Disabled veteran says Charlotte restaurant didn’t allow service dog inside.

| March 13, 2023

CHARLOTTE — A local disabled veteran says he wasn’t allowed to bring his service dog inside a local restaurant, and that a manager kicked him out after talking about the laws for service animals.

It happened last month at Angry Ale’s on Montford Drive, according to Nick Jordan. He says he’s disabled, suffering from PTSD and anxiety attacks — but under the law, he doesn’t have ti disclose that to any restaurant.

Now, Jordan is telling Channel 9?s Evan Donovan that he felt discriminated against.

Of course there is no means testing to anything these days.  Mr. Jordan may very well feel that it is necessary to tote his “Service Dog” everywhere he goes.

“You know, it kind of just puts you in the spotlight, and I really don’t like the spotlight,” Jordan said. “Luckily, I had her (the dog). You know, she calmed me down a lot, she was very loving.”

If you take a service dog everywhere you go I am guessing that you will kinda be in the spotlight.

Jordan says anxiety is part of his life now after four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. He said the tours left him with PTSD and suicidal thoughts until he found Besame, his service dog.

But on Feb. 17, Jordan says he went to Angry Ale’s in Charlotte with Besame at his side. He was told he couldn’t go inside because of the service dog; an employee said they don’t allow dogs inside.

One of Jordan’s cousins took a video of the exchange that took place afterward.

“There’s a difference between a dog and a service animal,” Jordan tells the employee.

“OK, Well now the dog’s fine to come in, but I’m asking you to leave,” said the employee, who identified himself as a manager.

“You can’t,” Jordan said.

“I can,” the employee responded.

Well, its nice to see the dog was welcome.

“I also can’t ask what your disability is; I get it, I know the law,” the employee said.

The Americans with Disabilities Act says staff may ask two questions: is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and what work or task has the dog been trained to perform? Staffers cannot ask about the person’s disability.

Channel 9 reached out to Angry Ale’s, and a spokesperson sent the following statement: “On February 17, a guest complained that he was denied service with his service dog at Angry Ale’s. This was an isolated incident and miscommunication between the guest and the manager. We apologize for this situation and we will continue to work with our staff on additional A.D.A. training. All are welcome at Angry Ale’s and we pride ourselves on being one of the most dog-friendly establishments in Charlotte. We value all of our guests and look forward to serving everyone great food and service as we have for the past 22 years.”

Jordan says that exchange made him feel upset, but he’s worried that others with service animals may just accept the outcome.

“It really angered me because there’s some people who would just leave because they don’t know their rights or the laws,” Jordan said.

Jordan filed a complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

The rules about what makes an animal a legit “Service Animal” still confuse me to this day.   I probably would have stood my ground against allowing the dog inside unless there is more information than they are letting us know about.  Is this dog registered with a recognized agency?  What was it specifically trained to do for Nick.  If he registered a complaint with the Department of Justice, will they pull his service records to see if he indeed did serve 4 tours?  Who gets to see his medical records to determine if he is legit?

Does everyone have to accept his claims of being Disabled with no evidence whatsoever?  How would I know if he actually has PTSD?  How would I know his dog is actually trained to do something about it?  Can somebody please create some guidelines that will be used to determine if someone actually has a legit service animal or if they are some needy attention whore who expects the rest of the world to put up with them.  Apparently we do, according to big brother:

I will be curious to see if there is any follow up.  Maybe Nick is completely legit and so is his puppy.  I have to admit,  I do like the idea of letting the dog stay and having Nick leave.  Poor doggy.


Source: Disabled veteran says Charlotte restaurant didn’t allow service dog inside – WSOC TV

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Daisy Cutter

The dog din do nuffin’.




Manager is a dick, but he doesn’t want to deal with the whole “this is my emotional support llama because somebody called me a name in grade school” crowd.


This is my No Drama Llama


With all these ‘government’ ‘protections’ we get what we deserve.

You want to bring your dog everyfuckwhere? Make everything wheelchair accessible? Have the dotgov determining if you have enough blue-haired inuit people-of-colour two-spirt wolf-kin lesbians on the staff of XYZ bank…..?

Not only do we get extorted by the dotgov for their ‘services’, protecting ‘your right to access everything’ but then you have people to hold a grudge when you’re being a dick about your sacred ox.

