Victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase their identity, now sentenced to prison.

| March 15, 2023

MarineCombat VeteranCancer Survivor, Purple Heart Recipient, VFW Post Commander and Heart Throb to Valor Vultures everywhere, Sarah Cavanaugh gets sentenced to 6 years in prison.   I was going to link to all the times we posted about her but just couldn’t seem to muster the energy to do them all.   You can use the little “Search the Site” thingy on the right over there if you feel so inclined.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A former social worker at a Rhode Island veterans’ hospital who used stolen patient information to brazenly pass herself off as a decorated Marine Corps veteran with cancer and fraudulently collect nearly $300,000 in benefits, charitable contributions, and donations was sentenced Tuesday to nearly six years in prison.

A U.S. District Court in Providence also ordered Sarah Jane Cavanaugh, 32, to pay full restitution.

Cavanaugh attended public events in uniform where she spoke about the struggles veterans face, bought a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star to wear, and was even named commander of a Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Then, in early 2022 she was exposed when a charity she applied to for funds became suspicious and started checking her background.

“Sarah Cavanaugh’s conduct in the course of her scheme is nothing short of appalling,” U.S. Attorney Zachary Cunha said in a statement. “By brazenly laying claim to the honor, service, and sacrifice of real veterans, this defendant preyed on the charity and decency of others for her own shameless financial gain.”

Ya, I betcha she will pay full restitution.

Cavanaugh’s defense attorney, Kensley Barrett, had sought a two-year sentence citing her lack of a criminal history, low risk of reoffending, and the “significant price” she has already paid through public disgrace, loss of her professional license, the breakup of her marriage, and even online death threats.

Cavanaugh, who pleaded guilty in August to wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, forgery, and fraudulent use of medals, apologized in court.

She apologized, so we got that going for us now.

She took her fraud to such extremes, authorities said, that she told people at her gym that injuries to her fingers left her unable to tie her shoes, so someone else had to get down on their knees to tie her laces whenever she wanted to work out.

She can begin to pay me restitution by getting down on her knees and…  tying my laces.

Cavanaugh, who was also ordered to pay full restitution, is remorseful, her attorney wrote in court documents. She suffered from “severe trauma during her formative years in high school,” and through her job developed a connection with the veterans she cared for.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… but I ain’t feeling no connection.  Does that mean she does not care for me?   Looks like she has 6 more formative years coming up.

When she gets out maybe Bumbling Blowhard Blumenthal, Toss your Ribbon Salad Kerry, or Corpse of Fonda will give her something to do.

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Ole Sarah had plans to see her Therapist when she got home from her sentencing.

She also said she planned to go back to work before heading to Prison to pay back the $294,000 she owed.

You can’t make this stuff up…

What A Maroon…


“RI Woman In ‘Stolen Valor’ Fraud Case Sentenced To Prison. Here’s How Long She’ll Serve.”

“Sarah Cavanaugh, the now-infamous imposter who for years posed as a disabled Marine veteran, garnering sympathy and more than $250,000 from charity groups, arrived at federal court Tuesday afternoon in a green puffy jacket with plans to see her therapist when she got home from her sentencing.”

“But she left the courtroom almost three hours later in handcuffs, headed straight to a prison cell to begin a 70-month sentence for a scam that a prosecutor said “plumbed the depths of moral depravity.”

“U.S. District Court Chief Judge John J. McConnell Jr. remanded Cavanaugh, 32, immediately into custody “for the safety of the community and the defendant.”

“Cavanaugh struggled in the past with mental health and substance abuse issues, she said. She spoke of community healing and said she planned to work as much as possible before going to prison to continue paying back more of the $294,000 she owes. But McConnell’s order that she be held immediately squashed those plans.”

“While Cavanaugh’s lawyer, Kensley R. Barrett, had raised the issue of Cavanaugh’s childhood sexual abuse as a contributing factor in some of her actions, McConnell said “that doesn’t answer everything you did.“






That should terrify folks a lot more than it does.


“When will they ever learn?
When will they eeeever learn?”


Never. Even in the song.


If HS was that traumatic, prison should be a barrel of laughs. On the first day inside she needs to find the meanest bitch inside and make her tie her shoes.

