US Army Veteran killed in Ukraine fighting

| November 19, 2022 | 45 Comments

Trent Davis joined the Georgian Legion in Ukraine to help the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russians. They did not send him to the front as he lacked the necessary experience. Later in the year, he joined the International Legion and was killed on his first mission.

The Army Times described Davis as inexperienced, as never making a deployment, and as getting out as a private. A search for “Trent Davis” in the Army White Pages provided multiple results, one of them being for a PV1, or E1.

From the Army Times:

Davis joined the International Legion out of a sense of duty, he told family members, and was eager to help Ukrainians repel the Russian invasion that began last February. After a stint with a smaller foreign volunteer outfit that declined to send the inexperienced Davis to the front in the spring — he never deployed as a U.S. soldier — the hopeful volunteer found a more willing unit with the International Legion this fall.

“He wanted to do his part to bring kids into a safer world, even if it could cause him to sacrifice his life,” said Davis’ mother, Janie Broadbent. “He said Russians are pretty much bullies, and he just wanted to help people.”

That’s why he went to Ukraine, she said — not once, but twice.

On Nov. 4, a couple of weeks after he returned to Ukraine from the U.S., where he spent a few months at home with his loved ones, he called his mom to share the good news — he signed a contract and was now officially part of the International Legion. Davis was overjoyed, she said in an interview with Military Times. He told her that he would soon be heading out to join the counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine.

But Davis never got to see the fruits of his labor — the triumphant yellow-banded troops moving into Kherson, the country’s only regional capital to have been seized by Russian forces and subsequently liberated last week. He didn’t get to feel the flood of appreciation for troops like him who helped bring about that freedom.

“He would look me dead in the eye and say I’m invincible,” Davis’ father, Christopher Davis, said about his playful, yet stubborn, son. “He had that young-man confidence. He believed it and he made me believe it.”

As a combat veteran himself who spent 21 years in the U.S. Army, “I should have known better,” the elder Davis said. “The enemy gets a vote no matter what you plan.”

The Army Times has additional information here.

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Yeah, well… Combat ain’t Dodgeball and just cuz you know the 5 Ds don’t make you impervious to the ouchies.

Just so everyone is aware, the “Internationale Legion” is full of scumbag Leftist from Anqueefa and other Commie-leaning orgs who’ve been LARPing all over to include Kurdistan (from which they were asked to leave).

Don’t believe me? Do a dig. (and before you say anyfuckthing, Lars. GFY!)


Ah, Lars– commie see, commie sqwauk…
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So I can close these tabs:

Green-anarchist fighters of Eco-Platform participating in the Kherson counter offensive, battling to drive out occupying Russian forces.” via Twitter (see image)

Also, “Antifa International Solidarity Collectives are raising funds to equip leftist resistance fighters in Ukraine with the surveillance and communications equipment they need to stay safe and effectively combat the fascist Russian invasion.” Operation Blue Skies

Could be a honeypot, could be real deal, could be LARPing aholes, don’t care. Cause v. effect. IF these bots are out there ‘putting in work’ it’d be good training for ops here in the good ol’…, jussayin.

Sure not a thing to see here.jpg

Those in the pics are actually Ukrainian anarchists. They formed their own Antifa Holligan squad after the initial 2014 invasion. There are at least a couple of hundred of them. That is like .01% of the force.

Operation Blue Skies is trying to raise enough to buy 2 drones and ten radios. That will make a real dent in the Russians LOL. You made a lot more sense when you were bitching about the billions thrown in there by the US the other day. This just seems childish.


And when the trained leftist come back to the states everything’ll be just fine…


You seem to be missing something. Those are Ukrainians.

With foreign fighters they only take people who ALREADY trained.


Insofar as the I.L. ‘only taking people who ALREADY trained’, sure, possibly, maybe…

Just for reference, are you missing this part of the story here?:

The Army Times described Davis as inexperienced, as never making a deployment, and as getting out as a [P]rivate. 

Now is you wanted to use this clean-kitted hero as a benchmark for ‘trained’…:

Vasquez previously served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. 

I find it a little odd that there is no mention of his MOS, oh well.

Then there is this little chestnut, not claiming it as fact but doubt is just that, a mitigating factor in the validity of ‘truth’.

trust no one.jpeg

I am sure his demise in the cause of Truth, Justice, and the Ukrainian Way was just as glorious and romantic as he always dreamed it would be. And his comrades, inspired by his sacrifice, will doubtlessly surge forward to Victory!


Вперед, Товарищи!


Da tovarishch!


He died for the Ukrainian’s main industry…
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Last edited 9 days ago by Anonymous

“The International Unipolar New World Order Control Mechanism was winning when I left” –paraphrased from an old Viet of the Nam saying

Hack Stone

He died so that Hunter Biden can be free to “earn” $86,000 a month on the Board of Directors at Burisma.

