Serbia: The New Face of Gun Control

| June 7, 2023

In the wake of two shootings last year, Serbia has stepped up its gun control rhetoric in a way the Brady Campaign and others can only dream of:

In response to the twin tragedies, President Aleksandar Vucic set out on a mission to cleanse Serbia of firearms. Unlike most European countries, Serbia has many illegal guns throughout its society. Serbia has been awash in guns and the proliferation of firearms is mostly a legacy of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. Serbia is tied for third with Montenegro in gun ownership in the world, behind the United States and Yemen.  Fox Bangor

So Vucic is telling the all 8.7 million citizen citizens to turn in all illegal guns within a 30 day grace period.  There are an estimated legal and illegal 2.7 million firearms in civilian hands, and to date they estimate 68,000 have been turned in. Even if only 20% of those 2,700,000 are illegal – -not sure how effective that is if they have only achieved a 12.5% success rate.

But Serbians are okay with the turn-ins by and large (although evidently from the stats they seem to feel “it’s great for everyone ELSE to turn their in.”) They have no equivalent to the NRA, either.

Still, there are mass protests in the streets – not against guns, or particularly FOR guns – but against Vucic and his government.

But Vucic’s executive action to enforce existing laws did not satisfy activists in Serbia who saw the root of the horrific events not only in the presence of weapons but also in a cultural and media environment where violence is glorified, and in a political culture where the state uses awful memories of the past, and the fears that derive from them, to justify and promote violence. The Atlantic

They have demanded the revocation of the broadcasting licenses of television and radio outlets that promote violence, as well as the closure of government newspapers that have urged violence against political dissidents. They have called for the resignations of all the members of the regulatory agency that oversees broadcast media.

Protesters have also demanded the resignations of the interior minister, Bratislav Gasic, and the head of the national intelligence agency, Aleksandar Vulin.Radio Free Europe

So I guess the Serbs see a government and entertainment industry which divides society and glorifies state-sponsored violence.

On Beogradska street in Belgrade, scant blocks from the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school, where nine people were murdered on May 3, you can find a plaque honoring the memory of Dušan Jovanovi?, a 13-year-old Roma boy who was beaten to death by racists in 1997. But just a short walk from there, on the corner of Aleksa Nenadovi? Street, passersby are greeted by a large mural celebrating General Ratko Mladi?, who was convicted of genocide for the murder of 8,372 civilians in Srebrenica in 1995. The mural has been there since 2021 and is assiduously protected.

Countries such as Serbia, whose governments made the promise of security central to their power, have come to depend on keeping alive the very fears they pledged to defend their citizens against. The Serbian government has further shored up its authority by shutting down opposition—emptying the public sphere of both genuine confrontation and the capacity to resolve disagreements. Violent ideologies easily gain traction in societies shaped by fear that also lack outlets for constructive dissension.

The Atlantic

So we see violence glorification furthering violent acts, a government whose authoritarian tendency is just to get more authoritarian. Somehow this all sounds depressingly similar to certain groups in our society who glorify violence and crime, and to another increasingly controlling government trying to become more so. Helluva note when someplace like Serbia is an object lesson for the US, isn’t it?


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Folks there probably have firsthand memories of recent genocides. Thus insanity to comply.


Yeahhh that just might skew their opinions on gun confiscation.


Authoritarian regimes confiscating firearms- say it ain’t so!

All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.

Mao Zedong

We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security.

Jeh Johnson


Neither of the mass shootings was committed with an unlicensed gun. Therefore they ordered the turn in of all the illegal guns, with an amnesty period.

The last shooting was by a 13 year-old who was unlicensed and stole the gun from his father, who was. Therefore they made licenses tougher to get and stopped issuing them for a while.

Just more common sense gun laws.


Any history books left in Serbia?


No history books, but they’re probably some mass graves left.

The despots would not be coming for the citizen’s guns if they weren’t planning on doing things that would make the citizens want to shoot the despots.


It’s not about the gee ewe ens, it’s 100% about control.

The abuses we are suffering here in PRo disConnectiKrap has this ‘army of two’ being half-tempted to pick up our empire of dirt so as to relocate to pastures of less brown.

Sic semper!

gun laws a lot.jpg

WSB! Welcome South, Brother!

“…shall not be infringed.” Pretty damn simple to this Ol’ Country Boy.


The thing that the commie progs either don’t know or refuse to acknowledge is that the Bill of Rights do NOT list rights GRANTED by the government. It lists natural rights of every person born on this earth that cannot be taken away by government or anyone else for that matter.

As a matter of fact, the Founders on the Federalist side resisted the creation of a Bill of Rights because they feared that it would be regarded as a finite list and that government repression could and would exist outside of its context.

Considering how the commie progs operate, I would say the Founders were spot on.


Da, comrade, is whole idea!
comment image


I worked out of Zagreb Croatia for a few months in ’96, ran a satellite system across the street from the UN compound. The entire block was ringed by bricks, each with the name of a victim of Srebrenica  and other atrocities painted on it. A full city block, 6-7 bricks high. You’d think they’d remember.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…. mostly a legacy of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s…”
Here’s hoping that the Serbs have memories longer than a goldfish, and keep their guns.


