Biden: Son Beau Biden Lost in Iraq

| May 24, 2023

Sky News host says that US President Joe Biden “raised eyebrows” again after he told American forces stationed in Japan that his son Beau Biden “perished” in the Iraq war.

“He made the same incorrect claim at least twice last year when we all know Beau Biden died at the age of 46 from brain cancer in 2015, so, more question marks about this guy’s mental fitness,” the Sky News reporter said.

Maybe the principle at play here is if you repeat something often enough, it becomes true. Maybe folks are just tired of correcting Biden or feel like the statements are too ambiguous to warrant correction. Or, and this is a real possibility – Joe Biden believes it himself. is reporting the same gaffe.

Report: President Biden Yet Again Incorrectly Claims Son Beau Died in Iraq

Beau Biden died of complications from brain cancer. His father, Joe Biden, believes this was possibly a consequence of exposure to military burn pits in Iraq.

Yeah, OK – close enough.

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By this point I’m sure he believes it.


Biden telling lies is something he HAS ALWAYS DONE. Back when the media was somewhat interested in the truth, they called him out on his many egregious falsehoods.

Now they’re just the propaganda arm of The George Soros Leftist Confederation. Putting their thumb on the scale of EVERY STORY. Imagine if Trump told the whoppers the Pedo Pete drops on a daily basis? The press would go crazy when Trump would say something about what happened 10-years ago on a Thursday, and it turned out to be a Tuesday. They’d lose their collective shit, and claim he’s not fit to lead, and they should invoke the 25th Amendment. 

Beau died in his bed. Not on the front lines kicking in doors. No, he was JAG officer making sure suspected terrorists that were captured didn’t have their rights violated. Maybe he was affected by the burn pits, but he was not a KIA like Pedo Pete wants you to think.


You bet Beau had a CAB for being 190 meters (“within 200 meters”) of an indirect fire impact though– all lawyers over in a CZ claim that sh*t like it’s $$$.


Hell, I debated with the Fires CW2 and my MSG countless times over the wrongfully awarded CIBs given for indirect on FOB Shank. “SSG FM, it says commanders may determine suitable distance from the blast area.” Not seeing that phrase now, but from what I recall a 2010 ALARACT allowed the award for IED strikes, hence the verbiage not including “impact area”.

We had a MAJ or two, the HHC Brigade Armorer, and a lot of others given the CIB for rocket strikes that landed over 100 meters outside of the JOC compound and on the other side of multiple t-walls. Of course, the CAB was basically a gimme for any non-Infantry MOS on Shank.

Last edited 10 months ago by fm2176

There was a bit of abuse of that however; out of the roughly 2.5 million deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, less than 250,000 were given orders for a CAB or CMB. This includes the invasion, for backdated badges.

Given that they were about 50,000 purple hearts issued in Iraq and Afghanistan this seems remarkably congruent.

While I’m not a fan of issuing a CAB for IDF, The fact is many soldiers were killed or wounded by IDF. But there was definitely abuse of the system going on.

Last edited 10 months ago by 5JC

I used to use the following scenario when discussing this with groups of fellow BDE staffers:

Signal (CMF 25), Medical (CMF 68), and Infantry (CMF 11) Soldiers are killed or wounded by a rocket attack. All three receive the PH, while only the 25-series and 68-series receive the CAB. The 11-series does not qualify for the CIB nor does the Medic qualify for the CMB because neither was engaged in active ground combat. Checking the CMB criteria just now, it seems that a Medic can only qualify for the CMB if assigned to a Medical unit, or for the CAB if assigned to a Combat Support unit.

I’m not against the CAB being awarded for IDF, since it had that criteria from the beginning. If you’re Infantry or a Combat Medic then the respective badge shows that you’ve done your job under fire. If you’re Support or a Medic working in an aid station, you don’t expect to be in the same scenarios as those outside the wire. I was one of the few 11Bs I knew that didn’t complain much about the CAB when it was approved.

