The U.S. is sending up to $400 Million worth of military equipment to Ukraine

| March 4, 2023

The Department of Defense announced that it is sending up to $400 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine. This package includes additional ammunition for systems already sent to Ukraine, armored vehicle launch-bridges, obstacle clearing munitions, etc. This represents the 33rd time that Team Biden leveraged the drawdown authority on Ukraine’s behalf.

From the U.S. Department of Defense:

In this package, the United States will provide additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, additional 105 mm and 155 mm artillery rounds, and additional 25 mm ammunition.

The package also includes armored vehicle-launched bridges. These vehicles are designed to accompany armored columns and give them the ability to cross rivers, streams, ditches and trenches. The bridges are carried on the chassis of armored vehicles and launched at river or stream banks. Once the crossing is finished, the vehicle can pick up the bridge on the far bank and carry on.

The package will also include demolition munitions and equipment for obstacle clearing. To help the Ukrainians sustain their forces in combat, the package also includes testing and diagnostic equipment to support vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as spare parts and other field equipment.

Since the Russian invasion, the aid the United States has proffered has changed as the battle changed. In the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainians needed anti-armor and air defense capabilities. The U.S. rushed Javelins anti-armor systems and Stinger air defense weapons to the country.

After Ukraine’s military turned back the Russian thrust on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, artillery became more important, and the U.S. responded with howitzers and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and ammunition. Air defense remained a priority, and the U.S. sent National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems to the country and has pledged a Patriot air defense battery. The battle is changing again, and the United States will send 31 M1A2 main battle tanks to the country.

The U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of State, provide additional details.

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When the fuck is the end-state? When PINO leaves
office? That money needs to stay here and actually do some good for the 1st time


There is no end state. This is another forever war. As a proxy war it is a lot cheaper for us though. Russia will beat itself into ruination and then keep spitting teeth at the Ukrainians until they collapse, and even then.

The Ukrainians won’t quit because they have nothing to lose. They are on what Sun Tzu called; “Desperate Ground”. To lose is to become a vassal state to Russia, ruled by people that that hate their guts, with no chance to rebuild the country, to live in poverty and despair for the rest of their lives. So no, they will never quit.

Once Russia completely exhausts itself and weakens the state security apparatus to a certain point they will collapse in upon themselves and that might end it, but we are still quite away from that.


“There is no end state.”


Cpl. Conrad : I don’t understand. If we have not won, and we have not lost, than what is happening?
Col. Martin Hessler : The best thing possible is happening – the war will go on.
Cpl. Conrad : For how long?
Col. Martin Hessler : Indefinitely. On, and on, and on!
Cpl. Conrad : But it must come to an end.
Col. Martin Hessler : You’re a fool Conrad….

Col. Martin Hessler : There are many kinds of victory. For the German American Army to survive, for us to remain in uniform – that is our victory. Conrad, the world is not going to get rid of us after all.
Cpl. Conrad : But, when do we go home?
Col. Martin Hessler : This is our home. “


In real life, that was based upon Joachim Peiper (SS whacko, responsible for the Malmady massacre) so that’s where that came from.


Real talk, I want to know what the end-state is of the technocrat One Worlders and what our (ok, that’s disputable) government is doing to stop this digital gating of Human Rights.

This all seems like a test ground for the highest of evils all the way ’round. (start at ~1:22:00)

You know to your core what The They have in store for We:

Z and his daddy.jpeg


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No kidding! Today I found out (and their video on Universe 25, aka ‘Rat Utopia’)

Someone will say, “What is lost can never be saved”
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

Thanks for the data!

edit2: where’d your Webster’s definition go?!?

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What had been posted above by MC:

There’s quite literally no place like utopia. In 1516, English humanist Sir Thomas More published a book titled Utopia, which compared social and economic conditions in Europe with those of an ideal society on an imaginary island located off the coast of the Americas. More wanted to imply that the perfect conditions on his fictional island could never really exist, so he called it “Utopia,” a name he created by combining the Greek words ou (“not, no”) and topos (“place”). The earliest generic use of utopia was for an imaginary and indefinitely remote place. The current use of utopia, referring to an ideal place or society, was inspired by More’s description of Utopia’s perfection. (M-W)


I removed that cause after thinking about the video I realized that that future is definitely NOT “no place”. It’s hurtling towards us. The irony was totally lost. Terrifyingly so.