Green Thumb



She has Bertha and “fisting Fridays” to look forward to.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

“severe trauma during her formative years in high school “ MY ASS, I bet she played con games even back then, sounds like a lawer-generated feeble excuse to me. I bet she’s only sorry she got caught and I also wonder if she won’t play some con games via correspondence while she’s locked up?


Like the “acute disability” (inability-to-behave-my-*ss-itis) that the spoiled 6-year-old who shot his teacher has. (Well-off “woke”-ster parents, get your kid a “diagnosis” so you don’t have to discipline or be responsible for them– ask your attorney and/or therapist now!)

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Can’t anybody ever get over high school. Guess her lawer would like us to believe that her fraud and thievery was caused by some mean-girl treatment back in high school.


Or she pulled a train and ended up “cutting” because of all the nasty talk, ya never know.


Hopefully she can learn a valuable skill while incarcerated.
Or perhaps bone up on a current one…….


An off-color joke jumps to mind, but I am refraining from making it.


“Severe trauma” during her formative years in HS? Bitch please…I watched my father die RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME my Junior year. I barely fucking graduated but went on to serve 20 years, been retired for 6 and have yet to pass myself off as something I’m not, or be a valor vulture and swipe almost half a mil. Get bent sister, I hope Large Marge blows your cinnamon ring out in the klink.


Edit: quarter million she stole, not half a mil. Same sentiments apply.


Well, bye.



Speaking Of Phonies…

This Dude went to his Grave never admitting to his Family that he lied about not only being TWICE a Viet Of The Nam POW WHILE RESCUING OTHER POWs, but that he received a Silver Star, 3 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, a “Medal Of Valor” and “Silver Wings” (🎶 “Silver Wings Upon Their Chests”🎶)…

His Family also claimed he was a Special Forces Green Beret, Airborne, Explosives Expert, Hand to Hand Combat Specialist and a Sniper.

And of course, he “went to be with Jesus..”

“Larry Madison Adams, 73 years old went to be with Jesus on January 31, 2023 surrounded by family at his side.”

“Larry was born in Auburn, California on April 22, 1949 to Oliver Edward Adams and Anna Mae (Columbus) Adams. Larry moved to Roseville, California in 1956 where he attended school graduating from Oakmont High School. In April 1969 Larry was drafted into the Army and went to Vietnam where he spent 2 tours. He was Special Forces Green Beret and was Airborne, Explosives Expert, Hand to Hand Combat Specialist and Sniper. He received a Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars, Medal of Valor, 3 Purple Hearts, and Silver Wings for his service in Vietnam. He was a P.O.W twice while attempting to rescue other P.O.W’s.”

“Larry was an avid hunter and fisherman as well as an accomplished guitar player. He started playing at 3 years old and cut a record at 18 years old. Larry also played drums, keyboard, banjo and mandolin.”

“His kids referred to him as “bearded legend”.


Larry Madison Adams’s GO FUND ME site for his Funeral Expenses in case anyone wishes to donate to this “Hero” (sarc)…


Flushing costs that much? Or, is this just their last shot at his being a “provider”?


His wife stated his cancer was caused by Agent Orange…


Is it possible that the “Agent Orange” is really “Agent RED” that we see in his shirt pocket?


Asking For A Friend…

adams cigarettes.jpg

Larry Adams’ “Awards/Medals”


larry adams medals.jpg

Don’t See A NDSM…


More pics of his “Awards/Medals”…

adams medal 2.jpg

More pics of his “Awards/Medals”…

adams medals 3.jpg


adams medals 4.jpg


adams 5.jpg




3 Combat Jumps?

Uh, Oh….🫣🙄

BTW…We did find some newspaper articles on him from Roseville, CA.

In March 1969, he was identified as a Best Man at a wedding.

He was identified as PVT Larry M. Adams in September 1969 from Roseville, California serving as a Best Man.

In July 1971, he also was a Best Man.

In November 1974, he was identified as living with his parents in Roseville.

Just trying to figure out how he did 2 tours in Vietnam if he was drafted in April 1969, attended a Basic Course and AIT, SF, Airborne Training and still managed to be Best Man at 3 weddings, i.e. 1969 and 1971.

Wasn’t a tour in Vietnam a one year deal?

Looks as if Ole Larry watched too many movies reference Viet Of The Nam, Special Forces, Chuck Norris, Rambo, etc etc…


Yes, a tour in the Viet of the Nam was 12 months unless one was seriously wounded.

