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| April 8, 2023

18-Year-Old Busted For Allegedly Impersonating A Cop After Pulling Over Real Police Officer In Fake Traffic Stop

An 18-year-old Michigan man was arrested after he allegedly pulled over a real officer while impersonating a cop in a fake traffic stop, according to police.

Oakland County police charged Christian Katan Mansoor with a misdemeanor after he tried to make a traffic stop on a car driven by an off-duty officer, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday.

The incident unfolded Monday after 11:00 p.m., when deputies received a call from the off-duty officer reporting that someone, subsequently identified as Mansoor, was driving a silver BMW with red and blue flashing lights. Mansoor “positioned his vehicle behind hers in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop,” the officer said, according to the press release.

The off-duty officer told police she let Mansoor pass her before following him to confront him. Upon confrontation, Mansoor allegedly claimed to be a Detroit police officer from the 12th Precinct, prompting the off-duty officer to ask for an ID. Mansoor said he needed to get it from his car and then fled the scene, according to the press release.

The off-duty officer allegedly followed Mansoor to a trailer park, and deputies were able to track down the vehicle as well as Mansoor, “who was switching license plates from the BMW to another BMW he owned,” the press release reads. Mansoor allegedly then fled on foot but police tracked him down and arrested him.

Mansoor was arraigned Wednesday on one charge of impersonating a public officer and was released on a $5,000 bond.

Source; Daily Caller

Gwinnett County deputy hits multiple mailboxes in patrol car, arrested for DUI, troopers say

A metro Atlanta deputy was arrested after Georgia State Patrol troopers told Channel 2 Action News the deputy hit multiple mailboxes while driving his patrol car under the influence.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office said Master Deputy Sheriff Walter Pollock was arrested after driving on Thomspon Mill Road in Walton County and hitting multiple mailboxes Wednesday morning.

According to officials, after further investigation troopers determined Pollock was on duty under the influence of alcohol.

Pollock was arrested at the Gwinnett County courthouse by troopers and charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane, and striking a fixed object.

The sheriff’s office said that Pollock has been served with an intent to terminate and was placed on administrative leave.

“We want our community to know that we hold our employees to the highest standards of professionalism. Pending the criminal investigation our Office of Professional Standards will conduct a full review as we are committed to ensuring that the outcome of the incident is in the public’s best interest,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release Wednesday.

Deputies told Channel 2 Action News no bystanders were hurt in the incident.

Source; Yahoo!

Man charged with trying to carjack off-duty Newark officer in an unmarked police car

A 22-year-old man faces charges after police said he tried to carjack two vehicles Tuesday evening in Newark, including an unmarked police vehicle being driven by an off-duty officer.

The man, a Newark resident, remained at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution on Wednesday afternoon after failing to post a $5,000 bail.

The incidents began about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday when police said a man approached an occupied vehicle and opened the car door, ordering the person inside to get out while also forcibly trying to remove him from the vehicle.

The car occupant was able to get the person off him, lock his doors and call police, who met them in the first block of E. Main St.

Minutes later, investigators said an off-duty Newark officer was driving an unmarked police vehicle and stopped on East Main Street a few yards away from the first incident.

That’s when police said a man came up to his vehicle, opened the door and ordered the off-duty officer to get out of the vehicle.

The man fled after the off-duty officer identified himself as police.

The off-duty officer chased him and with the assistance of other officers, the man was taken into custody without incident. The man was also identified as being involved in the first attempted carjacking, police said.

Some more background at the source; Yahoo!

An SNCF agent dies in the station after having swallowed a mysterious liquid

This one came from France, so the article was run through Google Translate. In case you think it sounds funny.

An SNCF agent died on April 3, 2023 in the Saint-Étienne station (Loire). An investigation is opened to find the cause of death. According to several media, a mysterious liquid found in the station would have been swallowed by the victim just before his death.

It took him very badly. According to information from RTL and Le Progrès , an SNCF employee died on Monday April 3 in the Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux station after drinking a liquid contained in a can found on the spot.

The SNCF confirmed with Ouest-France , this Tuesday, April 4, the death of an employee there, without advancing on the causes of death, also specifying that an investigation is in progress. “Our thoughts go first to the family and colleagues who are affected by this disappearance. We have set up psychological assistance,” explained the public company.

The victim would have taken a sip of the liquid

Monday, April 3, in the evening, a traveler handed over an abandoned bag in which there were two cubic plastic containers to two SNCF agents. One of them would have taken the initiative to take a sip, while his colleague also tasted the beverage, but by dipping his lips only. The first, aged 41, died shortly after 7 p.m., after losing consciousness about fifteen minutes later. The Samu failed to save him. His colleague “felt ill, his tongue and lips tingled,” a member of the CGT Cheminots, to which the deceased belonged, told AFP.

An investigation has been opened to understand what caused the death, the deputy public prosecutor confirmed to RTL and Progress . The magistrate clarified to the local newspaper that “the results of the investigation, [in particular] the analyzes of the liquid and the autopsy, will say whether this event would not be linked to a previous degraded state of health” .

