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| March 13, 2023

Nolte: Ratings Poison – Early Jimmy Kimmel Oscar Ratings Humiliating 16 Million


Jimmy Kimmel once again proved to be ratings poison, with Sunday night’s Oscar telecast drawing a pathetic 16 million (give or take) viewers.


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What did we miss?


Jimi Kimal couldn’t save the night?

Too bad, so sad.

Prior Service

Looks like that’s about 15 million too high.


We did not watch the Oscars, but was glad to hear that Brandon Frasier won Best Actor for his role in “The Whale”:

We saw “The Whale”. Excellent movie.

We also saw “All Quiet On The Western Front.” Another excellent movie that won an Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

AW1Ed and Mick, congratulations that “Top Gun: Maverick” won an Oscar for “Best Sound”…😉😎

(Note to KoB…Yes, this week, we are “That Guy…🤭 gabn/gabaf/hbtd/rtr).


AQOTWF was ok…

Too many prop and sound errors for me to take it seriously.
Too many side/context/historical framing scenes.
Many important scenes from the book missing…

But the set work and the actors’ dedication to work in those conditions? Absolutely commendable!

Probably the best movie from a filming/technical stand point I’ve seen in a hot minute.

Didn’t see any other crap made this year. (other than noted above)

I used to love movies almost without exclusion, now a mule team has to drag me into a theater.

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RGR 4-78

I used to love movies almost without exclusion, now a mule team has to drag me into a theater.”

We bought a large flatscreen and a surround sound system several years ago, lots cheaper.

I do miss their popcorn.


Our local theater will sell you a to-go bag of popcorn that’ll feed a family of 4 for about a week.


Many important scenes from the book missing…

Glad to hear that from someone else – because I hadn’t elsewhere. I thought there was a lot of the main points of the book/original movie missing. It seemed like the passing of the torch from the old guard to the new was diminished. The idealism of youth. The recognition of that idealism when he goes on leave as the teacher pumps up a new generation (in war terms) to be fed into the meat grinder. Kat didn’t seem to be the father figure he was in the original. There were some other thoughts I had, but it’s been too long since I saw the new version and I don’t remember all my immediate issues. There was a lot of “historical context” that seemed unnecessary. The story is about individual men in war – what the generals were doing is not necessary to tell that. I guess the problem here is that too many people don’t have the historical context any more and they felt it necessary to add in.


Which sound was it specifically? Was it the sound of the well oiled Iranian F14 taking off or was it the sound of the drunk pilots singing in the bar? Perhaps it was the sound of them smacking each other with their balls during dogfight football? Maybe the Iranian Gen V Fighter engines? So many good sounds in that movie, don’t know where to begin.


Great part of both movies.
The reason I liked Maverick was that they still continue to give Veterans the respect they deserve.
We’re not all baby killers you know…
I just wish in BOB that Captain Dye would have taught the actors how to salute properly. The last scene where Major Winters returns a salute from Captain Sobel and just blows it.
The end of SPR and the salute from Private Ryan was so much better, it was a lot more watchable than a lot of those in a lot of other movies.
I still remember how and still do it when appropriate.
Have a great week my friends.


The Oscars were on the TeeVee last night? Hollywierd still making Motion Pictures? Damn, who knew? Do believe I was watching at an old (the other) Tom (Selleck) and Sam (The Man) Elliot,(along with Da Bomb, Katherine Ross) broadcast of The Shadow Riders. Best part of it, aside from Kate looking SO HAWT!, was the use of authentic to the period firearms. Followed up with Sharon Stone in her Gunfighter role.

During the commercials I was working on this week’s DA Form 6, making notes as to whose day it would be “That guy”. Glad that ninja is keeping up with the rotation and is not skeered to “fly into the Danger Zone”. Noticed, too, that The AlaDAMNbama, Crimson Tide Round Ball Boys took a prize in the hoops competition. gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd Less than 6 months til pigskin season.

Not surprised that the Naval Aviation Documentary Part Deux would garner a prize. After all, wasn’t some of our very own used as technical advisors?

Speaking of HAWT (politics aside) Motion Picture Stars (and TeeVee too) a Happy Birthday to the very lovely Dana Delaney. Still doable at 67. “…Older women…make beautiful lovers…”


Missed the Oscars…again. Watched 12 O’clock High and D-Day last night, time much better spent.


I grew up watching those old war movies and shows such as 12oclock high. Gen. Savage’s salute I believe was not in regulation but shure looked cool. During the fighter attack scenes I always thought I would not have wanted to be under there with all those bullets and pieces of air planes etc falling out of the sky! I remember being told those shows were bad because they would cause a new generation to grow up likening violence or some such shit.
I can’t stand Kimmel or any of those over rated types who attend the Oscars. Won’t waste my time watching that crap.


Hey, don’t forget…comment image


My wife and I enjoyed Pearl.

Other than that, the rest of these assholes in unHolyweird are dinosaurs….
that probably eat kids.


and for good reason.jpeg

F* Hollyweird.


Only losers watch the Oscars. Without exception.


Yeah. The winners attend in person.


No self-respecting person would be caught dead there, but you do you.

A Proud Infidel®™

THE ONLY way I found out about the Oscars last year was from all the hype about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. This year and all of the others IDGAF at all about them.


I wonder if they will say anything about the passing of OG Fauxcahontas, Sacheen Littlefeather?
It has been 50 years ago since she crashed the 1973 Oscars on behalf of Marlon Brando.

Skivvy Stacker

They still have those old things?


I think the gay and/or female Hollwood types get off doing something freaky with the statuette… just presuming the worst; there ain’t much else for this left today.

