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| January 25, 2023

Henry Homesteader

Woman kills unknown man who entered her apartment, Forest Acres police say

Noah Feit
A woman shot and killed an unknown man who entered the apartment where she and her child live, the Forest Acres Police Department said Monday.

The shooting happened late Sunday night, police said in a news release.

At about 10:45 p.m., the woman called 911 to report the shooting, according to the release.

Officers responded to The Landing at Forest Acres apartment complex at 3431 Covenant Road and found 28-year-old Davon Tyree Brockenbrough on the floor just inside the woman’s door, police said. That apartment complex is near North Beltline Boulevard.

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The State
Mr. Brockenbrough poked the Mama bear and has achieved room temperature for his troubles. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.
– Henry A. Kissinger

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You are a GO at this station.
No further range time needed.
Continue on and love your child.


New West Point-educated Democrat congressman says he has “zero time” to spend on “woke” military issues ’cause he’s focused on competing with China:

Only Army Mom

Factually incorrect statements and editorial opinion insertions are not journalism. That is one of the most insidiously biased, slanted pieces of purported journalism I’ve ever seen.

Like I’m saying anything every thinking person doesn’t already know. I also know better than to click on supposed news articles and expect anything different, but every now and then it strikes me as particularly egregious. The only looney-lefty talking point it didn’t hit was climate change.

And no, I’m not commenting on the quoted statements of the Congressman. I would have to do more research to have an opinion on him.

See how easy that is? I don’t know enough about a person to form a considered opinion, so I don’t share one, despite the apparent commonalities with those about whom I do have a justified, considered opinion.

If only we could get more people to think critically. Instead, we get biased, slanted pieces masquerading as journalism to prevent self-directed thought.


BZ, Mama Bear…Good JOB on protecting your cub. Tho the linky doesn’t open, IIRC, Moms only took one round to send the perp into dirtnap status. His friends have had their warning shot.

FedGov been doing unconstitutional things since at least 1861, they’ve just gotten more open about consolidating their control over, We, The People.

Interesting concept on the new Henry. Trying to get me into the 9mm family with some new bait? As if showcasing the Hi Power the other day wasn’t temptation enough. Or, are you trying to relieve the swelling in my wallet? Better go hug my 1911 before I go do the clicky thingy on the linky. They do have some models that are chambered in God’s Caliber.


$928 for a 9mm carbine? A bit pricey given the competition. Lots of alternatives at a far lower price…that thing better group sub-MOA.

RGR 4-78

If they would manufacture it to chamber .45-70, they would have a winner.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

It would be interesting to compare a Browning HP vs a 1911 in 9mm (I know, blasphemy! But they’re out there anyway. So sue me) With today’s metallurgy, designs, machining, and tolerances, I think the two would compare very favorably against each other.


“Davon Tyree Brockenbrough”

Claw, we need the Whiz-Wheel lubed up, please Sir.

Mama Bear don’t mess ’round. Good for her.


After brushing the ice and snow off the Whiz Wheel®™, the result is:

Davon Tyree Brockenbrough (BLDAM/DRT*) 44 x 5 = 220

*Bernathian Level Dumb Ass Move/Dead Right There


Room Temperature Challenge completed!