Unvaccinated? No problem… just ring bell, yell “unclean!”

| February 1, 2023

Back in the olden days, lepers had to warn others that they were unclean, live in lazerene ghettoes, ring bells to warn oncomers – basically let the rest of ‘clean’ society that a nasty, incurable disease was near and to protect themselves.

Most normal people don’t worry so much about Covid now – for normal folks, you stay away from sick folks and you’re probably OK, or you get it, you have over a 97% chance of surviving it. It seems to be following the normal viral aging process, getting more communicable and less lethal, right? So, we have adapted to this major pain-in-the-ass, and by and large things are mostly back to normal.

Except in the government, and most especially around the military. The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) repealed the vaccination mandate, right? So our folks who serve should not be forced to get vaccinated when they object to the shot, and one would expect that those who had would be reinstated and their rank/pay/seniority restored, because it was all an overreach, right? Wrong.

During the height of the pandemic, West Point implemented a policy prohibiting cadets from traveling for sports or other events, according to Younts (military attorney R. Davis Younts – Ed.) After the vaccine was made available, only unvaccinated cadets were restricted from traveling. Then, last semester, while the militaryvaccine mandate was still in place, West Point dropped the policy, allowing unvaccinated cadets to travel for sports, the Army-Navy game, and other events. After the Pentagon liftedthe vaccine mandate, however, West Point reinstated the travel banfor unvaccinated cadets.

While the vaccine mandate was still in effect, the unvaccinated cadets submitted Religious Accommodation Requests (RAR) for exemptions. After the requests were denied, they appealed the denials, which were also denied. After the denials of their RAR appeals, they requested medical exemptions, which were in turn denied, appealed and denied again.

West Point’s story is reversed yet again, and now is that official travel by the unvaccinated  is banned. Unless, of course, approved by the Under Secretary for the Army, who apparently did not read the 2023 NDAA, or failed to understand all the big words.

Reinstatement for those thrown out? Not happening. The law may have changed, but policy has officially yet to conform.

Building on the NDAA’s repeal of the military vaccine mandate,Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), along with 18 other Republican senators and Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) in the House, introduced legislation on Monday that would require the Defense Department to offer reinstatement to military members discharged over the vaccine mandate.


The proposed bill also corrects associated adverse personnel actions like loss of pay, rank, separation, denial of schools or promotion, etc. DoD estimates 8-9,000 service members separated over this, not to mention the 38% of Guardsmen who remain unvaccinated (and the NG hierarchy is preventing them from drilling.) Really helping our readiness, aren’t they?

Safe to say the politicos need to get off their respective kiesters and  get in line with the NDAA. Not doing so is only helping….who, Xi? Putin?

Although there is one bright spot in their intransigence – I read that at Kamala Harris’ Tallahassee appearance Sunday, all attendees had to sign an attestation of vaccination to attend. Yahoo If they would not, they had to provide a timely negative Covid test, or sit in the special leper’s section and social distance. Seems to me they might have done those who refused a favor, not having to listen to her.

“My body, my choice”  indeed.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Should be the reverse.
The Jabbed should be the “unclean”, with that toxic poison coursing through their (soon to be deceased) bodies.

Isn’t some failed utopian medical/science experiment usually the source of zombie disasters in the movies… you know, because such things are grossly unwise to do? Just sayin’.


“I am legend” for one…

A Proud Infidel®™

Meanwhile, the stock in Pfizer and others making the “vaccine” is doing quite well, I wonder how much of it is still owned by the pols pimping the jab?


“Even After Mandate Lifted, Unvaccinated Sailors Claim They’re Being Punished For Their Religious Beliefs”


“A new brief filed in federal court alleges that the U.S. Navy continues to punish and discriminate against more than 4,000 unvaccinated Navy personnel based on their religious beliefs–even after the Department of Defense rescinded the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

“The new complaint says punitive actions taken against the sailors include restricting travel necessary for their jobs, demanding repayment of educational expenses and previously awarded and rightfully earned bonuses, and refusing to allow participation in meaningful training opportunities and operational assignments.”




“The more than 4,000 sailors that are part of our class action, the vast majority of them continue to face adverse actions because of their religious objections to the vaccine,” said attorney Mike Berry, the director of Military Affairs for First Liberty Institute, which is representing the sailors.”

“Berry continued: “The Navy and the Department of Defense have used this, what was once a health crisis, and turned it into an ideological litmus test for people serving in the military.”

“4,095 sailors who submitted religious exemption requests are part of the suit, originally brought by 26 Navy SEALs and other members of the Naval Special Warfare community who sued to prevent being separated from service over their refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccinations because of their religious beliefs.”




“13News Now reached out to the Navy’s Chief of Information’s Office seeking comment about the new allegations. We have yet to hear back.”

“Oral arguments in the lawsuit are set to take place before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Louisiana next week on Feb. 6.”


“Oral arguments in the lawsuit are set to take place before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Louisiana next week on Feb. 6.”

That’s the very best court venue those sailors could possibly hope for. The Fifth Circuit is seldom awed by the almighty federal government.


I live in southern Nevada and hell, even during the “stupid times”, a lot of folks around here didn’t wear masks and do the other shit. And after the mask mandate was lifted, no doctor’s office or other business requires masks…except for the North Las Vegas VA!