I say “much”; one thing I definitely noticed was how many senior Generals and CSMs suddenly got that shiny CAB to take up empty space or to replace an EIB earned as a Lieutenant 20+ years earlier.


One of my fave Viet of the Nam stories is how our Bn CSM was awarded the CIB. He claimed that when he was flying on the Bn C.O.’s Huey that during a landing on an LZ an RPG round flew in one open door and out the other without striking anything. Of course it was a cold LZ, and no one on the bird besides him saw this extraordinary event.


Really psychotic grouse?

Rapidly passing grackle?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Our Brigade CSM mysteriously returned from A-stan with a CIB which earned him the nickname “Sergeant Major Free-IB”!


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If the Brigade CSM is out there slugging it out with the bad guys, something has gone terribly wrong. I’m talking LTC Moore and CSM Plumley in Ia Drang Valley wrong.


I did have a mortar round hit my hooch and cause pieces roof to fall on my bunk while I was in it.

On another day a volley of mortars landed within 25 yards while I was stuck in the open. But because the only person that knew exactly where I was in relation to the impact I didn’t get a cap because they wouldn’t take the witness statement of an Iraqi national as part of the packet.

No CAB. The way they handled it was strange.

They hand waived CIBs for an entire platoon that had mortars land somewhat kind of near their vehicles why they were in them…but they were tight fisted with CABs.


My CSM at Balad (2006) said “if it don’t hit your hooch, no CAB”.


We were security at Anaconda NECP, March 2004-June 2005. An undermanned platoon of 24, we split the 24hr shift into 8 man crews, with at least one NCOIC (the backscatter guys, and dog teams rounded out the security). As you know, the North Gate was a constant target for IDF small arms, rockets, and mortars. No one else in the Battalion received the CAB, but our Platoon.


Cornpop was his battle buddy. Cornpop was a bad dude.


I think he does. Or at least he believed his son died because of his service in Iraq.

USMC Steve

I rather doubt the old boob thinks much at all. He has very few functional brain cells to use to do so.


Ole Brandon Boy also said Nancy Pelosi rescued the economy in the Great Depression:

“Joe Biden said former Speaker Nancy Pelosi helped rescue the economy during the Great Depression.”

“The video is from last week but it was making the rounds on Tuesday.”

“Pelosi “helped rescue the economy in the Great Depression,” Biden said at this year’s Emily’s List gala.”

“Pelosi was born after the Great Depression ended.”



Green Thumb

The way she looks she could have been around during that time.



Green Thumb

ID SARC would hit it…..


Oh, my eyes! My eyes! I can’t unsee this image!


I think we need to see the birth certificate. Because if she is indeed a vampire she could return as a nubile young woman.




or: 81M reasons to stop worrying and learn to love chicken bike corn missile dog.

pResident Joeclone-2 needs a system update.

biden and the other potato.jpg

They do need a replacement for you know who….

Daisy Cutter

[In my Jeff Foxworthy voice:]

“If you have to eat pudding with a bib on, you might be…”

RGR 4-78

A dog assed liar in chief?


Joe Biden believes many strange things. He believes that Hunter Biden is smart. He believes that he was a college professor. He believes that if black people don’t vote for him they aren’t black. He believes he created 12 million new jobs. He believes that the 1% of the population that pays 50% of the income tax, doesn’t pay their fair share. He believes that despite having the lowest polling numbers in modern history, people like him. He believes that he gave his dead uncle a purple heart while he was vice president. He believes that the southern border is secure. He believes that he went to Afghanistan and Iraq twice as president. He believes that the price of gas went down since he became president. He believes that he passed student loan forgiveness through Congress by one or two votes, or even at all. He believes that gun manufacturers are the exempt from lawsuits and the only industry in the United States exempt. He believes that when he took over as President there was no vaccine for COVID available. He believes when The Constitution was implemented you could not buy a cannon. He believes that he got arrested at a civil rights protest. He believes that he used to be against the war in Afghanistan. He believes that he used to drive a tractor trailer. He believes that Al-Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan. He believes that the cost of an automobile is about the same as it was before the pandemic. He believes that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are being sent back to their country of origin. He believes that 6,000 people in the military died from COVID. He believes that no other president before Donald Trump was a racist. He believes that the NAACP endorsed him. He believes that the Obama administration did not lock people up in the cages or that the Trump administration did. He believes that there are 300,000 babies born each year in the United States with birth defects due to alcoholic mothers.
That’s just for starters.


