Marine Attackers Arrested

| June 1, 2023

5 minors arrested after crowd attack on Marines at California pier

By Irene Loewenson

Been watching this one.

Five juveniles were arrested Tuesday for allegedly taking part in a Friday attack by a crowd on three off-duty Marines in California, according to local police.

A viral video taken of the San Clemente, California, pier appears to show one person out of a crowd of young people take a swing at one Marine, who then ran toward him, prompting a series of punches from the teens.

Later footage apparently shows two of the Marines in the fetal position on the ground to protect themselves from blows.

One of the Marines, Hunter Antonino, told CBS affiliate KCAL that the confrontation began when the Marines asked the teens to stop lighting fireworks.

Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to the pier at 9:50 p.m. Friday, the department said in a news release Tuesday.

Marine Corps Times

Packs of feral youth? Say it ain’t so. Thanks to a usual suspect for the head’s up.

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Video I saw showed the yutes throwing rocks and things and hitting one of the Marines in the head. Marine stopped, turned around and one of the yutes, emboldened by the pack took a swing.

BZ to the Marines for not attacking back. Yes, they were outnumbered- by a wide and unknown margin- but they could have done serious damage to more than a few

Dave Hardin

Everybody is always picking on us. Marines should not be bullied, we are just people like everyone else.  😥 

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If only those Jarheads had been wearing mob-soothing pink attire, hmm? 😜 


Yellow Vests would have stopped the whole thing cold in its tracks.

Dave Hardin

Safety Belts… where were their Safety Belts?

Dave Hardin

I’m telling, this is no place for micro-aggressions.

RGR 4-78

Why are you picking on PeeWee Hermans little sister?


Good thing they wern’t Army…..

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The jarheads (said with all respect) should have taken out the camera/cell phone person first, THEN melee the rest.
No evidence, just he said-vs-she said.


Wonder what we gonna see FIRST (giggles)…a warning order to prepare for a Search and Destroy Mission against feral pavement (or beach in this case) predators…or a Directive from Higher restricting Marines to the Base Recreational Facilities?

Punk azz punks gonna punk. Nature of the beast.

USMC Steve

Gotta say not too impressed with their ranger juju if no one was hit. In our outfit the goal is one shot, one kill.


Anybody besides ol’ Poe remember the Zoot Suit Riots against LA’s pachucos during WWII?

Ah, Pachucos! Orange County’s Great Zoot Suit Panic of 1943 – OC Weekly

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Mike B

Remember watching a special on the History Channel on it……


Football players harassed the shit out of new Marines at a skating rink next to our house, so my bro and papa drove them back to Camp P. Told the boys our house is a safe place to come to…so fucking sad these kids not respecting our military members…


Rumors abound since yesterday in San Clemente, CA,
with teenager cellphone videos circulating,
that this was preceded by the young Marines
chasing underage females, and plying them with alcohol.

Apparently, this is the bulk comeback / defense by the teenagers.
True or false? Who knows?
This may not come out until court hearings.
Or not at all, if the lawyers get to the truth beforehand.

I’ve been getting Book of the Fake PMs on these developments,
being it’s the SAME town as
Phony Legion of Merit former Mayor Gene James,
who recently RESIGNED as a City Councilman,
and is currently nowhere to be found,
likely already vanished / banished to Wyoming.

Politician accused of stolen valor wins mayoral seat
Mason | December 10, 2021

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USMC Steve

That would have been investigated all to hell if it were the case. In Kalifornia criminals are the only protected class, not Marines. Popo would have busted the Marines and dragged them right in.

Prior Service

“Semper Fetal!”