Durham Report, FBI ignored contrary evidence during Crossfire Hurricane

| May 16, 2023

The FBI launched “Crossfire Hurricane” to look into claimed connections between Russian actors and members of Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2016. The Durham Report described the FBI as failing in its duties involving proper critical vetting of information that they received related to Crossfire Hurricane. The Durham Report addresses the Clinton Plan intelligence, the Steele Dossier, Page FISA applications, and other topics. Had those involved done their due diligence, Crossfire Hurricane would not have been launched.

From Fox News:

Durham said his investigation also revealed that “senior FBI personnel displayed a serious lack of analytical rigor towards the information that they received, especially information received from politically-affiliated persons and entities.”

“This information in part triggered and sustained Crossfire Hurricane and contributed to the subsequent need for Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation,” the report said. “In particular, there was significant reliance on investigative leads provided or funded (directly or indirectly) by Trump’s political opponents.”

“The Department did not adequately examine or question these materials and the motivations of those providing them, even when at about the same time the Director of the FBI and others learned of significant and potentially contrary intelligence,” the report said.

Durham is referring to past FBI leadership in his report — specifically former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Reacting to the report, the FBI said in a statement: “The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time. Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented. This report reinforces the importance of ensuring the FBI continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect.”

Still, Durham said there is a “continuing need for the FBI and the Department to recognize that lack of analytical rigor, apparent confirmation bias, and an over-willigness to rely on information from individuals connected to political opponents caused investigators to fail to adequately consider alternative hypotheses and to act without appropriate objectivity or restraint in pursuing allegations of collusion or conspiracy between a U.S. political campaign and a foreign power.”

Additional information can be read on Fox News, The Federalist, as well as the Durham Report itself.

Had they succeeded with getting Donald Trump with this ploy, it would not have looked good for the rest of us.


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No doubt Commissar will be here soon to tell how this proves that Trump is corrupt… of course we all know that nothing will happen to those responsible for this attack on We the People, the swamp dwellers will just slither away as usual.


But will he bring his vaunted “empiric evidence?”

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure he’ll whip it out for all of us to see.


The Corporate Pravda outlets say “..nothing new here…”
because they already knew everything was bullshit when they were saying it.
They knew Trump was innocent. They also know he’s not under their control and that is why they hate him.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Famous But Incompetent was the NYC JTTF’s nickname for them.

I’ve been telling folks for years that the organization that spent five years trying to ruin MLK Jr before he was assassinated will gladly ride roughshod over every other citizens’ rights as well.

The FBI does some amazing criminal investigative work, but there has always been a political aspect to the application of the FBI’s resources.

It creates a duality within the organization that creates distrust from the general public, well distrust among the part of the population that is capable of considering such things.

There are no LEO organizations within the United States that exist solely for the protection of the citizenry, most have a duty to be the violent enforcement arm of the ruling elite in every small town and major city, and the federal LEO system exists for a similar reason.

This is not meant to bash LEOs as individuals but every system of government has a means of dealing with outsiders to their accepted political systems and also dealing with dissenters.

I’m not a Trump fan, I’ve made my disdain clear numerous times but he was the first guy to reveal the truth of the depth of the corruption when he said he knew the system was rigged because he used the rigged system to his benefit as a businessman…because he revealed what we all already believed as a truth there was no more room for him at the table.

I only wish the media would treat every politician as they did Trump instead of pretending the current sack of shit in the Oval Office is somehow a beacon of honesty and morality instead of just another piece of shit liar.


In theory all LEA’s are charged with protecting civil rights when they take an oath to support the constitution of the state they serve.

State Police agencies are normally tasked with protecting civil rights in addition to their other duties of tax collection and trade monitoring. Some states have a dedicated civil rights enforcement arm in that agency. Much like the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. The State agencies tend to be more successful since they try to avoid local politics.

The worst tend to be the Sheriff’s Offices where the sheriff is elected. Mostly because of the uneven protections they provide. The civil rights they find important are those that fall along the political lines.


“ It creates a duality within the organization that creates distrust from the general public.”

And when they earn said distrust they go on television crying about it — that it’s not right. Wahhh.



formal or humorous the action of throwing someone … out of a window [and onto stairs covered in Legos at the Hoover Building]: [example redacted due to mention of ‘unlife’]

Note to my Deep State handler: humorous is in the actual definition. I ain’t inciting nothing.

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If they think the problem is solved at the FBI, they have no idea what it actually is.

RGR 4-78

Sounds like the DOJ has the fix in place on the Hunter Biden IRS investigation.

Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower: What Happened? (msn.com)

Today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Supervisory Special Agent we represent was informed that he and his entire investigative team are being removed from the ongoing and sensitive investigation of the high-profile, controversial subject about which our client sought to make whistleblower disclosures to Congress,” the attorneys said in their letter.”


But…… the IRS doesn’t work for the DOJ. The IRS is under Treasury last I checked. This is literally what the actual fuck?

This is like “go to prison” obstruction of justice stuff.

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RGR 4-78

My bad on the DOJ part.

How’s this?

Sounds like the IRS/Treasury has the fix in place on the Hunter Biden IRS investigation.


And this surprises absolutely NOONE!.. if it went forward, it’d end up implicating “the big guy”, and we can’t have that now can we?


Garland will never let anything happen to the Big Guy.


Except, you were partially correct in referencing the DOJ, as only a U.S. Attorney (under the DOJ and Garland) can file criminal charges in federal court. I speak from personal knowledge, as one of my hated opposing lawers was prosecuted in federal court by a U.S. Attorney for tax fraud and evasion. Happily, he was disbarred after he did his four years in the federal PITA prison.


Supposedly they’re justification was that everything is going to get run through David Weiss. But the IRS has never had problem prosecuting people before they just do it in tax court. I have no problem with them going at it from both ends.

Problem with David Weiss is that he’s all by himself.


It’s not your bad at all. The orders allegedly came from the DOJ.


And I was once threatened by the IRS to take everything I owned to pay a $10k debt that they said I owed to them for unclaimed income. Took 2 years, wage garnishment, embarrassment and monthly payments set up, before we were able to prove it was a mistake on THEIR PART!!!!!

Funny thing, the monthly payments and wage garnishment was NEVER refunded to me. They said it went to interest and penalties. BUT for money I never owed to them to begin with!!!

Yeah, we need more IRS, DOJ, Etc.


My father (the CPA, mind you) complained all my life that the evil Republicans wanted to shrink government until they could “drown it in a bathtub”.

And trust me, he’s seen crap like you mention!

I routinely tell him now that that’s not enough: the corpse needs to be incinerated at a chemical weapons decon plant, loaded into a rocket, shot into the sun and we all need to move to a galaxy far, far away from the burial ground of such filth.

He thinks this is all fixable…

Ponzi schemes don’t resolve sideways.


Not sure exactly how much evidence must come out to prove just how deep and widespread the corruption is before there is a change.

There MUST come an accounting…if not now, then when? If not by We, The People, then who?

Pro prediction? We will NOT be able to “vote” our way out of this mess. Prepare.


I have a tar guy and a feather guy.

You need some digits?

give the kingsmen the bird.jpg

And…lest we forget…this classic oldie…

comment image


Or as they said when/where I was a kid:

Be somebody or be somebody’s bitch.

Clausewitz would put it: Have it your way or get had someone else’s.

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And, in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:


And just so “they” know…

comment image


Then toss them off a cliff to see them fly.like a bird.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

They fly like penguins from what I’ve seen…

AW1 Rod

The long-awaited results of the investigation pretty much report what anyone with a fully functional frontal lobe already knew.


Hell, even a partially functioning frontal lobe would have been enough.. Stevie Wonder saw this coming…


But not Lars.
His blind faith in the (D)emon-rats Church leaders prevents him from seeing that much.


Yes, indeed!


Deep State, Hillary and/or Democrats’ theme music (cynicism, the song):

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Forest Bondurant

So TWO investigations (The Mueller Investigation) and now this one both substantiate there was no “Russian collusion”, and that the FBI’s actions since 2016 have been politically motivated – among other things.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The FBI’s been politically motivated since its inception unfortunately.

USMC Steve

And illegal.


As one of the reports I have read points out, this is a direct assault on the Constitution, and without some form of direct accountability by DOJ and the FBI (and the Clinton Machine) we are due for more of the same.
Stock up on ammo, invest in range time.

A Proud Infidel®™

The filthy whorehouse known as the FBI is dirtier than a third world abortion clinic, I wonder how much more corruption is going to be discovered?



“Hey,,, look,,, a squirrel!”


Garland will have the lot of them tilting at every other fucking windmill before they get the whole-damn-oar out of their eye.

‘Vile treasonous scum and the people who tolerate them’ for one thousand please Alex.


I wonder who and how Hillary pissed off within Deep State to get her fat-ass handed to her, in favor of DJT. It is entirely possible that William Jefferson Jackass may have been the driving force that subverted her.


I think they thought the fat old bitch had it in the bag and they didn’t need to pull any of their bullshit to help her win.

