Yet Another Politician: Legit Veteran or Photoshop Warrior?

| November 6, 2022

Teresa Nicole English

In yet another political race, there is an interesting controversy about a candidate’s claims of military service.  Some say it is getting downright ugly.

The Column: Stolen valor, or smear campaign?
22nd Middlesex race gets ugly

Teresa Nicole English, 38 y/o, is a Democratic State Representative from Billerica, Massachusetts. Recently, the Turtleboy Daily News published a story about Ms. English. In the piece, apart from the political points made, Mrs. English claimed she served in The United States Air Force. Several people had their attention drawn to the photo from a political campaign promotion of Mrs. English. In the photo, Mrs. English is in the traditional Air Force Blue uniform, and some felt it looked like a terrible photoshop image of her “cover” (a hat), but it was also the “U.S.” insignia on her lapel that raised a few questions.

Teresa English

When Old Habits Don’t Die: An Issue of Stolen Valor for Teresa English?

The military teaches and trains us to be methodical from day one. Whether it’s to stand at attention a certain way, the way we should walk, to the way we fold our clothes. This writer still folds and hangs his clothes with near perfect alignment from his days in the military for better or worse. When we wear our clothes, we make sure we wear them a certain way, in particular, our “gig line.” It is the line of your button-down shirt and aligns with your belt-buckle, never off-set. However, never in my wildest would I imagine these habits would become a story in a Massachusetts State Representative race.

Recently, Turtleboy Daily News published a story about a Billerica State Representative Candidate, Teresa English. In the piece, aside from the political banter, Mrs. English claimed she served in The United States Air Force, this writer’s alma mater. What drew my attention was the photo of a political campaign promotion of Mrs. English. In the photo, Mrs. English is in the traditional Air Force Blue uniform, but that’s not what caught my attention. Aside from what looked like a terrible photoshop image of her “cover” (a hat), was also the “U.S.” insignia on her lapel. In The Air Force, enlisted personnel have the U.S. encircled, officers do not, hers was that of an officer. However, her cover, photoshop or not, was plain, that of enlisted status. Officers in the military have a silver or gold embroidery on their covers, depending on their rank. Clearly this was a mismatch.

This has gotten interesting.  Ms. English, in response, apparently sent a threatening cease and desist letter to all that have questioned her military background in addition to questions about an alleged hit and run.

For our part here at VG/TAH, we have not directly seen the claims of being an officer other than the photo and insignia.  Her claims of US Air Force service from 2001-2003, which we have seen, appear to be supported by her DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA results, as shown below.

We don’t know where all of this is going to go. Hopefully Ms. English is legit. Her sending a threatening cease and desist letter seems odd on the surface as a (claimed) reaction to an inquiry about her military service – also appears to have more to do with the questions about an alleged hit and run.  The cease and desist letter does not seem to address the accusations of military service claims.

However, this post on Facebook directly addresses the military service questions.

From what little facts that we were able to gather – Ms. English appears to be a veteran and her service dates that she claims are supported by the SCRA results.  However, it does not appear to be a full enlistment, and then there is the question of whether the photo of her in uniform was altered – for whatever reason.

We report, you decide.

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Mike B

For a while in the USAF enlisted wore officer style collar brass. So depending on the time period her collar brass is correct. Can’t remember the dates, but it was during my time (86-08).

It was stupid having to change over, just to change back a few years later.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike B

….I remember that very clearly. Hated the damned things.


I was 02-08. We wore the officer-style US when I started. Somewhere around 06 IIRC they changed it. It was about a year or so after they added the silver nametag to the service coat.


One of Merril McFreak’s great uniform ideas.


This photo and her response begs some questions:
-Bad photo shopped cover with the mismatch enlisted and officer markings. Why?
-Every single bootcamp/basic training photo I recall has the individual in front of an actual flag. That is sort of matte background of a blowing flag. Huh?
-Top Secret? Really? She’s going secret squirrel defense. Anybody that served knows you can say your rate/MOS/AFSC and unit and base without revealing any “military secrets”. Yeah, we need more?
-2001-2003 active duty. Where is her NDSM? She should be part of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the sacred NDSM, right?
-Her lack of any corroborating details about her service is suspicious. Say again?
The photo is obviously doctored an her limited service was nothing like she portrayed.

Hack Stone

We can expect the guy who anonymously verified JR Majewski’s deployment status to vouch for her shortly.