Ninja, check the Silver Star data base. I bet a $20 he is not on it.

I also note the lack of infantry discs on his lapel brass and bus driver hat. (Ugh! Never had to wear one.)



We noticed the same thing about his lapel brass and bus driver hat.

We have the COMPLETE list of all Vietnam POWs as well as checking with DPAA and SURPRISE! He is not on it.

We also checked the SS Database reference Vietnam…and SURPRISE! He is not on it…

Time to do a FOIA…

Have this feeling he did go into the Army. Also have this feeling he did not last long.

Bet all that Bling Bling was bought at a Flea Market or Ebay or a Military/Gun show.

Still think it is strange that his family only posts 1 picture of him in Uniform on the Book of Face…we are speaking of 3 separate Facebook accounts..

Wonder what their definition is of “Medal of Valor”???

Supposedly, his Dad served with the US Army in WW2 from 1942-1945..Both his Dad and Older Brother worked at McClellan Air Force Base…


Thus, I doubt he ever served in Vietnam during his two years of service as a draftee.


Or if you knew a guy. My old man was a company clerk and scored himself an early trip home (after six months) and an early discharge. He even got an ARCOM as an end of tour awards. 😀

Skivvy Stacker

There WAS a Larry Adams who was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam. However it was a Larry W. Adams, and the award was given for actions performed on 25 February 1969; two months before our hero was “drafted”.
Also, Larry W Adams was NOT in Special Forces.


Skivy Stacker is correct.

Here is PART of the news article about Larry W. Adams of North Carolina

Definitely NOT the bearded Larry MADISON Adams of California and North Dakota.

larry adams silver star.jpg

Larry W. Adam’s Silver Star Part 2:

larry adams silver star 2.jpg

SSG Manuel J. Chavez was also awarded the SS for the same action:


Frank G. Gilliatt was also awarded the SS for the same action:


Spotted that also.

R (7).jpg

Wow!! He musta had a couple of combat jumps into North Vietnam. That must be how he acquired some of their currency.


Well, he was a master-blaster after all, according to his bling… 🙄 


Looks like he had three (3) combat jumps also, you can see were the stars punch thru the jump wings.

R (7).jpg

He gave himself Master Blaster Wings in his love-me box.


“No shit, There we were… Junction City. Every time we jumped it was into a hornet’s nest and they had to evac us out and jump again. I had to repack my chute on the plane every time. The third time was a charm though. Down we went into the shit… We jumped so often they didn’t even put us on the manifest. They couldn’t anyway, our being there was classified Top Secret…”


Those jump wings with combat jump stars are a dead give-away that he is a phony. Also, he could not have a second tour in the Viet of the Nam unless he enlisted for a minimum of three years. If you FOIA him, I bet his records show he never left CONUS.


He’s like John Kerry…he’s got 3 Purple Hearts. What a turd, it’s bad enough telling lies while sitting on a barstool, but telling these types of lies to children and grandchildren? Unforgivable.

Green Thumb


This wormfood will be shaming his family from beyound the grave for years to come…


Nothing says decorated war hero like an IET photo in a shadow box. But hey why so modest? He could have purchased two POW medals on line and thrown them in there as well? What about his Special Forces and Hand to Hand Long tabs?

If you gonna rocks it, flaunt it.


There are places online that would’ve put together a kickass shadow box for him, cash and carry– no hard questions asked– for less than he probably spent. WTF?!


That is the sloppiest fucking shadow box I’ve ever seen…which means he probably put it together himself. Most of the pics I have of myself in uniform I’m doing dumb shit with my bros.


I imagine everyone gets to be with Jesus when they die. What happens after that well…. I guess he can show him his medal collection.


Phony obit plop graphic.
Folks in North Dakata won’t like seeing this.

Larry Adams - Stanley ND - Stolen Valor obituary.jpg

MustangCPT, 5JC, Anonymous and MarineDad61:

Kinda Sad that Ole Larry led his Family to believe all that stuff.

We did extensive research on him and could not find anything associated with his name to a Silver Star, BSM, PH, Vietnam POW, etc. etc.

For some reason, the Family only has one picture of him in uniform posted on their Book Of Fake. It looks as if it his Basic Training picture.