Stop being a snowflake, leave all your bullshit at home. Goes double for you, Vet dood.

And you wonder why the small businesses across this land are drying up.


Cities and towns in my area
are now replacing street corner curbs
with street corner ramps,
complete with traction dot bump plates.

No matter.
The too fat to walk scooter crowd
still run their electric scoots with bicycle flags
down the cities’ streets,
ignoring easily accessible sidewalks.

And on ice and snow days,
those ramp dots aren’t helping anybody,
especially those of us who still use our 2 legs and feet.


Got one even better! In the older part of town, that used to be the warehouse/railroad district, the sidewalks simply blended into the street to better ease horse drawn freight wagons and their loads. No curbs, gutters, or raised edges. Just smooth transition from sidewalk to street and back again.

But that didn’t stop the ADA! No Sir! To be in compliance, the city dug up all the smooth sidewalk, raised the bed, and built a new sidewalk complete with 8″ curb. They had to also create a large driveway for the business on that corner (that had less than zero need for one for the last 150 years). Why? So they could make an ADA prescribed wheelchair ramp on the corner, and now wheelchairs would again have a smooth transition, after the obnoxious bumpy rubber thingy, into the street!

A Proud Infidel®™

And I wonder which Contractor profited the most off of that job, likely someone related to the mayor!


I see a lot of this here in CT. Also a love affair with granite curbs. Sure, the look nice but these xanaxed out soccer moms can’t stay the F off of them.

Rims and tires ain’t cheap.

Long term it probably does save he towns money due to the snow plows can ride them without blowing it out like an asphalt curb.

Last I checked granite is a finite supply so I hope they last and these a-holes are done moving roads every decade because you know they wouldn’t reuse the damn things.


Kudos for pixelating the poor dog but I can stil tell it”s RinTinTin, famous service dog.
Check and see if Jordan has ever been to Ft. Apache.


Yes, the dog feels bad enough being associated with this guy, why embarrass him further?


When eating at Angry Ale’s with an attitude, expect trouble, names mean things. Dogs are always innocent!


Dude goes by “Nicholas Allen” on Facebook…

Check him out…


nick jordan 1.jpg

Dude claims to have been a “Foreign Population Reduction Specialist at U.S. Army”

Also “SGT-Recon, Sniper/designated hitter. Infantry.

nick jordan 2.jpg

He also said he was “Former Infantry at U.S. Armu” from 16 September 2005-2013″

nick jordan 3.jpg

His review of Angry Ales as well as APEX GSD Specialist.

Apex GSD Specialist is where he purchased his new “Service Dog” after losing his other “Service Dog..”

nick jordan 4.jpg

Apex GSD Specialists breeds and trains German Shepards.


nick jordan 6.jpg

This is what he posted in May 2022 on his other “Service Dog”, Liberty, when he was living in Indiana.

He still lives in Indiana. He went to NC to pick up his new dog from Apex GSD Specialists.

nick jordan 7.jpg

Deploy the FU of Google on
“service dog registration”.

Add “MSA” for this org that spits out these cards,
“My Service Animal National Registry.

My, American, National, Federal, US, (blank), and others.

Are any known legit?
Are any known fake cash grabs for gear?



Yeah, so I guess he joined the Army as a scout/ sniper when he was 16 or 17 since he was 33 last year. Good on him to go so early.


For under 40 bucks you too can have a service critter.

Service Dog Vest and Harness


I want the Emotional Support Honey Badger:


This guy helps me sorry for myself:

RGR 4-78

Why is poor Chocobeans wearing a satellite dish on his neck?


He’s hearing disabled.


Here’s a “No sh*t!”:
comment image

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Bubblehead Ray

Hardcore Service Dog


The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog(s). Maybe the pup was welcome cause he was more well mannered than the vet? Looking into the article linky, seems as if the Angry Al’s policy was Service Animals were welcome, but the people would be seated in the outside area…and that policy was well posted. Having some boundaries does help create a more civil, polite society. Why do I see a Civil Lawsuit, a fired manager, and a payout from the eating place in the future?

Dood shoulda just went somewhere else for supper. On my many trips, some cross country, I took my pup with me. I checked my layover places and patronized places that indicated they were pet friendly. Never had a problem, but then again, my pup was better behaved than most people. So was I.