In November 2003, my company was attached to 3rd ACR in Husaybah to help stem recent attacks on the Cav forces armor. We encountered little resistance, as dismounted forces are a bit less ambush-prone than those mounted in Abrams and Bradleys in urban environments, but I digress.

Our mission was to seize all weapons located in the city, going house-to-house in order to do so. I was the resident “gun guy”, so I’d spend hours each day just examining the various weapons for markings and models (mostly Kalashnikov variants from various countries, but I did handle my first vz.58 back then). Day 1 saw us bring in hundreds, Day 2 noticeably fewer, and by the end of the week we were lucky to find a dozen non-serviceable arms in a sector.

To add insult to injury, we were patrolling on Thanksgiving Day, so when we were finally done and sent to Al Asad for a couple of days, 3rd ACR hosted a Thanksgiving dinner just for those of us (101st and the 82nd guys we replaced) who had missed the big DFAC dinner a week prior. Go figure, Brave Rifles troops were wrapped around the building waiting for their second go at a good meal, so my squad went to the local shop and got Iraqi pizza instead.



Never Forget!

“On This Day In History, June 7, 1942, Battle of Midway Ends In Decisive US Victory”


“PETA President Explains Why She Wants Her Flesh After Death To Be Used In A Human BBQ: ‘I’m Deathly Serious'”

“PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said she updated her will to include a request for her flesh to be cooked, and for her body parts to be transformed into activist messages post-mortem.”

“I am deathly serious,” Newkirk said in an interview with Fox News Digital about her post-mortem plans put into her will, which were announced on Monday. She explained that she wanted her flesh to be cooked with specifically onions in a “human barbeque” after she dies in order to raise the point that “flesh is flesh,” and how she believed no one should be eating animals.”

“You can barbecue my flesh and you’ll smell it cooking with those onions, and you’ll think, ‘Oh, I want some of that.’ But it will make you think,” she said.”

“To drive home this message after her death, Newkirk plans to have her skin peeled off and used to make leather goods, such as a belt and purse, according to her will. The PETA leader also planned to have her eye shipped to the National Institutes of Health for funding experiments on animals, and for her foot to be made into an umbrella stand as is done for elephants.”

“The thought of carving up human flesh for steaks might be just the thing to jolt diners into kindness.”

“The animal rights activist said she doesn’t expect her flesh to be eaten, but said it would make a statement.”

“I don’t think anybody will consume it. And we wouldn’t encourage them to do so, only because, I mean, we don’t think that it would be good for them to do that. They would feel very sick,” she said. “All flesh is flesh, and please don’t eat any flesh.”

“When pressed on whether comparing humans to animals was “dehumanizing,” she said, “Well, we are animals… I am an animal. I’m flesh and blood. I’m a primate.”


Well, they do say some snakes taste like chicken…



Have it your way, Ingrid. Coyotes and buzzards gotta eat too.


Feeding her to coyotes and buzzards could be classified as “cruelty to animals” ‘D.

Seems like I remember from History that skin has been used in the recent past for lampshades and “long pork” was considered a delicacy.


She needs to keep it simple by giving her body back to ainimals, i.e. just grind her body and mixed into hog slop.

That is one sick woman.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.


That might cause a swine version of mad cow disease.


Left/libtards are f*ckin’ nuts.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s what she SAYS, but will she have it followed up on? something makes me kinda doubt that.

Prior Service

Looks like a Serbian shaping operation to set conditions for a future crackdown. Thug behavior by a thug nation.


Never Forget.


“Purple Heart Honoring Weather Observers Lost At Sea In 1942”

“Soon after the ship vanished, all of the military personnel who were lost received Purple Hearts posthumously. The general assumption was that they had been killed as a result of enemy action. However, because they were civilians, the four weather observers were not eligible for the Purple Heart until the logs from German submarine U-755 were discovered in 2014 and the military was finally able to confirm what they had all along suspected. The submarine logs reported torpedoing a U.S. auxiliary merchant cruiser in the area on September 9, 1942.”

“On November 19, 2015, a Purple Heart award ceremony was held at the U.S. Navy Memorial to honor the weather observers who went down with the Muskeget. This was the first known time the Purple Heart has been awarded to a civilian member of NOAA’s National Weather Service or its predecessor agencies while serving in that capacity.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m surprised the ship was able to stay afloat carrying that much weight in Big Brass Balls.




Democrats’ wet dream.

Skivvy Stacker

What a wimpy country. They get upset over TWO SHOOTINGS?
Hell, we got CHICAGO; Two shootings every THIRTY SECONDS OR LESS!!

A Proud Infidel®™

*Uhhhhhm*, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but pretty much EVERY mass gun confiscation in History has been followed up by Government going mad and instituting mass murder afterward. Nazi Germany, the USSR, Commie China, …

Last edited 11 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Bill Ayers figured “the revolution” would have to kill 25 million Americans to make Socialism work.
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Not a chance. We already halfway there.