He may have been an Expert in Marksmanship (Rifle and Grenade) while attending Basic.

Don’t know if he attended Airborne School. Looks as if he claimed Master Parachute Jumper (Look at his Shadowbox).

Am surprised on what his Family wrote. One would think they would have his DD214 (unless he changed or forged a DD214).

Wonder if they have tried or are trying to collect any military benefits from his military service/death.

So Sad. It’s always the same story…majority of these phony folks “loved and worship Jesus…”

BTW, there are 2 other recent Phony Vietnam POWs who went to their graves with their lies. Will post those later.



That South Vietnam Banknote (Dong?) he has in his Shadowbox?

One can buy that on Ebay..(see came from Ebay)…

So strange his Family has only one picture of him in Uniform (Basic Training Picture)..

Everything must have been lost in a Fire…🙄


It was the first one he earned blowing guys in the barracks who couldn’t get a weekend pass. There were many more to follow but the first one is always special.


The Dong is North Vietnamese currency; I have a bill that was carried by a KIA NVA soldier. RVN’s currency was the Piaster.


As in “Beaucoup ‘P,’ G.I.!”

Skivvy Stacker

Man. That would be really, REALLY embarrassing to live in a country where your money is called a “Dong”……
It’s bad enough China has a Poo-Poo Platter!

Daisy Cutter

What’s that in your pocket?


Wellllll ….. Hawaii does have pupu [poo-poo].


He was an operator that was far too high speed to be captured by the film technology of the time.


As the boomer generation unwinds, those who are faking the funk will be getting aired out by their families. My understanding is that twice as many people claimed Vietnam service as those who actually went.

With service being so easy to validate these days my generation seems more into making more spurious claims. It’s more of claiming shit they didn’t do when deployed or while serving. I met an Navy Engineer Mate/ Rescue Swimmer the other day. He doesn’t know it yet but life is about to get hard for that guy.

Millions served in the GWOT but only a couple hundred thousand saw actual combat. Yet five times that number seems to have caught the Peety S. Dee while eating Pizza Hut next to Green Beans Coffee in the FOB after a rough afternoon of playing COD and hiding from their platoon daddy. Kind of makes you wonder hat happened to people.



Thank You for your insight, 5JC…👍👍👌👌

We were Boots On The Ground in the Sandbox, both Afghanistan and Iraq, early on from 2001-2003, so we never saw a Pizza Hut or Green Bean Coffee.

Ole Brandon Boy will go to his grave still thinking that Beau died in Iraq…or that his Brain cancer was caused by Burn Pits from Camp Victory…



It gets old…

Dude has some issues…



Narcissism At Its Best…

15478 (1).jpeg

* Yawn…*

How much longer do we have to put up with this Dude…🙄

15475 (2).jpeg

My two tours in Iraq (I don’t count my Kuwait tours as “combat tours” HD pay not withstanding) I lived on a FOB for about 4 months total. The rest of the time we were either in w city and/or embedded with IA. When I did go to a FOB for some meeting or whatever it was like stepping off a foreign planet.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

I kinda miss Green Beans.


Hell, I miss the I Love Bagram website.


I saw a stat that said the VA had over 13,000 claiming to have been POW’s.


Officially they are now saying 766.


If you are including Korea and WWII vets in there than maybe.

I actually knew a WWII POW, who was captured briefly and then nearly captured a second time. After his entire unit was wiped out, He escaped capture from the Nazis running back 60 miles through enemy territory to friendly lines. He was nearly shot by US troops as they thought he was a deserter or infiltrator when he first encountered them.

If that sounds like a bullshit story (because I was sure skeptical when I met him), check out Charles O. Graham, 1SG Ret. He was a member of the very ill fated TF Baum and one of only three in the whole TF that evaded kill or capture. After retirement he worked at a JMA near where I used to live until he retired permanently. It’s guys like him that get me worked up when an ugly poser rears his head. So if anyone lives near where ever shadowbox legend is interred, feel free to pinch a loaf on his grave for me.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

That stat was strictly claims of capture during the Vietnam War.


Tropic Thunder came to mind readin’ about him:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Thanks for the digging on ol’ Larry.
He can become 1 more phony from the grave
with internet infamy.
Worse if he’s laying under a US Gov’t
veteran grave marker.