Singlehandedly freed Nelson Mandela!


Politicians lie, some more than others. Sometimes those lies are told with honesty. Confusing, but look at Trump. He promised to build a wall, but received constant pushback and was embattled with false allegations for the duration of his four-year term. Hence, he got some criticism from his supporters, but even when making that promise he knew that a President alone can’t make everything happen.

My concern about Biden is that he not only lies but seems to believe those lies and is given a complete pass by the media. He’s what the Left and modern Democrats hate the most…an old white man who grew up in a WRAYCIST state. My dad lived in southern Delaware most of my life, and I recall seeing more Confederate flags there than around Richmond, VA. But because he’s useful and a “well-respected pillar of the Washington, DC establishment”, he can get by with saying that by voting for someone else “you ain’t black”. There’s another elderly pandering Democrat who spent significant time in a WRACIST state that also gets pass. I heard her husband likes cigars and was the first black President.

Biden’s lies have become reality in his mind and those of his supporters. Incidentally, when opening another tab just now, a The Independent article “clarifying” how critics are ignoring the whole story popped up. It seems that because burn pits are being blamed for the brain cancer, Beau was truly “lost in Iraq”. That’s like my knee buckling, me falling down the stairs, and me making the claim I was severely injured in the Army and awarding myself the Purple Heart like some hoaxers do because the original knee injury is service-connected.

Last edited 10 months ago by fm2176

FM, He doesn’t lie, he “shaves the truth off the edges of his folksy tales”. Try to keep up with the media talking points.

Last edited 10 months ago by 5JC

Biden believes that since Obamacare was instituted, healthcare has become more affordable. He believes that the prescription drug price controls that go into effect 3 years from now have lowered the price of drugs. Biden believes the real wages have increased rather than decreased since he has been president. Biden believes the Republicans want to cut social security and Medicare. Biden believes that he is the first member of his family in 1,000 generations to get a college degree. Biden believes that he was raised by Puerto Ricans. He believes that corn pop was a bad dude. Biden believes that his grandfather worked in a coal mine. He believes that he reduced the federal deficit by 1.7 trillion dollars. Biden believes that his house burned down with his wife inside. He believes that he went to the tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and talk to people there. He believes that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success. Biden believes that a drunk driver killed his first wife after the drunk driver ran a stop sign. Joe Biden believes that you can store top secret documents in a closet of an unused office that he has never been to or a garage where a convicted felon and known drug addict has unrestricted access. Joe Biden believes that foreign powers and countries and businesses will just give him and his family money while he is vice president because they like him and will expect nothing in return. Joe Biden believes that the hunter laptop is a Russian hoax, although he doesn’t understand the context of the word “hoax”. Biden believes that he attended either a black Catholic church or black Baptist Church or some black church, somewhere. Button also believe that he is Jewish. The Biden family lineage comes from Ireland when they are in Ireland, Greece where they are in Greece, France when they are in France, England when they are in England and Pennsylvania when they are in Pennsylvania.

Now we are getting warmed up


Biden believe the best way to defend yourself from noises in your backyard is to fire a couple of rounds of bird shot off into the darkness at the noises. Bite me believes that stopping the parents of a 6-year-old from mutilating thier child and forever ending the child”s capacity to reproduce is immoral and outrageous and close to sinful. Joe Biden believes that the police should just shoot people in the leg to defend themselves from deadly threats. Biden believes that there should be no more than 8 bullets in a round. A round of what? is the question. In a very rare flash of lucidity, Joe Biden believes that *no one says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it”, which is indeed true, unless you were talking about an old school army magazine where clips were Stored for M1 Garands. He also believes, that a bullet out of an AR-15 travels 15 times faster than out of any other gun. Button believes that he can ban weapons of war, He believes that a lot of guns have been in wars that never have been wars, The list is too long to mention. Joe Biden believes that everybody should own an electric car; except him. Joe Biden believed Robert Byrd was a great defender of the Constitution, He didn’t specify which Constitution so possibly the old South African Constitution I don’t know. Joe Biden believes the Kamela Harris is perfectly qualified to be the president of the United States. Joe believes the gas stove cause brain damage but he still has one in his house. Joe Biden believes that most Democratic voters are not aligned with AOC, but he is.

