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| June 10, 2023

Winchester 1895

UPDATE: Centerville homeowner shoots, kills alleged intruder during home invasion

CENTERVILLE — A man is dead after a home invasion led to a shooting in Centerville early Thursday morning.

Joseph Gibson, 36, of Dayton, was identified Thursday afternoon as the person who had died in the shooting, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

Officers were dispatched to the 9700 block of Sheehan Road shortly before 5 a.m. after a woman at the home reported that someone was attempting to break in, according to Centerville Public Information Officer John Davis.

News Center 7 obtained the 911 call through a public records request.

“We have someone trying to break into our house right now,” the woman told dispatchers.

While officers were on their way to the home, a “bang” that was believed to be a gunshot could be heard over the phone, Davis said.

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The guy on the floor with the single gunshot wound to the head would concur with that assessment. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Homeowner shoots, kills accused burglar during attempted break-in

ASCENSION PARISH, La. (WAFB) – A man was killed on Sunday, June 4, after allegedly attempting to break into a home in Ascension Parish, officials said.

Kameron Serigny, 20, of Gonzales, has been identified as the man found deceased in the home.

According to officials, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to an attempted break-in around 6 a.m. at a home on Tiggy Duplessis Rd., in Ascension Parish.

Investigators say the suspect first tried to break into a car in the driveway, setting off the car alarm and alerting the homeowners.

The home is equipped with several security cameras which showed the suspect eating grass and beating on his chest, investigators said.

Video shows the suspect punching a hole in the glass on the home’s door, investigators said at that point, the homeowner fired one shot and the suspect fell to the ground. The suspect then reportedly got up again and punched another hole in the glass.

The homeowner then shot him again, sending the suspect back to the ground. The suspect then got up and slammed himself into the door, breaking it open, the video shows.

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Tell me again how many rounds I’m allowed in my mag to protect my family from meltdowns like this.

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.
Ronald Reagan

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Doncha just love a coupla DRTs FIRST (*grin*) thing of a morning. I know I do!

One shot…one kill! White Feather grins.

Keep shooting til he knows he’s dead!

Winchester Cathedral…’cause shoulder fired Artillery is a Religious Experience.

Past time to make the despotic, domestic enemies of We, The People feel the heat.

CRC Meeting today, Lads and Lassies…y’all try to behave while I’m out. I’ll see ya this pm.


Two up, two down.
Doesn’t pay to fuck around.


Winchester 1895 is aesthetically my favorite American rifle. I had a chance to buy one twenty years ago and have regretted not doing it ever since.

My local favorite gun store knows to call me if they ever get one in. The last one they had was more than 5 years ago.


For your July 4th post you can use an image of a “Committee of Safety” rifle.

Or a Brown Bess. Which was the most common rifle used during the war by both sides. However, it was British made. And I also think you all used it for an image before a few times.


Sorry, “musket”, not “rifle.”

Edit timer ran out before I realized I had called them rifles.

Last edited 1 year ago by Commissar

I am not sure if you have ever used a cannon for the daily post. However, since tomorrow is the anniversary of the first naval battle of the the American revolution, a British 3 pound gun on a naval carriage seems appropriate.

It was the type of gun that the British ship HMS Margaretta was ordered to recover off the wrecked HMS Halifax near Machias, Maine.

When the British crew attempted to buy supplies and recover the guns they were met with resistance from the citizens of a Machias. The subsequent escalation of hostilities led to the Batttle of a Machias.

Two privateer ships, the Unity, and Falmouth Packet, and the Machias militia engaged the HMS Margaretta and its crew. Resulting in the capture of the HMS Margaretta.

I am not sure what guns were on the private sloops, but the both the Halifax and the Margaretta primary guns were British 3 pounders. It was concern that the HMS Halifax guns would fall into American hands that formed part of the basis for the mission that put the HMS Margaretta and its guns in American hands as well.

Also, since the American Navy purchased an HMS Halifax in 1775, and the lines of that ship were identical to the known lines of the HMS Halifax that was wrecked near Machias, it seems likely the HMS Halifax was indeed salvaged and put in service by the American Navy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Commissar

Oh, and for the next April 1st post you can consider using the Colt New Model Revolving Rifle.

Very attractive but disastrously designed rifle. It required special gauntlets and an awkward shooting stance for the user to avoid being injured by it.

It was briefly a service rifle in US Army.'s_New_Model_Revolving_rifle

Maybe a tradition of posting notoriously bad design firearms as the firearm for April 1 daily posts?



Thank You for sharing all of this.

You have our family now talking about the Winchester 1895.



They were not excellent rifles for their era, and I love the brutal utility aesthetic of the late 19th century industrial design.

I am trying to get an early pre WW1 model.

If you ever consider getting a modern functional reproduction, the Japanese made some under the Winchester and Browning brands.

The Browning branded versions are better. They are truer to the original design.


Shoot, I originally wrote “not only excellent rifles”, and when I edited I left the “not”.

They were excellent rifles for their era.

I am just terrible at typing out what I mean to say.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Whatever drug that Louisiana dude was on, keep it away from me.
The only reason I would want to know “what it is, and where he bought it”, is so I can stay away from it.


It seems the Kameron case was caused by him being out of his mind on drugs.

This Gibson incident is still under investigation. Since a woman was also found unconscious on the lawn I suspect there is more to the story, unless she was just an accomplice or bystander that passed out from witnessing the shooting.


Another link on the one that Lars left says that the Unabomber has died in prison:

Ted Kaczynski, known as the ‘Unabomber,’ has died in federal prison (

Skivvy Stacker

“The home is equipped with several security cameras which showed the suspect eating grass and beating on his chest, investigators said.
Video shows the suspect punching a hole in the glass on the home’s door…”

Ah, you dumb shit.
You’re supposed to SMOKE the grass and mellow out!
What a maroon.

AW1 Rod

Another successful couple of days of culling the herd.