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| March 3, 2023

A senator asks a transgender “woman” if he had a “wee wee.” A simple yes or no answer was needed. Either he had one or he didn’t. Instead of providing a yes or no response, the transgender “woman” dodges the question. Enjoy your weekend!

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Nooooooo YES!!!






They slipped it in a minute early. LMAO. Totally by accident. I’m in the Somalia thread at the same time.



Lurker Curt

I was thinking “cross threading” but yours was funnier


Cross-stichingbitching  😜 



bugs bunny.jpg

A Cong Rat is the Chippy for squeaking thru his FIRST. The keys to the Throne Room, Good Sir.


Zim/zer’s ‘wee wee’ could be a ‘she wee’?

Wee of shame?

I’m old enough to remember when chicks didn’t have dicks and traps were gay.


Iny or outy?
Asking for a friend.


Boxers Or Briefs?

Asking For A Friend.


10’Th !!!


Your Music Video Of The Week.

We know alot of you are very familiar with this song… 😉  😎 

“Vaughn Monroe “Sound Off (The Duckworth Chant)” on The Ed Sullivan Show 29 April 1951″

2 Minutes of Pure Gold.

Enjoy! We Did!

Commissioner Wretched

A power failure thanks to some weather in my AO kept me from showing up until now, but congrats to Chip! Enjoy your firstness! Everyone else, enjoy the trivia!

When was the last silent movie made for general distribution produced?
By Commissioner Wretched

March arrives like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Or something like that.

It’s now the third month of 2023 and I have to ask myself … where is the time going so fast? Does it seem to you as if life gets faster and faster the longer it goes on? Or is it just me?

Nah, I don’t think it’s just me.

Regardless, spring starts in just about three weeks, the baseball teams are gathering together to start spring training, and all is right with the world.

And I even have fresh trivia for you!

So settle back and enjoy the approach of trivia … and of spring.

Commissioner Wretched

Did you know …

… you can reset your body’s biological clock if you’re having trouble sleeping? Researchers tell us that one week spent camping – without electronics – resets the body’s clock and synchronizes our melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset. (Or you can what I do … take a sleep aid. Either way.)

… the “red carpet” is not a modern phenomenon? Traditionally used to mark ceremonial and formal routes of leaders and politicians, as well as celebrities, the first reference to a “red carpet” appears in Agamemnon, written by Aeschylus (524 BC-455 BC) in 458 BC. (I’ve never walked a red carpet and probably never will.)

… a well-known actor got his start in the circus? Christopher Walken (born 1943) is well known for his roles in movies such as The Deer Hunter, Annie Hall, Batman Returns, Catch Me If You Can, and many others. But when he was a teenager, Walken worked for a circus as a lion tamer. (“What this lion needs is … more cowbell!”)


Christopher Walken Dancin’.

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Commissioner Wretched

… an 1899 invention revolutionized the game of golf? It was on December 12, 1899, that Dr. George F. Grant (1846-1910) patented his invention: the golf tee. Prior to Dr. Grant’s imagination, golfers had to build little mounds of dirt on which they placed their golf balls. Dr. Grant didn’t want to get his hands dirty playing the “game of gentlemen” and invented the little gizmo that revolutionized golf. Additional trivia note: Dr. Grant is not only known for inventing the golf tee. He was also the first African-American professor at Harvard University. (Fore!!!)

Last edited 9 months ago by Commissioner Wretched

Hey! Everyone knows that Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary invented the golf tee. He also helped Nikola Tesla invent the mechanical television, video surveillance, and a death ray. 🤣

Yes, I’m a fan of “Murdoch Mysteries”. Damn good show.

Commissioner Wretched

… the man who designed the Mako Shark Corvette was fooled by his own workers? Larry Shinoda (1930-1997) designed the car for Chevrolet in 1963, and wanted it painted the same color as a mako shark he had mounted in his office. The design team was unable to exactly match the paint colors to the shark, so they did the next best thing – they stole the shark from Shinoda’s office and painted it the color of the car. Shinoda never noticed the difference. (Sneaky. Clever, but sneaky.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the last totally silent movie made for general distribution was in 1930? Sound on film began with The Jazz Singer in 1927, which was partially sound and partially silent. The first all-talking motion picture was Lights of New York in 1928. But some studios stubbornly clung to silent pictures, at least for another couple of years. The last silent feature film was The Poor Millionaire in 1930. Produced by Richard Talmadge (1892-1981), who also starred as both the hero and the villain, the story concerned a young millionaire whose life is turned upside down when his identical twin brother, an escaped convict, begins to impersonate him.

