DIRCIA nomination blocked by senator

| January 23, 2023

One thing that has almost astonished me is how some columns just write themselves. Not the ones that are more or less just block and copied whole hog, but where some clueless S.O.B. is just so damn dumb, that it really requires no effort to write the column. Let’s take a look at Jimmeh Carter’s CIA director pick:

Carter chose Ted Sorenson to serve as his CIA director in 1977.

Sorenson had admitted to taking boxes of classified records home with him after leaving the White House in 1964, and using the materials for his work in writing a biography of former President John F. Kennedy. Sorenson’s admission to this came in affidavits used in cases involving the Pentagon Papers.

Carter eventually withdrew Sorenson’s nomination, though Sorenson defended himself by saying his “handling of classified information was at all times in accordance with the then-existing laws, regulations and practices,” according to a 1977 Washington Post report on the withdrawal of his nomination.

Fox News

Not good enough, Sorenson me lad. Just because it was legal doesn’t mean it met the old “appearance of propriety” standard which says “doesn’t matter if it was legal or not, I don’t like the look of it.” Some self-righteous Senatorial bloviating:

…the “real issue” was “whether Mr. Sorensen intentionally took advantage of ambiguities in the law, or carelessly ignored the law.”

“If he did so, can he now bring the activities of the intelligence community within the strict limits of the law?”

“We will expect that in the future of intelligence agencies. If that is to be the case, then we must hold the Director — DCI — accountable as well.”

And so, Joe Biden crossed the aisle to join Republicans in voting to block Sorenson’s nomination.

The irony is delicious.

Oh, and beside tanking the economy in record time and setting a few more less-than-desirable feats on record, a new record was set last week: Never in history have a sitting President and son both been under Congressional investigation.

Joe must be so proud.

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Daisy Cutter

What is a real possibility here is that Biden withdraws his name from the 2024 race and IMMEDIATELY calls upon Trump to do the same.

Can you imagine the Democrats and media relentlessly pounding on Trump to “do the right thing?”

That’s why it could be problematic for Trump supporters to draw an equivalency between his and Biden’s situation.


Washington doesnt work that way. They are throwing his Chinese handler Karhy Chung, that Hunter recruited for him, under the bus instead. They will lose a spy in the pentagon sure, but small price to pay.

If this sounds like we jumped the shark, we did that three document troves ago.

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone is having a hard time understanding why the Democrats are so adamant about blocking Donald Trump from running in 2024. They should fully endorse his nomination. If he is as terrible as they make him out to be, he will be crushed in the voting booth. And the 83,000,000 who voted for Joe Biden and are pleased with the way things are now will re-elect Joe Biden in a landslide.


Hack has forgotten the errors of 2016 when the Democrats fully endorsed his running until the nomination and then turned around and attacked Trump on the expectation of an easy win and then Clinton III. They don’t want to risk Obama IV on that.

The plan now is to wait until the nomination is done and then indict Trump for…. something… documents… 1/6…. taking bribes through his kids while he was VP…. whatever… so long as he is unelectable. It is just tougher to support one of those things if Biden is doing it too.

Hack Stone

Yeah, the Mainstream Media was all in on conspiring with the Democrats to dig up dirt on any traditional Republican candidate so that Donald Trump could secure the nomination, because there is no way a television reality star with zero political experience could ever win, especially against some as qualified and beloved as Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton. They forgot to factor in that most people who voted for Donald Trump did not support him, per se, but their distrust of her and her slimey husband is what put Trump in The White House.

USMC Steve

It will not matter who we run. The socialist democrats will continue to rig the elections so they win. It isn’t who votes that counts, it is who counts the votes (or screws with those bullshit voting machines). And they will not stop until we make them feel real pain, and make them fearful of doing such things.


Yeah, I think even if someone like Ron DeSantis wins the nomination, the mainstream media (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYTimes, WaPost, MSNBC, etc) will work overtime just as much on him as they would Trump to slander the crap out of him. These are not news organizations anymore. Haven’t been for a while. Just straight propaganda mouthpieces.

Also, unless the GOP has unbelievable turnaround on copying the Dem’s work on, well, lets just call it what it is, padding the vote totals, they’re screwed in that category as well. 2020 was three years ago, but Pennsylvania, Michigan, and a few others seem to still have these “temporary” COVID measures in place for “ease of voting” (i.e. ballot drop boxes, lax ballot harvesting regulations, etc.).

USMC Steve

And we only have to do it really in one populous state that the socialist dems did it in, but do it better. More would ensure they suck it though.


They really hate Desantist because of his anti-grooming stance.


The Michigan dems have their own methods. If your home is in downtown San Fransicko, and you attend college at Northern Michigan University, just go to the county clerk, use your university ID and use your apartment, dorm or frat house as your home address and register to vote. Don’t forget to also vote by mail in San Fran.
It seems to work, Gretch the Wretch only carried 13 counties out of 83. Each of those counties had at least one university within its boundaries.