Then again, perhaps that was requested and denied,
since the markers dept SHOULD be verifying
what gets put in stone.
The markers dept has made mistakes before.


You mean like THIS GUY?

It only took 3 years for Arlington to correct the mistake!

The original story:

The UPDATE 3 Years Later…



I am somewhat aware,
that a small few EMPTY spots
in the large aligned
National Cemetery fields around the USA
that had their markers taken away,
but NO ONE will pay
to disinter and relocate the buried phony.

Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
has 1,
a hard to miss gaping green hole
in a white grid of markers,
visible on the twisty main drag, for years.

BINGO 1.jpeg

Ninja, any way to check his status with VA?

If his cancer was caused by exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam as his wife claims, then he would be presumptively entitled to 100% service-connected disability and total medical coverage.


Good Point on the Agent Orange, poetrooper.

As you are aware, the VA is very close hold on release of VA files, especially on Medical records.

We can only speculate if his cancer was the after effects of being exposed to Agent Orange, that is, if he was exposed at all.

We just thought it was ironic we found pictures of him with a cigarette in his mouth as well as a pack of smokes in his shirt pocket. He did not look healthy in his last years of his life.

His wife does not look healthy as well. We were surprised when we found out her age. She looks as if she could be in her latter 70s (75-80)..when in reality, she is about 64-65 years young.

Gonna be interesting to see his FOIA if we can get it. As it was pointed out a while back, NARA is still behind.

Thank You for the input, poetrooper!


Exposure to Roundup in the backyard is probably more likely. But that’s the same thing, right?


Well, most broadleaf weed-killers.

RGR 4-78

The main ingredient was 2,4-D.

Last edited 1 year ago by RGR 4-78

You got it.


He passed away from Lung Cancer…

Perhaps from that Red Box in his shirt pocket?🤔

Green Thumb

I wonder if the grass will explode around his grave from all of the bullshit it is about to be fertilized with?

Or conversly die from all of the posion it is about to be exposed too….?


Green Thumb,
What does your green thumb say?
I predict stink weeds..
and maybe toadstool poisonous mushrooms.

Army-Air Force Guy

I have it on good authority that he and Marty Leblanc were sheep-dipped and were sent on CIA assassination missions in Laos and Cambodia.


Got MedEvaced by Maggie DeSantis on the mission he earnef his Purple Heart– the defied orders and crossed into Cambodia like John Kerry to get him.


[… and was even named
commander of a Veterans of Foreign Wars post]

Slight correction….
ELECTED to position of VFW Post Commander.

Meaning, she also fooled a bunch of VFW Post members
(veterans who should be able to spot this bullshit)
who showed up at 2 monthly Post meetings,
1 meeting for Post officer nominations, and 1 or 2 months later,
1 meeting for the annual Post officer elections.

Like these 4 medals certificates displayed now
on last Friday’s Weekend Open Thread….
How many phony Sarah Cavanaugh docs and medals certificates
got past this VFW Post with little to no careful review?

YOU be the judge on these 4.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Which is one (of several) reason(s) that I have not, and never will, be a member of any VFW Post. Incompetent leadership that allows that level of phonyness to slip through the vetting process? Bitch, please!

(besides, I still have a full and active life. I don’t even attend the meetings of groups that I DO want to belong to. And I definitely don’t have time to waste down with retired vets (real & phony) swapping “war stories”)

When we retired, we signed up for a Lifetime Membership for the VFW.

We have yet to set our foot in any VFW.

We kinda enjoy receiving the VFW monthly magazine (free because of our Lifetime membership).

To each his own on attending any VFW or AL Organizations. We are all different in our backgrounds.

Ironically, we work with other Military Retirees…very few “War Stories” are swapped between us.

We exchange more of our Military adventures with our Brothers and Sisters on TAH.

Our Military is indeed a Small World/Family.


Green Thumb

The VFW around here is nothing more than an alternative gay bar run by a bunch of sub-standard discharge clowns and NG war heroes.

I joined when I first retired. There I met a quite obvious phony on day one with his Vietnam Veteran Auto tag. He was 16 when the war ended. He was in charge of their bingo game. Kind of lost all interest after that.


THANK YOU to the staff at VG…
For some timely and valuable assistance
on verifying 4 publicly posted Army medals certificates.

IF VG wishes to blow him out (now),
by all means go to it.