Now we are rolling

RGR 4-78

Joes list needs a name if it is to take on a life of its own.

‘Creepy Joes universe of truthful intolerance.’


“Intolerance of Truth?”

RGR 4-78

He is truth challenged?

Skivvy Stacker

“Joe believes the gas stove cause brain damage but he still has one in his house”.

He may have a point on this one.


I think Joe’s childhood home had a lot of lead-based paint in it.


Why isn’t Jill Biden under arrest for elder abuse?


Um, that’s Doctor Jill Biden, plebeian.


“She’s an amazing doctor”

Whoopi Goldberg


She would’ve been a great surgeon general.


Don’t forget all those Art History PhDs out there– they’d still make even better ones than her!


As a bonus, they’d buy Hunter’s artwork.


So is Whoopi Goldberg…


Modern day Edith Wilson.


Personally, I prefer Gahan Wilson.


What Ole Brandon Boy said at the 153rd National Memorial Day Observance, 31 May 2021.

We Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing About Beau Biden.

Narcissism At Its Best.

“For those who mourn a loved one today: Jill and I have some idea how you’re feeling. Our losses are not the same, but that black hole you feel in your chest — as if it’s going to suck you into it — we get.”

“I know the incredible pride you felt seeing your loved one wear the uniform of our country, and the pride they felt wearing it.”

“Our son Beau’s service in the Delaware Army National Guard unit, the year he spent deployed in Iraq, was one of the things that he was most proud of in life.”

“Yesterday marked the anniversary of his death. And it’s a hard time — a hard time of year for me and our family, just like it is for so many of you. It can hurt to remember, but the hurt is how we feel and how we heal.”

“I always feel Beau close to me on Memorial Day. I know exactly where I need to be: right here, honoring our fallen heroes. Because through pain and anguish of his loss, I remember the pride on his face the day I pinned those bars on his shoulders.”


“I always feel Beau close to me on Memorial Day.”

He’s whispering “shut the fuck up, dad!”


We can look forward to hearing more of Beau Biden this Memorial Day.

Green Thumb

He should say he lost his son Hunter to drugs.

Daisy Cutter

We lost him way too soon to that crippling disease of addiction.


Pretty sure he groomed him that way.

I generally don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but I can’t imagine Beau was…

No. I’m sorry. Beau didn’t die in Iraq and I highly doubt a JAG officer and son of the then-VP caught cancer from burn pits…

Beau is dead, and I won’t deride any man’s grief over the loss of a son.

He didn’t die in Iraq and he didn’t die from enemy action. I don’t buy for a second that burn pits caused his cancer and I don’t, for a single second, believe that Beau was inherently any better a man than was Corn Pop.

Biden is a piece of shit, his surviving son is a piece of shit. It’s highly probable his dead son is a dead piece of shit. Yet, I’ve first-hand witnessed mothers cry over the death of their terrorist sons…

I’ll never begrudge a man over losing his child.

Joe Biden is a shitty President. He was a shitty VP and a shitty Senator. I try very hard to resist the urge to suggest that his first wife’s death wasn’t orchestrated to gain political sympathy, and he allowed an innocent man to suffer slander over it – still demonizing him to this day.

Whatever feelings that monster may have, I believe they’re genuine in regards to his one decent (read: never exposed) son. If Hunter is ever charged, I also won’t blame him for a pardon.

