And we are somehow the bad guys….

| April 11, 2023

I know, this isn’t news. But China, Iran and North Korea are all getting stroppy – and from their public statements, we are the bad guys.

Starting with China. Chinese Army naval and air  forces are simulating sealing off Taiwan after one of their politicians had the temerity to visit the US.:

Between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday, a total of 70 planes were detected and half crossed the median of the Taiwan Strait, an unofficial boundary once tacitly accepted by both sides, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. Among the planes that crossed the median were 8 J-16 fighter jets, 4 J-1 fighters, 8 Su-30 fighters and reconnaissance planes.

Later Monday morning, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported another 59 flights by bombers, as well as multiple fighter jets.

A bit further away, the USS Milius did a freedom-of-navigation sail-by near an artificial island China created (in international waters) which it now claims. (Reminds you of a squatter who not only won’t leave, but claims to own your house, huh?)

North Korea reports supposedly testing an underwater nuclear drone designed to explode off one of our ports and create a “radioactive tsunami”.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said the drone, named “Haeil-2” after a Korean word meaning tsunamis or tidal waves, traveled underwater for more than 71 hours before successfully detonating a mock warhead in waters near the eastern port city of Tanchon on Friday. KCNA said the test proved that the weapon could strike targets 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) away with “fatal attack ability.” II

I remember the good old days a few years back when the folks caught working on nukes used to blush and try to claim they were really defensive weapons  so it was OK. The Norks don’t even do that, they straight-up brag that these are offensive weapons aimed at us. I can only assume they have one heck of a bunker system – there’s not that much of a country to flatten if they did launch on us. I guess MAD does not translate well to irrational people.

Speaking of whom, now we get to the Iranians. They are really torqued, calling us “warmongers”, because the submarine USS Florida is being sent to Bahrain via the Suez to support the 5th Fleet headquartered in Bahrain..

…Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani accused the US of “warmongering and propagating instability and conflict in the West Asia region.”

The US submarine’s arrival coincided with the firing of six rockets from Syria toward the Israel-held Golan Heights, an attack that triggered an Israeli response against Syrian Army positions. Most Israeli strikes in Syria have been against Iran and its proxies, which have boosted their presence and influence in the war-ravaged country over the past decade.

Tit-for-tat violence also flared on other fronts. Israel hit sites in the Gaza Strip on Friday, which it said belonged to the Iran-allied Hamas movement, and retaliated against the firing of a barrage of rockets from southern Lebanon to the Upper Galilee in an attack claimed by the Iran-supported Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

Bloomberg via Yahoo

Bold in the above added by me. Notice a LOT of Iran-supported, Iran-allied, etc. in all the stuff stirred up in the region. Almost like Iran (via the Revolutionary Guard) is fomenting as much trouble as possible.

I think it was Will Rogers who described ‘diplomacy’ as ‘saying “nice doggie” – until you can pick up a rock.’  I guess when you do pick up a rock, the mad dog(s) don’t like it.

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Skivvy Stacker

What was the refrain the left kept repeating back in 2016?

Oh, yeah; “Trump will get us into WWIII!”
And if we follow Biden’s logic; yep, he sure did.

Slow Joe

Time to trim back their strength?
Where’s the lawnmower?


Taking classes in gender and racial equity.


You know, you make it too easy sometimes…🤣

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The lawnmower is in Herr bidens garage shredding documents.


The leftists/Marxists/Larsists/socialists despots always blame the conservatives – inside or outside the USA.

They still see the USA as conservative, though. There’s that.

Old tanker

Not really surprised at all this crap given the “leader of the free world” we have…


Eh…Wars and rumors of wars. The last war is never the last war, there’s always one more war to fight.


Chicoms are gonna Chicom, too.
comment image


I die, I go to Heaven.
The 400 of you I send ahead of me are not.


See you in Hell– Not!– motherf*ckers!
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

They are really torqued, calling us “warmongers”.

Well, they should know from warmongering.