Yes, I too remember with horror how those crafty Democrats stole the House in 2022 with their clever, omnipresent vote-stealing. Why, any day now, I expect Mike Lindell or Sydney Powell to release all the proof. /s

if it’s any consolation, Steve, this kind of thinking does cause me pain, and the demise of rationality leaves me plenty fearful too.

USMC Steve

Not even gonna wast my time with you. There was plenty of evidence, but when the judges refuse to hear the cases, or the nine old pussies on the potomac refuse to hear it, claiming lack of standing in the face of established law, then it does not get much traction. You are no doubt happy because your assholes won, but YOUR line of thinking is of more concern, at least to those of us who can actually think, than mine is.

The attorney general of Georgia flat out stated there was significant voter fraud in his state, but he hated Trump so he said he would do nothing about it.


So you’re not gonna waste your time,… but you write a reply anyway. Got it. Logical consistency isn’t your thing. That explains the belief in a massive cover-up on behalf of mathematicians, politicians, poll workers, election officials, voting machine companies, judges, and even the conservative SCOTUS.

And let’s not even touch upon how the Democrats, incapable of finding their way out of a wet paper bag, somehow orchestrated such a thing.

As for Carr (whom I assume is the AG you’re talking about?), let’s see a link.


Remind Steve how right you and Lars were about our conservative Covid conspiracy, LC.

That’ll teach ‘Im who knows their shit around here… 🙄 

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E. Conboy

I agree. My thumbs up didn’t go up! 🇺🇸


LIAR!! It was only “81,000,000” 😎

Hack Stone

Close enough. If they needed another 2,000,000, they would have no problem digging up those ballots.

Skivvy Stacker

I see what you did there…
“Dig up”….Dead Voters….very subtle….

Hack Stone

No skeletons in that closet.


In other news, Wisconsin Republicans are introducing legislation to clean voters rolls of inactive voters. I will try to find and post link, but by then, this thread may have moved on.


Stand by for dems at all levels to oppose this, because it discriminates against dead people or something.


They were already filled out and in wheely bins, just in case they were needed.

USMC Steve

It wasn’t legal then either. When I became a spook Marine in 1978, and learned allllllll about that stuff, the laws that apply now were already in place. They came about in 1975-1976. The rules regarding handling of classified material mandated they be properly stored, handled, and destroyed. And keeping them in boxes at your house while you wrote a book does not fall at all into those parameters.

It is good to know that Biden back then still had some sense of right and wrong. Now he just has no sense.

Hack Stone

Not so fast, Steve-O. You can store classified documents in your private residence, provided that you take the appropriate precautions. That would be putting a note on the box reading “Top Secret Documents- Do Not Open”.

Skivvy Stacker

It works pretty well.
All those atomic secrets they thought Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sold to the Russians in the 1950s?
They found them the other day under the seat cushions of the break room sofa.
Boy…were their faces ever red….


The major damage those bastards did was giving the Russians the details of, and a working fucking model of, the proximity fuse for artillery.

Which the Russians made sure their Korean buddies could use against us in Korea.

Slaughtering thousands.


Communists have been rampant among dems for over a century, and those you speak of 11B were just some of the “eggs” that needed to be broken to make the commie omelet.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, I’m sure the Electric Chair sure made the Rosenbergs’ faces turn red!


Marked TS / Stored Corvette Intel.

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one. Hack Stone will be stealing it.

USMC Steve

Only the Garage.

A Proud Infidel®™

BUTBUTBUT Joe *DUUUHHHH!* Biden SAID that he kept the garage locked!


Yes, and share them with your lawyers, but if only if they passed the Bar.


Does that make your garage a SCIF?


Won’t this work?
comment image?w=792


Remember what happened to Petraeus. He had to cop a plea and resign as CIA Director. And I don’t think those battle reports were TS-SCI.


Never in history have a sitting President and son both been under Congressional investigation.

Now THIS is when FIRST really means something…

Hack Stone

Can we call this “unpresidented”?

Skivvy Stacker

No, we may not….


Our nation is currently “unpresidented”. There’s just some geriatric dementia patient living in the whitehouse.


I know…
L ets
G et
B iden
T o
Q uit!  😜 


And Now This…



Hack Stone

Looking forward to Chris Plante/WMAL discussing it on this morning’s broadcast. He is always playing that audio clip of her sucking up to Greta Thornberg.

Hack Stone

Chris is out on vacation this week, and his guest host only touched on it in the last few minutes of the show. Maybe Vince Coglianise will talk about during his show, starting 15:00 Eastern.


Howie Carr will have a field day with this.