I’m diggin’ the idea that this No Place exists and believe it has utility as a good tell when engaging with folks. When they say ‘We could create such a system, we just need more force’, well, they’ve told you precisely who they are.

Worry not, even in the darkest of prisons –that of one’s own mind– there will still be birds in the Panopticon to elicit Man’s desire to be free.

Stay revolutionary, my friend.


“Stay revolutionary, my friend.”

Honestly, I can’t help myself. It’s part of my Irish DNA.


For some people that “no place” is Marthas Vineyard.


I prefer the original.

I hope they don’t make us carry copies of our credit cards around again. I might have to start carrying a wallet again.

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“…this is how insecure heterosexual males used to bond.”

Hahahahaha! That movie is aging pretty dang well. Maybe it was waaaaay ‘head of its time.

Seems like Detective Ray Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) was everywhere in that decade.

CPT Ramirez.png
Dave Hardin

The end-state is to use force to remove Russia from Ukraine. Sad that needs to be pointed out.


True that.


comment image


Kind of curious how the tanks will perform. Every time they have gone track pad to track pad with Russian tanks the US has had a lopsided win. Now the training and tactics of both sides will be close to equal, the only main differences being morale, leadership and the tank itself.

Army-Air Force Guy

That’s true. Hopefully we won’t see a destroyed Abrams put on display across the street from the US embassy in Moscow anytime soon.


In todays World of Wars 400 mil. ain’t shit.


The arms manufacturers must be beside themselves with joy. They’re gonna start lighting their cigars with $100 bills.


They’d lite them with 10,000 bills if they still printed them

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True that!


This month’s pension check cleared the bank so I am torn by
your statement. I feel like such a whore.
A well paid one at that!


All I know about Ukraine’s war business is what I read on the internet.

EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Vindman Secretly Pitching Ukrainian Military for Millions in Defense Contracts

“Vindman proposed that for $12 million in initial funding, his company Trident Support would bring support closer to the front lines by providing a logistical midpoint from which equipment could be distributed.

“The idea behind the proposal is that Trident Support would be a middle-man between NATO weapons and Ukrainian forces, teaching the latter how to operate and repair the equipment, while taking an exorbitant fee from Ukraine to do it.”


Vindy the Rat has made a move to join the world class grift.

Dave Hardin

My mother-in-law woke up early one morning to the sound of explosions at the nuclear power plant a few miles away.

Russians were on the way to her street. Two cousins were trapped in Russian held territory along with many friends.

The Russians murdered women and men in nearby villages and took what possessions they had.

It took me weeks to get her out of the country, something that takes a few hours normally.

I invite a few keyboard commandos with their high and mighty attitudes to come with me next time.

What Russia is doing in Ukraine will not stop until it is stopped.

If you believe we should not stop it… you and I have much different ideas about what being an American is.

Trump would have had troops in Ukraine right away, or he would not have had to because Russia would not have invaded in the first place.


I hope that she appreciates and loves you as a SiL! That’s is an awesome amount of loyalty.

I said in another thread a couple of weeks ago, and still feel the same way,, I fully support the Ukrainian people and their fight against the Russian aggression. My problem is that there are vastly too many crooked politicians and leaders on our slide and too many corrupt and crooked politicians and leaders in their side too!

I seriously doubt that even half of the support is even making it to the people. I’m sure most is going into the pockets of the politicians on both sides.

So, do we stop helping? I don’t think so or want to, but I do wish we could see these crooks be held accountable and have to answer for their actions.

Again, to see Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Et al, where INF Ukrainian flag pins, tells me something is not right.


“I invite a few keyboard commandos with their high and mighty attitudes to come with me next time.”