Commissioner Wretched

Additional trivia note: Some of you are, I’m sure, going to try to say Silent Movie (1976), the great comedy from Mel Brooks (born 1926), was the last silent film. It wasn’t – there was one line spoken in the film. Ironically, the line was spoken by Marcel Marceau (1923-2007), best known as a pantomime artist who normally never spoke in films. Marceau’s single spoken word in Silent Movie was “non,” the French word for “no.”


We watched and enjoyed “The Artist”….

Most of the film is silent, except for two brief scenes with sound as well as the non-diegetic soundtrack. Throughout the shoot, Hazanavicius played music from classic Hollywood films while the actors performed.



That’s Mel Brooks for you. Makes an almost silent movie except for one spoken line uttered by someone famous for performing without speaking. 🙃

Commissioner Wretched

… a standard Chinese checkers game board has 121 holes for the marbles? Additional trivia note: Despite its name, Chinese checkers was not invented in China, nor is it a variation of the game of checkers. The game was created as Stern-Halma (Star Jump) in Germany in 1892. It was given its current name by the owners of Pressman Games in 1928, after their original name for the game – Hop Ching Checkers – did not catch on. (Gee, I wonder why?)

… the first airline was established in 1909? DELAG was set up to carry passengers on Zeppelin airships between cities in Germany. In its first four years, DELAG carried 34,000 people through the skies of pre-World War I Imperial Germany. (Wonder if they were the first airline to lose passenger luggage, too?)

… you will experience the one billionth second of your life when you are 31 years old? The actual time is 31 years and 8½ months. (By that reckoning, I’ve had two billion seconds and then some!)


“11 popular American-Chinese foods that you won’t actually find in China”

A Proud Infidel®™

“Chinese Cashew Chicken” was “invented” in Springfield MO which has MORE Chinese Restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the Continental US, at least they had that title in the 1990’s, maybe that town still does, it’s also the Birthplace of Bass Pro Shops which started off as a Father-and-Son-owned bait & tackle shop behind a Liquor Store!

Commissioner Wretched

… a popular brand of cookie is actually a rip-off? Technically, anyway. Oreo™ cookies are one of the most popular brands in the world, selling in the billions of dollars’ worth each year. But Oreos were not the original chocolate wafer cookie sandwich with cream in the middle. Oreos were introduced by Nabisco in 1912, but the Hydrox™ sandwich cookie (which some say is a rip-off of Oreos) was introduced in 1908. (They’re both great, though, so there’s that.)

… more people are attacked annually by cows than by sharks? (How a-moo-sing.)

… you may have a couple of extra bones in your body? Scientists have noticed that more and more, humans are developing an extra bone in their knee. Called a fabella, the little bone does nothing, and nobody’s sure why it’s there. But in 2018 it was determined that about 39 percent of humans have 208 bones, not 206, in their bodies. (Aliens. Gotta be aliens.)

Now … you know!


And because of these Self-Righteous Folks, Oreos DO NOT taste the same again…


RGR 4-78

Two extra bones, maybe as a species we are growing “spurs” for fighting due to all the factory chicken we eat.

Dennis - not chevy

What’s wrong with people today?

I was almost made into road pizza when the tractor-trailer behind me decided following distances are optional. Hearing nothing but truck tires skidding, I sounded the collision alarm (in my car that means a lot of words starting with f and s). When I swerved into the break down lane to get out of the way, another car came within millimeters of side swiping me on the driver’s side. The needle dicked bug fucker driving the other car must have thought I was getting out of his desired path – let him get hit by the truck, at that point I didn’t care.

When I got to work I told my co-workers what had happened. Their advice was I should have let the truck hit me and collected a zillion or so dollars from the law suit.

Why do people think getting flattened on the high way is the way to earn a living?

If I wanted to be rich, I’d do it the old fashioned way; by winning the lottery.