It is pretty clear that kind of complacency will never happen again. Fair elections are now firmly a thing of the past.


*Lars Bat Signal*


No kidding! I figured he’d alter ego here “explain” how this really doesn’t mean what it says! I guess the handlers are still working out the talking points.


They have to decide on the word count so they calculate his payment. He’ll be here soon enough.


He has to wait until He recovers from the nods.


His cult leaders haven’t told him what to think about this yet and how to spin it in the cults favor.

Daisy Cutter

It’s similar to the guy exiting a movie theater and is asked what he thought of the movie.

He replies “I don’t know, I haven’t talked to anybody yet.”

Forrest Bondurant

He’s gathering his empirical data and looking up articles to quote information to use as his own. He’ll be along any time now.


Are we sure, like Clark Kent and Superman can’t be seen togther, he’s not really Stevie Spainhouer and too busy covering his ass to sh*tpost here?

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Actually, I think the correct translation of what Beria said in Russian was, “show me the man, and I will find you his crime.” The obvious reality was that just like our own New American Stasi, his secret police could trump up a false crime against anyone.


Um, counselor, considering the likely ’24 presidential campaign, don’t you think we should find a suitable substitute for the expression trump up? 😉 


Gin up!

I’ll defiantly, or definitely, drink to that.

Cheers, gents. To the Republic, long may She stand!


Gin? Only degenerates drink that shit. Oh wait, aw hell, make mine a double salty dog with a Gimlet chaser.


‘Gonna need more FBI guy’s I guess…’

-Die Hard-

Favoritism Before Integrity – FTB.


“The FBI launched “Crossfire Hurricane”

I was born in a crossfire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the drivin’ rain
But it’s all right now
In fact, it’s a gas
But it’s all right
I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash
It’s a gas, gas, gas


Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s a gas…


So you were raised by two lesbians and schooled with a strap right ‘cross your back?

Man, that’s rough!

Daisy Cutter

That smug face, that attitude about the integrity of 60 Minutes — I wonder if an apology is forthcoming?

Last edited 9 months ago by Daisy Cutter

That masshole was born in Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin, you
never come out the way you went in…..
She’s been a (see the BS) leftist since 1971.


Notice how she keeps looking down when he is talking? She can’t look him in the face.

So when are the lawsuits dropping for slander? Hillary Clinton, CBS, Steele, Cross Fire, everyone involved needs to paying.

Daisy Cutter

Across the Mueller and Durham investigations, taxpayers have spent close to 40 million dollars only to confirm what we already knew – they lied but calculated that they could get away with it with proper cover, not writing things down, counting on the passage of time, etc. This is the problem with having no consequences.

We’ll see more of this going forward but is it worth the price tag to prove that politicians and high appointees lie?

That’s what we have to ask ourselves in the future.


Let us not forget, via Chuck Grassley’s website, Letter to The “‘Honorable'”Susan Rice:

…you sent this email to yourself at 12:15pm, presumably a very short time before you departed the White House for the last time. 


In this email to yourself, you purport to document a meeting that had taken place more than two weeks before, on January 5, 2017. You wrote:


On January 5, following a briefing by IC leadership on Russian hacking during the 2016 Presidential election, President Obama had a brief follow-on conversation with FBI Director Jim Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the Oval Office. Vice President Biden and I were also present.

That meeting reportedly included a discussion of the Steele dossier and the FBI’s investigation of its claims. Your email continued:


President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities “by the book”. The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book. 

[citation removed, bold added to POTATUS Bribe’ms then-title, other than that, complete]

His line of questioning continues:

The next part of your email remains classified. After that, you wrote:

The President asked Comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team. Comey said he would.

That little ‘classified‘ part, well… put up or STFU.

Mind you, this is from FEB2018.

What will We know, and when will We know it?

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Herbert J Messkit

One silver lining in this crap cloud. If we really are a nation of freedom loving self governing CITIZENS, they can never run this scam again. Anyone who backed the Russian hoax has no credibility left, and should be ignored, except to laugh at.


My man Risky Chrisky goes hard in the paint:

Dennis - not chevy

We need a Federal Bureau of Police Squad; or, do we already have one?


I have empirical evidence, carefully massage and crafted, that will show all of you that ORANGE MAN BAD!!!

Daisy Cutter

The fundamental problem in the USA is that unless you are under oath, lying has no downside. In fact, there are benefits to doing it politically. It will cost taxpayers millions of dollars if they want to know and understand the truth. No better example of “There ought to be a law.”

Last edited 9 months ago by Daisy Cutter

There are lies and then there are LIES.
It’s become a sliding scale.