No, thank you. Been there, done that, got the CIB & Purple Heart to prove it. Get back to me when my country is attacked.

“you and I have much different ideas about what being an American is.”

Evidently. My idea is that I let you go right ahead and go over there to fight or send your money if you think it so important, but you let the rest of us Americans decide for ourselves.

Dave Hardin

I will assume those critical of helping Ukraine slept in a house with heat and running water last night.

I will bet they know where and if their loved ones are alive.

Because Biden is President we need to let Russia take over Ukraine?

It is exactly because of people like you that Russia attacked in the first place.

Putin thought too many of us would oppose his expansion by force because they lacked the balls to stop it or would just blame it on Biden.

Repugnant what I have to read here sometime.


It sucks what some people have been exposed to, and on a human-level, I do pity them. But I vehemently and unwaveringly protest my state and her bad actors’ involvement, from 2014 thru to today. The immoral interjection of favor, influence and, death in order to start a war against a despot for another despot?

If Ukraine wants freedom, they have the tools.

You earned those down votes, bee tee dubs.

Dave Hardin

How exactly did we “start” this war? By giving Ukraine the means to stop Russia from taking over?

I find it immoral to allow Russia to use force to enslave a nation.

They have the tools? To defend themselves against Russia without assistance?

You are deluded, I take pride in earning down votes on the issue.

Gutless and shameful.


Look champ, I don’t have the time to explain how and why you’re fucked up like a football bat.

This current State of Ukraine is not the ‘good guys’ in this and the other sacks of shit that now own former-E. Ukraine and Crimea aren’t either.

But you keep on selling your wears.

I’ll take “deluded, gutless and shameful” as a badge of honor from you.

You are wrong sir, and I expected better from you.


I am going to go ahead and disagree. The Uke’s aren’t fighting because they love the Z-man, they are fighting because they don’t want to be slaves to Putin. Living in a free democratic state, even an imperfect one, is infinitely preferable to the misery that Putin spreads in the states he has conquered, the Ukes are lot more familiar with that than you ever will be. Living in an imperfect state is kind of like what most of the Western World is doing now, even you.

And no, the Jews aren’t Nazis, you would have to be pretty stupid to believe that. Be that as it is, the good guys are the Ukrainians, the bad guy is Putin and his victims include at least a hundred thousand Russians and at least as many Ukrainians for a war… nay a “Special Operation” or a…”AKA Putin egomaniac OP” to stroke an enormous ego, perhaps even larger than yours.

The unlimited, unrestricted bombing of civilian targets is a crime without equal in the 21st Century, so I guess also a war criminal.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

So much here to unpack but honestly and sincerely IDGAF. For the sake of argument let’s pretend this whole mess is a ‘me problem’…

These States Untied is getting further in debt to china, in large part to finance a war in ukraine, which is aggressing against a vastly superior military of a nation that has a greater ability to harness real resources than we, all in order to have the western world (of which we are a large player) enslave ukraine by debt… a nation of zero consequence to my own


That’s nonstarter for me and deserves a big ol’ fuck off.

Dave Hardin

To be clear, I respect your opinion on matters even if I strongly disagree. What keeps me from going to far right or left on issues is listening to those who are not afraid to speak their mind.


And I you.

What keeps me from shifting into the ‘war at all costs’ camp is the Ideal of Peace.

And peace isn’t just the absence of war.

I wish the Ukrainian People a secure freedom, unshackled by any restraints, be they real or imagined, and to join in our experiment (bruised as She may be) of Republic.

Our involvement may just be the lesser of two evils, I refuse to be railroaded into that.


Putin says there is no war. It’s a special operation, kind of like an appendectomy.

Having been to a war or two I’m not a fan either. However I haven’t joined the Neville Chamberlain peace at any price fan club either. I was in Iraq in 2008 and knew some Georgians who suddenly redeployed early, because they thought the US had their back and we didn’t. Life in Georgia sucks more than it did before Putin invaded.