I have concluded that the current crop of truck drivers are often idiots that should never have gotten their commercial license.
Glad you’re ok

A Proud Infidel®™

Got my Class A CDL in 1998, have earned my living on the road off and on since, and I am convinced that many Commercial Drivers these days likely got their CDL’s from either a box of cereal, Cracker Jacks or a 50-cent vending machine at some 7-11!


I had one in the early 70’s and drove short hauls for a while.
It was a different time.


Just throwing my 2 cents in…




For those of you that have seen the “Cologuard” commercial on TV:

Saturday Night Live’s version of the Commercial.

3 Minutes.

Enjoy! We Did!
 😆  😅  😂 


What Infantryman don’t enjoy a lil toilet humor?

That done unleashed quite the chuckle over here.


The 11B in our ninja family laughed and laughed and laughed…

And of course, the 11B is a HUGE Mel Brooks Fan…

 😅  😂  😅 


That is because we boonie rats have such fond memories of stepping outside the perimeter with an e-tool to dig a cat-hole and drop a deuce.


I know I posted this in the Chin-Lee (h/t M*A*S*H Season 3, Episode 12, a Full Rich Day ) thread

I feel it fits here too.


China is teaching their 1st and 2nd graders how to field strip and operate AK-47s and ours are learning how to dance the Cha Cha from Drag Queens.
How do you like your stir fried rice in the prison Camps?
Wǒmen wándànle
NSFW!! (But LULZ!!)
Although there are SOME right thinking kids out there.
Kid puts Drag Queen in their place.


comment image

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So they’re envisioning a Nazi Germany/Imperial Japanese style dead-ender homeland defense strategy? That’s going to suck. Here’s a radical concept…let kids be kids. The shit in this picture and the debauchery going on in the US comes from the same mindset.


I don’t want to be accused of not taking care of the crew so today’s menu theme is Whiskey and Wieners.
Grab one.

joe whiskey.jpg

Hurry before they’re all gone.


One more thing…not much movement this last week.

ammoseek 3-3-23.JPG

https://youtu.be/aVQhKRTVBk8 is an alternative.


Your History Lesson Of The Week.

On 3 March, 1855, US Congress approves $30,000 to test camels for military use (equivalent to $872,464 in 2021)

“The History Of The Army Camel Corps”


“The Camel Corps Experiment”

“By the eve of the Civil War, the experiment had collapsed. While camels were still present during the Civil War, Union forces did not use the camels found in Camp Tejon, California, because they could not understand how the camels could be used for any missions. Similarly, the Confederacy did not use the animals for any major operations. One notable exception lies in Douglas the camel. Affectionately known as Old Douglas, he was the only known camel to be used militarily east of the Mississippi River during the American Civil War. He become the mascot for the 43rd Mississippi Regiment, and also assisted in carrying baggage for the officers. During the Siege of Vicksburg, Old Douglas, who had been “harmlessly grazing,” was shot by Federal sharpshooters.”

camel corps.jpg

Poor camel


The camel barns of the experimental US camel corps still stand in Benicia, CA. The doors are quite tall. Anyway, they were when I saw them back in 1990.


The Poe’s lived just a few miles from Camp Verde for several years. Some of the old ranchers and cowboys in the area swore there were still wild camels back in the hill country to the west of there.


Camels seem to do well as feral animals in the wild. They have thrived for many years in Australia’s Outback.


On 3 March 1931, Cab Calloway recorded his famous song “Minnie The Moocher”

Who knew almost 50 years later, he would be performing that song in the 1980 “Blues Brothers”.

What a classic!


One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite movies.


Yeah, it was pretty fucking cool and I do so love that movie being from the Chicago area, but….here’s Cab doing his thing on Sesame Street:



Had chauffeur duty for Mrs. GB to her PT today.

By God’s grace, she is astounding the doctors, PAs, and PTs with her range of motion and levels of pain – levels that can be managed with a common 325mg acetaminophen.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

FIRST 39th


Over on the Phony John Loveridge article,
updates on fellow
Phony Beirut survivor Daryl Cleve Edwards.

You know, the NHL hockey game on ice ovation
for a Phony Navy SEAL Phony officer.

BONUS – Just found.
Not a doctor.
He was a highway billboard model,
posing as a phony doctor for a paycheck.

