Today is Juneteenth!

| June 19, 2023

Despite slavery being made illegal, many areas in the south did not immediately release their slaves. The Union, continuing with its fight against the Confederates, did not have enough troops to ensure that the slaves were freed. However, after the fighting ended and the Confederacy surrendered, the federal troops had the manpower needed to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation.

Galveston, Texas, became the last area where slaves were notified of their freedom after Major General Gordon Granger provided the order announcing their status as being free. This order did not extend to areas still under Native American control, slavery continued in these areas. Treaties with the Native Americans controlling these areas were needed to end slavery there.

The newly freed Blacks celebrated this day as Emancipation Day in the years that followed. Juneteenth became added as a federal holiday on June 17, 2021. Before Progressives could take credit for this new holiday, a look at inconvenient historical facts is in order.

Supreme Court Decision against Dred Scott

Seven justices (Democrat) voted against Dred Scott, effectively declaring him as property. The two justices that voted in Dread Scott’s favor were conservative, one Republican and one from the Whig Party.

The Civil War

Democrat controlled southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederacy. The Republicans dominated the North, with Abraham Lincoln being the first Republican president. The Confederacy lost; federal troops occupied the Southern states.


The Democrat controlled southern states had to go through a process to re-enter the union. This left the Republicans in control of both chambers in Congress, as well as the Northern States. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were shot-gunned through congress and the states with massive Republican support and massive Democrat opposition.

The newly freed blacks became Republicans in droves, causing Republicans to win political offices in the former Confederate states.

Disgruntled former Confederates, partly due to fear that the Democrats would permanently lose power, formed the KKK. One of the KKK’s jobs was to harass and intimidate Republicans… Which included virtually all newly freed Blacks.

Post Reconstruction

Democrats charged back into power and implement segregation and Jim Crow laws.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Just over 80% of the Republicans in Congress supported the act, just under 70% of the Democrats in Congress also supported the act. The parties did not switch! A record breaking (at the time) filibuster was conducted by 21 Democrat Senators. Robert Byrd was among them. Note: Both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden praised Robert Byrd.

Confederate Statues

The toppling of the Confederate statues benefited the Democrats. These statues remind us of the time when the Democrats fought to keep slavery, then proceeded to implement segregation. Those that toppled the statues and fought to remove Confederate symbols due to their association with slavery and racism, turned around and voted for the Democratic Party despite its involvement with slavery and racism.

Indeed, Democrats get credit for Juneteenth being a federal holiday. They wanted to keep slavery even after the Confederacy surrendered. The movement by Major General Gordon Granger and his men to Galveston, then making that announcement on June 19, 1865, would start a chain of events that would eventually result in the new federal holiday.

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Awright, a day for folk to smoke weed, drink malt liquor and riot or just shoot a bunch of each other over stupid sh*t!


Cops still looking for suspects in Ch*tcago’s Juneteenth mass shooting:


Not to mention most casualties were collateral damage:

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey waitaminnit, ain’t Chicago supposed to be like, a lollipop utopia with all the gun laws they have?


With unicorns farting rainbows…


I never heard of Juneteenth until I went to the post office
this morning. Same with the guy in front of me and the people
behind us. Never heard of it.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It came in 2021. Heard it on WFTL 850 AM Radio this morning


50 KW day, 20 KW night.
I’ll bet you can hear that without a radio.


It’ll heat up your fillings.


I first heard about it from the Black first sgt of a Buffalo Soldier reenactor group back in the 1990’s.


Knew about it from my south Texas mom, it was pretty much just a Texas thing then.


Your ignorance of American history is now on display


Heck, I learned about it wondering why people had to riot and destroy property on “black Spring Break” in Virginia Beach. Because it was “Juneteenth,” you see!

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Once you gain the maturity and wisdom of adulthood you will realize that ignorance is relative; we are all ignorant, some more than others. I myself have come to know that the more I learn, the more ignorant I am.

USMC Steve

So, at what point did the blacks become overwhelmingly self destructive and stupid and start massively supporting socialist democrat politicians?


I point a finger and raise a middle one at LBJ for that one, around 1964-65.


Go back to 1913 and Woodrow Wilson, he tried to keep not just POC’s down but anyone who got in his way and damn the Constitution.

Oh, and he was a Democrat too!


Yeah he reversed and undid a lot of progress for a “progressive” leader.


Yep. All part of the “Great Society”.


comment image

Old tanker

One of the things I fail to understand is why so many blacks and hispanics support the democrats so religiously. It is patently clear from reading and hearing the dem party machine that they STILL consider non whites as less than fully competent. One of the most blatant examples in the last couple years was the claim that blacks are being disenfranchised by “racist” voter ID laws. That only makes sense if you realize the dems making the claim honestly believe blacks are incapable of obtaining ID from their state, therefore must be cared for as mentally challenged in “modern life”.


