Former Marine Pat Robertson dies

| June 10, 2023

Pat Robertson, the famous televangelist and conservative commentator, died June 8 at the age of 93.

n 1948, the draft was reinstated and Robertson was given the option of joining the U.S. Marine Corps or being drafted into the U.S. Army; he opted for the former. Robertson described his military service as follows: “We did long, grueling marches to toughen the men, plus refresher training in firearms and bayonet combat.” In the same year, he transferred to Korea, “I ended up at the headquarters command of the First Marine Division,” says Robertson. “The Division was in combat in the hot and dusty, then bitterly cold portion of North Korea just above the 38th Parallel later identified as the ‘Punchbowl’ and ‘Heartbreak Ridge’.” For Robertson’s service in the Korean War, he was awarded three Battle Stars.


Apparently somewhere along the way he went to Officers Schools as it is mentioned he was promoted to O-2 when he returned to the US.

Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960 and was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister a year later. He used that perch, including his daily show “The 700 Club” – named for its goal of 700 members whose pledges would keep the station afloat financially – to push his message of conservative Christian values to people at home, taking aim at gay rights, feminism, abortion and other social issues.

Robertson helped transform the conservative evangelical movement into a political force on the American right that helped elect Ronald Reagan. He then ran for the Republican nomination for president in 1988, coming in behind both George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole.

Over his many years, Robertson made a series of inflammatory and controversial opinions, and repeatedly said that acts of terrorism or natural disasters were a form of divine retribution for perceived immorality.

After the 9/11 attacks, Robertson agreed with fellow televangelist Jerry Falwell that God allowed the terrorists to succeed because America had moved to the left and removed religion from the mainstream.


Not going into whether I agreed with a lot he said, but in fairness he has to be described as someone  who played a large role in the country’s religion and politics.

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Old Marine Vietnam Vet

I agreed with what he said and why we are headed where we are. Semper Fi old man.



“In 1948, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve…After graduating magna cum laude from Washington and Lee in 1950, Robertson served as the assistant adjutant of the First Marine Division in Korea….was promoted to first lieutenant in 1952.”

“A Korean War barracks mate of Pat Robertson, in a sworn deposition, says he recalls the Republican presidential candidate as an ″inconsiderate″ young Marine who ″messed around with the prostitutes″ and harassed a Korean girl who cleaned their quarters.”

“Paul W. Brosman, a retired professor of language at Tulane University, said he briefly shared quarters with Robertson and three other young lieutenants at a Marine Corps command post at Masan, Korea in 1951.”

” he remembered Robertson as an ″inconsiderate″ young man who used to ″terrify″ the teen-ager who cleaned the barracks.”

″She was a nice Korean girl … and Pat used to fool around with her all the time, that is pinching her and carrying on,″ Brosman said.”

“And every once in a while he would chase her outside the house … and continue chasing her and pinching her outside the house. That would terrify her.”

“She didn’t want the Korean men to see her fooling around … with an American. And she’d plead with him to stop and he wouldn’t stop,″ he said.”

“In his deposition, taken Nov. 17, Brosman also said, ″A lot of guys messed around with the prostitutes … including Pat.″

“Brosman told The Associated Press he had never actually seen Robertson visit a prostitute, but ″I understood, I knew for a fact″ that he had done so.”

“Roberson, who now advocates sexual abstinence outside marriage, says he did not adhere to that standard himself prior to becoming a born-again Christian and an outspoken TV evangelist.”

″I never said I didn’t sow some wild oats. I’ve sowed plenty of them,″ he said after it was reported that his first child was conceived out of wedlock.”



“Robertson’s action against McCloskey stems from a 1986 letter in which McCloskey said Robertson used the political influence of his late father, U.S. Sen. Willis Robertson, to avoid combat duty in Korea.”

“McCloskey, who sailed to Korea on a troop ship with Robertson, said Robertson told fellow Marines that he called his father from Japan and arranged to be taken off the vessel.”

“Robertson was assigned to a training facility in Japan for several months before he was sent to Korea.”

“He said before he met Robertson, a Marine acquaintance introduced him to a third Marine who said he had been shipped over with ″the son of a United States senator. The senator had used his pull to get the son taken out … and assigned … in Japan so as to avoid having to go to Korea and probably be in combat.”

“On Jan. 25, 1951, the USS Breckinridge, a Navy troop transport, sailed from California with 2,000 enlisted men and 90 officers, reinforcements for the Korean conflict. They included some 30 first lieutenants and captains, many of whom had had combat experience in World War II, and about 60 second lieutenants fresh out of the Marine basic officers course at Quantico, Va.”

“On Feb. 14, 1951, shortly after the ship docked in Japan, six young Marine second lieutenants were abruptly pulled off and sent to a training assignment in Otsu, Japan. The rest sailed for Korea, where virtually all were soon in battle-and many were killed or wounded in the ensuing weeks.”