Feel free to EMAIL me for MORE background info
on this (now) twice proven
5 medals phony, and now…..
3 fake certificates forger.

Again, thanks, guys. 🙂


Walp, we know that IDC SARC would hit it. I’m sure that she will get all of the attention she craves from the girls in Cell Block C.



Where has he been? The legendary IDC SARC??? We haven’t heard from him since pre-COVID, I think.


Perhaps IDC SARC disappeared as others have…

At one time, we almost came close to drifting away as well…For a while, things were getting a bit out of hand…🙄

Dave kinda nailed it the other day…(Please scroll to the end to read his comment)..


“Long time contributors and visitors to this site have stopped coming here…Sometimes I really miss the days when I could live in the comment section and was free to say whatever I wanted. My personal views about anything are not more important than the community of people that use this site. So, I STFU when it comes to things that cause more division than cooperation.” This the highlights of what you were referring to, ninja? I agree with Dave here. There are literally hundreds of commentors that have come and gone over the years. Many may still be lurking and not commenting. IDC SARC had alluded to doing that during the height of the Bat Flu and being rather busy. I miss every one that is not here. Some have died, some may have not made the transition when the old web site went down and it was awhile before the new one went up. Others have their own reasons for not being around. The delay in getting timely response on FOIA and a lack of Stolen Valor threads has had an effect. Hell, for that matter, no telling how many I have run off with my ramblings. Not everybody loves the Bull Dawgs, The Tide, Southern Rights History, Army beating Navy, drop dead gorgeous Ms Thangs, the Gun Bunny being THE King of FIRST, or the works of HMS JMB (HBHN). Would be a dull place, indeed, if this site were the echo chamber it has been accused of being. May not agree with everything that everybody posts, but will defend their right to speak their piece.

All that being said, there is not single person here that I would pass up a chance to break bread together and share some refreshing beverages with.

Much respect for DH, the Admins. the editors, and the miscreanted d’weeded/etted deplorables.

We came here for a place to bust Military Phonies. Let’s continue the Mission. Jonn would expect no less from us.


 “Hell, for that matter, no telling how many I have run off with my ramblings”

NOPE…You keep us on our toes, KoB…

Yep, this would be a very, very dull site if everyone agreed on everything.

There IS a difference between a mature DISCUSSION versus an OBSESSION with arguing with others Ad Nauseam…and bragging about that Obsession.

It was NOT a Debate. It is Eristic:


  1. Provoking strifecontroversy or discord


  1. One who makes specious arguments; one who is disputatious.
  2. A type of dialogue or argument where the participants do not have any reasonable goal. The aim is to argue for the sake of conflict, and often to see who can yell the loudest.

In philosophy and rhetoriceristic (from Eris, the ancient Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord) refers to an argument that aims to successfully dispute another’s argument, rather than searching for truth. According to T.H. Irwin, “It is characteristic of the eristic to think of some arguments as a way of defeating the other side, by showing that an opponent must assent to the negation of what he initially took himself to believe.” Eristic is arguing for the sake of conflict, as opposed to resolving conflict.

“Eristic describes things that have to do with an argument, or simply the tendency to debate, especially when someone loves to win an argument and values that more highly than arriving at the truth.”

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’ve been a news junkie since the summer of ’82”
  •  “I’ve read the entire Bible, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation more than once.”
  •  “is based on my reading/studying history related topics since the late 1970s”



Eat my shorts.
 😘  😂  💩  🐵  🖕  😜 
Love all of you fucknuggets.


 “Hell, for that matter, no telling how many I have run off with my ramblings”
NOPE…You keep us on our toes, KoB…
Yep, this would be a very, very dull site if everyone agreed on everything.
There IS a difference between a mature DISCUSSION versus an OBSESSION with arguing with others Ad Nauseam…and bragging about that Obsession.
It was NOT a Debate. It is Eristic:
Adjective eristic:

  1. Provoking strife, controversy or discord 

Noun eristic 

  1. One who makes specious arguments; one who is disputatious
  2. A type of dialogue or argument  where the participants do not have any reasonable goal. The aim is to argue for the sake of conflict, and often to see who can yell the loudest.