Has anyone checked on line for the Boot Camp yearbook for her training cycle to see if that photo resembles this photo?

As HT3 mentioned above, the flag doesn’t seem like a standard background for an official portrait. Was this taken at a photo studio on the second floor of the local Sears next to the eye glass franchise? Maybe it was a green screen.


That’s exactly what my BMT photo looks like. They propped us up in front of one of those pull down photo curtain things like you had for your school photos as a kid.

There’s nothing suspicious or out of place in that photo. It’s the standard basic training picture.

Hack Stone

Daniel Bernath was unavailable for comment.


But, he has been doing a SUPERB job of maintaining a constant speed and heading at an altitude of -6’ AGL for almost 5 years! Steady as she goes, Dan. Steady as she goes.


What was her AFSC? The big blue invested a lot o money on her TS/SCI to let her go after less than 2 years of total service, post 9/11.

Her Facebook post talks about “rank being downgraded…losing security clearance.” How do we no she didn’t lose her clearance and get a reduction in rank when she was released in under two years.

Last edited 1 year ago by cobrakai99

From my 1980s experience in a USAF TS/SCI AFSC,
the probabilities for being booted,
instead of reassigned / retrained to another AFSC,
lean toward
1 – Drugs
2 – Pregnancy, or
3 – Homosexuality.

Or, some long shots…
4 – DUI / vehicular homicide.
5+ – Other negligence (or violence)
resulting in death or permanent injury.

But she isn’t saying (yet).



Booted because of pregnancy?

Never heard of that.

What time period did that happen? Doubt very, very seriously it happened in the 80s.



Not exactly booted, but a pregnant service member does have the option to leave.

Hack Stone

What he said.


Yes, they do have the option to leave.

Most of them stay.

They definitetly do not get kicked out of service because of pregnancy.

Big difference.

BTW…It takes two to make a pregnancy. It takes only one to carry a child for 9 months, then bring that child into the world.

Perhaps men should have the option to leave as well….😉😎

USMC Steve

We in the Marines thought it should be considered a self inflicted wound, given all the slack time the WM’s got for being preggers.

Hack Stone

Maybe not booted by Uncle Sugar, but Hack is pretty sure that if what was once called WM (Woman Marine), she could request a second discharge (first discharge being in the 5 ring on the target).

That being said, some occupational fields would boot students for their lackey-daisy attitude (hat tip to Hack’s Comm Chief at Combat Engineers) when handling ComSec material.


Can confirm 2 discharges due to pregnancy. They were voluntary releases for the good of the service. Administrative in other words. 1 married to another svc member, the other was just a step away from a dishonorable…being pregnant happened to be a convenient way to dispose of the problem. 1982 btw.


19 months service and had a TS/SCI? Doubtful it was completely adjudicated.


What was completely adjudicated?


Her clearance. Often takes longer than 19 months to complete a TS/SCI


It didn’t go through because of something icky they found and she exercised her “if I can’t have the AFSC I want, I’m outta here” contract option instead of being reclassed.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Mine was 6 months plus



MI Ranger

No wonder she lists it from 2001-2003….sounds better


How do we know she isn’t a secret Satan worshiper?!


“two-decades-old misunderstanding” ???

Photoshop Hat English is obviously hiding the truth
about what caused her to get booted at 19 months.

That’s the same shit J.R. Majewski tried to pull.
For what it’s worth,
Majewski was demoted, and denied reenlistment,
but at least he completed his 4 years, as an E-1 and E-2.
That is….
Before deciding to become a lying embellishing Phony Combat shitbird.

BTW, we had this discussion here before, about the U.S. lapel pins,
and the years,
as Majewski also had these sans-circle officer looking pins.
So, consider the U.S. pins a non-issue.

But the super secret squirrel “misunderstanding” will likely be a huge issue.
And it’s surely not “classified”, either.


I wonder if this had anything to do with it — GUILTY disposition just a few months before her discharge.

Last edited 1 year ago by bmorgan

16 August 2022:

“Mass GOP Leader Accuses Democratic House Candidate Of Failing To Disclose Hit-And-Run Arrest”

“A Democratic candidate seeking a state representative seat in Middlesex County responded Tuesday to a MassGOP statement that accused her of fleeing the scene of a car crash in 2003, admitting she made a “mistake.”

“MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons’ office issued a press release on Monday, stating that Teresa English, who is challenging Republican state Rep. Marc Lombardo of Billerica, sideswiped another vehicle in Virginia “before bolting the scene.”