Daryl Cleve Edwards Celebration of Life 2023 3.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

I declare myself “PRESENT” and award myself Honorary First once again.



The Addams Family.

The Adams Family… of Elko, Nevada.
Current Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass master Ken Adams,
his wife,
famous #1 Les Brown Phony Defender Laura Adams,
and unfortunately,
their unfortunate son.

Famous last words by Laura Adams,
saved for posterior.

2023 Adams Family.jpg
Last edited 9 months ago by MarineDad61

Can you see this link?
Or, did it go down, deleted, permanently POOF?

It’s the infamous longtime (over 10 years of phonying)
Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass page on the Book of the Fake.

So much “history”.
So many photos.



On station.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone finally checks in, since the vast chicken wing conspiracy has convinced the Admins of TAH to prevent him from posting using the IP of the world corporate headquarters of the proud but humble woman owned business that sell software to the federal government.

So, allow Hack to toss a few nuggets of wisdom to the unwashed masses known as the Adorable Deplorables. Hack won’t on line the other day to see what is allowed in the Catholic faith to be consumed on Fridays during Lent. Meat is a definite no, to include chicken, but chicken eggs are allowed. Seems to be a contradiction in religious philosophy, but Hack Stone is not privy to the inner sanctum of The Vatican, so what does Hack know. Also interesting is that Catholics can consume meals that contain beef broth. Most interesting is that you can consume alligator on Friday’s during the Lenten season, so if you have a good gator recipe, please post.

Hack Stone

Of course, Hack is still waiting to hear back on whether a Catholic cannibal can eat vegans on Friday during Lent.

Hack Stone

Please watch the video. Hack would like his sugar Momma, Elaine Ricci, to get the recognition she deserves.



This has Primetime 99 Alex ‘Pimp on a Blimp’ Stein’s fingerprints all over it.

IMHO we need a whole lots more of this.


What a train wreck.
Wheelchair sugar daddy puts his face out there in public,
demonstrating he can rise out of the chair, and walk around.
(It’s a miracle !!)

I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them
performing their act at the local VA hospital.

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Hack Stone

41 years ago tonight Police Squad! (in color) debuted on ABC. God, that show was hilarious.



It lasted what, 5 or 6 episodes?

Commissioner Wretched

I think there were seven filmed, but one of them featured “Tonight’s special guest star, John Belushi” and he had actually just died in real life, so it was never aired.

The show was, indeed, hilarious! But it was only a “summer replacement” during the time when such shows were being phased out in favor of cheaper reruns.

Police Squad! did provide the basis for the hilarious Naked Gun series of movies, though.


I say again, WTFingF, over.

From NYPost, Marine Corps eliminating its elite [S]cout [S]niper platoons
I’m sure spinning up some Rainbow Rambos in the next, very much impending, conflict will be priority number one.

Note: ‘elite’ was their choice of word, not mine. Kidding!…ish. Love my Corps Brothers-from-other-mothers.


They will have to remake Heartbreak Ridge, except use the actual Army unit this time.


Maybe not…

More Than 75% Of Americans Aged 17-24 Aren’t Fit For Military Service: DOD(I hope that linky worky)

A lot of very not good data in that article,:

Applicants in [Fat Camp at Reception Battalions] have 90 days to boost their scores or lose enough body fat to come into compliance with Army standards. So far, just 3,206 students have attended one of the courses, of which 2,965 have graduated and moved on to basic training.

So they are pushing forward ~92% of effectively zero?

A life of discipline doesn’t start when you see Drill Sergeant.


Bet ya there’s no yelling or creative insults during this 90 day program. You’re effectively spending twice as much time (and money) to get a recruit to AIT, where they can still flunk out because the other issues mentioned in the article include lower intellect which comes as a result of 12 years of sub-par education and non-existent study skills. Nice, just fucking nice.

Last edited 9 months ago by MustangCPT

It’s been 70-75% for decades. When the need arises they flex the standards to let in rocks, felons, neck tattoos and other Democrats. They never had much luck with fatties though so this won’t go so well.

Commissioner Wretched

It’s a shame we don’t have more of the quality of the great Dewey Oxberger!

Hack Stone

Tomorrow marks 31 years since the greatest action movie ever produced was released.