on being right about anything. Remember his screeching about how zika was going to be the end of the world as we know it?


No, I missed that how did it turn out?


We all died from zika, duh.

All of Trump’s properties were really giant atomizers and sprayed it into the air.

It was quite the tragedy.


But they said the vaccine… Alas Babylon.

A Proud Infidel®™

Ah yes, while Donald Trump was in Office, it was “NO!” to the “vaccine” because the leftards were all screeching and braying that DJT was profiting off the shots and as soon as Bidumb got installed it was “GET THE SHOT or you need to be put in a concentration camp!”. I still wonder how many politicians made money off the jabs?


I am really envious of your obviously inside sources of reliable information.


Here it is:
comment image


Or Ted Stryker’s drinking problem:

USMC Steve

Chill, dude. They are doing that to themselves in Ukraine as we speak.


Fucking figures you’d consider that even remotely credible.


OK, so I’m gonna call it the ultimate distraction.

Somebody starts getting backed into a corner and starts dropping warheads on foreheads.

Multiple mushroom cloud start rising on the horizon.

That’s when the interstellar defense group steps in, the alien ships appear on orbit all around our planet, and the inner galactic federation reveals themselves.

And Joe Biden gets away scot-free.

TAH Dah.

You heard it here first. 😳🥹🤣🖕


Honestly, your sarcastic scenario is as plausible as any of the other dimwit notions that Russia is having a civil war to deflect from unsubstantiated Biden corruption allegations.

Last edited 5 months ago by Commissar

Russia isn’t doing this to deflect anything, but only a damn fool would say Biden won’t use it as a distraction. Go ahead, step up, be that damn fool.


Help me out here. We have the Wagner Group advancing on Moscow, Chechen forces loyal to Putin are in pursuit, and the Ukes are, or should be, rushing in to fill the gaps.

Now if we can just get Russia to attack Ukraine…


I doubt the Russians are purposely doing this to help deflect attention from Biden, but I am absolutely sure that Biden’s handlers are going to use this perfectly timed event to do just that. Lucky again!

Problem with it all is the PEOPLE, lose again!


“…unsubstantiated Biden corruption allegations.” You know, Spapos, your hatred of all things Trump and the fact that you have your head so far up your azz that if you farted you’d blow what little brains you have out, have blinded you to the corruption of creepy joe so much that you can’t even see the sh^t on the tip of your nose.

comment image?resize=529%2C372&ssl=1


You can add the Go to Jail corner with Garland’s face and Trump’s picture In Jail.

All the Railroads have derailed thanks to the incompetent Butt Boy.

Water Works and Electric Company have gone bust due to high energy costs.

Luxury Tax and Income Tax have gone sky high.

And due to inflation and printing of money, Monopoly money is worth more than US currency.


All the Railroads have derailed thanks to the incompetent Butt Boy.

But him and his husband bought some kids, you have a problem with that, bigot?

So what if the Yellowstone River gets a little chemically, he’s fucking GAY!

/s off

I’ll have to agree with commiepooppantssar here:

Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.


Good one!

meme stealing.jpg

Democrats don’t give a sh*t; they’d do it.

USMC Steve

Apparently you are still not watching any real news. Garland is and has already established Biden is corrupt and taking bribes from anywhere that will sign the checks to him.


Wait, Project Blue Beam?


This timeline is getting too weird, even for this psychonaut

Last edited 5 months ago by Roh-Dog

This post needs music.


Ew, O.A.R.

I was double fisting Jameo and gingers at one of their shows, kinda unknowingly. My then-future misses now-ex was ‘having me hold her drink’ and thought it was funny to grab mine.

I lost count and was passed out in the back of the wrong Jeep while her and her college friends went to get food.

Luckily the couple that found me had a sense of humor about it.

God bless Virginians.

Last edited 5 months ago by Roh-Dog

Funny alert!
The Pizza Hut nearest the Pentagon has its employes on a 24/7 shift schedule for orders, weekend pass cancelled.😂


Somebody call Waffle House, get them on the line stat!!!


The Pizza Hut 24/7ing is only ROUND HOUSE, Star*ucks is FAST PACE.

COCKED PISTOL is issuing of Camelback, 1 EA with Water, Rain, 3 Qts.



Seeing the same.

Now that this is over with, can we talk about something less global-implications-y?

Like Petty Orificer Tincan?

Petty Orificer Tincan.jpg

Not from the hair of my chinny, chin, chin, chin, chin, chin, chin, chin….


More chins than a Chinese phone book.

Can I still say that?


Honestly I’m jelly. Not of all the purple hearts, that’s not something I want. But I never had the opportunity to become EOD, swift boat, aircrew, CIB and recon.

Certainly not all at once.


I’m surprised he found a uniform that fits.


Petty Officer Bling here must have been a Naval Aircrewman many, many cheeseburgers ago. Aircraft have CG limits after all.


