| January 25, 2023

Fox reports that as the rancid cherry on a shit sundae* for many soldiers discharged for refusing the now non-mandatory Covid vaccine, they are being forced to repay enlistment bonuses.

One former Army soldier who was fired for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine last May told Fox News Digital that he would have to pay back his original signing bonus upon his termination from the military because he did not complete the commitment in his contract.

The soldier had signed a contract with the Army for six years and received a $7,000 bonus. However, because he fell short of the six years, the military notified him that he owed the government a prorated amount of slightly over $4,000. In order to pay it back, he ended up having to “sell” 60 of his unused vacation days to cover the amount owed.

“I’ve deployed multiple times, and I feel like the last thing I had was selling leave days that I earned and was never able to take due to me being deployed or needing that time to prepare for the training cycle.

Discerning readers may remember that the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act got rid of the vaccine mandate. So what we have here is the military taking back enlistment bonuses from service members unable to complete their enlistments after being forced out by the military for refusing a vaccine which is not even mandatory any more. Huh?

This month, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signed a memo that will update the records and remove letters of reprimand from troops whose exemption requests to the vaccine were denied.

Lawmakers are pressuring the Pentagon to do more and provide back pay for the roughly 8,400 U.S. troops fired after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the Pentagon has said back pay for troops fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine is not an issue the DOD is “pursuing.”

Fox News via Yahoo

Sure can’t understand why there is a shortfall in recruiting…

* My apologies to the TAHer who coined the phrase years ago – I am stealing it without attribution because I simply can’t remember who said it first.






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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yeah….military recruiting and retaining are gonna suck for the next generation. Between SJW multi-crap, mandatory Vaxx, and now grabbing back bonuses (bonii?). Word gets around, people remember.
And I don’t remember who came up with that “rancid cherry on a shit sundae”, but I know I’ve used it a time or three here at TAH, usually about some Stolen Valor thief who later turned out to have a (surprise!) civilian arrest/prison record.

In politically correct terms, civilian arrest/prison record will now be referred to as “a long and distinguished career with the criminal justice system”.


Nicely played hack.

I believe that after all this time ““rancid cherry on a shit sundae” has entered the standard vocabulary of all the DW/DW-ettes at TAH so that the original genius who coined the phrase is difficult to determine.

(I know I’m too lazy to go looking in the archives for first occurrence. I don’t work for the OED.)


GB, the earliest reference I can find to someone saying “rancid cherry on a shit sundae” was on 12 May 2016 and it was credited to our very own Hondo.


This is harsh, would recommend a level 2 BOHICA slightly modified as BOHICA-NL

No lube….


Check This Out…🤭😉😎

“GOP Bill Would Stick Congress Members With Veterans’ Health Care Plan To Call Attention To Failing VA”

“A Republican bill introduced this week would force members of Congress and their staff to get health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a change aimed at forcing lawmakers to recognize the longstanding problems with the VA.”

“House and Senate lawmakers and staff are required to get their health coverage through the Washington, D.C., health insurance exchange created under Obamacare. They get access to gold-level plans, which means they pay 20% of their health care costs while taxpayers cover 80%.”

“But, under legislation proposed by Rep. Warren Davidson, an Army veteran and Republican from Ohio, lawmakers and staff would receive VA care at VA facilities “as if such members and staff were veterans.”


I support this whole-heartedly.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I wholeheartedly concur with this!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Hell yeah!!


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Skivvy Stacker

Y’know…that could have been so much worse if he had said; “SQUEEEL LIKE A GUINEA PIG, BOY!”

Forest Bondurant

Not sure how DOD can go about recouping bonus $$$ from those booted from service.

Austin can suck it.


Its quite simple. They say that you chose not to get the vaccine and therefore you chose to leave early.

I am quite familiar with this process. Mine was just credit for an overseas tour, when I got orders to OCS. I served 2 days short of 2/3rds of my tour (others with PCS orders served 1/3 and got theirs) based on my required departure date. The clerk told me I was not getting credit for my tour since OCS was volunteery… I looked at him and said yes, but not when I have to leave.

USMC Steve

Not even accurate. No one “chose” to leave, they were wrongfully terminated when forced to take an experimental vaccine in violation of the established laws at that time. Thus they were wrongfully terminated, and discriminated against. Should be a bunch of law suits going forward for just this sort of stuff.


Forest, they will garnish their Federal Income Tax returns at a prorated basis until the debt is paid off, just like they would on a Deserter’s Report of Survey for his “lost” TA-50.

Forest Bondurant

Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense.

(Austin can still suck it…)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If it’s anything like what the FedGov was attempting to do with O’BozoCare (garnish any/all income tax refunds), the solution is simple; restructure your tax withholdings so that you pay enough to NOT trigger the quarterly tax BS, but still owe at the end of the year.
IIRC, the FedGov could take from any refunds owed to you, but couldn’t ADD any fees/penalties if you owed them.
Make sense?


He probably sucks many things. Just sayin.


If this kid doesn’t have lawyers lining up to help him sue the government on this one, there has to be more to the story. Fired for refusing something that is not manditory anymore, then required to forfeit even more money owed because the Army forced him out for it. If the kid served honorably there sounds like backpay plus rank and backpay for rank he could have earned. With a good lawyer he could have gone to OCS, and mad the rank of O-10 before retiring at thrity years (that is a lot of back pay and entitlements).

A Proud Infidel®️™️

More shit like this and the DoD nitwits still say “*DUUUHHH!* we still no can keep up with recruiting and *DUHHHHH!*, *slobber*,…


Bullsh^t! The right thing to do is to re-instate all of those that were forced to leave, giving all back pay, credit for time lost, and promote ahead of their peers.

Old tanker

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Signed DOD


Did the Army recoup Academy costs for that shitbag Che Guevara Rapone?


Unlikely, since the current regime’s apparatchiks agree with his values. Remember Anita Dunn, huge fan of Chairman Mao. She now works for Brandon.