It isn’t worth it to you, to stop the spread of a dictatorship, I get it. I’m sure you have your reasons, they just don’t make sense to me. Like you I base it upon history, I just somehow arrived at a very different conclusion.


Putin isn’t a mustachioed socialist and this ain’t ’39.

I understand that people view this as some ‘existential threat’ but I fail to see how Putin could go any further West than Moldova or North than Poland.

Article 5 would fuck him up, and rightfully so (as much as I dislike NATO, at least it would be reasonable given the pact).

And no, none of that is what I prefer, just being real about his total sphere of possibility in that AO.


Last I checked Sweden and Finland were North of Poland and not members of NATO. If you want to go ahead and let them get raped let us know. Or any other non-NATO country. But seeing all the negative comments on NATO you make I’d assume you would let some of them go as well. I mean not because you want to, but because you DGAF.


But seeing all the negative comments on NATO you make I’d assume you would let some of them go as well.

Absolutely, if they wish it, by decree, inaction, or action.

It is their right to willfully exit, as Turkey will again, Greece did, and Hungry might, soon too!


So after they have been absorbed by Russia, step three is ???? And then profit right?


You put bacon and pepper jack on the mother fucker.

How’s the record on insurgencies doing these days?

That’s a batting average I can get behind!

You really think Russa can hold ground in a unfriendly country?


Why (or how) Russia would want to conquer Montenegro or Croatia or Albania I have no idea. Perhaps you could enlighten me?


Russian doesn’t, Putin wants everything. He is that kind of guy.


Try not to get too hysterical about some imaginary Russian threat to Sweden or Finland. Particularly Sweden, who spent WWII and the cold war zealously proclaiming its “neutrality” but now suddenly thinks it is is mortal danger from an economic and military pygmy compared to the previous threats.


It seems much less likely today than it did a year ago. China would have to swing harder than Jada Smith to make it happen now, which is still possible, but unlikely.


Part 2:

I fail to see how fighting RF by proxy is beneficial to a longterm peace between our two nations.

It all just seems insincere given our involvement there.

What will Ukraine be like after, a lost generation, a fatherless society?

Some may regret letting Z-man goad them into this, and THOSE people I fear more than Putler.


I hear you, peace at any price… Peace at any price. You don’t need to keep saying it.


That’s not even remotely close to what I said.


It’s exactly what you said, you just didn’t realize it.


Naw man.

I like my revolutions bloody, homegrown and organic.

You going to tell me this soy-patty bullshit is a real beef?

Ain’t buying it.


comment image


You are incorrect about debt also. While the amount of debt China holds is indeed considerable it has been shrinking steadily the last decade. Chinese debt meanwhile has skyrocketed as they try to fund projects all over the planet and is now 40% higher than US debt. The $100B spent on the Ukraine is barely more than a rounding error.

China is actually going to need the war with Taiwan when things start to unravel.

For someone who doesn’t GAF, you post an awful lot.


You are incorrect about debt also. 

No comment.

While the amount of debt China holds is indeed considerable it has been shrinking steadily the last decade.


Trade and logistic asymmetry be damned, right?

CCP has gained; UAE, Saud, Brazil, Iraq, and others. We’ve inherited a broken husk of a former-soviet nation.

They took our weaponized dollar and turned it against us.

Real debt isn’t a thing (the ghost of it is still a factor, but decreasing) in this new paradigm being build around you, but go on being technically right. (some may say that’s the best kind of right)

For someone who doesn’t GAF, you post an awful lot.

I do what I want, when I want.

Hate on, playa. Hate on.


You sound like my ex-wife. I’m right, but somehow you being wrong is suddenly unimportant and look at this other thing over here… Oh shiny…. Oh and I’M the hater…. because you are inconsistent with your statements and actions… So asking for a friend… Do you have a penis?


Do you have a penis?


Just to prove it to you: yes, and it is the bane of my existence (when my wife lets me borrow it).

You’re right about the real/nominal terms in UST held by China. The trade imbalance is still on trend.


The War in the Ukraine has shit to do with the trade balance with China. It is why the CCP had to recruit Biden to be President since Trump was reversing the trend.

