LA releases personal info and pictures of 9,300 police to anti-cop group

| March 30, 2023

The LAPD Chief is taking fire after authorizing the release of personal data on thousands of LA cops, including undercover cops,  to an anti-police group.

A police abolitionist group called Stop LAPD Spying Coalition was able to obtain records for all police officers in the city through a public records request and then posted the information on a website titled Watch the Watchers.

The website allows for users to search for police by name or serial number. Users are then taken to a profile page on the searched officer, including their photo, serial number, ethnicity and year of hire.

Stop LAPD says the information is harmless because it doesn’t have the officer’s home addresses. Photo and ethnicity? Guess those aren’t identifiers, right? I am sure that is consolation to those officers working undercover.

Since the data was published on its other site, Watch the Watchers, social media has also ignited with menacing posts calling for “payback time.”

“We have now #published over 9000 names and head-shots of numerous regular and #undercover #LAPD officers on ?i||???oq.?om online. A to Z. Let the games begin!! Remember, nobody pays more for LAPD head-shots then ?i||???oq.?om Payback time!,” a tweet on an account called “KillerCop™” stated on Wednesday.

The police union has filed an official complaint:

The complaint was filed against LAPD Chief Michel Moore and Police Administrator III Lizabeth Rhodes on Tuesday “for gross negligence and misconduct regarding egregious neglect of duty, false statements, and conduct unbecoming an officer or employee for their role in the public disclosure of personal information that will endanger police officers, especially those working in sensitive assignments,” the police union said in a press release this week.

Fox via Yahoo

In related news, three cops have filed a suit:

…have named Steven Sutcliffe, owner of, in the lawsuit, requesting that the photos be removed from the website, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This is the first litigation connected to the release, the newspaper reported.

Sutcliffe also has a Twitter handle @killercop1984, according to the lawsuit, on which he allegedly posted on March 20, “Remember, #Rewards are double all year for #detectives and #female cops,” alongside an image quoting the General Counsel at Los Angeles Police Protective League saying was offering $1,000 and $2,000 to anyone who killed an officer, according to court documents, the Times reported.

Fox via Yahoo II

Anyone ever see an old movie called “The Choirboys”? In it, cop Charles Durning responds to the lietenant who says “The captain is behind you 100%” with “yeah, I’ve felt him there many times.” Bet there are a lot of LA cops agreeing with that about now.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Way to “support” that “thin blue line”.
Sounds like time for a 100% “blue flu”.


Even if the info is removed, at this point it is in the hands of the wrong people. Openly posting rewards for killing cops? Wtf?! I won’t feel bad if some vigilante justice comes the way of that son of a bitch who owns and operates that account.

Again, what the actual fuck is wrong with California?

Last edited 1 year ago by Deckie

All part of the plan:


And the utter destruction of all who oppose Marxism. Yes, you too.


Coming from a family that survived that shit, I’d love to go down taking a handful of those fucks with me.

Couldn’t imagine a better way to go.


Down in a pile of brass so deep they have to use a dozer to remove it all, with a bloody knife clinched in my dead hand.
Or at least, die trying.


Again, what the actual fuck is wrong with California? DECKIE, been living here since 59 and have asked myself that question for 30 plus years. Still no damn answer in my future. Cali has turned into a place where the joy of living in a beautiful state has turned to the question WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL HERE?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

You have been in Cal. since 1959 so have you ever heard of the Medallions whom waxed Buick 59 (1954) and Volvo 59 (1959 on the Dootone label


Jeff, dude, I am stumped…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Waxed means recording a record back in the day Friend. Checked out the Medallions singing group.


It’s a planned operation. They want the current officers to leave the department, so they can fill the ranks with politically indoctrination “cops” with the “proper political training” to enforce “laws” against people that have “the wrong beliefs”.


A revolutionary “people’s” militia or some sh*t… Che (or Bill Ayers) would be proud.

AW1 Rod

This may put LA over the top as “Most Fucked Up City In America”, surpassing even New York and Chicago.