Time for a new GOFUNDME for the LT…and his Lawyer…


The Nation Was Shocked’: Army LT Files Motion Or New Trial Following Verdict”


“The attorneys representing Lt. Caron Nazario filed a motion for a new trial on Friday, followed by an unwanted verdict by a jury earlier this week.”

“He was shocked, everybody was shocked, the nation was shocked,” Tom Roberts, who co-represents Nazario, said.”

“Roberts said letting Tuesday’s verdict stand would be a miscarriage of justice after his client was only awarded less than $4,000 for a controversial traffic stop in Windsor back in 2020.”

“We have filed today a motion for a new trial,” Roberts said.”

“Roberts said a new trial is essential to show the justice system works.”

Hack Stone

The Justice system did work. It just did not work the way he wanted it to. You only get one bite at the apple, Lieutenant. Next time use The Cochran Firm.


Worked better than I have seen it work and a really long time. That is why Jury trials are so awesome.


How about Jackie Collins, that “Seinfeld” lawer?

Forest Bondurant

“That’s totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous.”
– Jackie Chiles.

Hack Stone

Why does he need our money. Most “lawers” work on contingency, and if he is truly worthy of a large cash settlement, his counsel will forego getting paid up front for the pay day down the road.


The latest on his GOFUNDME:


Asking for $50,000.

So far, has raised $19,595.00.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(A) Fool and their money…..


If running true to form, his lawer will take the Go Fund Me dough and leave the crumbs to his client.


Someone needs to explain to the Loo-tennant that justice is a PROCESS, not a result.

Even my uber-liberal relative (worked as an attorney in LA city atty office) quoted that to me more than once.


Just like BOHICA…

Green Thumb

What a clown.

Next time he needs to bring along SMA Grinston as a character witness.


I thought the timing was awfully strange with all this, and as it got worse for Joe, Kamala suddenly popped up out of nowhere promising to “turn over a new leaf” and “show us who she really is.” It’s like she knows something is coming.

History will have a very hard time looking back on this administration kindly. James Buchanan is smiling knowing he ain’t the worst anymore.


“show us who she really is”… Hmm… Wonder if Willie Brown still has any pictures of Kamala under his desk. THAT is who she really is and how she stumbled into where she is today.
A valid question for her is “Spit or Swall 😵 w”?


Like her butchering the Declaration of Independence, leaving out “by their Creator” and “life”, since she was talking to the pro-abort death cult…

Anna Puma

Can you imagine Joey and Hunter in the same cell while Jill tries to figure out how to bake a cake with a saw in it.

I can.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anna Puma
RGR 4-78

Joe and Hunter.
Old Sniff and Young Snort.


She better not bake it in a gas oven.

Hack Stone

Damn straight.


I am betting Hunter gets bottom bunk.

Hack Stone

He’ll be the smartest guy on the cell block.


Swamp Rats gonna swamp rat…and protect one another. Love him or hate him, one has to admit that Trump was making a spirited attempt to rip the scab off of the corruption that is permeated thru-out the District of Criminals. Thus the hatred and fear of him and why he had to go. We, The People, are just their pawns and their attempts to divide us and keep us occupied with “never let a crisis go to waste” to mask the nefarious activities required to enrich themselves and maintain their hold onto power.

There will come a reckoning…and it won’t be pretty.


comment image


comment image


comment image


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country.”
comment image


Bite-Me has outlived his usefulness. The DC Swamp contemplating how to put both PINO & 45 out to pasture.


Irony, bronze, goldy.


And another one…

“Retired Top FBI Counterintelligence Agent Who Led Trump-Russia Probe Arrested For Own Ties To Russian Oligarch”

“Charles McGonigal charged with breaking US sanctions against Russia oligarch Oleg Deripaska, money laundering”



Totally off topic and irrelevant Ninja,, just wait, Commissar or others will soon show up to explain it to you…

No way that this could have anything to do with the bogus investigations / attacks / impeachments of President Trump…


Fyr, your comment wasn’t there when I started mine. rgr769’s was the next one showing.

Oh well, great minds and all that… 😉 


I’ll take that as a huge compliment GB, I stand in good company


Boy, you’re in for it now, ninja, bringing up that Russia Collusion crap.

Lars or LC will be along shortly to get your conspiratorial conservative ass set straight… 😜 


I had access to Top Secret documents in 1972 when I worked in the Group S-2 section. I had unrestricted access to a vault full of them. If I had removed even one, it would have been a ticket to the stockade and Leavenworth. We were taught that just removing the cover sheet was a violation.


But you weren’t a politician with a (D) after your name…


Perhaps if they’d known of his post-military intentions to practice law in Commifornia, they’d have been more lenient… 😜 


They keep saying there is a two-tiered justice system. That is inaccurate. There is one justice system and set of laws and rules. But there are a great many affluent, powerful members of the D-rat syndicate that are exempt from it. Hillary is Exhibit A, Brandon is B. There are hundreds of other examples.