Don’t be silly Iran is only been involved in one war since 1988. Iran is more of an islamo fascist terrorist state.


If we were the war mongerers that we are reputed to be, we would have already “nuked the site(s) from orbit.” Been hearing this BS for all of my 7 decades. I say turn the keys on the launch missiles and get it over with. Target their Command and Control Centers. Tired of hearing it.

Too bad our (s)elected officials didn’t listen to Patton…and Dugout Doug back yonder.


I would be hard pressed to think of any country other than Russia that has been involved in as many wars as we have in The last 50 years.


Oh, I’ll roger that, 5 guy. “…adventurous abroad and despotic at home.” Bobby Lee called it. The MIC grins.


Just about every conflict involving Muslims has Iranian involvement. Only in the rare case where both sides despise them are they absent. And they will use intermediaries then.

And there are quite a few such affrays to egg on.

Forest Bondurant

I thought the ChiComs were upset when Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last July, promising to take action then? Now this?

The NORKS are always finding an excuse to act out, especially when the U.S. and South Korea conduct joint exercises.

The 35th anniversary of OPERATION PRAYING MANTIS is a week away, so the Iranians are upset about that as well.

A Proud Infidel®™

They’re getting bold because we have an impotent incompetent in the White House who they KNOW they can easily blackmail or bribe to do their will.

GOD Help America.


All the Chinese have to do is have Joe send Hunter to Peking/Beijing so they can pass the Biden Crime Family® a couple mil $$$. He’ll surrender us as soon as the draft clears his banks.


What they hell could all that NorK bling possibly mean?
Way too many pieces of flair!


According to Trump’s interview yesterday, Xi, Kim, and Putin are “top of the line”, “brilliant”, “great leaders”.

You all love to pretend to hate despots, tyrants, and dictators…but you seem to love their leadership style.

I saw dozens of post admiring Putin here over the years.

Trump made it clear he wants to be a dictator. He explicitly says it.

He also constantly praises the “leadership” of the most notorious dictators on planet.

And most of you love him for it. Advocate overthrowing elections for him.

So all the protestations and complaints about dictators I see on right wing websites are bullshit. The right desperately wants their own American dictator.


Also, it really highlights what a moron Trump is for him to think Xi is brilliant.

Xi is a notorious simpleton. Famously so. The CCP installed him because they assumed he was such a dimwit they could manipulate him to preserve their corrupt cronyism. They were wrong, not about him being an idiot…he absolutely is…they were wrong about him being easy to manipulate..he is stupid, stubborn, hard minded, and ruthless.

Like a pit bull in a bite lock. You can beat him in the head with a 2X4 and he won’t stop tearing China apart. He is too stupid.

The CCP deserves him.

Any political party or organization that chooses to install a dimwitted despot deserved their fate.

And the Republican Party is being torn apart by its own dimwit.


comment image


Xi is brilliant. You probably missed that he is the leader of the most populous country in the world and rose to prominence in a society where it is difficult to rise. His foreign policy is absolutely devastating to the US and he routinely outplays diaper load at every turn. I’d say he is the best leader China has had in close to 500 years. He could teach Job a thing about patience.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t a dictator. Like most imbeciles on the left you are letting your own world POV get in the way of properly evaluating a man. So yes brilliant and yes dictator. These aren’t mutually exclusive.


Holy fuck. You will say anything to defend Trump.

Xi is notoriously stupid.

It is not even controversial. It is a well established fact.

It is not even something they can manage to hide from the Chinese public.

Rising to power in the CCP is not about brilliance…it is about being easily controlled or moderated. They assumed him being such a simpleton would make him easy to manipulate.

He just happens to have a creepy cluster of personalities disorders that made him more ruthless and dangerous than they realized. But it doesn’t make him smart.


You and “well established facts” have only a passing acquaintance. So tell me, who was your right-wing obsession pre-Trump? Who’s next, DeSantis? How’s life in your California paradise? Still the Shangri-La you preached to us? You’re a fraud, a little progressive minion shaped by your Berkeley masters, struggling for relevance.


