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| May 17, 2023

Browning Hi-Power

Man wounded after shooting armed burglary suspect in Uptown neighborhood: NOPD

A 35-year-old man opened fire on an armed burglary suspect who approached his vehicle while it was parked on an Uptown street Saturday morning, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The man suffered a gunshot wound to his leg while trying to get away from the suspects, according to authorities.

The confrontation occurred about 6:30 a.m. in the 5500 block of Lasalle Street, one block off Jefferson Avenue (map).

The man was sitting inside his vehicle when he noticed the two suspects, both with faces covered, pulling on the door handles of nearby vehicles, the NOPD said. The pair was being followed by a black sport utility vehicle.

One of the suspects who was armed with a gun walked over to the man’s vehicle with the “firearm towards the victim’s vehicle,” according to authorities. The suspect pulled on the man’s door handle.

The man was afraid for his life and shot at the suspect, police said. He then scrambled out of his vehicle and tried to escape into a nearby residence.

The other suspects began shooting at the man, hitting him in the leg.

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Condition Yellow- keeping one’s head on a swivel, especially in garden spots. Like N’awlins.

Cumberland County homeowner shoots burglar: police

Jena Wise
A New Cumberland resident shot someone who tried to break into their home Sunday evening, police said.

The break-in and shooting happened around 8:15 p.m. on the 300 block of Second Street, according to New Cumberland police.

Police said the suspected burglar fled the scene and was found near Sixteenth and Bridge streets. They were taken to a hospital for treatment.

No arrests have been announced as of Monday. Police said the investigation is ongoing, but the burglary did not appear to be random.

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The burglar identifies as plural- how does that even work? Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Fascism is a religious concept.
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Looks like both cases were “somebody did something”.


Some home runs


Apparently I am a serious boss criminal. Lol.


‘Basic idiot…’ and ‘alcoholic NCO with a nicotine addiction’ (don’t have any front sight blocked ones tho).

Ruling on the field: is ‘asshole’ the new XM5, or whatever they’re calling it this week, that’ll never get adopted?

(meme: IYKYK)


Enjoying Ed’s shameless pandering to KoB

Glad the N’awlins victim was able to defend himself some, good idea to un-adz the AO but needed some supporting fire it seems. Hope he recovers well.

Not a random burglary by a schizoid burglar? Huh. Wonder which of the personalities took the hit for the team?


Shameless? Pandering?!? DaHell!??! Now, now, now, Graybeard, EVERBODY knows that our Beloved AW1Ed is not ashamed of the fact that he lubs his favorite dirt digging doggy Gun Bunny and wants his Gun Bunny to be happy. Nothing gives our Beloved AW1Ed more pleasure than to see his Gun Bunny bitchin’ cause, as ever’one knows, a bitchin’ soldier is a happy soldier. No Sir, I see no shamelessness a’tall. ‘Ed wears his lub for the Bunny of the Guns, proudly…on his sleeve, for all to see.

And pandering??? Wut?!? Just because our Beloved ‘Ed throws his doggy (and other Disciples of The Gospel According to…) a bone now ‘n ag’in by featuring gun pr0n from the designs of HMS, JMB, (HBHN) or works designed around His Holy Cartridge Calibre (ie Mr. Thompson’s Street Sweeper from yesterday’s FGS in a…wait for it…a .45) doesn’t take away the fact that there have been WAAAAAAY yonder more gun pr0n featuring fugly and/or plasticized abominations thru out the years. Tread lightly, My Good Sir Brother…’Ed may decide he needs to do a fan boi post on Walther’s outstanding customer service department. And ‘lest we forget, our very own David, A Texican, has spoken reverently in re of The Hi- Power and would approve of this selection.

I raise a toast and a BZ to the Citizens that fought back, including the Citizens that sent Benito to Hell. May all fascists join him there.


I guess anyone can choose their pronouns, including Burglary Suspects. They can choose to be plurals just like demons that pocess people often refer to themselves as “We are Legion” when asked to identify themselves.

Heck I chose my pronouns:
His Royal Excellancy/Supreme Galactic Emporer/

I expect all of you to now start refering to me as such, since Now you know!

RGR 4-78

Yes, your Royal HighAss, Supreme Interrupter of Uranus, we hear and obey.



Hi-Power, baby! Browning be praised!


Somewhat off-topic, but… Russian public discourse on the war breaks new bounds:

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