Free s***.


The VA has been bombarded (and infiltrated)
with “free shit” seekers since the 60s, made exponentially worse since the early 70s “St. Louis Fire”,
when the whole nation saw the news
that most military records from both World Wars
went up in flames.

It’s almost funny, but not funny,
when Vietnam era veterans (and PHONIES!!)
try to pull the “records lost in the fire” bullshit.


Remembering the end of 2020,
when “Mr. Bob” Walker tried it to my face,
claiming “Missouri fire” at the 3 way sit down
at the Junxion Cafe in Chadds Ford, PA.

Bob Walker Chadds Ford 1.jpg

Chadds Ford, that’s pretty close to my old stomping ground MD


I used to believe that just being seen casting my vote was an
important act of defiance to those that would limit my liberty.
Not so much anymore.
One person, one vote “in person” with ID or it’s game over.


Which is EXACTLY why the left is pushing mail ballots.. The fix is in with those…


Not only mail-in ballots, but allowing out of state college students to register, using their school, dorm or rented property as their home address. They fine-tuned this in Michigan last election, which saw Whitler/Gilcrist win the election while only carrying 13 counties out of 83 total counties.
The 13 counties are home to every 4 year college/university in the state, along with a whole lot of community colleges.

Slow Joe

Why do minorities support Democrats?

Because minorities are less politically educated and less vested in the functioning and the future of America. They overwhelmingly believe the propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media, they still believe the Democrat Party is the party of the poor even though every single billionaire is a democrat, and so on.

In the case of jews, the high proportion of college education is a major factor, as democrats have completely taken over faculties and students orgs, making conservatives renegades and pariahs. The most I can get in my family is some to call themselves “libertarians”, because becoming a Republican is a bridge too far for a jew.

In the case of hispanics, the MSM portrays democrats as caring and working for equal rights, and most of them swallow that, even though many, perhaps even most, don’t want more immigration to outcompete their salaries and raise the price of housing.

Just my 2 cents.


Billionaires, Nope.

20% of Jews are Republicans. Part of the problem is the lie about “right wing extremists”. The other part of the equation is that many Republicans are fervent Christians.


The Kennedy’s were fervent Catholics when I grew up in the Boston area. And the diocese was as
corrupt as all Hell. RIP John.


Well, José Lento, you bring up some good points and as a fellow Hispanic, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. There are, however, quite a few of us who never bought into that whole liberal storyline. It comes down to educating people to vote their values. It’s a lot of work, but if you bring someone over, it’s worth the effort.

BlueCord Dad

Just a tiny bone to pick. Slavery did not end in the US until December 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified, forcing Kentucky and Delaware(how ironic) to end the practice. God Save the Queen man!!


Truth be told, Confederate gov’t ended slavery by default in April 1865– declared slaves were people, not property, and couldn’t be made to go anywhere (like being evacuated from Richmond) if they didn’t want to go.


First time (and likely last) a Texas holiday became a national holiday.


Okay, I see what you did there, trying to sneak in a first on an open thread. But it doesn’t count since you’re a TAH admin type person. /s

Getting close to 20 comments and am still waiting for someone to declare a “First” so I can update the Coveted Book of Open Thread Firsts.


ok, I’ll be that guy … FIRST!


Okay, got it. Duly recorded into the Coveted Book of Firsts.


I guess that The Keeper of the Coveted Book of Firsts has the authority to declare a Thread an Open Thread, even if the poster of the Thread didn’t indicate that it was, indeed, an Open Thread. Thusly this would be a DOT (Declared Open Thread) V a WOT, MOT, ROT, or HOT? If anyone of the miscreanted, d’weeded deplorables of TAH deserves to be a FIRST, it would be our very own Fyrfighter.

I won’t get bogged down into the History of the Great Unpleasantness of the WBTS. I’m at a distinct advantage with 65 years of in depth study and growing older with relatives that lived during and right after those sad times. Just a few quick facts…Delaware was not the FIRST to stand against the African Slave Trade (it was the LAST to ratify the 13th A in 1901) but it was one of the FIRST to profit hugely from the Trade, along with NY, RI, CT, and the African Chieftains (that SOLD the Blacks to the Arabs who in turn sold them to others). There were more democrats in the North than there were in the South. Most Southern yeoman were more of the Old Whig Party. The inability of politicians ON BOTH SIDES to divide the money and power among themselves led to the splitting off of Southern States into The Confederacy. The New England States were about to do the same in the 1820s. It was understood at the time that since a State had willing joined the Union originally, then ergo, a State could willingly leave said Union. Lincoln “won” his election with less than 40% of the popular vote and he was the FIRST US President to arrest and jail his political rivals on trumped up charges.