All that’s missing are Boy Scout merit badges.


I didn’t know the Navy had infantrymen, especially ones that fought in two wars.



/for now… 😉


Not going to look good for Putin. A small army revolts and he takes the first plane out of town.


This is ridiculous.

This is one of the most momentous historical moments in decades and I keep trying to have a genuine discussion with veterans who should not just be a bunch of conspiracy theory addled fuckwits.

Only a handful of the regulars here seem to be able to discuss this with any insight.

Most of the posts today have just been speculation about false flags, conspiracy theories about this being a distraction to divert attention from Biden, and dipshits refusing to look at any source outside their echo chamber.

This place has always been a bit of a carnival. But the last few years it has degraded into a circus of delusional idiots with only a few people trying to remain grounded in reality.

So many former regulars no longer post here. They must have been the rational ones.

I’m out. This is too important an event to waste time watching it play out with an audience of nitwits.

There are far better forums that actually have genuinely insightful discussions.

This one is incapable if it.


Given current events, This is probably the most funny thing I will read all day.

You really don’t ever get tired of being wrong do you? Don’t answer it’s rhetorical.


Just don’t tell him we put out all the conspiracy theories and distraction stuff just to yank his chain. I think we just might be the only people who talk to him.


Just don’t tell him we put out all the conspiracy theories and distraction stuff just to yank his chain. 

Wait, we do?

I mean, yeah, totally, that’s what we do!

{takes off tinfoil helmet}


“tinfoil helmet”

I keep trying to educate you ignorant “conspiracy theory addled fuckwits”

The correct terminology is “Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie“. But, what can I expect from a group of so-called “veterans” who no doubt needed multiple waivers to even talk to a recruiter.
It is a great burden on me being the only edumacated, rational, individual on this site. I shall, however, endeavor to persevere to enlighten you substandard specimens.


Wish dot com high cut tinfoil ACH brah.

Altho I’m pretty sure its actually lead as it tastes sweet but I can stop chewings on it.

Edumancate away, oh capt’n my capt’n!


That tinfoil helmet doesn’t work without proper grounding. Skippy might still have some quality copper foil hats.

Last edited 5 months ago by SFC D


I gotchu homie!

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY Major Moonbat, most of us read your rants strictly for something to laugh at, I’m one of those who remember your past rants about this or that was going to be the end of everything as wel know it, starting with your zika panic regurgitations here!


“I’m out. This is too important an event to waste time watching it play out with an audience of nitwits.”

And yet here you are… 🙄 


Hey, at least I admit that I’m a retard and a douche bag and an annoyance and a fuck wit, and occasionally a bitch,

I apologize in advance. I can’t help myself..

Major Dr. Kommissar president, I give you


It is the chasing that gives the joy. Catching it turns out to be a downer.


I think that the animosity towards you from most folks here is a direct result to how you historically respond(ed) to others in a condescending tone and a lot of times with foul-mouthed comments. I don’t post often, and there have been a few times that I have agreed with you. However, it seems that you have made yourself sort of a pariah here with the attitude you have shown others, sometimes maybe justified but a lot of times not. I believe that you can change and “make friends” here, but that will take time and patience from others and you holding your tongue until they see you as a peer. This is my opinion only, and you know what they say about those.

A Proud Infidel®™

He was banned by Jonn in the past and slinked back here after he passed away. Hell, Major Moonbat screeched that he wanted to fight me when he first started screeching here.


Seems ridiculous to want to fight over stating our opinions here. I guess a
Differing opinions are the cause of many fights though. Maintaining some decorum is vital. I guess since our leaders can’t do it in the hallowed halls of the capital, it’s too much to expect it from others. Guess which side acts like a bunch of spoiled brats! The same side that has a senator conducting official business in shorts and a hoodie (what an embarrassment).

Anyway, I know that he laid the groundwork for his own treatment here. That was the point that I was trying to make above. If he is ever able to fix it, it will take some time, and a change in his tone.


“I believe that you can change and “make friends” here,”


“until they see you as a peer”

Not in this lifetime. I ain’t no paragon of intellect or virtue, but dayum!


Well, I tried to be civil and stay out of trouble. It’s really hard to walk the middle. Makes me wonder about the “independent” voters!

Anyway, I tried!


You’re not out. You’ll be back. You’ll need us just like Hunter snorting Parmesan cheese out of his carpet. You’re even a fraud when you say you’re gonna leave.


You’re right, he’ll be back.

To Lars, TAH is like catnip.

To us, he’s like a San Francisco sidewalk… 💩 

Last edited 5 months ago by Poetrooper

The times, they are a’changin.


“conspiracy theories about this being a distraction to divert attention from Biden,”

I think YOU were the only one to mention that.


If you typed this with a straight face, I’ll forever wonder how the fuck you ever received a commission, let alone MULTIPLE promotions.

