World War II veteran reunites with 1st love in France 75 years after meeting: ‘You never got out of my heart’ 

| March 30, 2023

I’ll just leave this here, its a few years old now but still a great story:


K.T. Robbins, 97, of Mississippi, was visiting Normandy for the 75th anniversary celebrations for D-Day, and he had one wish — to reunite with the girl he’d left in France, but never forgotten.

In 1944, Robbins met Jeannine Ganaye in Briey, a town in northeastern France



Source: World War II veteran reunites with 1st love in France 75 years after meeting: ‘You never got out of my heart’ – ABC News

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Daisy Cutter

From the article…

As Robbins prepared to depart the nursing home, he and Ganaye exchanged several kisses and embraces before he began to cry.

“Bon voyage,” she told him.

“I love you,” he replied.

Wait a minute. So they’re not ‘getting with each other’ after all these years? They are simply reminiscing about what could have been but never will be?

He put a bib on her, fed her some pudding and broke her heart again? I wanted a Silver Lining!


Clearly not produced by Disney.


If it was, they would be black and Asian.


and bisexual

USMC Steve

Far too normal for anything turned out by that Freak Circus nowadays.



Prior Service

Nice, but I was hoping for a feel good story about a paratrooper taking Francois’s girl. What’s “Jody” in French??

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Jody was their when you left your right sound off 1234. 12 34


I don’t know his name but near as I can tell he works for CANRIG. Let’s go find him and kick his ass.


“Jody” in French is Jody but is pronounced like “Josie” or “Josy”, with a “sierra” replacing the “delta”. /s


Great story, thanks for posting this Dave. Guess it really is an older article as some of dust from it made my eyes leak for a bit..


Tech Sgt Kara Troy Robbins enlisted in the US Army on 30 January 1940, most likely the US Army Quartermaster Corps.

The 1940 Census has him listed as a PVT stationed at the Plattsburg Barracks in New York.

News articles indicates he served with the 95th Quartermaster Battalion (Bakery) during World War II.

That Unit’s Campaign Participation credit were:

Rhineland Central Europe
Northern France

The Unit’s decorations:

French Croix de Guerre with Palm, World War II, Streamer embroidered Normandy

Tech Sgt (SSG) Robbins was discharged from the Army in August 1945.

In the picture, he is wearing the Quartermaster School Patch which came into existance in November 1956, 11 years after he was discharged.

We are scratching our heads on that one.

He may still be alive. If so, he will turn 102 years young on 4 July 2023.


Hit it and quit it…then went back 75 years later to hit it and quit it, again?  😢