However Putin suddenly became the biggest seller of US arms and ammunition since Hitler. So there is that…


Not that the Chicoms won’t try to leverage it if they can:


Damn good vid, thanks!

I’d go a step further, most civilizations fail by debasement of their currency. Rome, Greece, UK, (prob Spain), etc.

Commodities being dedollared all over yet our strategy is tight?

China is stronger today then they ever have been. Their only material weakness is food at the moment. The B in BRICS and –if they ever get their shit together– South Africa will make up most of the loss from telling us to FOAD.

The predicament is our banking/political/corporate hegemony’s fault, and ours for allowing it, for oh so many reasons:

this stupid war
the last stupid war
that other stupid war
the ‘peacekeeping’ over there and there…

We’re over our skis and don’t know it yet.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

It appears that Roh-Dog is buying the conspiracy theories (and new video) of none other than serial conspiracy theory spreader Stew Peters.

Peters parrot Teddy Daniels is now PRO PUTIN.

Yes, the SAME Teddy Daniels
who ran for PA Lt. Governor, and more
recently verified PHONYING 5 medals…
put THIS as the description
of his most recent Rumble podcast.

[We need to take care of Americans before anyone else!
However, since we’re already engaged in Eastern Europe,
we should support
Orthodox Christian Vladimir Putin
over deep state puppet,
Volodymyr Zelenskyyyy in his war of eastern aggression.
Zelenskyyyyy is a piano-penis-playing, high heel-wearing, FAKE president of a FAKE country.]
(end paste)

Link to Pro Putin Teddy Daniels >


Anyone here still willing
to stand up and publicly defend
America First
2022 PA Lt. Governor primary loser
serial liar
lousy cop
VA gravy train
SS disability fraud
Stew Peters Parrot
Rumble podcaster
T-shirt seller
Phony 5 Medals
Pro-Orthodox Christian Putin
Teddy Daniels??

I’ll wait.

2023 03 03 Teddy Daniels Pro Putin.jpg

I don’t watch Peters (kinda did as background noise while trading stonks a bit before that whole snake venom in the water thing, at least I think that was him…)

But to be fair, Ukraine in some aspect is a “fake country”. If our policy is to recognize break away states (Kosovo) from contrived countries (Yugoslavia) with military interventions in the name of ‘peace keeping’ (The US with NATO) then the precedent is, in a way, applicable to the Eastern Ukraine Oblasts and Crimea to have seceded.

That is IF we want to be honest.


Roh – Dog,
Yep, that’s the same Stew Peters.

Worse, Teddy Daniels runs his podcast
“In the Trenches with Teddy Daniels”
on the Stew Peters channel of Rumble.

NOT “10 to 15 million viewers”,
as Teddy Daniels promised,
and still falsely claims.
NOT picked up by anyone else of significance.

Stew Peters is the landlord,
and Teddy Daniels is the
rent paying tenant / parrot.


Stew Peters is a monotone idiot carnival barker, devoid of the slightly off-putting but lovable possibly-retarded nature of Alex Jones.

I don’t know who Teddy is but I’ll be sure to avoid contributing to him in any fashion based on your ‘recommendations’.


Teddy Daniels has/had fans right here at VG.

Perhaps the double whammy of

— Phonying 2 medals in public for over 10 years, and phonying 5 medals on his podcast shadowbox display for over 3 years,
and now

— Actively and loudly Pro Russia with a holy man crush on Christian Putin…

… will convince more here at VG to bail on Phony Teddy.


Is that a quote or are you just interpreting for us?


It’s his typed description
for his Rumble video.
I put the graphic above,
for you (all) to see.

Here it is again.
IF you’re still a Teddy fan,
that’s on you now.

comment image


“IF you’re still a Teddy fan,”

I have no idea who this Teddy guy is, and I have no intention of watching long videos to find a few seconds of content you find objectionable. You obviously pay more attention to him than I do. So why don’t you exercise a bit of intelligence and stop accusing people of thoughts, comments, etc. without some evidence to back it up?


