SECDEF CANXS Gay Pride Drag Show

| June 1, 2023

Nellis AFB

Pentagon leaders cancel drag show at a Nevada Air Force base

Air Force leaders approved the show at Nellis AFB in celebration of Pride Month, but Defense Secretary Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley said no.

By Courtney Kube and Mosheh Gains

Defense Department leaders have stepped in to stop a drag show scheduled for Thursday at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, according to two defense officials and a U.S. official.

The show, which was in celebration of Pride Month, was approved by Air Force leaders, but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, told the Air Force it is not Pentagon policy to fund drag shows on bases and the show should be canceled or moved off base.

Drag shows and events on military bases have become a politically contentious issue in recent months, with conservative politicians and pundits arguing the military should not be spending taxpayer money on them.

At a House Armed Services Committee hearing on March 29, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., angrily questioned Austin and Milley about drag queen story hours on bases around the world, including in Montana, Nevada, Virginia and Germany.

“Drag queen story hours is not something that the department funds,” Austin told the committee.

NBC News

“Drag queen story hours is (sic) not something that the department funds anymore” he means. If the denizens of the five sided wind tunnel aren’t paying attention, they should be.

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Green Thumb


He just now found out these were going on…..

What a pair of fucking clowns.


Gaetz is a bit of a brash showboat but you gotta admit the kid has balls. He’s also an effective inquisitor, making Austin look like the out-of-depth, affirmative action hire that he most assuredly is. While Austin may be a decent guy, there is absolutely no way he would be SecDef if he weren’t black and everyone in the the military force he leads knows it. That does not result in a cohesive, effective fighting force capable of defending this country in these very perilous times.

Look around the country: Everywhere the Democrats insist on putting unqualified blacks in key leadership positions, good order and discipline, as well as effective governance, go right down the tubes.

It’s the world turned upside down… 🙄 


Perhaps, Ed, but the case at hand is the SecDef and the obvious reason that he was picked for the job. And that is glaringly obvious that it was because Austin is black, not his gender, not his sexual preferences, not his religion nor his superlative performance on active duty (although he failed to make four-star) but his race.

Were he gay and white, then Poe’s criticism would have focused on that as the cynical and symbolic reason for his selection. Regardless, when we willingly ignore the obvious because we’re afraid of being labeled bigots, then we play right into the leftists’ hands.

When you’re Poe’s age and facing terminal illness, the idea of being denounced as racist by your political enemies, loses it’s sting.


If you’re gonna allow drag shows, then there should be strippers at the NCO club. It’s called “equity”.


And the runway shut down for some real drag shows.

“Tach it up, tach it up Buddy gonna shut you down”


I’m good with that! Army used to do that in Pirmesens Germany.


Careful what you wish for, SFC D. Nowadays it would be tranny strippers.


Well shit. I gotta learn to be more specific.

USMC Steve

Long long ago, there WERE.


1988-1990, the NCO club at Camp Humphreys had dancers, not exactly the talented pole artisans of today but not bad.


Chiefs’ club NTC San Diego, early ’70s. Liquid lunches and topless dancers.


If we’re goig to have adult entertainment shows on base, then why not have the girls from the Pink Pony or Cheetah Lounge perform? Best way for boot E-2’s and their futrue first and/or second wife meet.

RGR 4-78

I demand that Female Exotic Dancer Story Hour be added to the base pre/grade school curriculum.


Only if I’m allowed to self-identify as a second grader.

RGR 4-78

You and 99.9% of enlisted men in all services who ever served.


And what about the enlisted swine?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Ain’t the same Military I was in when I joined up back in 1963


I am told it is much better now.

Stuart S

When I was a club manager trainee at the Hickam Officers’ Club in 70 we had strippers in the stag bar. It was a favorite watering hole for F-4 pilots being deployed to Nam. As area club manager for Mainz Germany in 75/76 we had strippers at the main enlisted club always to a full house. Good fun for all. I realize times have changed but cannot fathom having a drag queen show any time, any place. Just shows how the military has deteriorated in an effort to be politically correct.

Edited to protect PII.


I took a stripper from the branch O-club at Ft. Bragg to my SFOC graduation ball at the AFB O club. I won a $20 dollar bet I could get her as my date.


I still can’t get over that this noncesense is barely a decade after the end of ‘ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ( just take me to a motel ) ‘
Gotta love progress


Agreed! slippery slope hell, it was a damn cliff..

A Proud Infidel®™

I suddenly want to become a Teacher and secretly transition young Children – to Christianity and traditional Judeo-Christian morals!


I was stationed at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado late 1970s, the enlisted club was called Gator Gardens. They had go-go/bikini dancers there for a time during lunch on Fridays, if memory serves correct. The dancing was shut down when some wives got wind of what was going on and they complained to the powers that be.


Maybe the wives couldn’t get jobs or their hubby’s came home with their motors running.

Nag, nag, nag….


Pity the show was cancelled. I am very curious about how big a crowd it would have drawn.

Old tanker

To be honest I am totally surprised that miley was one of the folks saying cancel the show.