Florida leads with attracting and developing a skilled workforce

| November 11, 2022

According to Lightcast, Florida leads the other states when it comes to attracting and developing skilled working personnel. Additionally, Florida also led when it came to education attainments, jobs, competitive effect, etc. Governor Ron DeSantis credits his administration’s policies, including having an open economy and emphasis on developing working personnel, for this status.

From Just the News:

“By keeping Florida free and open, we have created a positive economic environment and invested in our state’s workforce and communities,” he said, while also leading the U.S. “in net migration and talent attraction.” He said while “other states continue to struggle at the hands of poor leadership, people and businesses are flocking to Florida.”

Lightcast says it created the report to help businesses find employees “with the talent and skills they need” and “to help communities understand how they were doing at attracting and developing talent to help meet this need.”

The report measures seven growth areas over the most recent five-year period analyzed, including net migration of counties adding new residents, education attainment, job creation, skilled job creation, competitive effect, and average annual job openings. This year, state rankings were added to the report. Historically, the ranking has evaluated three types of communities: Large Counties (100,000+ population), Small Counties (5,000–99,999 population), and Micro Counties (less than 5,000 population).

The rankings “also capture the first wave of pandemic migration, with IRS migration data from 2016–2020,” the report states.

According to the report, Florida ranked first among states with the 15 largest counties in the top 50 in talent attraction. Five Florida counties were in the top 20: Hillsborough County (#8), Polk (#10), Lee (#12), St Johns (#18), and Pasco (#20).

Florida also led all states in net migration, adding more than 388,000 residents between 2016-2020 – nearly double the net migration gains of Texas, which ranked second in the report.

Just the News and Lightcast divide additional information.

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I hate to say it, but Florida has a smarter/wiser governor than Texas does.
Abbot has his strengths, but he doesn’t have the pugnaciousness of DeSantis.


Unfortunately I live in Texas. Abbott fell for the “Following the Science” leftist BS for over a year during the pandemic. Shutting everything down and mandating masks. Then tried to run for reelection stating the economy is doing better in Texas than other states. I will never forgive Abbott for what he did to Texas. I votes straight republican but left his name off my ballot.


Bad call. A vote for Beto, a non-vote for Abbott, same-same.


That ain’t all that Flur-ruh-duh attracts. Jus’ sayin’.


This just in. CBP boss Chris Magnus looks to be getting the boot. He was reportedly told by Mayorkas to resign or be fired. It looks like Magnus is refusing to resign. Magnus is total incompetent scumbag sure, but the biggest problem is the disgraceful shit stains at the WH & DHS.
AP sources: US border agency leader is being forced out – ABC News (go.com)


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