Source; Ouest France

2 Georgia men die by electrocution in substation break-in

Two northeast Georgia men died Monday after they were electrocuted while breaking into a power substation.

The deaths happened before dawn at an electrical substation in an industrial area south of downtown Gainesville, news outlets reported.

Hall County Deputy Coroner Kevin Wetzel identified the dead to local news outlets as Shane Joseph Long, 45, and Christopher Blair Wood, 44, both of Gainesville. Their bodies are undergoing autopsies.

Gainesville Police say the two men broke into a fenced area and were trying to steal something, possible copper wiring, when they were killed. Emergency crews were called to an explosion and possible fire and could not recover the bodies for hours because of the danger posed by the electricity.

The substation is not owned by Georgia Power Co., but by a customer. Pap Datta, owner of the adjoining Liquid Nation Brewing, told The Times of Gainesville that the substation is securely fenced and well-marked.

“I’m not sure what they were trying to steal,” Datta said. “One of the officers retrieved a backpack from that area, and I’m assuming it’s one of theirs. And, you know, how much could they have carried out, a couple $100 worth of stuff? And just the loss of life for that? It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking.”

Source; MSN



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Bubblehead Ray

I guess the two substation geniuses missed the sign


Did they need this one?

Bubblehead Ray

I hear banjo music! PADDLE FASTER!!!😳


That banjo kid is all grown up and has that same shitty grin, he now sits in the House of White…

Old tanker

It’s OK they missed the sign. The gene pool just got a little cleaner as a result.


For the funeral:

“You …. light up my life…..”


Or maybe Billy Idol “shock to the system”


Chicoms engaged in major unplanned “exercise” around Taiwan after islanders said the wouldn’t comply with vessel boarding/inspections.


Hope it’s BS…


Cop impersonators should have parole requirements to spend 8 hours a day typing up police reports and attending traffic court.


I say they make them be cops and end them to Seattle or LA or Minneapolis.

Old tanker

OH kinky! I like it. But only after they give them squirt guns and empty tasers.


No, Send him to Detriot.

Take Him To Detroit – YouTube

Commissioner Wretched

“A Fistful of Yen” … from the producer who brought you “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble.”


Long and Wood were blinded by the light…

Pollock splattered some mail boxes…

Anyone that’s been cursed enuf to be in the undeclared war zone known as Newark shouldn’t be surprised. But $5k for the “unnamed man’s” 2 attempted carjackings?!


Do BETTER, dirty jers’!


My B, I shoulda looked at the article:

The incident comes within a week of a series of carjackings in Delaware, including two near the Delaware State Police’s Prices Corner troop that ended in chases onto I-95.

On March 28, a 30-year-old woman carjacked another woman outside a Prices Corner drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, then led police in a car chase that ended in Pennsylvania with officers there using their vehicles to stop her.

Then on Monday, what started as a carjacking in the Prices Corner Shopping Center turned into a car chase that ended in gunfire on I-95.

I would imagine Newark DE is in a similar state to Newark NJ.


If we wanted to hit mailboxes we could have let Ralph drive. What a dumbass way to blow a 20 year career.

Old tanker

What I am confused about is how did his supervisor miss the state of intoxication at briefing?


Might not have one, or it is virtual or he got drunk later.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC
RGR 4-78

I just wonder how many times he got away with his on duty drinking before he overdid it and got popped.


If he had a take-home cruiser, likely they just log on on the computer, or just call in on the radio, then go on patrol, or head to the bar, whichever seems like a better idea.


Just reading this made my IQ drop a few points. Th SNCF agent drinking an unknown subtance and dying takes the cake.


Cause of death; “not listening to his mother when he was three years old”


PV1 “Sargeant, I tried to bring you a can of squelch, but that Frog cop drank it.”

SSG(D) “what did you?… oh shit…. Sargeant Major is gonna skin us both…”


Hmm – the police in France story sounds like a scene from a Stephen King novel…if my reversal of the translation is correct –
Two Travellers, what Europeans call Gypsys, gave a couple gendarmes a present of something to drink…which caused the death of one and sickening of the other.

The locals, who claim to be educated and enlightened and not subject to superstitions, would be uncontrollable if they thought the Travellers bewitched the gendarmes into drinking something. Not that the French government or police would stop an attack on Travellers…

Travellers in France today are only tolerated, in general, during the pilgrimages to Les Saintes Marie de la Mar for veneration of the Black Sara…because these events bring lots of tourist dollars who watch the spectacles.


Strong, teh stoopid, is!

A Proud Infidel®™

Drinking some liquid they had just found? Breaking into a Power Substation?

Two words, DARWIN AKHBAR!!!


Well, the stoopid is really strong in the above Darwin Award winners.


Copper theft in substations is sadly pretty common. And insanely dangerous.


Happens lots, both attempted theft and electrocution, in Africa. Liberia:
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
RGR 4-78

The French to English google translation wasn’t that bad.

Better than a lot of American news articles written by so called journalists.


The guy in Oakland County, Michigan had 2 BMWs? And he lived or stayed in a trailer park? Getting his kicks trying to do traffic stops?
I wonder what he would have done if he stopped a car full of Bloods on their way to distribute their home cooked meds.