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Kimmel is a proggy cuck.


Truth. The only decent work he ever did, The Man Show, he now sheepishly and cuckishly apologizes for. 🤡


I love John Nolte. His articles are always on point with the culture stuff.


Hollyweird and its much-vaunted Oscars haven’t really been relevant for a number of years now. Nevertheless and in honour of the occasion, I extend a unimpressed sneer and an indifferent MIDDLE FINGER to both..

Bubblehead Ray

That’s cold

BlueCord Dad

His acceptance speech was great…

AW1 Rod


I Don't.jpg

comment image


Your numbers are wrong. The live audience rating was 18.8M which is a 13% increase over last year.

I have no idea why you all felt so triggered by the Academy Awards that you felt the need to throw shade at its ratings.

Who cares if people tune in to live broadcasts anymore?

Most people just watch highlights and some of the acceptance speeches on YouTube. None of which counts toward audience ratings.

People that bring up live audience scores for anything outside of sporting events and political rallies seem completely out of touch with how people consume entertainment these days.

Nobody watches much live anymore. Most people under 40 don’t even have broadcast or live TV services.

So the most obvious response to someone touting Nielsen ratings as evidence of a show’s popularity is “ok, boomer”.


Two things I can do without, duck shit sticking to the bottom of my boots and whatever you’re on about.

Kinda the same thing now that I’m typing it out loud.

Got something for you:

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Lars defending Hollywood. Next thing you know he’ll be defending Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Woke Democrats.

Oh wait… 🙄 


I’m sure. And if he had his retirement check going to SVB, The Big Guy has his back.


I wonder if he somehow missed the title on the way in? Maybe he thought we were kidding about that?

A Proud Infidel®™

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH, bleahbleahbleahbleah, same shit different day. The point here Major Moonbat, is that the vast majority of real Red State Americans DON’T GIVE A FUCK about what those in LA, San Foo-foo, NYC or any other libtard-infested urban hellhole say or think about us, we’re too busy working to support ourselves and pay the taxes that bail said urban hellholes out time after time. Adn don’t talk shit about Rural Red State America when you have a mouthful of food, because that’s who grows the FOOD you eat, shit-for-brains!


Why can’t they just take Southern California and secede and form their own country? I am tried of their empty promises.


You’re a fraud. And for the record, I greatly prefer being a boomer over being an obnoxious, narrow-minded, self-aggrandizing failure such as yourself. At least you can take pride in being a consistent fraud. Nobody does it better.


OK, Millennial.


Gen X

Skivvy Stacker

“Triggered” would mean I was upset by the very low, low, LOW numbers who watched the Oscars.
I wasn’t upset in the least; I sat back and thought; “that don’t surprise me none.”
And Boomers are still the largest population block in the country, so I don’t really give half a fuck what people under 40 have or don’t have as far as entertainment goes.


All I know is that it is rigged. This should have been on the ballot for best song:


I saw that on ZH!

Fucking embarrassing. Literally tarred and feathered. The other video where the dude asks ‘if there is a How To Start A Bank For Dummies‘ book while looking in a mirror?

face palm.


Don’t worry. The rich liberals money is safe. You don’t mind giving money to them do you? Because otherwise they might be poor and that would be disgusting.


Cathie Wood’s ARK fund has seen a rush of funds in the last few days. Some are presuming that these techbros are moving their cash from bespoke banks and loose venture capital into her fund and the “too big to fail” banks….

They’ll be disgusting soon ‘nuf.

GFC x Techbubble part 2 inbound. These kids have no freaking clue and the guardrails aren’t gonna be enough this time.


I knew the bond swaps were going to be horrific due to all of the Fed activity but I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it has been so far.

Right now there isn’t any safe haven. Real Estate is beating a retreat, legacy bond issues are worthless, equities are on a long slide, metals are volatile, the government is openly and randomly attacking the energy sector, the world thinks that our leaders are crooked imbeciles and China is advancing everywhere in Africa, South America and the Middle East. Europe and Pacific Asia are under threat of Nuclear War. Cash would be King if real inflation weren’t running a hot 7-10% annually.


Right now there isn’t any safe haven.

No, but if you’re a degenerate gambler there’s someone’s suffering to capitalize upon.

Been short real estate since before the ramp. IMO TLT is looking sexxy. That stupid P/E on the indices is gonna have to be beaten, maybe, someday… but with all the 0DTE trading and suppressed volatility it may take awhile.

Or we could have a ‘soft landing’? (yeah, right!)

I’m really surprised at the ‘swingability’ of SPY up and down lately tho.

I agree with Jim Rickards’ commodity super cycle and have been buying metals under the 200DMA.

But what do I know that someone hasn’t fed to me like a baby bird?


20+ year treasuries? Down 1.6% today and 30% over last 12 months. You are better off holding cash in a high yield savings account.


Yeah, TLT/20y have been discarded for shorter duration tokens. This isn’t for yield (which is still 2.7 iirc), that’s just icing. The rates on the long end will have to revert sooner or later.

I’ll be there for when they do as I’ve earned the bottom scraping trophy for that one.

HYG/HYD for yield (4-5%), kinda. Small positions, mostly using them instead of money market with tight stop loss.

Someday soon the flight to safety might just shake the needle in favor of rational bond prices. Kinda wish there was a good MOVE index proxy.

Until I see S&P P/Es in the single digits I ain’t hold’m none that junk long. F that.

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The oscar winning performance I’d like to see would be when Henry Louis Gates does a deep dive in joe, the ho, and sanfrannan’s background on “Finding Your Roots”. Now I’d watch that.