In philosophy and rhetoric, eristic, from Eris, f the ancient Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord) refers to an argument  that aims to successfully dispute another’s argument, rather than searching for truth. According to T. H. Irwin, “It is characteristic of the eristic to think of some arguments as a way of defeating the other side, by showing that an opponent must assent to the negation of what he initially took himself to believe.” Eristic is arguing for the sake of conflict, as opposed to resolving conflict.
“Eristic describes things that have to do with an argument, or simply the tendency to debate, especially when someone loves to win an argument and values that more highly than arriving at the truth.”
Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’ve been a news junkie since the summer of ’82”
  •  “I’ve read the entire Bible, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation more than once.”
  •  “is based on my reading/studying history related topics since the late 1970s”



And those who are eristic are usually hubristic…





Again, we really like You Know Who…

You Know Who does have a good side and has contributed alot to TAH…

It’s just sometimes You Know Who loses it….and needs a “fix” by arguing..

We know You Know Who is reading this…We apologize if what we have written has hurt your feelings…Sincerity, not sarcasm…


comment image



“Understand that I will not post something, or I will not argue a point, unless two conditions are met:

  1. I have extensive knowledge on the topic gained from first hand experience and/or extensive study/research on the topic…
  2. Those that I’m arguing against, or who would disagree with me, have little to no command of the topic that they are arguing.

Both have been met here.
So, when I say something is the case, and you or someone else disagrees, its because you guys are provably wrong. I look forward to similarly dismantling every single one of your future replies.”

We really like You-Know-Who. We mean it with sincerity, not sarcasm.

It’s just that we think You-Know-Who was kinda taking things a wee bit overboard…

You-Know-Who does this on other Blogs as well, i.e. argue with folks just for the sake of arguing…

Trust us…We have dealt with those type of individuals in our lifetime. In a way, we kinda feel sorry for them. Something triggers in their brains to argue, argue, argue…they get some sort of high from fighting and arguing..

Most folks we have dealt with who has that tendency are bullies, i.e. insecure folks who have a bit of narcissism in them.

We do NOT think or feel we are BETTER than You Know Who.. We have our shares of faults and quirks!

We just wish You Know Who would debate our thoughts, not argue our thoughts just to argue for argument sake…We just wish You Know Who would quit trying to start arguments on TAH…


KoB nailed it when he commented:

“We came here for a place to bust Military Phonies. Let’s continue the Mission. Jonn would expect no less from us.”

We have a few FOIAs we found on folks who stated they were Viet of The Nam POWs…or received a DSC or SS (which they did not) but it seems that after Jonn passed away, we were not successful in getting that information posted on TAH.

We noticed that if a post or a comment was about a Phony, the comment numbers were high…and more readers were interacting by sharing their thoughts and comments on the posting.

Have to admit that the ninja family does sneak in a post or two about a Military Phony (as we did today on Larry Adams). Others catch errors a phony makes.

Posting about a Military Phony DOES bring us together. The only folks we debate with are the “Enablers” or “Sock Puppets” who come on this site to defend the Phony.

If you notice, none of us “debate” with one another when we are commenting on those Phonies.

We found two more obituaries that are recent where the family claimed the deceased was a Vietnam POW. We will wait to post that one.

We have found other obituaries where love ones claimed their dearly departed was SF with a DSC…they even put pictures of the deceased phony wearing Bling Bling on a Military Uniform…What gave it away was the deceased wearing a Black Beret that was not shaped. Plus, having the FOIA on that person helped as well.

Hopefully, oneday, some of “The Gang” will return. Have to admit we have a Great Group of Commentators on TAH…and yes, even Commissar and LC.

We also have a heck of an Admin Group. After all, they do have the patience and courage to let the US Army continue with DA Form 6…😉😅😆🤣😎

You All Rock. We Salute You…

Dennis - not chevy

To misquote Joseph Heller, “Where are the sock-puppets of yesteryear?”
I truly miss the days of the sock puppets, the heavy chevy’s, the round ranger, et al. They made for a happy site and good chew toys.


Ah, we had a good sock puppet just the other day on the ROTC PMS/ Peeping tom thread. I don’t give away too much but Roh and I are forming a support group.


yeah, ’bout that…

I deposited the seed money into 5/3 Bank and now it’s 0/0 Trust.

We would regret this error but (see image)

you trusted us aminal haus.png

Well, I’ve been causing people trouble since the late-’70s (earlier if you ask my family) but that sounds like Lars.