I didn’t have a “right wing obsession” before Trump.

The fact that you all are so indoctrinated that you can’t see Trump for what he is amazes me.


I’ve made it clear many times that I am not a fan of Trump. I also don’t think he is the Fuhrer reborn.

You are a part of the sadness I feel for my country when I realize that the secondary and post secondary education system has indeed failed us. Your lack of understanding of what a fact is, lack of ability to think objectively or logically are things that used to be taught here. You have my pity for where your life has taken you, I don’t think you are entirely to blame. I imagine there were a lot of people on that road that knew better and led you the wrong way anyway.


You keep using that word “indoctrinated”. I do not think it means what you think it means. Every post you’ve ever put up on this forum is 100% pure unadulterated Berkeley progressive/liberal indoctrination. Stand a little close to your mirror, Commissar. You’re the poster child for indoctrination. Fraud.


I’d like to know some of these well established facts. Please share your resources with us. I’ll hold me breath quietly.


Putin also is pretty brilliant. At least until he let his ego get in the way. He conquered several neighboring nations unopposed in any significant way and turned them into vassal states. However, even smart people make dumb mistakes and his huge miscalculation in the Ukraine might bring him down. Now he has been smart enough to throw all of his potential pretenders to the throne off of tall buildings but that only works if you get all the right ones.

His huge miscalculation in his evaluation of Zelinsky has cost dearly and might end it for him. Don’t think anyone around here will shed a tear.


Pathetic. Putin is not brilliant.

Even I knew the Russian army was a corrupt, desiccated husk incapable of any large scale operation.

I even posted it here in the past when you Putin cucks would try to frame him as some impressive leader.

Putin should have known his Army was not capable of a full scale invasion of Ukraine.

And the unfathomable incompetence of every decision he has made since the invasion makes it clear his reputation as some cunning and brilliant strategist was propaganda and wish fulfillment by his simps.

The fact that he is smarter than Trump is a low bar.


That was the miscalculation I pointed out earlier. Putin never planned on fighting a war. He thought he would do what worked in the past and swing in with a show of force, arrest Zelinsky and install a puppet government. He bit off way more than he could chew and instead of forcing an armistice last year when he had the chance and now he is trapped. Therefore the ego problem.

Because if he runs it is all on him. Therefore he has to win. But he can’t win because the West is feeding the Ukes and therefore he is trapped in a war of attrition. he only way he can win that is if the Ukes run out of fighters before he does.


So far as Trump being a despot…. You probably missed it through a haze of tears and pain but Trump was president for four years. During which time he invaded zero countries, started zero new wars, used the veto 10 times, less than any president since Harding, despite having half his term an opposition congress, took fewer executive actions than any president other than HW Bush in the last 40 years and donated his salary to charity.

He was by far the most investigated of any president in history. His political enemies used falsified evidence in fake dossiers, using the department of injustice to harass and try to intimidate him with baseless allegations. And yet, he didn’t take a single action to use his power to punish his political enemies for their lies.

As dictators go he is a pretty sorry picture of one.

Why do I get feels that you are one of those guys that runs up to the police during a protest and screams profanity at them knowing they can’t fight back?

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

You are a craven simp to despots.


But you are a brain washed moron.


He states nothing but “well established facts”.

Commissioner Wretched

And you are unable to refute a single thing 5JC said. Else, you would have at least tried.


Confirmed. You are one of those guys.

All I did was post well established facts. Trump’s actions in office are public record and not in dispute. The unilateral actions he took as the executive of the most powerful country in the world do not support your assertions. If Trump actually were a despot or even an aspiring one he could have caused all manner of chaos with Executive Orders, military action, veto powers and other things.

In case you missed it, he didn’t.

Honor and Courage

No wonder Democrats suck at foreign Policy. Just listen to yourself. Most every NATO Country would stick it to us given the chance.The UN has always been a worthless piece of shit.

BlueCord Dad