You’d be surprised (I’m not)
at how many dog lovers hate humans.

Call out dog lovers on the Book of the Fake
for being fooled by, and spreading,
the Curly (Three Stooges) dog contract and 5000 dogs hoax….
… and the dog lovers reveal their true inner humanity and hate.

Conned dog lovers are WORSE than Stolen Valor phonies’
Phony Enablers and Phony Defenders,
who resort to anything
to keep their favorite hoax (military phony) from going down.

Worse than Maggie DeSanity fans.
Worse than Shitstain Brown and Elko POW*MIA Ass fans.

0 Curly Dog Hoax False 2021 B.jpg
Last edited 11 months ago by MarineDad61

Back when I was a VFW Post Jr. Vice Commander
(not too many years ago),
the Post Commander would periodically
show up with his “service dog”.
Desert BDU dog vest, patches, and more.

But the dog would go around sniiffing ankles
and eating dropped food off the canteen carpet.

When I started telling stories of examples of
“fake service dogs” I see around town,
at the doughnut shop,
the big truck stop gas station mini market,
and the local weekly flea market….

Shortly after, the Post Commander was apparently CURED.
NO more dog showing up at the VFW Post
for meetings or bar visits.

But he still touts his old photo on his Book of the Fake,
“service dog” by his side, shaking hands with a Gulf War General.

Triple UGH.


A picture of Nick Jordan.

He is wearing the Indiana National Guard Patch.

nick jordan 10.jpg

In this picture, he is wearing the 4th ID patch.

nick jordan 12.jpg

Another picture.

nick jordan 15.jpg

A Better picture.

nick jordan 20.jpg

That jacket is a crime.

Can’t see the branch clear but it looks like cross rifles… donde blue disks and cord?

Reg affiliation?

Who’s Soldier is this?!

“Grab your Team Leader, both of you bring a topped-off 5 gallon water can, and meet me between the tract buildings”

edit: glitchy glitchiness on the site today

Last edited 11 months ago by Roh-Dog

No cord = Not in an infantry position or not infantry. Either is possible. It would be pretty bold to sport the CIB without being infantry on a base like Carson.

Last edited 11 months ago by 5JC

No blue discs though, that is concerning. Because there is no reason for that unless he was already a cav scout. However, you can only earn CIB if you are 11 or 18. So the pic had to be after a tour and transition to Cav Scout.

Sniper is odd since he claims heavy weapon sergeant when Infantry.


Also, is this nozzle wearing two, TWO GWOTSMs?


That isn’t allowed, but I’ve seen people do it.


Oops, out of uniform.

DA PAM 670-1, paragraph 22-15b, page 242, states that:

“No more than three qualification clasps may be worn on each qualification badge.”

I see four. / s


Can’t a fourth denote the qualification of clasping on qualification bars? /s

Clearly you can tell, kid can’t miss!

(read: pull out game weak)


Just wanted to cite the proper source before we see the next Jacob’s Ladder on some Dog-Face. / s


He looks like a little runt from these pics. (not that there is anything wrong with that)


Possible if he joined as a CHS and then went active. They were taking all they could get in 2005-7


Can’t blame the manager too much, I’m sure every Karen and Kevin in Charlotte tries to pass their untrained mutt off as a “service dog” when it’s behavior (shitting on the floor, barking at everyone and occasionally snapping at/biting someone) belies the whole “service dog” thing in that instance. Lowest common denominator and stuff, let’s assume everyone is lying, etc.

Old tanker

Seems like the dog was OK to enter but the guy himself might have been a nuisance. perhaps the manager got tired of his antics and sent him packing. They do have that option.

From above. ““There’s a difference between a dog and a service animal,” Jordan tells the employee.
“OK, Well now the dog’s fine to come in, but I’m asking you to leave,” said the employee, who identified himself as a manager.”


His Linkedin Information.

nick jordan 22.jpg

Reclass from 11X to 19D?


Kinda makes sense with the ASU image, maybe the NG only had 19 spots open on the MTOE? IIRC the NG can just pencil whip by OTJ.

Still… that uniform is straight ass.


Are there really dudes that serve in the cavalry and still spell it calvary?


Damn fine catch.

Cigars and drams on my tab!!


I have sympathy for those that are sufferings from PTSD, and I get how it can impact one’s life, but…. you can’t let your issues effect everyone else.

