DoD role-playing captures…Delta pilot

| April 8, 2023


Keystone Kops

Tuesday at the Revere Hotel in Boston…a quiet night’s rest after a long day in the cockpit. Pilot rest for a  couple of Delta pilots was interrupted  by DoD and FBI agents who detained the pilot after GETTING THE ROOM WRONG in a role-playing exercise.

The DOD agents were conducting a role-playing operation with the assistance of the FBI Boston Division when they broke into the wrong room at the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street around 10 p.m., according to a Boston police report.

Sources told 25 Investigates that the agents entered a room that two Delta pilots were staying in, and one pilot was handcuffed in the bathroom for about 45 minutes. After the incident, sources said the pilots went the hotel’s front desk and had workers called Boston police.

Boston 25 News Security Analyst Dan Linskey explained there is a system in place to make sure errors like this don’t occur.

“Somewhere along the line there should have been a check and balance to make sure that this could not happen,” said Linskey. “You’ve got to have this scenario written, there’s got to be a safety officer that’s involved in these procedures and their job is to make sure these types of things don’t happen, and somebody definitely dropped the ball.”

25News via Yahoo

Have to wonder why only one of the pilots was cuffed – you would think both or neither would have been. Gonna be expensive for the taxpayers if it turns out the cuffed pilot had some identifiable minority thing going.  Got the wrong room? Isn’t having the room number correct one of the most basic things? If they can screw THAT up….Lord only knows what the fine details looked like.

Update 4/7 (I wrote this 4/6) – Army Special Forces Command has formally. publicly  apologized to the detained pilot. CBS News Betthat’s gonna make his lawsuit a slam dunk.

Guess the pilots get to chalk this up to Crewrest Interruptus?

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DELTA vs DELTA (Airlines)




Mr.T in the movie DC Cab.


Just thinking how that would have gone at Pop’s house….

Bubblehead Ray



Could have been a lot worse. I recall the terrible incident at Ft Bragg during Robin Sage a couple of decades ago. An officer was killed an NCO wounded when they tried to disarm a Moore County Deputy that they thought was a role player.


Didn’t they subsequently require an obvious “I am part of the game” item to be worn?

That could have ended much worse.

Simple door wedge can interrupt the opening door. There are other methods to prevent “wrong room” scenarios.


I wonder if the pilot thought “Maybe I should have went to work with American Airlines…”

Green Thumb

In the end its the customers that pay as their flights were probably delayed because the pilots did not get the required amount of sleep hours.

Talk about ripple effect.

Old tanker

Why the hell were they conducting an exercise in an occupied commercial business with customers on site? The stupid is strong in that one. Perhaps they decided the inclusion, diversity and pronouns were the real objective.


Those pilots should be talking to lawyers about now.


New Mexico police fatally shoot resident after responding to wrong house (


Terrible situation. I’d say best policy is that if someone claiming to be the police comes knocking at odd hours call the police and verify before answering the door. Answering the door with a gun visible might get you shot no matter if it is the police or criminals.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Can the fed govt be sued? That was brought up when the host mentioned the ordeal the pilot went through.


For torts, yes and no. You have to get permission first. Even then it has to be a pretty convincing upfront. If you get your foot in the door they offer a low settlement and then launch an army of lawyers in your direction.

Expect all kinds of crazy negative actions from other parts of the government depending upon who you are suing.


This is my hometown. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but apparently cops haven’t improved there much since I left HS.

Prior Service

Who among us hasn’t done this? Years ago, my Bn had the force protection mission (a three month duty) at an unnamed base. I decided to do a practice alert and my S3 wrote a basic notional scenario directing a response at a particular gate with the target being a silver Mustang (ha ha, my car, which everyone knew, and was parked in its usual spot behind Bn). Well the tasked company rolls out and arrives at the directed gate only to find a silver mustang right there. They proceed to pull it over and snatch the driver out. Fortunately the driver was known to one of the guys and it all smoothed over. I had executed as a planning drill only, but we briefed it seriously enough that the company didn’t realize it was a drill and went to work.


Another candidate for The Stoopid People of The Week Thread. Saw this, along with the NM article that CDR-D posted. Had a similar incident down the road from me a while back when the local popo busted down the wrong door, citizen came out of bedroom with a weapon and was made DRT. “OOPS!, our bad.”


Did they investigate themselves and conclude that everyone followed policy and that there was no wrongdoing on the part of the agency?


Yeah, pretty much…but…his widow filed a suit that is still dragging thru the court system, nearly 8 years later. Some linkys here.

Another on SCOTUS ruling;

The original story here…take a blood pressure pill before you read it. Full disclosure, I knew of this gentleman and his family, he was related to a co-worker. He was good people.–regional/think-you-safe-from-the-war-drugs-read-this/VHyht38Uxnrvyh5ZwayiWP/


No kidding. This is where I transition from understanding the nature of dynamic law enforcement operations to spitting on my hands and hoisting the black flag.

What the fuck is wrong with the chief of police and the mayor sitting down with the surviving family members and saying hey, on behalf of my department, we fucked up and we are sorry. Your kids get a free ride to a state school of their choice, and here are the concrete steps we are taking to ensure that this never ever happened again.

But nope. Here they are years later, still dragging a grieving family through the system in hopes of a technical win.

I just don’t get it.


I have conducted role play exercises as an SF officer. They included foreign nationals I recruited for the UW exercises. But the “enemy” participants were all US conventional soldiers. So this kind of screw up couldn’t occur. Safety was always priority one. Thus, no one went to the hospital or had a cause of action for assault and battery or false imprisonment.


Revere Hotel? Must be nice. No wonder airfare is out of control.

Next time save a couple hundred bucks and stay at the Airport Hilton or Hyatt Regency.

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