The politicians divided We, The People then, and they are doing the same thing now.



I think you might need to look a little closer to the categories that David linked into this thread. He did indeed list it under the “Open thread”. That’s what prompted my comment about an admin trying to sneak in a first. / s

And as far as Fyrfighter declaring “FIRST”, a review of the Coveted Book of Firsts reveals that is the only time he has ever been first, so Hearty Congratulations to him are contained in the Orders of the Day.


Thanks Claw! yeah, file that one under blind squirrel / nut… Not bad for being on shift!


I was first once.
Welcome to the book.


Thanks Beans


Actually more than once. A quick review of the 22 pages long Coveted Book of Firsts reveals the following info on the poster known as “26Limabeans”:

Sole possession of a “First” occurred on the following dates:

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A Proud Infidel®™

SO just who was the first of us to first declare First first on a WOT?

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It was you.


Thanks. I actually caught later (after the opportunity to edit had elapsed) that it was you and not David that had made the post.


Except David didn’t do this post…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“….. jail his political rivals on Trumped up charges.”
I see what you did there, intentional or not.

Can’t slip nothing past you, can I?


Only 28 stage recognize the holiday. Of those states, many of the municipal governments do not recognize it. Some states made it optional to take your personal day, like California. Which basically means they’re not recognizing it, because you can take your personal day any day.

The gas lighting from the Federal government, never stops. Here they say they have 10 holidays per year and then list 11.

How much do they pay people not to work that extra day? About 3 billion dollars.


My son, serving in the US Navy, has today off as a federal Holiday. I work at the Kennedy Space Center, and only our union guys have a holiday. For salaried staff its a regular workday unless you want to use a floating holiday to take it off.


No, no it’s not.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Where I worked, the saying was that Lincoln freed the slaves but forgot all about Brink’s. (working conditions)

Specialist-Four, Drifty

However, today the GOP is the hate party!

Hey dipshit. This is the very last time I’m editing and approving your comments. Change your username.


Yeah, well, I HATE you, Drifty. Get fucked, you piece of shit.


You sure about that? Democrats just lie better now.
comment image


Not for nothing, but George Wallace did repent of his democrat (had to fight with this fucking phone because it kept trying to capitalize the “d”), segregationist ways. He was elected Governor of Alabama as a Republican and won a majority of the Black vote. Just sayin’, there is redemption under the tent of the Grand Old Party. Glory, glory Hallelujah…His truth is marching on!


Don’t forget Gov. Lester Maddox and his “Pickrick Drumsticks”;
“Maddox campaigned hard for states’ rights and maintained a segregationist stance while in office. Upon the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., he denied the slain civil rights leader the honor of lying in state in the Georgia state capitol…”


If Commissar had a son…


He’d have to shit him out. Fuck that clown.


Sweet Home Alabama


Oddly enough, I’ll agree with this statement!
Unfortunately hate has come into the hearts of many GOPers and Liberal former-dems! That hate-cum-loathing is squarely directed at the authoritarian democrats (also uniparty rino punk bitches) and their suprafascist unigovcorporate overlords.

I, for one, have come to hate these things:
-big abortion and its worship
-technocratic despots and their worship
-big pharma and its worship
-inept foreign policy (afg withdraw: NEVER forget)
-government control of; schools, small business, cars, ovens, bird feeders (not making THAT up!)
-hunting of concerned parents by a weaponized FiB
-that same FiB ignoring the vandalism to and burning of houses of worship
-“‘gun'” control laws period, but also how laws selectively enforced with race being a/the deciding factor of prosecution
-mismanaged spending of fake dollars conjured out of thin air…
-the corresponding inflation
-using the FISA court as a rubber stamp by lying on application and no one on that secret court either, A) acknowledging it, or 2)punishing the fucking liar(s)
-detention of a group of people whose only crime was trespassing while expressing a loathing for the same system you care to defend
-and soooo much more!

Most, if not all, is supported by a large swath of the demonrat party so fuck them for that.

So, let’s recap; fuck you, fuck off, eat shit, die alone, may God have mercy on you and your thin skull.

(all apologies to the Greatest Training Film of All Time but this clip made me lol so now you havta…)

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Preach it, Platoon Sergeant. Testify!


I watched a Forgotten History (YouTube channel) episode on Unit 731 this morning and commented on the Japanese and their innate ability to write the history they want. Not knocking the Japanese as a race and culture, but the atrocities committed by Unit 731 were on a level comparable to, if not exceeding, anything the Germans did before and during WWII. Yet, relatively few Americans are aware that the war in the Pacific and Asia was very nasty. Okay, what does that have to do with this thread?