“The release included a redacted police report, which notes that Teresa Nicole Pruett, licensed in Georgia, was served a warrant at her then-Virginia home a week after the crash occurred in January 2003 and was released on $3,000 bail. She had been charged with leaving the scene of a crash, the report said.”

“English, a Georgia native who used to show at Lawrence High School, acknowledged the police report shared by Lyons’ workplace is correct however mentioned there may be extra to the story.”

“When I was 19 and in the Air Force, I was working a second job,” English mentioned. “On my approach dwelling, my automobile hit one other automobile. I ended, pulled over, and didn’t encounter the opposite driver. Unsure what to do, I went dwelling.”

“I didn’t think about it until a police officer showed up at my door a week later. I paid a fine and that was the end of it. It was a mistake on my part to have handled it that way and I learned a valuable lesson.”



“However, Lyons mentioned English selected to not disclose the arrest to potential voters and confirmed a disregard for the sufferer’s security in leaving the scene of a crash.”

“This individual supports rewarding those who broke our laws to enter our country with state-issued driver’s licenses and parrots the false claim that this will make our roads safer, so I find it ironic that she could not have cared less about the safety of the victim involved here in her own hit-and-run incident,” Lyons mentioned.”

“Democrats believe they can do anything and not face consequences or accountability, especially here in Massachusetts. Voters should feel fortunate that the truth finally caught up to this individual.”


What does she mean with “dwelling” here? Doesn’t seem to fit the normal use of the word.

Mike B

She couldn’t remember the words abode, domicile, etc to make her look “Educated”.

Us peons use words like house, crib, dormitory, barracks, hooch etc.

MI Ranger

Or she was embarrassed that she lived in the barracks

Last edited 1 year ago by MI Ranger

Went home, hid under her bed. Triple-word score for responsibility-avoidant language though.


Why is it that at least one of the passages you quote does not appear in the source you cite? Did I miss something?

Hack Stone

A Democrat politician from Massachusetts leaving the scene of an accident? That shouldn’t be a problem.

A Proud Infidel®™

If you’re a D-rat pol from the right family in Mess-chussets, you can not only get away with killing someone, but you can also keep getting reelected until you die!


Yeah, but God don’t give a fuck about old Joe Kennedy’s money so I’m sure Ted’s roasting in hell with his old man and his 2 shitbag brothers.


And then get buried at Arlington. 😡


There goes the neighborhood.


Absolutely could’ve put her out due to a revoked security clearance.


Ah, she stepped on her figurative dick…


I think women say “walked on her tits.” 😉

Hack Stone

Well, she is just not getting the support that she needs.


Parajumper for Meal Team Six.


Fat in the face back in the day even…


Can anyone explain a 15-year-long BLACK HOLE
in her employment history?

Booted from the Air Force,
and 8 years later, turns into a hipster doofus “student”?

Bonus – ZERO mention of her military service or history here.

MI Ranger

Got married…changed her name…raised some youngins


She may have gained some weight between photos but I
would recognize that same pretty smile anywhere.


. . .

idc sarc.jpg



Where the HELL has IDC SARC been?

Miss his comments.


He may pop back in for this one. 🤣


In the 90s when I was in the Air Force the U.S. lapel brass had a circle around them on enlisted uniforms. In the 2000s stuff changed. I was in when McPeak changed the officer uniforms to resemble airline pilots; Fogleman changed them back. In modern times only the Marines have resisted the urge to dick with their uniforms…


Ah, Merill McPeak, an out-of-touch Good Idea Fairy in human form… his T-3 trainer aircraft that killed USAFA cadets because it was too hard and/or broke down a lot was just primo! /sarc


The no-circle AF enlisted brass period was from 1995 to 01 Jan 2007.


I try to extend the benefit of the doubt. I know of several DA photo labs that use software to touch-up official photos. I don’t know if it’s specifically photoshop, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if a DA Civilian did a shit job. That cover certainly looks photoshopped.

However, I also wouldn’t be surprised by a politician fabricating military credentials.


No fraud, just actual crap.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
Old Colonel

It was my understanding that the title of “veteran” could only be used by someone completing at least 24 months of service, unless the discharge was service-connected disability. Less than 24 wouldn’t get you the GI Bill or VA services. Anyone know if this is still correct, or am I out of date on this one?


It appears to be a shifting target.