Up till now LA hasn’t really suffered the debilitating losses that have hit many other big city departments. They are only down about 10% to just over 9K officers over their high of about 10K. This is nothing compared to say St. Louis, where the state is getting ready to seize control of the department as they are down about 40%. Mostly this is because an LAPD officer gets loads of overtime and makes around $150-200K a year.

This should really throw a monkey wrench in their recruiting and retention problems when the Chief hands PII over to assassins. I bet the retirees will be fighting each other to sign right back up.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

And left/libtards feel a “woke” Gestapo manned by Antifa would be better?
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

There were very few murders of unarmed POC in the Seattle CHAZ by the Antifa security forces in the three weeks they were active. And almost no payoffs were required by locals businesses to keep them “safe”. Very few places were torched and destroyed by rioters when they didn’t pay. It was mostly peaceful. The lawsuits are being settled for much less than the billions sought.


The lash of the Communists fell lightly on the shoulders of their recalcitrant serfs.

This time.


I respect Axis and Confederate soldiers more than the queefs in masks and dyed hair today — at least those crooked fucks fought for what they believed in with uniforms and showing their faces.

They wear masks so they won’t get attacked and arrested? Awwww then you just really know what you’re doing is wrong and want to be able to deny involvement decades from now, like 90% of hippies do. Just an excuse to be a piece of shit and get away with it.

If my kid ever turned out to be one of them or someone targeting cops I’d field goal kick their ass right off the fucking planet.


I would not blame the entire LA police force for hanging it up and leaving town for a non-communist country.

Old tanker

Why would anyone in the administration even consider releasing that info. They even released the pictures of current undercover Officers. The only info they didn’t let go was for, you guessed it, the administration or top staff of the dept.


Emilio Mola Vidal could tell you why. Of course he was disposed of when he was no longer useful as well.

“we must extend the terror; we must impose the impression of dominion while eliminating without scruples everyone who does not think as we do”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Wait? What?! Top Brass PII wasn’t released?
Well, now, there’s a gap that needs to be filled.
I would laugh my ass off when/if the Top Brass PII is released, and they start squealing like the pigs that they are.


I figured there was a bit more to the story.

The website has been seized by the LAPD.

Don’t know if this was part of the lawsuit or not.

The Twitter has been deactivated

However, the original group that requested the database still has it up, with all the officers pictures loaded up:

I will note that many police departments put photos of the officers on line, although most often this in smaller departments and smaller cities without huge amounts of organized crime.

“Mayor Karen Bass in a tweet over the weekend called the release “an unacceptable breach that put lives of our officers and their families at risk” and said she expects a “full accounting” of how it happened.”

“We erred in the sense that there’s photographs that are in there that should not have been in there,” (Chief) Moore said. “Now, but that ship has sailed. All those photographs are out here. What I find concerning is that as I feared … actors or individuals who are now taking this information and attempting to intimidate or scare and frighten.”

The rest of the information (officer’s name, ethnicity, rank, date of hire, division/bureau and badge number) was releasable and disclosure is generally required in court during testimony. Not all states require ethnicity in court but California does.

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Why don’t they just outsource policing to MS13?


“Let the games begin.”

Your terms are acceptable to me.

Skivvy Stacker

“The rest of the information (officer’s name, ethnicity, rank, date of hire, division/bureau and badge number) was releasable and disclosure is generally required in court during testimony.”
But this information is also harder for people to obtain, being that it is contained in court transcripts. Those are often long, boring, and time consuming to go through to find the information you want.
The Chief just made it easier for the assclowns of LA to find out everything they want to know about these 9,300 officers.
So, to the Chief I just want to say; great way to back your officers. You’ve really shown your loyalty to the rank and file by releasing this information to groups that have nothing but evil intentions. You may as well go back in time and release the names and photos of every FBI agent who was working against the Mafia.
Or how about this, Chief? You release all the information you have on YOUR FAMILY just to keep this even.