He’s a dick, and a poor-man’s Don Corleone. Together, they’re America’s version of Saddam, Usay, & Quaday… but I don’t doubt that Saddam cried real tears when his shitbag boys were killed the first time they met real men.

Daisy Cutter

You nailed it with “they’re America’s version of Saddam, Usay, & Quaday”


Damn Hate _me, don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

ps…you nailed it!


People have said there was no burn pit within a kilometer of Camp Victory where Beau served. In view of the fact his father was the VP, I imagine Big Green made sure he never went anywhere his body was in peril, just like it did for the AlGore in Viet of the Nam.

lawrence todd

Beau was lost in Iraq. He was going to the PX and made a wrong turn so he got lost.


Yes, that could be true. Or he could have been going to the Green Bean for a double mocha latte for his morning shift in the FOB waiting for the next reimbursement for damage claim.


I recall NFL cheerleaders pulling me off an E-5 who i had by the neck against the magazine rack at the FOB Warrior PX.

He was chaperoning them on some USO thing. I’d just CASEVAC’d a few buddies while en route from our MiTT fire base (we were about 2 Km from the gate when we got hit).

I had some blood on my uniform, my rank was still on my IBA in the truck, and my uniform was salt-stained. I was an E-6 at the time, but I was wearing no rank.

This faggot (no disrespect to the homosexual element, but I can’t think of a better term to describe this jackass) was showing these girls around the FOB before their show that evening. I assume he was trying to come off as tough (when your options are either desert queens or Bronco cheerleaders, I get it), and he assumed I was some E-1.

He said something obnoxious to me, I told him to fuck off. He said something else, I again told him to fuck off. He kept talking, I saw red… next thing I know, I have him by the throat against the magazine rack and two feet off the ground with gorgeous girls on either arm begging me to stop. This, I’m ashamed to admit, was the first time I noticed the cheerleaders. I probably would have killed him, had they not been there.

Whatever Beau did in Iraq, it wasn’t burning shit and it wasn’t the wrong turn in the PX.


You Be The Judge.

Skivvy Stacker

She’s adorable.
And she’s getting a break by JillnJoe not claiming her as a Grand Daughter.


Gotta wonder if Hunter’s claiming her on his taxes… if he even files taxes.



18581 (1).jpeg

Biden is now at the intersection of

“Never gave a darn about the truth”
“senile dementia”


Too Many Facelifts Can Damage The Brain.

“It’s Obvious’: Cosmetic Surgeons Say Biden Had Facelift Before 2020 Campaign”

RGR 4-78

He lives at 666 Liars Lane.

Forest Bondurant

One of these days he’s really going to slip out of bounds, and say “My son Beau Biden… he’s here somewhere. Stand up, Beau!”

(And the media will ignore that too.)



“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” — Barack Hussein Obama

All-round fuckup. Even his own party knows he’s nothing more than a useful idiot, one who will likely be at room temperature before the decade is out.

Disgraceful. And “presidential scholars,” will most likely attempt to rank him fair/high in the years ahead. Amazing.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, sorta like Howard University giving him an honorary doctorate degree for his “anayltical intellect” and “popularity”.


I like how he said he was there at a “black HBCU” giving a speech.

Is there a “white HBCU” or a “red HBCU”? Does he not know what the acronym HBCU stand for? Probably not…..

Will any of this matter to the brain dead idiots that will continue to vote for him anyways? Probably not….

Green Thumb

Where he blamed White Supremacy for the nation’s problems…


Yep. That’s the one.


Where is this “White Supremacy” practiced that is keeping Black people suppressed and cowed to the point where they are afraid to speak up or act out?


OK Fucker….I’m a few days behind reading and I laughed WAY to fucking hard at this…


A true legend without a mind.

Last edited 10 months ago by STSC(SW/SS)
A Proud Infidel®™

Next we’ll probably hear Joe Biden talk about how Hunter is a Veteran as well from his brief service before he flunked a drug test. Yeah, Hunter Biden magically got a deferment and a Commission in the Navy while his father was VPOTUS. Happenstance? Coincidence?