I love my GSD. He’s a part of our family. We’ll take him to the beach with us. We’ll take him camping. Sometimes, I might even let him come into Lowe’s if we’re driving by and need something.

But I never take him to indoor restaurants and/or any other interior place that sells food (i.e. grocery stores, etc). I figured that was the same mentality that most people have, but I’ve seen a lot of people recently that take their dogs into places like these on the regular lately, so maybe that’s not quite the case anymore.


I have three lazy as shit neighbors who claim all three dogs as service dogs although they are left outside, have no training, howl and bark all day and night, shit and piss in the yard, never taken for walks, groomed or go with owners anywhere to avoid a $50 per dog fee by management…
We pay the fee for our and he goes everywhere with my granddaughter including her work.

Green Thumb

This is a tough one.

There are a lot of clowns, bullshit artists and soft ass Vets that claim their animals are service dogs.

But then again, their are folks that have a legitimate need.

My all-time favorite is watching a service dog dump in a car dealership and go ape shit when he saw another dog. Yeah. Fake ass service dog as was the soft shoe vet.


Speaking of animals…🙄😳

“Researchers Identify This Mammal As Latest Potential Cause Of Climate Change, Suggest Balancing Species”


“Researchers claim that moose are potentially a leading cause of climate change and that the species should be balanced, suggesting they are “one of the biggest potential single sources of carbon emissions from wooded parts of Norway.”

“The Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied moose in Norwegian forests for several years and concluded that the species have a major effect on vegetation growth and are altering the carbon cycle by dining on tree buds.”

“Moose tend to eat birch and young samplings in clearcut forests, an act researchers claim is where the ungulates “gobble up” possible carbon storage in trees.”

“The study also claimed that moose were not only bad for the climate but aided the forest industry.”


Time for a Service Moose.


“Delta To Allow Emotional Support Moose On Flights”


“The moose was reportedly very well-behaved for most of the flight, only slightly goring one of the flight attendants during take-off. The moose drank two large bowls of Diet Coke and snacked on some alfalfa that its owner had brought for it.”

“A representative from Delta stressed that the airline is always happy to provide whatever their customers need, and that they would be happy to fly with other large herbivores in the future. United was not available for comment.”




“Emotional Support Peacock’ Barred From United Airlines Plane”


“A female traveller was recently banned from taking a large “emotional-support peacock” on board a United Airlines flight…”

“She had offered to buy the bird its own plane ticket…”

“Nonetheless the airline refused to let the bird board at Newark airport in New Jersey, saying it did not meet guidelines due to its weight and size.”

“United says this was explained to the traveller before she arrived at Newark.”

“After six hours at the airport, the exotic bird and its human companions decided to take to the road and instead drive across the US.”


“The woman who found out her pig CANNOT fly: Aspiring model, 29, tried to take her ’emotional support’ farm animal home for Thanksgiving but was kicked off US Airways flight”


“Rachel Boerner, 29, boarded US Airways plane in Hartford, Connecticut. She was joined by her emotional support animal – a pet pig called Hobey. But before take-off, pig started screaming and defecating on plane floor. Ten minutes later, Miss Boerner and Hobey were removed from aircraft. Miss Boerner had been travelling to family’s home for Thanksgiving. ‘She is really close to her pig and he is wonderfully trained,’ he declared. But passengers said Miss Boerner called animal a ‘jerk’ for not behaving.”

tom reynolds

Well trained except for all that defecating lol


Its a good thing there weren’t any child sex offenders on the flight.




This is his Company.

He was being sued for $80,000.

Freedom Built General Contracting, LLC

Here is a BBB Complaint against him:


You can find more information about folks sueing him at Indiana Court Cases.

Looks as if he dissolved his Company.



Gee Whiz.

In 2018, he was arrested for stealing from Walmart.

He also violated his probation.

He had to pay $1330.

Skivvy Stacker

This guy is shaping up more and more to be an embellisher, or outright poser. His activities match up perfectly with every other half baked “Veteran who caught the PTS and D in Irak, Afganiztang, Viek nad, Wor World 3, Gettys snipe, and other major conflicks”.


I think we are seeing some embellishments going on here. How deep the rabbit hole goes is always the question? Combined with the other douchebag behavior of fraud and theft it all paints a sad picture.

