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| November 25, 2022

The Army Times reports that hero Richard Fierro was joined at the Q Nightclub in subduing that Colorado Springs shooter by a Navy petty officer, Thomas James in whacking the dogsnot out of the gunman. James is described as a U.S. Navy information systems technician stationed at the Defense Intelligence Agency base in Colorado Springs. Times have changed, used to be someone presumably working in a classified info billet like DIA would not be patronizing gay joints for long. But I digress. They were also aided by a transgender person who helped kick the assailant in the head with a high heel (personally, I prefer a steel-toed boot for that sort of thing, but I suspect steel-toed heels may be in short supply.

Fierro was there with his daughter Kassy, her boyfriend and several other friends to see a drag show and celebrate a birthday. He said it was one of the group’s most enjoyable nights. That suddenly changed when the shots rang out and Kassy’s boyfriend, Raymond Green Vance, was fatally shot.

Speaking to reporters at his home Monday, Fierro teared up as he recalled Raymond smiling and dancing before the shooting started.

Fierro could smell the cordite from the ammunition, saw the flashes and dove, pushing his friend down before falling backwards.

Army Times, photo Fox

Cordite? The guy was using an AR style rifle, not an Enfield or Martini from the heyday of the old British Empire. Either way, his appearance wasn’t helped any by the beating. Oh, and his lawyers report that he goes by they/them… won’t be long before he goes by “sweet cheeks”, I’m sure.

And then we have Andre Bing, who killed six WalMart employees before eating a bullet himself. Reportedly he left a ‘manifesto’ on his phone and a target list of people he said were ‘harassing’ him, reportedly leading to a “change of employment status” which some sources report as a firing.

Police Chief Mark Solesky said the first 911 call came in at 10:12 p.m., and the first officers arrived two minutes later. The assailant died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and a handgun was recovered at the scene, Solesky said. Police said the gunman was carrying multiple magazines.

The bodies of two victims and the shooter were found in the break room of the store, city officials said. One body was found toward the front of the store, and three other victims were transported to local hospitals but died of their injuries.

Walmart identified the gunman as Andre Bing, 31, a “team leader” who had worked for the company since 2010. He was found dead in the break room along with two other people.


No reports on what pronouns Bing preferred.  No matter, he won’t be going to trial. Was killing all those folks going to IMPROVE his situation?

I’m not terribly worried about their pronouns, their love life, or whatever… I am thinking that the whole “middle-aged white guy shooter” narrative is thoroughly blown out of the water. Minorities have definitely leveled the playing field, and the social and mental inadequacies fueling these shootings have nothing to do with the kinds of weapons used. Joe Biden et al dancing in the blood of the victims calling for gun bans need to recognize that the tools used have nothing to do with the crime.


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Guy in the photo needs a shave.
With a dull razor and a sharp bracer.


Belt sander & duct tape


They should put Corn Pop to work on him with his rusty straight razor. He is reported to be a “bad dude.”


“Always remember the communist Left media propagandists rules on mass shootings … If the shooter is white – it’s a white supremacist Trump supporter. If the shooter isn’t white – it’s the gun’s fault. Rinse and repeat.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I mentioned yesterday that the liberal establishment and the lame stream media dropped the bing shooting like a hot cake after finding out that bing now at room temperature isn’t white so BINGO…..


A Trans, A Squid and a Grunt walk into a gay bar……

Well Mr. Bing your change in employment status is the least of your worries. Hope you enjoy your time in hell sucking on the barbed cock of satan for eternity.

Old tanker

As far as I am concerned, if some twit wants special pronouns they are welcome to use them. They are not welcome to tell me what pronouns to use for them or anyone else. If they insist, then I will use a generic non-sexual pronoun of “it” for them.


I’ll take the blame again. I own 4 ‘assault rifles’. Being in the Retired Reserve, I still think he’s my CIC.


Starter set?

I keed, I only own two not counting the Uzi.

Last edited 1 year ago by AW1Ed

Whelp, my Kentucky Percussion is of a style used in some wars, so is it an ‘assault rifle’ as well?
How ’bout my thuddy-thuddy?


Wondering the same about my first hunting rifle, a ’98 Mauser. Is it a “weapon of war”?


Slurry McResident joeapist wants to ‘get rid of semmeeaudomadics’ as they’ve ‘no social redeeming value’.

Someone should ask for clarification on that statement, but mine breath is unheld.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Democrats love children and other mass shooting victims, but only as long as they’re dead and support a “ban evil assault weapons” policy argument.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

“…steel-toed heels may be in short supply.” Nah, not really, Bro. Picked up a real nice set of climbing boots from Hall Safety Supply. Calf high, 3 inch defined heel, steel shank arch supports, tractor tread soles, steel-toed, and padded uppers. Now, granted, they were lace ups v slip on sling backs, but still. Walking the right-of-way, hooking poles, and hanging on them gaffs day in and day out did wonders for my calves and glutes. Prolly would look absolutely smashing with a matching LBD.


Not seeing it, bro.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Seeing those two top pics of Mr Shoot A Gay Bar gladdens the cockles of my black and flabby heart. The only thing that might have improved that mood further would have been to find out that he was deceased from his altercation, and currently enjoying the reaming of Satan’s Seven Barbed Cocks.

You really ought to leave out the word “cockles” when talking about gay bars ……

… just sayin’ ….

Last edited 1 year ago by rgr1480

Bing’s pronouns are late/deceased.

USMC Steve

Cordite? Cordite? Are they shitting me?