To Republicans, it’s “election integrity”; to Democrats, it’s “voter suppression.”

| November 6, 2022

The guy who said that they had the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization indicates that delays in announcing some midterm winners may happen. (The Epoch Times)

One of the claims made by Democrat fundraising emails is that Republicans have considered “voter suppression” laws. If these laws are passed, then Democrats “would not win” for a long time, perhaps never, and “Democracy” would further erode. These so called “voter suppression” laws are actually election integrity laws, designed to level the playing field and to favor the real choice for the majority of the voters.

One reality that most voters are not aware of is the fact that the GOP did not have any real ability to be involved with voting, vote counting, vote adjudication, etc., process. The Democrat side dominated this process and perfected their ability to conduct election related operations. That limitation ended last decade. As was seen in 2020, the Republicans are “behind the curve” when it comes vote, and vote counting, monitoring and verification.

From the Federalist:

Republicans Spent 40 Years on the Sidelines

Part of the reason Republicans hadn’t more effectively fought the election integrity battle before now is somewhat shocking. The 2020 contest was the first presidential election since Ronald Reagan’s first successful run in 1980 in which the Republican National Committee could play any role whatsoever in Election Day operations. For nearly 40 years, the Democratic National Committee had a massive systematic advantage over its Republican counterpart: The RNC had been prohibited by law from helping with poll watcher efforts or nearly any voting-related litigation.

Democrats had accused Republicans of voter intimidation in a 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial race. The case was settled, and the two parties entered into a court-ordered consent decree limiting Republican involvement in any poll-watching operation. But Dickinson Debevoise, the Jimmy Carter-appointed judge who oversaw the agreement, never let them out of it, repeatedly modifying and strengthening it at Democrats’ request.

Debevoise was a judge for only 15 years, but he stayed 21 years in senior status, a form of semi-retirement that enables judges to keep serving in a limited capacity. It literally took Debevoise’s dying in 2015 for Republicans to get out of the consent decree. Upon his passing, a new judge, appointed by President Obama, was assigned the case and let the agreement expire at the end of 2018.

The effect of this four-decade hindrance on GOP poll-watching cannot be overstated. Poll watchers serve many functions. They deter voter fraud, but they also help with getting out the vote. Poll watchers can see who has voted, meaning campaigns and political parties can figure out which areas and voters to call and encourage to vote. They also can observe who was forced to vote provisionally or who was turned away at the polls.

“Without poll watchers, the RNC would have no good way to follow up with its voters to help ensure a provisional ballot is later counted, direct confused voters to their correct polling place and document irregularities, such as voting equipment malfunctions and other incidents that are important flash points in a close election or recount,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has explained.

For decades, Democrats built up expansive coordination efforts that the Republicans were prohibited from developing. Republican candidates and state parties could do things on their own, but not with help from the national party. In 2012, the Obama-Biden campaign bragged about recruiting 18,000 lawyers to be poll watchers, providing more than 300 trainings to ensure the observers understood election law. The volunteers would collect more than 19,000 problematic incidents at polling locations that were resolved with or without legal intervention.

The consent decree also meant the RNC was kept out of almost any litigation related to Election Day. In fact, one main part of the RNC’s legal efforts was training staff to stay away from Election Day operations, including recounts, and fending off litigation that arose from the consent decree.

It paralyzed the RNC’s political operations, as the slightest misstep would result in getting sued by Democrats. For example, when former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in an interview with GQ magazine that he’d watched 2016 returns in an oversized utility room on the fifth floor of Trump Tower, Democrats deposed him to show he’d violated the order by being on the wrong floor, one tied to Election Day outreach.

The Democrats used that trivial fact to try, unsuccessfully, to get the new judge to extend the limitation on their political rivals for another decade. Even though the decree was finally lifted after nearly 40 years, it didn’t mean Republicans were on even footing with Democrats in 2020. Democrats had spent decades perfecting their Election Day operations and litigation strategy while everyone at the RNC walked on eggshells, knowing that if they so much as looked in the direction of a polling site, there could be another crackdown.

Thus there was no muscle memory about how to watch polls or communicate with a campaign. They had spent decades not being able to organize or talk to presidential campaigns, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or the National Republican Congressional Committee about any of these efforts.

What a change, then, when McDaniel announced in early 2020 her “intention to be the most litigious chair in history.”

The Federalist has a lot more on this topic.

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A Proud Infidel®™

The D-rats always bawl when anything gets in the way of their cheating, remember how they have brayed and bawled EVERY time someone tries to remove dead people from the voter rolls?


Of course, you know Democrats:
comment image


I don’t give a shit what anyone might say. Hitler turned out to be a crap human being…

Still, “Prague in the Fog” is a damned decent painting.




The Dems motto has always been:
It’s okay when we do __________________.
It’s never okay when you do the same.
We will see a whole bunch of election deniers next week, but of course them and The Propaganda Ministry (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Time…) will call it some like “voter suppression” except the number of voters will set
new records.


There will be a large number of votes, but not necessarily legit voters. There will be more ballots than there are legal voters in some states. The motor-voter laws will cause a great many non-citizens to be registered and receive ballots. Many of those will actually be filled out in stash houses before they are picked up by D-rat ballot mules.


That’s the first thing the GOP needs to do, outlaw ballot harvesting nationally for federal elections.


It won’t work until we get the presidency because the meat puppet will veto any such bill. Ballot harvesting is, in part, how he got millions of votes and “won” in 2020.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was under the impression that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Time… are now the new 3rd political party.


comment image

pookysgirl, WC wife

I always mentally read this poster in Paul Joseph Watson’s voice.


“What matters is who counts the votes.” Stalin grins.

Poll watchers didn’t do much good in 2020 when the windows were covered and water mains were breaking.


And this time, the CCTV will go on the fritz.

USMC Steve

That was because the poll watchers were mostly gutless pussies who didn’t step on some people to ensure they did their jobs properly.

pookysgirl, WC wife

Remember that video of Republican poll watchers getting thrown out of a Philadelphia polling place in 2020, despite holding up the paperwork that allowed them to be there? I sure as hell do.


That’s the same city where armed black panther members intimidated voters during obamas regime , and nothing was done about it.. no surprise at all.
But remember, it’s not racist / fascist when THEY do it…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Like I mentioned the other day, If the rhinos get both houses, it doesn’t mean shit because they won’t do a fucking thing like the last time they had both houses unless they get new non rhino blood in their like a TAH commenter replied to what I commented above the other day.

USMC Steve

Maybe not. A lot of the republicans running are real republicans vice establishment republicans. That might tip the scales if we get some unruly upstarts in there.


Integrity is “racist” for Democrats anyway.


Well you see that measures Republicans are putting forward to try to limit cheating is, in fact, voter suppression. Those measures would restrict Democratic (big ‘D’) voters in that it would be preventing voters from casting illegal votes. No one in the Democrat camp said it would be suppressing legitimate voters.


“the two parties entered into a court-ordered consent decree limiting Republican involvement in any poll-watching operation.”

“…consent decree…”

Of course the RNC consented. Their job, after all, is not to win elections, but to maintain sufficient spaces at the trough for current Rep. incumbents to feed; a “quota”, if you will. They could have appealed a decision to a higher court, so why didn’t they?

Just another damn excuse for perpetual losers to justify their losing. And keep the money they raise for various electioneering functions in Washington instead of having to spend it on state/local programs which might have actually done some good.