Christ, you’re a fucking joke.


This whole debacle needs to end now. Think Putin is bad? Wait until this criminal and his monsters take control of the largest nuclear stockpile in the world.

Nothing good comes from any of this continuing any further for any of us. Negotiate and provide an off-ramp for Putin. He’s looking for it, and if we had an administration that was worth a damn, this would be over already and/or would’ve never happened to begin with.

This current push for more bloodshed is insanity and will only lead to millions of lives lost in the end. We used to have a good and healthy fear of nuclear winters in the Cold War. That seems to be lost on this Tik Tok generation of pronouns and gender sensitivity.


^^^^^^ THIS! ^^^^^^

I may add, we are further risking China being the go-to for negotiations. Someone here astutely pointed out that RF is attempting to sway other nations away from out currency, which is a political hand grenade, and this ‘push for more of the same’ is detrimental to our way of life.

Pyrrhic goals be pyrrhic and sheeet.

At this point, if sanity should prevail it’d be a GD miracle.


As much as I have enjoyed sitting on the sidelines watching The takedown of Russia, It has been done. Maybe Putin can give up his aspirations.

This little revolt has shown how weak Russia is. Putin might settle soon since he has been exposed and likely had the crap scared out of him.

A Proud Infidel®™

I pray for sanity to prevail, but IMO it’s not likely with Putin, he’s proven himself to be a 24K Sociopath in the past.


I think Russia’s weakness has been on display for over a year now.


“and/or would’ve never happened to begin with.“

Exactly! But when your trying to build your own bank account, the needs of the country come later. It didn’t happen under Trump and I’m sure that a lot of the reason for that was that he was already rich and didn’t need the money. Funny how he was blamed for doing what those pointing were/are actually doing.

Look at the pictures of our politicians who are wearing Ukrainian flag pins, and there you go.

A Proud Infidel®™

Malig-Nancy Pelosi visited Ukraine as well, I wonder how much she’s getting in kickbacks?


I’ll just bet it’s more than yours and mine annual income combined! Wanna bet?

A Proud Infidel®™

Sheeee-it no, I am NOT gonna bet against you on that!




No bet. Heck, I can’t afford the ice cream, much less that oversized freezer she keeps it in.


Great idea! As much as I would like to restore Ukraine to 2014 boundaries, let Russia have the waste land they created with their own artillery. Then rebuild the recaptured Ukraine areas with all the Russian seized money. War ends.




Don’t drink the tea ,, comrade

Last edited 5 months ago by Sapper3307

And watch your step–the deck is slippery when wet.


I can’t believe that Prigozhin agreed to go to Belarus of all places. You know, the country in the region that probably most strongly supports Putin. I’m waiting for the article about this clown’s unfortunate poisoning in the near future. Vladimir ain’t letting this go.


F*ck, I don’t get it… you know the FSB or Belarus will make Prizgorin “accidentally” fall out of a tall building to make Vlad happy.

Slow Joe

So….nothing happened?


Only damn place to get a decent slice, Wagner was on the move to Moscow for 10,000 meat lover’s pizzas.

Putin allocated a recently-unretired Yak-2 to run them some pies.

Crisis averted.

Fighting Ukinazis raises one heck of a hungry!


Forget it, Jake, it’s Russia. (Apologies to Jack Nicholson… )


Russia fired their most successful leader and folded his army of malcontents into their regular forces. So nothing +.013%

Or if you believe commissar one of the greatest moments in history and we were being a bunch of oafs for not supporting his fantasy of Pirgozhin taking over Russia and restoring true socialism.

Last edited 5 months ago by 5JC

Ah, yes. The destination of True Socialism.

Some day, just not this one

WHEN socialism fails.gif
Too W Kone

I am finding it interesting that the Wagner group pulled troops off the front to go visit Moscow.

Then the Russians pulled troops off the front to stop the visit.

In the mean time the Ukrainians, while just days ago were bragging about the major gains they were making in their offensive, stopped in the face of fewer troops.


Nothing with Russia is ever simple
1000 bucks says this isn’t even end of the beginning
there is way more going on here


Yes… will Prizgohrin suddenly die “by accident” shortly or did they all get together and throw Soigu under the bus? Enquiring minds want to know!


Embrace the power of “AND”…

Old tanker

Well the “revolt” seems to be over as the mercs were ordered to turn around by their leader and head back towards Ukraine. Thge one thing I really don’t understand is that if they were really being stabbed in the back and also not being supplied as per contract, why the hell didn’t they just pack up and leave? Mercs fight to get paid. No pay, no fight.


“No pay, no fight.”

Particularly if they are taking heavy casualties. And, as we are reliably informed by expert, knowledgeable sources, the forces of Truth, Justice, and the Ukrainian Way are indeed inflicting catastrophic losses on the Russki Orcs.