What does?


The “eristic” part, dude!


King, do not overlook the factor of advancing age and serious health issues for many in this community. They’ve certainly taken their toll on ol’ Poe and sadly have played a direct roll in his reduced participation.

The mental energy simply isn’t there as it used to be… 😟 


Yep, Ol’ Poe. Ties into the line, “Others have their own reasons for not being around.” Sadly, more of that than we’d like to have. Sixty years ago many of us doubted that we would live this long, but here we are. Wasn’t too many years ago that we had WWII, Korea, and a multitude of “Viet of the Nam Times” commenting or hanging out. Doubt if there are any WWII Vets following, last one I knew of, personally, passed away last year, and he was in his late 90s. Average age of KW would be late 80s, average VN is mid 70s, with the youngest being 70. From what ‘Ed and I have discussed, briefly, the site can track “hits” on visitors and the comment count on a thread is all that we see. Looking back into the archives, the average comment count was way yonder higher than some of the high thread counts that we only see now and again. Most of our Vets here now are GW1, II, and the Affy Troops.

I promote this site everyday and constantly forward articles of interest to different individuals, both Vet and Civvies. Lots of LEOs too. The inherwebz are full of blogs and it is up to us to get the word out of who we are, what we do, and push folks to comment.

Hope you’re with us for a long time to come, Poe. Have followed your insight and prose here and over at American Thinker for awhile and when your time comes, you will be sorely missed. I’ll meet you at Fiddler’s Green and the FIRST round is on me.

The current US Military might be going to hell in a handbasket, but IMHO, The TAH Combined Arms Forces could take on the world…and win.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, I noticed ExPH-2 disappeared as well


Heck, all things being equal, she is cute and I’d hit that.


I miss reading IDC’s comments like that on articles such as these.


So tired of the “problems in the formative years” line of crap! I grew up with an abusive alcoholic ass of a male parent, yet I went on and did 3 years active in the Army, got out to no real jobs so signed up in the Air National Guard and did 27 more years (almost 24 full time Civil Service) before deciding I’d had enough fun and games and retiring. Bitch – I had more 1 inch wooden boards broke across my ass than I care to recall, but I still made something of my life and didn’t have to lie or embellish anything to do it!

Daisy Cutter

She will now acquire unique skills in making toilet wine.

Green Thumb

“When she gets out maybe Bumbling Blowhard Blumenthal, Toss your Ribbon Salad Kerry, or Corpse of Fonda will give her something to do.”

I don’t know about those cowns, but the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) will hire her back.

Somewhere Lori Benton weeps…


Oh wah…

Mike B

Formative years…Cry me a river!

My old man was a USAF SNCO who ran the house, like he ran his shop. We had old school military discipline, anything other than Yes/No Sir/Ma’am came out of your mouth and you got backhanded, even in public (Until the military cracked down on that shit). When I showed up for USAF Basic Training, in Jan 86, it only took a few days for me realize it was just like being at home, just a different dad. Low and behold I had 19 years of Basic Training before I even enlisted.

Both my brother and I made careers out of the Air Force, just like dad! My upbringing didn’t ruin me, make me a thief, drain on society or anything else bad. But I tell you what after a lifetime of military discipline/bearing I can’t break certain habits.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike B
Mike B

Give you an idea what it was like…..

No notice room inspections, white tornado if the room was not to his standards. Toys collected and thrown away if the room wasn’t picked up quick enough. Groundings that were excessive, prior to that ass whooping that left bruises, and at times drew blood.

Grounding was worse. I got 9 months no TV, no phone usage, no visitors, no stereo usage, not allowed outside for not cleaning my room quick enough. Violate your grounding another 3 months tacked on. My mom informed me, my punishment was up and to go out. Dad came home, wanted to know why I was outside. Told him mom said my punishment was up, he said my punishment started at say 1800 and it was only 1630. So I violated my punishment and got another 90 days.

In the 2 years we were in Idaho 1 year grounded, in the 3 years in Okinawa 2 years and 3 months grounded, 1 year out of 2 years grounded in Florida, and around 1 year 4 months out of 3 years grounded in Germany.

Grounding versus ass whooping started the beginning of my 2nd year in third grade.


President Brandon doesn’t just steal valor….he steals EVERYTHING!


At least assholes serve a purpose.