A shipmate who uses that facility told me you still have to mask up. Now, I’m authorized to use the VA for my medical care, but I refuse to do that silly crap anymore. I live far enough from North Las Vegas that I can use “community care” and I do.

Just more evidence of how stupid our government is.


I go to my local Walmark here in Greensboro (yes, Walmark is how it is pronounced by most of those carrying Obamaphones), and there are still those (largely Obamaphone carriers) wearing masks.

Pathetic sheep, without exception.


Greensboro, NC?


Bureaucrats and progressives are usually one and the same:
comment image


Anyone not wearing a mask in public will be deemed a threat
to the health and well being of others.
Soon you will be tased into compliance (submission) and your
home will have a mark over the door.
No mask, no vote.
No mask, no firearms
No mask, your at risk children will be removed from the home.
This is far from over and will play a significant role for decades.
Move over “climate change” there is a new game in town.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

No mask, no firearms?
Game on! Molan Laave!
And come and do it yourself, ya pencil-necked political geek.
Don’t send your jack-booted bully boys.
You’ll get my guns one piece at a time, bullets (not cartridges) first, at high velocity.

(all of the above is a rhetorical response and not meant for 26L personally)

USMC Steve

More and more, the republicans are doing the good stuff. Some are still establishment republicans, so to say not to be trusted, but it is becoming consistently clearer as to who is for the good and who is for themselves (social democrats). We shall see.

Dave Hardin

I protect myself from the “Unclean”


Speaking of the picture you posted, Dave…

Fox News must really be desperate for news….Guess what is the appendage..🙄🫣

“Alabama Gas Station Worker Makes Gruesome Discovery In Parking Lot. Severed Human Appendage Found In Gas Station Parking Lot In Mobile, Alabama”


“A severed human penis discovered in an Alabama gas station parking lot is believed to have belonged to a motorcyclist who died in a traffic accident early Monday…”

“The deceased was riding a motorcycle and lost control and fell off…Unfortunately, multiple vehicles struck him.”

“The appendage located at the gas station is not related to a murder or an assault…”

“While police did not detail how the appendage arrived at the gas station, local reports say that surveillance video appeared to show it fall from a truck that had stopped to get fuel.”


Usually they go over the handlebars and get hung up there.
Gotta be more to this story. And some good jokes…


It’s raining pussy and he gets hit by a dick…

Sill life, by anonymous Marine


Sheesh. Gas used to just cost an arm and a leg…


“CCTV footage showed a black truck pulling into the station to get petrol before driving off and the penis falling to the ground.”

“One employee told local reporters: “It was a whole d**k.”

“Severed Penis Discovered Lying On The Ground Outside Petrol Station Car Park”



45 second video:

SNL “Mr. Peanus”

Dave Hardin

Lorena Bobbitt is alive and well…


What a novel Holloween costume. Where can one buy it? Asking for a friend.


Try Dave’sDecadentDuds.com… 😜 


I was fortunate. The entire Covid saga has been, enlightening.


Fortunate Son?


“Unvaccinated? No problem…you have a good chance of being some of the ones to repopulate the Earth…and not dying early from a heart attack!” There, FIFY.

I repeat what I said from the very beginning of this Chinese Communist Originated Viral Infecting Disease of 2019. It was a deliberate attack upon the world, aided and abetted by the domestics enemies of the USA. It was never about control of a virus, it was about control of We, The People and the thinning of the herd. Somebody did a study and a re-write of Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

Sure glad were almost at the end of the two (2) weeks that were required to flatten the curve and reach the herd immunity that was discussed. I do think that many in the herd are now immune to the BS that is being spread.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m convinced it was deliberate as well as a Biowarfare experiment done by the CCP using “Typhoid Marys” as vectors of delivery versus munitions.


Ol’ Poe thinks it was more of a trial run just to determine how far the sheep can be pushed toward the cliff before they panic…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

This is the problem with the mindset behind “well if it saves one life it’s worth it”…because the truth is that it not and never has been “worth it”….

People should listen to their personal health care provider and made decisions accordingly…if you don’t trust your personal health care provider’s advice you have the wrong provider.

Healthy young adults in peak shape were never going to die in great numbers from COVID…some will some won’t…2500-3000 young adults 20-25 drop dead from heart attacks each year…shit happens. In a society of 330 million in the last couple of years 9,000 people each and every day get up for the very last time….

The notion we “save” everyone, or even save anyone is a lie, a lie that benefits no one and only works to allow government to intrude into your personal freedom and own your body.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The Bill of Rights protections are meaningless if at our core we do not own ourselves. Owning ourselves means that sometimes we will make selfish decisions that allow others to die, I can not be compelled yet to surrender a kidney for the greater good even if doing so would allow some poor soul to live. I can look them in the eye and tell them they’re not getting my kidney and as a result they will die and nothing can be done about it. That is true bodily autonomy and self ownership, without that we are not free people we are owned merchandise the same as any other herd animal.

Government always seeks more control, when we advocate for laws that force people to use their bodies in ways they don’t want to use them regardless of the high minded ideals behind such advocacy we signal government that we find it acceptable for government to own us and dictate terms to us on the use of our own bodies.

The law of unintended consequences must always be obeyed.


“…less we forget…”

comment image?resize=768%2C447&ssl=1