Green Thumb







Liars gonna lie.



I have to agree with AW1. Is FJB lying or does he believe it now as he has told the story for so long and in his diminished capacity, he doesn’t know the difference anymore…….

Daisy Cutter

I bet Joe Biden is really good at telling fairy tales to kids at bedtime. If the kids get confused and ask Joe any questions about the story he’s probably quick to fill in any details, regardless if they make any sense.

Last edited 10 months ago by Daisy Cutter
Daisy Cutter

“Is being an idiot like being high all the time?”

— Janeane Garofalo —


I knew Janeane was dumb, but damn. I’ve met intelligent people who indulged who didn’t become drooling morons from having some tokes. On the other hand, Janeane wouldn’t know the difference, she’s a fucking idiot high or sober.


He is just old. Old people get confused about timelines.

I do believe Beau died of cancer as a consequence of his time in Iraq. The number of cancer and autoimmune disease diagnoses I have seen among the Iraq veterans I know makes it clear the environment was dangerously toxic.

Biden likely sees his son as lost due to his service in Iraq.

This is not a “stolen valor issue”.

This is a grieving father that blames the Iraq war, that he voted for, as the reason he lost his son.


Biden specifically states Beau died IN Iraq, not because of it. He also blamed a drunk trucker for his first wife’s death, when she was the cause. He’s a serial liar, always has been. And yes, Iraq was toxic. I’ve had two kinds of cancer and live with COPD likely from my time there. Likely. It’s not absolute. Beau Biden’s brain cancer could’ve been lurking for decades. Joe Biden is a liar just as sure as God made little green apples and you’re a fraud. Those two things ARE absolutes.


Calling me a fraud is bullshit. I never made a single fraudulent claim about myself here, or anywhere else.

You started doing it around the time of the failed Trump insurrection. Do you somehow think my not supporting authoritarian personality dipshits attempting to overthrow an election makes me a fraud?


The irony that you don’t see the authoritarian antics from the left is astounding! Now it’s down to the type of stove THEY will allow you to have as well as window AC units. They trample daily on the constitution and the people’s rights. I’m sitting here trying to think of one thing that the Trump administration stopped the people from doing or having. Haven’t come up with anything. BTW, I was not a Trump supporter until AFTER he became president.

And regarding the “failed insurrection”, it seems to be more of the same as the Russian collusion. But, I’m sure you’ll stick with Rachel Maddow’s version and opinion rather than the proven FACTS. When the Democrats are concerned, facts are useless unless they support the narrative.

“He’s just old”! Wow! Just wow! That’s the President of the US and you make an excuse like that, for him! But your side lost their minds over everything with Trump. Right down to the way the White House was decorated for Christmas.

As a Soldier and an officer, you should really try to do better!


He was never really a soldier. He was always a REMF.


This is flat false. And I have the records to prove it.

You fuckwits started claiming I was a REMF and just kept claiming it despite the fact that the claim was likely debunked by just the records check the mods conducted when they verified my service,

Forest Bondurant

You keep using the word “insurrection” in several of your posts. You might want to look up the definition because I don’t think you know what it means.


I know exactly what it means and I am using it correctly. You are just regurgitating some stupid apologist talking point that was debunked almost the moment it started to spread.


Come on, guys…..
Especially you, Commissar.

Anyone who voted for Biden,
and now over 2 years later,
makes excuses for his lies and his senility,
does so for ONLY 1 REASON…..

Your sheer hate of Trump.

Worse, you (would) do the same for Hillary.
Or (gulp) VP Harris, too.

Your denials, minimizing, and deflecting about Biden
are as bad, worse,
than anyone out there doing the same about Trump.

And that’s saying something.

As for what I call the “attempted insurrection”….
(overplayed by the left and media,
and underplayed by many on the right)
A few thousand knuckleheads tried, and failed.
The other 100,000+ had every right
to attend a rally at the White House,
march on the mall,
and then assemble, stand, and protest
outside around the Capitol.

How about tabling all this crap until Tuesday,
AFTER Memorial Day?