“One lieutenants kept in Japan was Pat Robertson, the former religious broadcaster now running for the Republican presidential nomination. Robertson did go to Korea later, as a staff aide at division headquarters, but he never went into battle.”


“McCloskey, who had gone on to become a congressman from California and a nationally known Republican political leader, charged that Robertson had used the influence of his father, a U.S. senator from Virginia, to get himself off the ship and out of combat.”

”My single distinct memory is of Pat, with a big grin on his face, standing on the dock at Kobe after his second phone call, saying something like, So long, you guys-good luck, and telling us that his father had gotten him out of combat duty,” McCloskey wrote in a letter.”

“Ex-Marine John Gearhart of Los Angeles, a key figure in the controversy over Pat Robertson’s military service record, Wednesday supported allegations that the television evangelist used political influence to avoid combat duty in Korea.”

Robertson, soliciting support for a race for the Republican presidential nomination, has claimed that he is a combat veteran of the Korean War. But Gearhart backed up most of the allegations made by another ex-Marine, former Rep. Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey Jr. (R-Menlo Park), that Robertson did not see combat and sought intervention from his father, the late Sen. A. Willis Robertson (D-Va.), to avoid front line duty.”

“Although Robertson’s autobiography and material distributed by the Christian Broadcasting Network refer to him as a combat veteran, McCloskey, Gearhart and other ex-Marines said the evangelist never saw front-line duty after his transfer to Korea.”

“Pat was a brilliant man and probably had something to do with intelligence work,” Gearhart said. “But I’m sure he was not in combat. We came back on the same ship. He was in division headquarters. He may have been within range of artillery fire, but was nowhere near the front lines.”


Marines messing with hookers 65 years ago? that is just crazy talk. Next you’ll be telling me he bought a car at 40% interest.


It is the harassing and terrorizing the young girl, despite her pleading with him to stop that shows his real personality.

Religious leaders are among the careers with the highest concentration of sociopaths.

Televangelists that peddle religion for profit highest of all.

His behavior as a Marine just verifies what was already a high probability.

He was a sociopath.


Yeah, what a dirtbag…
I mean being immature jerk is the worst…
Not like terrifying your daughter because you want to take showers with her as a teenager…
Sniffing the hair of adolescents, putting your arms around their wastes, shoulders, kisses and the creepy advice about waiting to date until you’re 30…

Just a sample:


According to the sketchy article I read preachers are 8th after:

  1. CEOs
  2. Lawyers
  3. Media Personalities
  4. Sales people
  5. Surgeons
  6. Journalists
  7. Police

Now, I recall you saying you used to be po-po and like to invoke it as one of your bonifides for all legal issues. So maybe there is something to it….. I bet you worked in sales too.

Benjamin Tech

Awe I’m #2! Thanks for voting for me! I’ll be your sketchiest attorney since Bernath. My slogan is “BILL EVERYTHING”.

Green Thumb

Where you an angel?


It’s a seagull gazing in a mirror.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like a Seagull shitting into the wind.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, do you ever even remotely think for yourself outside of the propaganda you let yourself get brainwashed by?


You do realize that you display classic symptoms of being a sociopath, right? Inflated sense of self worth narcissism, distain for others opinions a sense of entitlement and superiority that makes empathy with anyone disagreeing with you impossible.

USMC Steve

Most Marines kinda are sociopaths. We train them to be that way. Helps with winning the wars we fight.

USMC Steve

The division headquarters types didn’t go into direct combat. They were with the Division when it went into the line however.


A marine acting like a marine in a combat zone.

And all of this is based, not on first person eyewitnesses, but on rumors.

And Brosman did nothing to stop it either. So either he didn’t think it was that bad or is a coward.

So which is it?




That is why we thought the information was interesting…

Pat Robertson self identified as a “Combat Veteran of the Korean War”.

The subject “Combat Veteran” has been brought up numerous times on TAH and other forums.

The ninja family was in 2 Conflicts…yet, we never have self identified as “Combat Veterans”. Our choice.

However, one of our Dads was awarded the Bronze Star W/Valor for his time in the Korean War. He was with the USMA graduating class of 1950. We consider him a “Combat Veteran” of the Korean War.

For those who know history:

Everyone has their own opionion on the definition of a “Combat Veteran”. Remember JR Majewski who depicted himself as a “Combat Veteran”? His rationale was he drew Hazardous Duty Pay…..

“Combat Veteran” similiar to some who self-identify via hat, T-Shirt, social media as being a “Disabled Vietnam War Veteran” when in reality, they became “disabled” AFTER they left the Military.



We are also pretty sure that one of our TAH Commentator’s Dad received the MoH for Korea….

The TAH Commentator is in this picture…

“On June 21, 1951, in Washington, D.C, General Omar N. Bradley (left), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, returns the salute of David Desiderio, 7, of El Monte, California, corporal student at Mt. Lowe Military Academy, after presenting the youngster and his mother with a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor on behalf of his father, Captain Reginald B. Desiderio, at a Pentagon ceremony. The officer died in a gallant fight, which enabled his company to repel an enemy attack near Ispok, Korea.”

