Nidal Hasan may face execution

| March 31, 2023

Nidal Hasan is appealing his case before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. If things do not go favorably for Hasan, he could become the first military execution conducted by the U.S. military since 1961. However, Hasan may appeal the case to the Supreme Court. Joe Biden may also have a say on what happens; he could either uphold an execution decision, or lower it to a life sentence.

From the Military Times:

On Nov. 5, 2009, Hasan entered a readiness processing center at the Texas post and opened fire, killing 13 — including a pregnant soldier — and wounding 32. Hasan admitted to the shootings at his court-martial in 2013 and was sentenced to death.

If Hasan is put to death, it would be the first military execution since 1961, when ex-soldier John Bennett was hanged after being convicted for raping and attempting to kill a young girl.

The hearing Tuesday marks the next stage of the case in the drawn-out military appeals process. Regardless of the hearing’s outcome, it remains unclear if and when a decision on execution could be made.

“I would say a lot could happen,” Richard Dieter, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, told Military Times.

Once a verdict is reached, the case will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court, Dieter explained. The president must also weigh in with final say on the ex-soldier’s fate. As commander in chief, the president is required to confirm an execution sentence or commute it to what would likely be life in prison.

Exactly what President Joe Biden, who pledged to abolish federal capital punishment, would do remains unclear.

The Military Times provides the balance of the story here.

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I would hope they would do the right thing and bring justice to the families that lost someone back in 2009, but with this leadership in charge, I wouldn’t be surprised if they instead left him off the hook in Afghanistan with millions of dollars in weapons to bring to his friends.


This is taking way too long to put this traitor away to -6AGL.

Skivvy Stacker

Well, let’s see, with Cotton Eye Joe I would imagine the following:
He blames MAGA Republicans for the massacre because they didn’t ban “assault weapons” at Fort Hood, grants a stay of execution, then a pardon because the “MAGA Republicans” didn’t change the name of Fort Hood, and he tells China that they can buy up land around Fort Hood, as long as they promise to buy some of Hunter’s art.

Skivvy Stacker

I almost forgot….
He asks if any of the dead soldiers are in the audience.


Too bad, so sad.


For him. I won’t be when it happens.

Old tanker

Once he confessed in court to committing the murders he should have had a psych eval to ensure sanity then should have gone to the needle / gallows right after. There is no reason for him to continue to steal oxygen.


Another Murderer awaiting execution at Leavenworth: SGT Hasan Akbar.

“Akbar Sentenced to Death for Grenade Attack”

“A military jury sentenced a soldier to death Thursday for a grenade and rifle attack on his own comrades during the opening days of the Iraq invasion, a barrage that killed two officers and that prosecutors said was driven by religious extremism.”

“Sgt. Hasan Akbar, who gave a brief, barely audible apology hours earlier, stood at attention between his lawyers as the verdict was delivered. He showed no emotion.”

“He could have been sentenced to life in prison with or without parole for the early morning March 2003 attack, which also wounded 14 fellow members of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait.”

“I want to apologize for the attack that occurred. I felt that my life was in jeopardy, and I had no other options. I also want to ask you for forgiveness,” Akbar told the jury before it deliberated in the sentencing phase.”

“While the defense contends Akbar was too mentally ill to plan the attack, they have never disputed that he threw grenades into troop tents in the early morning darkness and then fired on soldiers in the ensuing chaos. Army Capt. Chris Seifert, 27, and Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, 40, were killed.”

“Prosecutors say Akbar launched the attack at his camp — days before the soldiers were to move into Iraq — because he was concerned about U.S. troops killing fellow Muslims in the Iraq war.”

He is a hate-filled, ideologically driven murderer,” chief prosecutor Lt. Col. Michael Mulligan said. He added that Akbar wrote in his diary in 1997, “My life will not be complete unless America is destroyed.”

“Akbar is the first American since the Vietnam era to be prosecuted on charges of murdering a fellow soldier during wartime.”

Daisy Cutter

I often wondered if all of those cases of fragging junior officers in Vietnam are exaggerated or was it fairly common.


They were exaggerated IMHO. But they did occur, mostly in the rear, where the malcontents and druggies were awaiting charges. I always got along well with my guys, as they knew I could adjust artillery fire, read a map, and knew what I was doing. But by then, I had over two years of service as an RA infantry officer.


This bag of shit needs to die soon.. On the other hand, I’m fine with a life sentence for Hasan.. reports are that he’s in severe pain round the clock, and a lifetime of that is something I can get behind for the scum.. a needle is too easy..

A Proud Infidel®™

If he’s in pain around the clock while awaiting execution, that’s something I consider poetic justice, my happy thought for the day, I only wish he had my Ex-wife in the cell next to him with bars in between them!


Pain? Good!


They should take those medals and patches off the son of a bitch. All of them.

A Proud Infidel®™

According to an ex-MP friend of mine who escorted Prisoners here and there, upon arrival at the USDB they do so in dress Uniform (Class A’s during his time) and once the Escorts are ordered back behind another line the USDB Personnel go up to the Uniformed Prisoners with a trash can and STRIP every patch and decoration off said uniforms right down to the brass buttons while verbally letting them know what they threw away when they did the deed(s) to get put there, according to him there would be ex-E7’s and 8’s in tears after that!


Obama will decide when he gets back if he hasn’t already.
Trump is gonna win 2024 anyway so there are other ways
this could play out. Hasan is a political football that will get
kicked around somemore but eventually go flat.


