Valor Friday

| November 11, 2022

Ensign Brown and then-Lt (j.g.) Hudner

As today is Veteran’s Day, and tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of my entry to active duty, I thought I’d briefly highlight a subject we’ve talked about before. It’s one of my favorite stories of valor. The incredible story is soon coming to the big screen (23 November) and looks to be an excellent flick.

Here’s my piece from when the movie was announced. Here’s Hondo’s piece from way back. Hondo pointed to an article by Doug Sterner titled “No Man Should Die Alone!” that is worth the time to read or re-read.


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Old tanker

A great story of Brotherhood.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Damn dust and allergies.
Pass the kleenex.

You’d a thunk with all the rain I had over the past 24 hours in my AO, and as late in the season as it is, that the pollen would be gone. Damn air filters must need to be changed again…or all the cat fur…yeah, that’s it! The cat fur. Better knit up some kitten britches. Klennex won’t work, better get the quicker picker upper roll.

A True Hero Story…and one very worthy of a “Black History Report”. Ens Brown didn’t whine and complain over things that might have kept him back during a time frame when such did hold people back. In the meantime of the last 60 years his race has had more opportunity given to them and have not used it to their own advancement.

I’ll watch this Motion Picture too.



Just as you, we are looking forward to the movie.

Thank You for sharing this.

Unsung Heroes. Salute.

Prior Service

Might have to actually go to a theater for this one, even if there looks to be a ton of CGI.

My dad went to navy flight school in 1955, just after Korea. Looking through his flight school “yearbook” (which has hundreds of naval aviators from multiple classes) there is one Donald Rumsfeld and one black aviator. Oddly, there is no picture of my dad. Hope he wasn’t all stolen valor on me (relax I have pictures of him actually flying).