It seems less likely he went on 4 tours to Iraq/ Afghanistan unless he straight up volunteered. By 2009 Iraq was shutting down and Afghanistan never had that many troops to begin with. Not impossible though.

Daisy Cutter

This one was hilarious, especially when she explained that the Great Dane was her height sitting down and the butt hole was at the same height as her face. Around the 1:16 mark.

Last edited 11 months ago by Daisy Cutter

“she claims the staff members and others…went racial. We didn’t hear [it on the video]”, said the journo.

I mean, that telepathic racism is the worst.

Daisy Cutter

She’s clearly not a dog lover.

I’ve woken up many a morning to a dog’s butt hole staring me in the face.

Last edited 11 months ago by Daisy Cutter

He may’ve chosen a great dane just to annoy karens like this. Just sayin’.


Dude claims “Service Support Animal” when in reality the dog is an “Emotional Support Animal”.

IF he tries to sue, doubt he will win:

“States Struggle to Curb Fake Emotional Support Animals”


“Emotional support animals, which are supposed to help people overcome anxiety or other psychological ills, are different from “service animals,” which are trained to help people with disabilities navigate their surroundings or to warn owners of physical ailments such as low blood sugar.”

“There are specific criteria for service animals in state or federal law, mostly having to do with training or the performance of specific tasks, and the animals are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Emotional support animals don’t have the same ADA protection.”

“The criteria do not permit support animals in restaurants or other indoor environments where pets are prohibited”.


One of his addresses he has listed in 2012 is “10 Cav #4”..


Just a guess. Have seen pictures of him in Army Blues with a Stetson.


10th Cav Reg is under 1st Cav Div which is the unit of the combat device on his ASUs. They were in Northern Iraq 07-08 same time I was in Western Iraq.


Gee Whiz.

The city of Mishawaka, Indiana filed a Small Claims against him in 2018.

He failed to show up to Court, so the city won.

As of 2023, he still owes the city $225.00.

Wonder how the Dude was able to buy a German Shepard, travel to NC to pick up the Dog as well as train with it.

Again, doubt very seriously the dog is a “Service Dog.”

Try “Emotional Support Dog” or Pet.


Speaking Of Dogs…

In the picture:

“Chips, a war dog who was recommended for gallantry in the Sicilian campaign, is shown getting a donut from a GI”

“On This Day In History, March 13, 1942, US Army K-9 Corps Begins Training Dogs To Fight In World War II”

“Chips heroically forced enemy machine gunners to surrender on Sicily; 25 canines killed on Guam fighting with Marines”


“The U.S. Army K-9 Corps, which trained more than 10,000 dogs to serve several branches of the American military in World War II, began barking orders to its four-legged foot soldiers on this day in history, March 13, 1942.”

“Dogs have been associated with the United States Army since its inception, but their role has been primarily that of a mascot or in some other unofficial capacity,” Dr. Arthur W. Bergeron Jr. of the U.S. Army Military History Institute wrote in 2016.”

“He added, “Not until World War II did the Army make the connection official.”

“The K-9 Corps initially accepted over 30 breeds of dogs, but the list was soon narrowed to seven: German Shepherds, Belgian sheepdogs, Doberman Pinschers, collies, Siberian Huskies, Malumutes and Eskimo dogs,” reports The U.S. Army Airborne & Special Operations Museum of Fayetteville, North Carolina.”

“Chips, a combat canine serving with the 3rd Infantry Division in Sicily in 1943, became a U.S. Army legend when the dauntless dog attacked a machine gun emplacement and — despite suffering a gunshot wound — forced the garrison to surrender.”

“The wounded Chips was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star and the Purple Heart — though the awards were later rescinded by Army policy, which opposed such commendations for animals.”


“The wounded Chips was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star and the Purple Heart — though the awards were later rescinded by Army policy, which opposed such commendations for animals.”

The Army can, does, and will without exception, kill every good idea and bit of morale of within its charge.


I fail to see the logic in attempting to train Siberian Huskies. Insolent cusses. Seems like reefers where a might bit popular among G-3 at Doggo Division.

(below: ifykyk)

Last edited 11 months ago by Roh-Dog

Something I think we’ve failed to consider, maybe the manager at Angry Ale’s isn’t an Iggy Pop fan.