A Proud Infidel®™

Uhhhm, I’ll pass, some shit is missing in that recruitment stuff!


Like with the international brigades fighting Franco. (NKVD loved those leather trenchcoats and shooting people who didn’t do what Stalin wanted.)
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I know someone over there right now
can’t say more but they definitely are not with
these folks


I wouldn’t have joined the Chinese fighting Imperial Japan either.


Thank you for your service or something.


Hunter’s moment to redeem himself for failing that piss test.
comment image


Why would he go to Ukraine to fight when he had an $86K per month no-show gig at Burisma? Get him THAT type of job and he’ll be on it like Hunter Biden on some grated Parmesan cheese 🧀!🤣


This may belong to the Stupid People category…

I’m sorry for his family, but it is his own fault.


Darwin smiles.




Wonder if his last thoughts were “I didn’t think this out too well.”

War is dangerous for children and other living things.


If you aren’t a skilled gunfighter, don’t go looking for a gun fight.

Hack Stone

A review of his International Legion Service Record Book shows that he does not have a completion certificate for Diversity Equity Inclusion Training. Maybe Big Army certificates don’t transfer?


He did have his circle-jerk certificate
and bunking with drag-queens training certificate


Apparently it’s no big deal over there.


it’s a shame the artist of the pic included above the story couldn’t find a real Russian tank rather than slap a “Z” on clipart of a ~60 year old US tank :/

Hack Stone

The Democrat Party can’t differentiate between US and Russian aircraft, so how do you expect someone to be smarter than Hillary Clinton.


This explains much.

Honor and Courage

Wouldn’t it be helpful to some knowledge of the local language, equipment and procedures? Maybe it’s just me but I usually read those instruction manuals and assembly instructions before trying to operate stuff.

Hack Stone

Like those pre deployment briefings, like how not to become an International Incident.

His father is retired military and he didn’t think to have a sit down man to man conversation with his son with zero combat experience and managed to somehow earn the highly coveted and rarely awarded pay grade of E-1 after a complete enlistment that maybe this isn’t is not such a great idea?


Huh. Apparently he wasn’t as skilled and qualified by his high dollar Army training as he thought. Wonder if the International Legion has SGLI?

Hack Stone

Yes they do, but it pays out in FTX Bitcoin.


Nicely done: both for the snake and relevancy of the jab.


Everyone is being a bit unfair to this young man.

Guy was certainly green and apparently not adequately trained for what he signed up to face… and he paid for it – but we were all new to war, once.

As were myriad other joes who we hold up to be heroes.

How many have died in training, and we reflect on how “training for war can be as dangerous as war, itself”?

How many wind up in a shitty unit because they believe their recruiter when he tells them they can be the next airborne SEAL Delta sniper commando?

Push comes to shove, this young man was unfulfilled in the US military (I don’t give a shit what the nature of his discharge turns out to be) and jumped at the opportunity to fight for what he believed to be a good cause; he died in doing so, and that – last time a checked – is a ticket to Valhalla that those of us who walked away as veterans simply don’t rate.

Or should we shit on the D-Day guys who never made it off the landing craft, next?


“training for war can be as dangerous as war, itself”?

If it is, you are doing it wrong.


I suppose that varies based on what kind of war you want to be able to wage.

For some, training for war involves shoot-houses, night refuelings, river crossings, and many other things for which every risk cannot be completely controlled.

For a great many, war itself involves daily meals at Pizza Hut because it’s too far a walk to the DFAC.

Slow Joe

Donuts to tacos that he got kicked out of the Army because of a drug offense, probably by getting caught in a urinalysis.

But Hate_me, I think I do disagree with your take on this. What make people heros is not the way they die, but the reason they die for.

This guy decided to risk his life for a corrupt money laundering kleptocracy, out of a sense of adventure that now his family is trying to sell as a sense of duty. He rolled the One Dice for all the wrong reasons, and the roll wasn’t good. I blame it on his father. He should have had the talk with him.


I don’t agree with his particular cause – but I’ve seen nothing to suggest that he didn’t believe it to be a just one. One can serve under a corrupt regime while still fighting for good intent; it’s not like the US government has always been pure in its wars, but that doesn’t reflect on her troops.

The nature of his discharge would matter if he were claiming to be something he wasn’t while in the army, but it is irrelevant to his service and sacrifice in the Georgian Legion beyond personal motivation.

I’m not calling him a hero but he is due the respect of any brother-in-arms.

Assuming he died in combat, he earned a flight with a Valkyrie.

Slow Joe

What was his MOS during his short stint with the Army?