USMC Steve

There it is. socialist democrats gonna socialist democrat. I would rather be an American.

Forest Bondurant

No, dipshit. You’re the one regurgitating the term because the media called it that, knowing full well it was used out of context, and it propegated from there.


Good, they better give me my farkin check on the 1st, debt limit be damned for my pension service during insurrection.


Every word, every sentence, every paragraph you type is 98% unmitigated progressive-liberal bullshit. THAT makes you a fraud. You fail to see that by supporting your idealistic liberal causes, you do in fact support “authoritarian personality dipshits”. You’re an antifa fanboi, you fervently believe California to be one of the greatest economies ever, you accuse us of “living in a bubble” as you star in your own version of the Truman Show. Commissar, a life lived in your insular little academic world is true fraud. Enjoy your benevolent masters, may your chains rest lightly.

Forest Bondurant

“He’s just old.” That’s a fucking bullshit excuse and you know it.

Biden has been a pathological liar as long as anyone can remember, and if the media were honest about themselves like they were in the 80’s, they’d call him out on his lies like they did after it was discovered he plagiarized a college paper and other false claims. That level of honesty ruined his candidacy for president that year.

Making excuses only perpetuates his lies. Same can be said with any other abhorrent behavior.

Biden uses the loss of his son as a plea for sympathy, which is pathetic. He also makes up lies like that in attempt to appeal to whichever crowd he’s addressing, whether its a group in uniform, veterans, truck drivers or coal miners.

And yes, we all know Biden voted for the war in Iraq, but he has been adamant in other settings saying he opposed it, which everybody knows is another lie.

When Biden lies, its never attributed to his age. Its about his true character.

Biden is a POS, and so is anyone else who defends or makes excuses for him.


When he lied when he was young, he was just young.

Forest Bondurant

To add: You also wrote “Old people get confused about timelines.” 

While that may be true, your own statement suggests that Biden’s cognitive abilities are diminished in some way – and probably not just in memory. Cognitive decline that may appear mild or getting worse when observed in a person’s own grandparent (or even spouse) becomes magnified when you apply that to the person holding the Nation’s highest office. 

It should be of concern to you that someone currently serving as president should have strong cognitive skills, to include reasoning, perception, and judgement – because you certainly did when Trump’s cognitive abilities were called into question.

And before you start… NO – Biden doesn’t speak with a stutter or stammer. Time and time again he’s proven he struggles with stringing a coherent sentence together, experiences lapse in memory and has confrontational outbursts or displays other erratic and embarrassing behavior, and routinely struggles with concentrating while making speeches. A person doesn’t need to have a medical background or degree in psychology to recognize what’s going on with him.

In an article I read in THE HILL some time ago outlined how the American Academy of Neurology estimates that at least 15 percent (other reports suggest 20 percent) of those over 75 have some cognitive impairment – which is considered significant, while other studies reveal that those who have undergone brain aneurysm repair or “…have had a subarachnoid hemorrhage can also develop cognitive difficulties”. (Biden has had 2 repairs since 1988) . A separate study in the journal Natural Cardiology showed a significant increase of cognitive issues in patients with prolonged atrial fibrillation, which Biden also has and takes medication for.

That’s just for starters.

Green Thumb

Your covering for him.


Even you have to see it.


You are always a moron who will believe anything. Gropey Joe has been telling lies to various groups he speaks to for over forty years. He does it deliberately to show he identifies with the audience. Beau died of the most common brain cancer, glioblastoma. There is no evidence such cancers are caused by exposure to air pollution. Indeed, the cause of this rapidly growing tumor is unknown. People who experience a fatal such tumor rarely have them for more than a year to 18 months before it kills them. Biden had been back from Iraq for over five years when his glioblastoma killed him. So, since you believe all sorts of stupid lies, we are not surprised.


He is just old… did you even read what I wrote? But by no means a complete or exhaustive list of 60 years of lying for political gain. He never stopped.

Green Thumb

His desk must have been outside and down the road by the burn pit.