The trial should have taken no more than 10 minutes and then been followed up immediately with a public execution.


comment image


Another MURDERER awaiting execution at Leavenworth.

SPC Ronald Adrin Gray.

“Long Road To Justice: The Ronald Gray Case”

“Kimberly Bowman Ruggles was driving a taxi for Terminal City Cab Company in Fayetteville on Jan. 6, 1987, when she got a call for a pickup off of Sante Fe Drive. Army Specialist Ronald Adrin Gray, 21, requested her, personally.”

“Ruggles knew Gray from prior fares, but didn’t know the Fort Bragg cook-turned-serial-killer would be her last passenger — or, she, his last victim.”

“Gray was convicted of raping and killing four women, including Ruggles, and sexually abusing and attempting to murder several others between 1985 and Jan. 6, 1987. A military court sentenced him to death.”

“Gray continues to appeal his death sentence and managed to dodge a presidential order for his execution in 2008.”

“Gray joined the Army in 1983 and was assigned to serve as a cook in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg in April 1986. He lived in Fairlane Acres with his wife at the time of the slayings.”

“Two other women in the mobile home park told law enforcement they were kidnapped and raped the year of the killings. They later came forward to identify Gray as their attacker.”


ANOTHER Murderer awaiting execution at Leavenworth.

MSG Timothy Hennis.

“Soldier On Death Row Will Ask The Military’s Highest Court To Overturn His Conviction”

“A master sergeant sentenced by a civilian court to death for three murders, acquitted in an appeal and then sent back to death row decades later for the same crimes by a military court, will argue Tuesday that he should be a free man again.”

“As a sergeant stationed at Fort Bragg, Hennis was convicted in a Cumberland County, N.C., courtroom in 1986 for the murders of Kathryn Eastburn, the wife of an Air Force captain who was away on temporary duty, and her 3- and 5-year-old daughters, Kara and Erin.”

“All had been stabbed to death and Kathryn had been raped. A third daughter was found alive in her crib several days later by police.”

16341 (1).jpeg

About damn time


Build some gallows in the yard of the old SRP site where he committed the murders, and hang his ass on those hollowed grounds! Then leave his stinking carcass for the hordes to eat and shit out!


Birds, not hordes


Only question I have is how are they going to pick from the long, long, long, line of people who gets to pull the rope? Lottery? Essay contest?


I say, the families of the 13 killed, followed by the additional 30 wounded, get to simultaneously pull the cord to the trapdoor. Then we go to the lottery with the winners armed with pitch forks to ensure the outcome!

A Proud Infidel®™

I say throw his corpse in some remote corner of the woods for the feral hogs to feast on!


Stake him out, alive, and let the feral hogs have him.

A Proud Infidel®™

I find that very acceptable, especially during the hottest summer months.


They are know to have very poor taste and not care if their food’s still alive.

Old Colonel

When I was stationed at the CAC at Leavenworth, a buddy of mine was the DB Chaplain; he had many chats with Hasan. He told me that once Hasan had told him that even though the two of them were of different faiths, he respected that Chaplain, and so he would “kill him quick” when the “revolution” came and he and his friends took over.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Back in the Day” it was Cowboys and Indians, now it’s “Cowboys and Muslims” and the game hasn’t even started yet.


From 2017:

“Soldier On ‘Military Death Row’ For Killing Two Cab Drivers More Than 25 Years Ago Will Be Spared After His Sentence Was Reduced In Obama’s Latest Commutations”

“Dwight Loving’s sentence was one of the 209 commutations handed down by the President on Tuesday, in one of his final acts before leaving the White House.”

“Loving, a former private first-class, had his punishment reduced from death to life in prison without parole.”

“The 47-year-old was convicted over the killings of two cab drivers in Texas in December 1988.”

“He was stationed at the Fort Hood Army base at the time.”

“One of the drivers, Christopher Fay, was a 20-year-old Army Private and part-time cabbie when he was gunned down. The other, 44-year-old Bobby Sharbino, was a retired Army sergeant.”

“A third cab driver, Howard Harrison, escaped Loving after he managed to knock a gun out of the convicted killer’s hands.”

“Loving was found guilty by a military judge of two counts of premeditated murder and one count of attempted murder.”

“He was also found guilty of robbing two 7-Eleven convenience stores just days before the killings.”


If Zero had a son…

Amateur Historian

Is being hanged, drawn, and quartered still against the 8th Amendment?

Prior Service

So you’re saying there is still a chance?


Well they could just roll him into the nearest pond.




All those predatory scum need to pull rope. Let’s stop putting them to sleep like a sick dog.


Scaphism works here too.


Firing squad? Hanging? Ok – let’s COMPROMISE and SHOOT him WHILE he’s HANGING!


Woodchipper go brrrrr.


feet first

A Proud Infidel®™

Just throw the POS into a pen of hogs that haven’t been fed for a day or two!


I’ve had CLS training, I know how to put in a needle.
Does anyone know if they’re taking volunteers?
If they go with a rope, I’m rappel master certified and know a lot of knots.

A Proud Infidel®™

Former US Army Combat Engineer here, I know some neat ways to get rid of him although I would favor Scaphism for that shitass!

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Death is a harsh sentence for an isolated incident of workplace violence.


Why is this person still alive? He should have been executed 24 hours after his court marshall.

Forest Bondurant

Watch Biden grant him a pardon.