Service-connected disability is given out like candy, nowadays, and the previous requirements of time-in-service, etc. seem to be unenforced. There are so many different versions of GI Bill, now, that almost everyone qualifies for some variant somehow.

There was a bit there when a joe could claim sexual harassment/assault (themselves shifting targets) without having to name or argue against an accused… = automatic disability for everything from PTSD to depression to whatever. From what I’ve read, they’re now doing away with restricted reports – but who knows if that will actually take?


I’m frequently out of the loop, but I always had 180 days of active duty not for training as the line to cross for full vet bennies. Reserve component don’t get vet benefits like the VA home loan until they finish their first 6-yr (or otherwise cross that 180d line when activated).


That might still be the official line (and I stopped paying much attention once I personally qualified as a vet), but I’ve definitely seen reservists qualify without meeting that milestone.

Slow Joe

Well, she is a Democrat, and for Democrats the end justify the means. I would bet on Stolen Valor.

But really, at this point, what difference does it make? (to paraphrase the Evil Witch of Arkansas)
She is a Democrat, meaning she wants to destroy America as founded, therefore, she can eat a nag of dicks.

It is really sad when I see so many Americans hell bent on destroying our beautiful country. This is not going to end well.


To me it looks like one of those photos we had in basic training where they march your platoon to the site wearing fatigues then put a hat on your head and throw part of a class A uniform jacket on you (note the lack of even the hallowed NDSM). The entire process takes about 60 seconds per person. That particular hat and jacket may have been used by literally thousands of trainees, maybe even officer candidates/cadets. The photographer, no doubt the lowest bidder and no Matthew Brady, may not have known the significance of circle or plain US.

Hack Stone

Not so much the US insignia, but it is intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observer that her head gear was photoshopped onto her BHG (Brain Housing Group). Just what in the side wide world of sports is going on here?


I hired you boys to lay some track…


The Camptown ladies sing his song, doodah doodah…

Hack Stone



Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
pookysgirl, WC wife

Na na nananana…. All dressed up for a hit n run!


Anna Puma

McPeak, former Thunderbird pilot who managed to survive when his F-100 came apart around him. Then went Misty FAC. Then he decided to prove he was ‘gawd’ with his uniform changes. Less said about that turd the better.

As for Ms. English my memory is failing I guess but where is her name tag and rank?

Mike B

Picture done during Basic Training so she’s an E-1 Airman Basic, plus she’s wearing what was the new style blues at the time, so no name tag was worn on them at first.

Later we went back to the circled collar brass, and they designed a silver name tag for the blues.


I know you are not supposed to hit a woman, not SUPPOSED to…

This bag of congealed grease has a face just SCREAMING for someone to drive their fist straight the fuck through it.


That cap on her pumpkin looks more like one of those Russkie woolie thingies.

USMC Steve

Not legit. At a minimum, out of uniform, but I am not sure if there are uniform regs for the Air Force. That she got so pissed at folks asking her why her “uniform” was so screwed up shows pretty convincingly that she is a fraud.


At that time, it was correct. Don’t ask. :/

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
USMC Steve

Also, don’t the AF give ribbons for getting through recruit training? She should have a few ribbons even at that early time in her “military service”.

Mike B

Yes, but you get any ribbons you earned at the end of Basic Training. Our Basic Training photo was taken around week 3 or so. So no ribbons, no rank, just a plain uniform.

For her, no name tag, and officer style collar brass is correct for the time period.

MI Ranger

Perhaps she was in ROTC, with scholarship, and failed to maintain the necessary GPA so she had to serve her commitment as enlisted? Not sure why she would cling to a photo that does not represent her service.
With a TS//SCI Clearnance she was more than likely in an Intelligence specialty.

Hack Stone

Some Communication Operator and Maintenance jobs require a Top Secret Clearance. Hack Stone did not get a TS/SCO until towards the end of his career when he was assigned to the Pentagon.

MI Ranger

Is it just me or does her picture background look like a passport page!!?

Hack Stone

The Overloads of This Ain’t Hell need an additional category for situations like this, calling it Little Photoshop Of Horrors. Speaking of bad photoshop efforts, whatever happened to the Pirate Lesbian Marine, the individual who claimed to be a Lt. Col. who lead combat patrols while wearing an eye patch?

Hack Stone

That’s one English Muffin that Hack will take a hard pass on eating.


Not that I would disagree, but I want to hear The Great Man’s opinion on this topic. Paging IDC SARC!