His Dad was a true Combat Veteran of the Korean War.


Rest In Peace.

Never Forget.


The guy was just a morality peddling con artist.


Many would disagree with you; but you’re not wrong. I can’t think of any reason why a preacher should have a personal net worth of $100 million dollars basically doing nothing but preaching.


No worse than some of our politicians and present president


As opposed to ANTIFA?


So are you, just an alternate morality.


“Robertson in his senior year at the McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1946.”


Rest In Peace, Pat Robertson.

Reference the news media and others covering his time with the Marines in Korea in the early 1950 (see our other postings)…

We All Have Make Mistakes…


“Made” Mistakes, not “Make” Mistakes…😉😎


Everyone here has made mistakes. Everyone here continues to make mistakes. They usually are recognized after uttering the phrase… oh shit or something similar.

RIP Pat Robertson.


Nut-uhn, Commissar never made a mistake. narcissists don’t make mistakes.



I can tell you that I will NOT do, nor condone now, the things that I did in my younger years. I think part of getting older is to accept and change our errors! To learn from them and become better people. I think he learned and eventually did. Lot of good and helped many people out.


Romans 3:23 “…For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

If he and his loaded camel make it thru the eye of the needle, I will leave Eternity Judgement up to a much Higher Power than I. Did me selling people those big C Band TVRO (Television Receive Only) Satellite dishes many years ago so folks could watch (and make contributions to) his channel aid and abet his sin? Did it make me a sinner? I guess no more than selling those same type systems to folks that wanted to watch the Playboy Channel made me a sinner. If that’s the only sin God is gonna Judge me for, I think I’m good to go at His Station.

A Kongress Kritter got his son a safe billet during a time of war? Oh.The.Horror! Prolly never happened before and has never happened since. /s/

I will Salute his Service to our Country and wish him luck when he stands before his Maker.


“For Robertson’s service in the Korean War, he was awarded three Battle Stars.”

Back to the ole, controversy question.

Was Robertson a “Combat Veteran” of the Korean War?

Looks as if he made several claims that he was.


My understanding was that he claimed he did a “combat tour”, not that he was in actual combat. I can see the argument since “combat tours” are not really defined.

There was definitely a war going on in Korea at the time. During which time he sat his ass at the division headquarters and made coffee for the staff.

I hate what he did to the Republican party. Like most televangelists He had a good part of grifter in him.


Yep. He helped turn the Republican Party into a Christian nationalist party.

He also was a grifter that conned people out of their money through peddling moral superiority and lies about a looming apocalypse threatening their souls.

If the scriptures are true; salvation is free.

The entire televangelism industry is a fraud. Con artists, grifters, and influence peddlers. When they ally with politicians it is an unholy union.


As usual you are wrong. Unless you believe that the Democrats are the American hating atheist party.


He is right about…”If the scriptures are true; salvation is free.”

In my layman studies of scriptures and salvation through grace, it cost us nothing as the price was paid on the cross.

If the heart is convicted by the word and the word says believe, repent and be baptized, (that 3 again), those are actions on our part, the only real cost!


Except for the “if” part…

USMC Steve

They pretty much are, but you are not going to get commissar to admit to it.


Unlike 100% of The Left, I’m sure he could define what a women is, but DemocRATS are the “party of science”…so whatever you say…


“The entire televangelism industry is a fraud. Con artists, grifters, and influence peddlers.”

See also “BLM”, “antifa” “Democrat legislators” and “The Biden Family”.


a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

I guess I’m lost as to when this became a bad thing. Possibly “to the exclusion or detriment of interests of other nations”, but even then, I care more about the US than I do them. They can come in second, third and sew-on. I have also pulled for my team, whatever sport that may be, over the “other guy”. Any Democrat, Socialist, communist, etc. does the same. Any one of them that claims different, is a liar!

Are you telling me that you would rather your kid lose than win, because the other kid had some hardship? We all have hardships! (Disclaimer: i’m not talking about handicaps!) i’m sure you all are smart enough to understand what I’m saying.

It’s thinking the United States of America is the best country against all other countries, and is number one in my heart, makes me a nationalist, then so be it.

Check your comments, Blaster. Second one I had to approve.


Not a fan of televangelists but you bow at the alter of socialism which is a religion in of it self. Stop being a dick and look in the mirror.

Green Thumb

He also founded CBNU – later changed to Regent University.

Fairly well-respected in many circles.


Off Topic: The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, is dead at age 81.
‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski has died in federal prison at age 81 (


Oops my bad, someone already posted on another thread.

A Proud Infidel®™

Good riddance.


Now we can send the money saved to house him to another worthwhile cause. Ukraine, 10% to the big guy, jailing Trump.

The possibilities are endless.

USMC Steve

There is some good news. Too bad he lived that long.

Skivvy Stacker

I’ve always been told that if you don’t have anything good to say about the dead, then say nothing.