UK Prime Minister Duped by a ‘Walter Mitty’

| January 23, 2023

Chris Webber

The United Kingdom’s Mirror has reported on a ‘Walter Mitty’ – a term the Brit’s use for a fake military veteran – that has successfully duped their Prime Minister.

EXCLUSIVE: Rishi Sunak duped by Falklands ‘Walter Mitty’ who is actually a pub singer called Cushty
Chris Webber joined a veterans meeting with the Prime Minister after claiming he was a Falklands hero but now it has been revealed he bought his green beret from the internet

By Sean Rayment | 22 Jan 2023

A ‘war hero’ pictured at a ­veterans’ meeting with Rishi Sunak has been exposed as a fake.

Chris Webber bragged about killing Argentinian soldiers on undercover ops behind enemy lines in the Falklands.

In reality, his career has included stints as a holiday rep and a pub singer in Spain under the stage name Cushty.

Last month the fantasist, 64, was ­invited to a veterans’ summit at 10 Downing Street where he also spoke to ministers including Chief Secretary to the Treasury John Glen.

They were unaware that the hoaxer had bought his green beret and medals from the internet.

A security probe is now under way after he was unmasked by a veterans’ group which exposes fake war heroes, called the Walter Mitty Hunters Club.

Members spotted that two of his medals were non-military and his cap badge was from the reign of George VI.

The group used a decoy to contact him on the internet. He claimed he was the PM’s veterans’ adviser and had nine years in the Army. Webber also boasted of being the first to land in the Falklands four days after Argentina’s invasion.

At least Webber was motivated by the slogan “Go big or go home.”

Although the tangible benefits are not clear, Webber may have scored some free bangers, hot-cross buns and some tea at British taxpayer expense.

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Hack Stone

It’s all a big misunderstanding. He actually claimed that he was awarded the title of Honorary Falkland Island Veteran by the National Association of Naval Photographers.


The way he’s wearing that beret is a dead give-a-way…
With about only 1% of the population (I’m guessing the same in the UK) actually serving, he figured he’d get away with it…
He almost did


Was he a shitty pilot who couldn’t read a gas gauge too?

Daisy Cutter

Someone probably saw his picture and asked “Wait a minute, isn’t that Cushty?”


WALT watch…..
Multiple Books of the Fake,
both public pages and private groups.
This is the largest public page.

[The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ]


Bangers and mash. Good stuff.

Army-Air Force Guy

He was just named manager of All-Points Logistics British subsidiary.

Green Thumb

I see that All-Points Logistics has an office in London.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) has expanded his operations across the pond.

I wonder if old Rishi Sunak aka “Cushty” here was spinning some tunes to the man to angle for some goverment green.

Green Thumb


Thanks for the correction! Misread the article.

“I wonder if old Chris Webber aka “Cushty” here was spinning some tunes to the man to angle for some goverment green.”


Ta-pocketa ta-pocketa ta-pocketa…

My favorite Danny Kaye movie.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great flick. Saw it in the movie theater back in the early 1950’s some time after it was re-released.


And one of James Thurber’s best stories! One of many.


“Webber, from London, also claimed to have PTSD and convinced homeless veterans’ charity Stoll that he had spent three years living in his car in Sheffield. But his only Army service was a few months in the Territorials in his 20s. When veterans confronted him he apologised and admitted lying.”

He told them: “My grandfather and father served in the Second World War and I wanted to be like them.” He added that he felt “absolutely dreadful”.

Dude probably sang “Liar” by Three Dog Night, “Lyin Eyes” by The Eagles, “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac”…


Now that he has been identified as a Pub Singer, he will probably tell others that he is related to Andrew Lloyd Webber…



Opening act for The Who. He wrote the lyrics and did the back up vocals for this tune;


But for those of us @ TAH, that absolutely DESPISE despicable Valor thieves, THIS will be our rallying cry;







“Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Co-Star Jennifer Connelly Thinks He’s ‘Perfect,’ Deserves An Oscar Nomination”


Uh oh…🤣


Chris Webber bragged about killing Argentinian soldiers on undercover ops behind enemy lines in the Falklands.”

And now he’s a pub singer? So that’s what happens to people from the clandestine services.

Hack Stone

It was either a lounge singer or cook. Opportunities are limited for people with a certain skill set.


I can picture his job interview for being a lounge singer…


Tony Clifton could beat this Webber guy’s ass.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Fat and Stupid is no way to go through life….


Don’t forget drunk, a stool needs at least three legs to stand.


From the linked article above (this bullshit could have been taken straight from the well-worn, dog-eared pages of the Official TAH Poser 101 Handbook):

‘He said: “I was quickly seconded to the Intelligence Corps as I spoke fluent Spanish. I was a spook.

“On 5th April 1982, I landed as part of a four-man covert team to observe enemy movements. I was there 74 days and lost 255 colleagues to Argentinian hostilities. I once adopted the role of an enemy soldier… if I’d been sussed goodness knows what would have happened to me.”

“Losing friends who were like brothers to me has been very difficult.”’


The only things missing are “sole survivor”, “best friend died in my arms”, “was a POW but killed all of my captors with my bare hands and escaped”, etc., etc., etc.

Do they have motorcycles, leather vests covered in POSer bling, camo doo-rags, and dumbass-looking, white-framed mirror-lens wrap-around sunglasses in the UK?


What a bellend


Another Greedy Little Duck!

“Woman Sentenced For Pretending To Be Dead Mother, Receiving VA Benefits For Nearly 50 Years”

va fraud.jpg

She only got $10k/yr? Doesn’t seem worth all the hassle.

Daisy Cutter

Dying’s not all it’s cracked up to be.


For those of us of a younger pedigree (though, in my opinion, a hopefully more refined vintage), the original Walter Mitty short story is far different from either movie. Thurber hated the film adaptations (though I found them inspirational – the wannabe warrior who actually seeks out his war); his initial intent is much closer to the disdain for the pretenders.