Teddy Daniels ran for PA Lt Gov in 2022.

But like New York’s George Santos, Teddy Daniels bio is loaded with lies and embellishments.

And now his medals, too.

VG admin knows all about him.

0 0 1 Teddy Daniels 2020 Displays 13 Army 8.jpg

The FOIA email,
from a US Army Spokesman.
April 2022.
I saw it 7 months later.

2022 04 08 Army email to Ron Harper.jpg

I’m confused and certain I will regret asking but that is what is displayed in his shadow box so where in the lies the problem?


Count ’em.
13 medals and ribbons on display.

(Also 9 going back 10 years to ACTIVE DUTY, and 9 mini medals on the campaign trail.)

The US Army FOIA email says ONLY 8.

That’s 8 of the 13 in the shadowbox.

And 7 of the 9 worn on active duty,
AND on the campaign trail.


Those look like ribbons and I only see 10. They are all lower then the ASR and likely some kind of meaningless drivel like an OSSR or a reserve medal.


Oak leaf clusters.

Count the clusters.

He’s phonying 2 Army Commendation Medals
(1, not 3),
2 Army Achievement Medals
(0, not 2),
and for strange unknown reasons (like his whole unit got it but him, being he was shipped back home early for bad foot/ankle), the Army Overseas Service Ribbon
(0, not 1).

PH is legit,
but having a PH is
for phonying a handful of others.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

That’s pretty flimsy on an email. Why would anyone even bother? Don’t know the guy, don’t really care, but hey, you do you.


I knew nothing of this in early April 2022.
Others in PA GOP wanted the TRUTH about Teddy Daniels, who was running for Lt Governor, with a lot of lies and suspicious claims.

They sought OTHER information about Teddy’s military service, concerning the 10 year old viral YouTube video.

Medals wasn’t their concern.

This (below) is the video others in the PA GOP put together.

When I saw this video, I asked Teddy Daniels a fair question about 1 issue, both FaceBook and Twitter, and he promptly blocked me on both.

That’s when I knew he was full of shit.
And a conman.

Medals only came out 6 months AFTER he lost the primary election,
when I was shown the April FOIA email in November.

So… Enjoy 6 minutes of everything ELSE wrong with Teddy Daniels.

Is ripping off a veterans charity good enough??


No need to watch a long video.
Looking at his post
on his Book of the Fake,
Teddy Daniels
plugging his own video
is more than enough.

Screenshot from 2023-03-05 21-02-49.jpg

Well, heck, the Chicoms are trying to buy up all our important shit and use that monetary influence to make us stop saying bad things about ’em:
comment image


“Gutless and shameful.”

vs. stupid and ignorant.


OBama made them give those tools back to the Russians.


Clinton, too– you can see how much that was worth.


“Repugnant what I have to read here sometime”

Yeah, it is.

Old tanker

The bottomless hole for money with 10% for the big guy. There really is no doubt why president dementia is interested in sending money there and keeping the money laundering scheme alive. If he were actually interested in peace all he had to do was confirm that Ukraine would not be a nato member, especially since there was no reason to make them one to begin with,


That’s pretty much where I am. I’m no fan of Putin, but Zelensky comes across as a sleazy car salesman hell bent on pulling the US into a direct shooting war with Russia.

In the end, no one wins that war. The acronym MAD is far too appropriate, and this is the reason why diplomacy should be the first and last approach to these situations.

The quicker they can come to the table, the better for all parties involved.

I do feel for the people in Ukraine, and I don’t blame the millions of people that left and most likely won’t return. Not only do they have to worry about their own insanely corrupt government, they have to deal with a constant issue with a much larger force next door in Russia.


The World Wide MIC is grinning like a mofo.

Again, my sympathies are with the innocents caught up in this madness. I am glad that I did help, in a small way, the family of one of our own get resettled to a place of safety down here in God’s Country (The Southern United States). I’ll bet that they are enjoying Sweet Iced Tea, Low Country Boils, and Peach Cobbler.