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| November 20, 2022

Pepperbox Pistol

Investigators describe what happened before law enforcement shot suspect on Old Hwy 99

Ty Vinson
The Region 3 Critical Incident Investigation Team on Friday provided a description of the lengthy law enforcement pursuit on Nov. 14 that left one suspect shot dead by police, and another injured, and ended on Old Highway 99 in Thurston County.

Five people — three Lewis County deputies, a Centralia officer and a Chehalis officer — have been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.

The investigation is being led by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the Friday news release, police were originally called at 11:40 a.m. Monday, Nov. 14, to a suspicious vehicle at a Chevron gas station in Napavine in Lewis County. A Napavine police officer ran the car’s information and found it to have been stolen in an armed carjacking in Oregon. The officer then requested backup, which is when the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office got involved.

The two law enforcement units attempted to stop the vehicle, but it failed to yield and began to travel quickly north on Interstate 5. A gun was fired at the officers and their vehicle was struck, according to the news release.

Not far up I-5, officers used spike strips to slow the suspect vehicle. However, the vehicle continued traveling north until it exited at exit 88 and stopped. The suspects then tried to carjack another car waiting at the traffic light, the release says, and when the driver didn’t get out of their car, they were shot in the arm. The driver drove down the road to a safe location where a Centralia officer and Lewis County deputy rendered first aid. The driver was eventually taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the two suspects were able to carjack another car from the overpass area. Gunfire was exchanged between the suspects and police at this time, the news release says. The two suspects then drove down Old Highway 99 in the newly stolen vehicle before they stopped near Violet Prairie Road. At this time, one suspect got out of the bed of the truck and surrendered. That person had multiple gunshot wound injuries and was taken into custody, then to the hospital.

According to the news release, the other suspect drove another 50 feet before getting out of the car “in a confrontational manner” and verbally challenging the officers.

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I’m sure the po-po were suitably impressed, too.

HCSO deputies shoot suspect during NW Harris Co. home invasion, sheriff says. 1 other arrested, 2 still on the run
The sheriff’s office said four suspects followed a local business owner home and attacked her when she got out of her car in her garage.

A deputy shot a suspect accused of a home invasion in northwest Harris County Friday night, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. at a home on Melody Park, which is near Bammel North Houston Road and West Richey Road.

The sheriff’s office said four suspects followed a local business owner home and attacked her when she got out of her car in her garage. They said the suspects then went into the home and assaulted two other people, forcing them to open a safe.

A woman in the home was able to call 911 and HCSO said deputies responded within five minutes.

As deputies arrived, two of the suspects were leaving the house. HCSO said one of the suspects pointed a pistol at deputies, who opened fire, shooting the suspect multiple times.

That suspect was transported to an area hospital, where he is reportedly stable.

The other suspect went back into the house and fled out the back door. He was later arrested.

Two other suspects had left the home before deputies arrived.

There were a total of four people in the home at the time of the incident, not including the suspects. Three of them sustained minor injuries and are expected to be OK.

HCSO said it appears the business owner may have been targeted.

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You already know.

That’s some mighty fine detectin’ work right there, and KHOU reports. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.
– Douglas MacArthur

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Harris County.
Used to be a nice place to live. Now it’s a good place to get robbed, raped, mugged, shot, carjacked, and find people who think Sheila Jackson Lee has their best interests at heart.


If that pistol were stolen it would be a hot pepperbox.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

By now, I thought the thread would be peppered with pepperbox puns, and if it was stolen, it would be worth some bread. Of course Y’all knows what stolen baked bread is.


I was looking at a frozen pepperoni pizza in a box while
in Walmart this morning but declined to pull the trigger.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I knew this comment would trigger pepperbox punny comments. I hope I don’t start sneezing after this.


“…shot multiple times….pronounced dead…” That’s the kind of Happy Ending that we strive for in these stories. Now our beloved ChipNASA, he strives for another type of “Happy Ending”.

If KHOU doesn’t have a FGS when I FIRST (ht2 The Gun Bunny) check, I just wait a little while and check back. The gift that keeps giving.

Nice historic pic of them 2 Johnny Rebs in the pepperbox article. Kinda lays to rest the idea that there were no uniformed, armed Black Confederates.

Harry shoulda listened to Doug back yonder in re of Korea.

In addition to nose and teeth work, that there Sister Golden Hair Ms Thang needs to work on her trigger discipline.


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The Pirates Cove

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Those two shootings require more range time for the involved LEO’s


Off topic, but I seem to be unable to post replies on certain threads. On the thread “Reduction of US stockpiles…” I don’t have any “reply” icons, and a comment I just posted on another thread has disappeared.

Upon further reading in the “”Reduction of US stockpiles…” thread I came across a comment by MarineDad61 which says, in part,
“His next resort,
is to put his factual dissenters in VG comment jail.”
Am I in jail?


Thank you.
I shall endeavor to persevere.
It’s good to have goals.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Is that pepperbox in the pic an oldie? Or a newie?
No description in the linkie article.
I’d almost say a newie, with five (not 6) barrels, and a hinge instead of rotating.
Does it shoot all 5 at once? Or is there a (an overly complex) mechanism inside that shoots one at a time?
Inquiring minds…..

Having five instead of six barrels does indeed make it odd.
Yuk, yuk yuk.

It is not a pepperbox. The subject pistol in the pic is an antique Elliot’s Ring Trigger five shot derringer. The five shot model fired the .22 short rimfire cartridge. A four barrel/four shot version fired a .32 rimfire cartridge. About 10,000 were made in the early 1860’s by Remington. It was double action only. The ring trigger was extended, and when pulled to the rear, rotated the barrels and fired one of them per trigger pull.
So, no it did not fire all four or five at once. Given their rarity, they are worth up to $5000, depending on condition.


I must make a correction; the barrels do not rotate. There is an internal firing pin which moves position to fire each barrel, similar to the moving firing pin in the two-barrel derringer also designed by Dr. Elliot, a dentist.