Modern Democrats write the history they want. Their morally objectionable past has been shifted to make the Republican party the racist and evil oppressors, while they use misinformation and lack of education to ensure that their predecessors are hailed as heroes while those who ended slavery and Jim Crow are hailed as villains.

The Left wants us to equate anyone leaning Right: Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or otherwise, as being on the same level as the Nazis. You know, those evil White men who had Mustache Man Bad and continually get whipped up on by the likes of Indiana Jones. Orange Man Bad is a modern-day Hitler, Biden is the Great White Savior, and we must defeat Nazism in all its forms. Stalin? Che? Mao? Hell, Pol Pot? Peaceful leaders running Socialist Utopias. Imperial Japan, even? We won’t talk about that because, Brownshirts, Stahlhelms, Einsatzgruppen! Proud Boys, Patriot Front, Oath Keepers! Joe Rogan, Musk, Giuliani! I’m not saying I agree with any of the aforementioned individuals or organizations, but the narrative is that anyone not Left, Woke, and LBGTQIAMAP, whatever is on the same level as the German political and military machine as it existed from about 1932-1945.

Juneteenth is political pandering at its finest, brought about to appease BLM and other groups by showing how much of an ally Democrats are. It holds about as much meaning to most of us as Cinco de Mayo or International Dirty Mayonnaise Day.

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Nailed it!

Skivvy Stacker

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out that Dred Scott was here in Minnesota, at Fort Snelling, when he sued his owner for his freedom. It had never been mentioned in any history book I had ever read, or any history class I had ever taken. All I knew was that he had been “brought to the North”. I also didn’t know he had stayed at Fort Snelling for any length of time until I payed a visit there, and was shown his quarters.
I don’t understand why this information was never a part of my state’s history classes in school, or why it was never mentioned in any history classes I had ever taken up to then.
I am proud to say that I have actually walked in the footsteps of Dred Scott.


Graduated in that same timeframe and I remember that the Dred Scott decision was covered in middle school history. And I went to public school in the inner city.


I don’t recall learning about Dred Scott, but I did learn about Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, the Tuskegee Institute, and a few other things in what is now called “middle school”. That was in a segregated, pre-Civil Rights act all white school.

Prior Service

The US Army: doing stuff the Democrats didn’t want them to since 1865.


Another reason to celebrate?

comment image


Man, as an electrical engineer, I wish I could’ve “Rolled on two” with those shitbags.


I am of the opinion that a holiday to commemorate the abolishment of slavery is appropriate. However, the actions of Gen Granger, and Juneteenth aint it.

Fact the Emancipation Proclamation did not abolish slavery nor free all slaves in the United States.

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery when on On December 6, 1865, slavery throughout the United States became illegal when Georgia ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. And was formally adopted into the Constitution on 18 December 1865

The four States that explicitly rejected ratification or the 13th Amendment were Mississippi, Kentucky, New Jersey and Deleware.

Delaware; did not ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery until 1901, Isn’t Biden from Deleware

After Georgia became the 27th State to ratify the 13th amendment such stalwarts as Oregon, California and Iowa got on board once it was a fait accompli.

So should we commemorate this holiday on 6 Dec or 18 Dec?


Juneteenth, Martin Luther King day, Black History Month, etc. Hard to believe we are talking (incessantly) about an oppressed 13% minority.


To be fair, less than half of that 13% is more like 50% in certain ways, but if you mention that, even with no motive other than a call to improvement of your fellow man’s stead, youz ig’nant or something.

Brother Malcolm was right about a lot of things…

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After the Dem majority Congress passed the Civil Rights and Voting Acts the conservative and racist Democrats switched their party allegiance to the GOP
LBJ knew that this would happen but still signed that bill into law.
Blacks now vote 90% Dem
KKK voted GOP
The past is important to remember, but it is today’s reality that determines who we should vote for !


God, you’re dumb.


And, to quote a wise man named Bob;

“Your ignorance of American history is now on display”


What flavor was that koolaid? Yes, the past is important to remember. Made-up history like you just spewed is called a lie. Thanks for stopping by.


Flavor of the Koolaid? The flavor is his favorite, “Dick.”


Then why does Bendoverbuddy here keep ordering “‘When Bob was 12, his dad left the family after his pa saw him perform Dancing Queen by Abba at the county fair talent show’ Grape” at the canteen?

That name is a mouthful but Bob loves it!

edit: sinus pressure and lack of beer makes for nonsensical prose. I’ll work on that

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If he was an ice cream flavor, It’d be pralines and dick.


And there it is…